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[MG16] 17th Tracy Ullman short. {je}
[7G11] Bowling glove costs $17.50.
[7F01] 17th episode. {je}
[8F12] Final football score: Atlanta 17, Houston 13.
[8F17] 17 is first lucky lottery number.
[8F18] Beauty contestants sing "At 17".
[8F23] Dryer #17 is racing washing machine at Moe's.
[8F24] 17 is first lucky lottery number (again).
[9F01] Homer cites Matthew 21:17. {ev}
[9F03] Nelson has seen Itchy & Scratchy movie 17 times. {je}
[9F07] "Mr Plow" commercial on tv at 3:17 in the morning. {am}
[9F14] Homer sings "When I Was 17".
[1F04] Groundskeeper Willie had to shoot mule 17 times.
[1F08] Burns says his Spruce Moose can fly from New York to the Belgium Congo in 17 minutes.
[1F12] Smithers neighbor's apartment number changes from 18 to 17.
[1F13] Number in spaceship: 536 837-1717.
[1F19] Bart: Look, if I was under 17, I'd be in school, right?
[1F20] Marge has been as grey as a mule since she was 17.
[1F22] Martin wearing 17 layers of bathing suits.
[2F09] Lisa warns Homer: "Beware the Ides of March". (period close to March 17).
[2F05] "I'll Do Anything" is in its 17th smash year.
[2F09] Waskington: Now let us party like 'twas 1799! {je}
[2F10] Homer's SNPP calendar: 17 - Harass Dick Clark.
[2F15] Lisa dates painting to the 17th century.
[2F15] Monty Burns has 17 stabs wounds in the back.
[2F17] Reel 17 is used.
[3F02] In-a-gadda-da-vida 17 minutes long.
[3F10] Mad magazine has 17 special issues per year.
[3F10] Hans Moleman requests $17 for a push-broom rebristling.
[3F12] Bart and Lisa look up Krusty up to Pier 17.
[3G04] Naval Reserve is America's 17th line of defense.
[3F24] "At 17" played.
[5F03] Steven who is #17 is cut from football team.
[5F15] Old man fed ducks at pond for past 17 years.
[5F18] Football player pelted in stadium is #17.
[5F19] Homer's movie script is only 17 pages long.
[AABF05] Mark Hammill says you can save 17 cents over the more dependable providers.
[AABF08] Football player in Homer's dream Super Bowl game is #17.
[AABF08] Football player on winning Super Bowl team is #17.
[BABF02] Wiggum cites a 3-17 to Homer for "pointing out police stupidity".
[BABF05] Bikers at Crystal Lake campground, Section K, Space 217.
[BABF11] Homer caused 17 meltdowns.
[BABF12] The address of the building that the balloon floats into is "6017". {cb}
[BABF13] Whitehouse has 17 bedrooms.
[CABF02] Prisoner #17 strangely absent.
[DABF21] Hockey player in purple uniform is #17.
[EABF04] Female muscle building contestant is #17.
[EABF09] Airport complaints desk tells Homer and Marge to fill out the form 17-90.
[EABF20] Homer bets on "lucky 17" at roulette table and wins.
[FABF19] Jumping square "17" on sidewalk.
[GABF06] Chinese play called "When I Was 17".
[GABF13] American Idol contestant Clarissa Wellington is #17.
[JABF01] February 17 is World Human Spirit Day
[JABF01] March 17 is Saint Patrick's Day
[JABF01] Electronic sign says its 2:17pm/117 degrees.

Season 17 was 2005-2006.

See also: SNPP episodes capsules capsules (search under term "seventeen")

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From the Introduction to "The Simpsons: A Complete Guide To Our Favorite Family", Matt Groening says `seventeen people went totally insane in the making of this book.' {mr}

In Nancy Cartwright's autobiography "My Life as a 10-Year-Old Boy", in chapter 5 she says the first Ullmann shorts or "bumpers" were recorded at soundstage 17. Chapter 18 begins with the sentence `We are already on show number seventeen for the season!'.

{je} Jordan Eisenberg
{ev} Eve 008
{cg} Curtis Gibby
{am} Anne Mosher
{mr} Michael Reed

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