The Happy Little Elves

Created by Dave Hall

HLE= Happy Little Elves

"The elves, the elves!" - (Bart) "Some Enchanted Evening" [7G01]

The Happy Little Elves are: {rr3}
Moldy � the elder. He has bottle-thick lenses, dark green skin w/ darker green �liver spots� all over, carries a cane;
Bubbles � he has 2 buck teeth, 3-button shirt, cone hat leaning backwards.
Yendor � has the blue-striped shirt, hat flopped-over backwards.
Doofy � has a single star on his shirt and a cone-shaped hat leaning forward
Cheery � the chick with big, blonde hair.
Brainy � has no hat, big skull, and glasses.
Chilly � (�the elf that cannot love�,) frowns, seen on the cover of the video in �Enchanted�, hat flops over to the side.
Gloomy � the self-hating elf � (probably) not pictured yet.

Their co-stars in Elfland include: {rr3}
Nosey Bear � the curious cub, who is green, with a smile and a big nose; and, Fuzzy Snuggle Duck � named, not shown; Captain Kook � their �Gargamel�, with a Jolly Roger prate hat, snaggle-tooth, eyepatch, and pegleg.

In addition, there was a different female Elf seen in [EABF17] (IIRC) on Maggie�s wall, and there was a completely different, bearded elf (possibly �Gloomy�) pictured in the poster for �Return of the Happy Little Elves� in the Tracey Ullman short [MG37]�Scary Movie�. {rr3}

[MC24] Lisa plays with two dolls.
[MG39] seen on the Krusty poster. (you can just make them out)
[7G08] Lisa watches them on TV (much to the disapproval of Grampa).
[7G03] one was in the crowd at SNPP.
[7G04] the babies watch a TV program which features the elves.
[7G06] seen on Lisa's bedroom walls. {ss}
[7G06] doll is seen in Lisa's room. {ss}
[7G01] Lisa's lunch box.
[7F07] Lisa has a picture on her bedroom wall. (just one of many episodes).
[7F11] doll seen in Lisa's room. {ss}
[7F11] picture seen on Lisa's bedroom wall. {ss}
[7F24] doll seen in Lisa's room. {ss}
[7F24] picture seen on Lisa's wall. {ss}
[8F01] picture seen on Lisa's wall. {ss}
[8F07] poster on front wall of VHS Village.
[8F08] doll on Lisa's shelf. {ss}
[8F08] picture on Lisa's bedroom wall. {ss}
[8F12] doll in Lisa's room. {ss}
[8F12] pictures on Lisa's wall. {ss}
[8F14] they grace the walls of Maggie's room.
[8F15] Sherri/Terri imagines one of the elves.
[8F15] Seen in Lisa's bedroom. {ss}
[9F02] were prizes at the water pistol booth.
[9F02] pictures on Lisa's wall. {ss}
[9F02] dolls in Lisa's bedroom. {ss}
[9F08] young Bart's Happy Little Elves doll.
[9F17] pictures on Lisa's wall. {ss}
[9F17] doll on Lisa's shelf. {ss}
[9F16] picture on Lisa's wall. {ss}
[9F18] Lisa's lunch box.
[1F09] doll seen in Lisa's room. {ss}
[1F21] they grace the dinning room walls.
[1F17] is stuffed in Lisa's bookcase. (just one of many episodes).
[2F13] Maggie plays with one.
[2F17] some nerd is wearing one of there shirts.
[3F10] Lisa's lunchbox.
[3F16] Lunchbox, in a display case.
[3F17] they hang above Maggie's crib.
[3F17] a Happy Little Elves train, on Maggie's wall.
[4F06] in the couch gag.
[5F20] stickers in Lisa's locker.
[5F20] Lisa's lunchbox.
[5F22] are Skee-Ball prizes.
[BABF02] Maggie watches them on TV, just before Homer changes the channel.
[BABF19] seen on the picture that features 'Many Characters'.
[BABF22] there is a Happy Little Elves booth at the "Sick & Twisted" Festival.
[CABF12] on Lisa�s wall.
[CABF12] doll seen on Lisa�s shelf.
[DABF02] doll seen on Lisa�s shelf. {ss}
[DABF02] picture seen on Lisa's wall. {ss}
[EABF04] Lisa's lunchbox.
[EABF17] train seen on Maggie's wall.
[FABF17] on Dr. Hibberts wall.
[FABF22] picture on Lisa's wall. {ss}
[GABF04] doll in Lisa's room. {ss}
[GABF04] picture on Lisa's wall. {ss}

NOTE: Almost every episode that shows Lisa's room shows a 'Happy Little Elves' doll or picture on her wall and shelf. My objective is to eventually include all of them, so send in your contributions and I will update as soon as possible.

Videos & Movies:
[MG37] "The Return of the Happy Little Elves"
[7G01] "The Happy Little Elves Meet the Curious Bear Cub"
[8F07] "The Happy Little Elves in Tinkly-Winkly Town"
[8F14] "The Happy Little Elves Meet Fuzzy Snuggleduck"

HLE Model-Packs: {rr3}
Here, is the locations of where the HLE's are around OFF's home, many thanks to Roger Myers III
The rumpus room: A Doofy doll sits at the table, a Bubbles doll sits on the top shelf of toys.
Lisa�s room: there�s a framed portrait of Cheery on her wall overlooking the desk, a framed painting of Nosey Bear and Bubbles over her bed�s headboard, and a Yendor doll sitting in her bureau.
Maggie�s room:
West view: over the changing-table is the Elf-train, with (R-to-L) Cheery, Doofy, Bubbles.
North view: over the crib (in the right corner) is Yendor, sitting on one of two mushrooms
East view: catty-corner from Yendor is (another) Doofy, surrounded by 3 �shrooms, and a separate poster (in the right corner) of Cheery sitting on a �shroom holding a flower. (These HLE wall-decals were modified, for obvious reasons, for the �Godfather-morph� scene in �Moe Baby Blues�).


{ss} Scott Simpson
{rr3} "Roger Myers III"


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