Newsbites: 1998 – 2010

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Mar 21 2010 · Matt Groening will curate the ATP festival on 7-9 May in Minehead, UK. Read more

Mar 21 2010 · BBC Comedy have released a web-exclusive video clip "How to Impersonate Homer Simpson." Read more

Mar 21 2010 · Microsoft is sponsoring The Simpsons on UK's Channel 4, as part of its multi million pound advertising campaign to promote Bing, its search engine. Read more

Jan 30 2010 · Australian man has been convicted of downloading images of Simpsons characters engaged in sexual acts. He will have to register as a sex offender. Read more

Jan 16 2010 · A Welsh fan is planning to watch all 451 episodes of The Simpsons back to back without sleep. It will take six days. Read more

Jan 16 2010 · 13.46 million viewers watched Morgan Spurlock's "The Simpsons 20th Anniversary Special In 3D! On Ice".

Dec 22 2009 · Beginning January 3, Fox's on-air graphics, web sites, social network pages and special on-air promos will turn yellow in honor of The Simpsons.

Dec 22 2009 · Morgan Spurlock's one-hour documentary on The Simpsons will air January 10, not four days later as it was previously announced. Read more

Dec 20 2009 · Fox has created an updated version of their popular "all characters" poster. Read more.

Dec 6 2009 · "The Simpsons in the Classroom" is an upcoming book by Karma Waltonen and Denise Du Vernay. It will be released by summer 2010. Read more

Dec 6 2009 · Mr. Burns was nominated for NYC mayor in 27 of the 299 write-in votes that were received, reports CNN. Read more

Dec 6 2009 · EA is bringing a mobile phone version of the classic Simpsons Arcade Game. Read more

Nov 19 2009 · Ladies' man Ricardo Bomba is the winning entry of The Simpsons character contest.

Nov 19 2009 · So far this season, The Simpsons has improved upon its Fall'08 average ratings by +11% among adults 18-49 and +8% in total viewers. Read more

Nov 6 2009 · Yeardley Smith has donated $1.14 million to support two microfinancing institutions. Read more

Nov 3 2009 · The Simpsons Scavenger Hunt begins on Fox on Monday, November 9.

Oct 30 2009 · Help The Simpsons become an official nominee for People's Choice Awards, to be held on January 6, 2010.

Oct 30 2009 · Dan Castellaneta will appear in an upcoming episode of "Desperate Housewives," reports TV Guide.

Oct 23 2009 · A complete revision of the study guide accompanying the best-selling book, "The Gospel According to The Simpsons," has been published. Read more

Oct 18 2009 · Fox invites you to create a Simpsons character and win a trip to the studios.

Oct 18 2009 · Yeardley Smith, voice of Lisa, is the executive producer of "What's Wrong with Virginia?", a movie starring Jennifer Connelly and Ed Harris. She is also promoting her first children's book "I, Lorelei".

Oct 18 2009 · The Simpsons Archive is now on Facebook. Be like the boy, join us!

Oct 10 2009 · Marge Simpson is Playboy magazine's November 2009 cover, with a story inside. The issue is out on October 16. Read more

Oct 10 2009 · Nancy Cartwright has totally revamped her official website.

Oct 9 2009 · Change4Life, the department of health healthy eating initiative has signed up as the sponsor of The Simpsons on Channel 4 in the UK and is promoting the tie-up with a series of idents. Read more

Jul 13 2009 · Nancy Cartwright, North Valley Honorary Mayor, and the voice of Bart, hosts a Monte Carlo night on October 3 for the benefit Devonshire PALS.

Jul 13 2009 ·The Fremont Oktoberfest has been chosen as the West coast host of the Simpsons' 20th birthday party this fall. Read more

Jul 7 2009 · The Simpsons Archive celebrates its 15th anniversary! Gary Goldberg opened this site in July 1994 to host the various documents created by the members of the newsgroup. Thanks Gary! More details in the previous 10th anniversary article.

Jul 7 2009 · The Simpsons' 21st season premiere episode will air on Sunday, September 27 on Fox.

Feb 26 2009 · The Simpsons will continue for at least two more years. Fox has ordered 44 new episodes for seasons 21 and 22, bringing the total episode tally to 493. The Simpsons will also become the longest-running prime time series in history.

Feb 25 2009 · Episode "In the Name of the Grandfather" will premiere on UK's Sky1 on March 17, a week before Fox. Read more

Feb 25 2009 · According to UK regulator Ofcom, Simpsons' sponsor Domino's Pizza broke the rule that forbids advertising food high in fat, sugar and salt during shows predominantly watched by children. Read more

Jan 18 2009 · Fall Out Boy's rendition of The Simpsons' theme song will air during next Sunday's episode "Lisa the Drama Queen." The band's name is taken from the sidekick of Radioactive Man on The Simpsons.

Jan 18 2009 · MacHomer, Rick Miller's hilarious one-man mash-up of "the Simpsons" doing Macbeth comes to New York City on March 1-2 2009. Read more

Oct 13 2008 · Former Simpsons writer Larry Doyle is the winner of this year's Thurber Prize for American Humor for his novel "I Love You, Beth Cooper".

Sep 29 2008 · Season 20 premiere "Sex, Pies and Idiot Scrapes" rated 9.30 million viewers.

Sep 22 2008 · Russian cartoon channel 2x2 is suspending shows including The Simpsons, responding to a warning from authorities about "extremist" content. Read more

Sep 14 2008 · Greg Daniels will attend Austin Film Festival to receive the honor of this year's Outstanding Television Writer. He will accept his award on Saturday, October 18. Read more

Sep 14 2008 · As part of her charity activities, Nancy Cartwright will host a Monte Carlo Night at her home in Northridge, CA, on September 20. Hosting committee also includes Dan Castellaneta and Julie Kavner.

Sep 14 2008 · Rick Miller's MacHomer, featuring impersonations of over 50 Simpsons characters performing Macbeth, continues to tour Canada and the USA this fall and winter.
Read more

Jul 20 2008 · According to TVShowsOnDVD, the eleventh season will be out on DVD on October 7, 2008.

Jul 20 2008 · You may win a trip to Hollywood and The Simpsons' table read by watching the movie "Heart of the Beholder" for free online and entering sweepstakes.

Jun 23 2008 · In the current issue of Entertainment Weekly, The Simpsons is at number 1 on Top 100 New Classic TV Shows list. Read more

Jun 15 2008 · The advertising for "The Simpsons Movie" earned four trophies, including best of show in the print category, at the 37th Annual Hollywood Reporter Movie Marketing Key Art Awards. Read more

Jun 15 2008 · Channel 4 in the UK has apologized over airing the word "wankers" before 6 pm in "Trash of the Titans".

Jun 6 2008 · Mike Scully was awarded a Honorary Doctor of Fine Arts in Westfield State College, where her daughter just graduated. You can listen to his speech on YouTube. View part 1 (of 4)

Apr 16 2008 · "The Book of Moe" and "Flanders' Book of Faith", the two latest issues in the Simpsons Library of Wisdom series are now available.

Apr 16 2008 · Legendary Simpsons writer John Swartzwelder has written his fifth novel, "Dead Men Scare Me Stupid".

Apr 16 2008 · "The Complete Eleventh Season" DVD boxed set will be released in August – probably. Read more

Apr 16 2008 · In Venezuela, regulators may punish the station that showed The Simpsons during a time slot approved for children. Contacted by the regulators, the channel took the animated series off the air earlier this month and started to air "Baywatch Hawaii" instead.

Feb 20 2008 · Hallmark has released a new collection of Simpsons greeting cards. Hallmark worked directly with the show’s creators on each of the 12 cards released so far. Read more

Feb 20 · Rick Miller's "Machomer" will be at Massey Hall, Toronto on Friday, February 22. Read more

Feb 20 2008 · The Feb/Mar issue of Orlando Attractions Magazine features a 6-page cover story about the upcoming Simpsons attraction slated to open at Universal Studios Orlando in mid-March. Read more

Feb 9 2008 · The Simpsons will soon be seen driving a Renault Kangoo in a new, international ad campaign. Read more

Feb 9 2008 · Episode "Kill Gil Volumes 1 & 2" by Jeff Westbrook won the Writers Guild Award 2008 for animation.

Dec 27 2008 · The Simpsons Movie topped the DVD sales chart in the final week before Christmas, after a colorful promotion across the USA. In New York, the Empire State Building was turned yellow. Read more

Dec 22 2007 · is #5 on Entertainment Weekly's "25 Most Essential Fansites for TV, Music, and Film Buffs" list and #2 among TV sites.

Oct 5 2007 · Forthcoming Simpsons Game parodies 30 years of videogaming, but some game companies have asked the designers to remove content from the game. Read more

Sep 16 2007 · Harry Shearer will host a series of Silent Debates on My Damn Channel in which the point is to present them saying nothing.

Sep 16 2007 · Kelsey Grammer, David Hyde Pierce and John Mahoney from "Frasier" will make an animated appearance on the 19th season episode "Funeral For A Fiend". Read more

Sep 16 2007 · In the Japanese version of The Simpsons Movie, the voice actors who dub the show for television are being replaced by celebrities in an effort to bring in mainstream moviegoers. Fans protest. Read more

Sep 4 2007 · Universal Studios' "Back to the Future" ride in L.A. closed yesterday to make room for a new Simpsons attraction debuting in 2008.

Sep 2 2007 · With over 360,000 viewers, The Simpsons Movie is the most watched film of the year in Finland.

Aug 31 2007 · The Simpsons Movie will be released on DVD on December 18.

Aug 31 2007 · Vote for your favorite Simpsons impressions at

Aug 31 2007 · "Minutes to Meltdown" is a new mobile Simpsons game from EA. A free widget is available on the site.

Aug 18 2007 · Matt Groening has been nominated for’s Top 49 Men of 2007. The purpose of the list is to determine the best representatives of the male gender.

Aug 18 2007 · EA's Grand Theft Scratchy web site promotes the upcoming Simpsons Game.

Aug 17 2007 · An Australian man will face court for allegedly using his mobile phone to record a movie in a cinema and upload it to the internet. Read more

Aug 15 2007 · British singer-songwriter Lily Allen has a tattoo of Homer Simpson on her wrist. Read more

Aug 15 2007 · Each minute 1,000 people Simpsonize themselves at Burger King's Simpsonize Me website.

Aug 12 2007 · Simpsons voice Harry Shearer is part of the launch of My Damn Channel, a new entertainment studio and online destination.

Aug 12 2007 · A bigger and better edition of Mark Pinsky's book "The Gospel According to The Simpsons" was released this summer.

Aug 12 2007 · In Finland, Norway and Denmark, in addition to the original version, The Simpsons Movie is also available in the local language, even if the show has always aired with the original soundtrack in these countries. This was a requirement by Fox.

Oct 25 2006 · Fans can take a stab at cutting their own Simpsons promo spot using a unique web-based editing tool at Fox's micro site. Read more

Oct 25 2006 · "The Complete Ninth season" DVD will be released on December 19.

Aug 19 2006 · Chinese regulators have barred The Simpsons and other foreign cartoons from TV from 5 to 8 p.m. in an effort to protect China's struggling animation studios.

Jun 13 2006 · "The Complete Eighth Season" DVD will be released on August 15 in a Maggie head box and an alternate, traditional cardboard box.

Mar 4 2006 · The show's opening titles have been filmed using real actors in Britain. According to The Sun, Matt Groening has approved the human version to promote the brand new season in the UK. Read more and view

Jan 6 2006 · In Thailand, occurences of smoking on The Simpsons (and other shows) are blurred per government's order. Read more

Dec 28 2005 · Safety groups in the UK are afraid that viewers may follow Homer Simpson's example and drive after drinking. Read more

Nov 5 2005 · Russian MPs have issued a final threat to TV stations to scale back on violent shows like The Simpsons. According to experts, the show is crammed with violent and aggressive episodes. These cartoons also introduce antagonism between children and parents. Read more

Oct 9 2005 · Meet director Bob Anderson in "Simpsons Mania" event in Toronto on October 30. Read more

Oct 9 2005 · Mike Reiss will speak at 7 p.m. on October 14 in the Memorial Chapel as part of the University of Redlands Homecoming and Family Weekend.

Sep 19 2005 · We've been informed that "The Simpsons and Philosophy" is also available in Russian.

Sep 1 2005 · Mark Pinsky's book "The Gospel According to The Simpsons" will be translated into Portuguese for a release in Brazil.

Jul 21 2005 · Ricky Gervais says he's prouder of writing an upcoming episode of The Simpsons than all "The Office" awards. Read more

Jul 21 2005 · The premiere episode of Discovery Channel's "Pop Nation" will air October 1. It features a segment highlighting the Simpsons and their influence compared to other TV Families.

Jul 14 2005 · Fox has confirmed September 11 for season 17 premiere. The show remains in its 8 p.m. slot.

Jun 13 2005 · According to The Simpsons' publicist Antonia Coffman and voice actress Nancy Cartwright, the production of a Simpsons movie has begun. Read more

May 19 2005 · "The Complete Sixth Season" DVD set will be released on August 16, 2005. Read more

Apr 3 2005 · Sam Simon, executive producer and co-developer of The Simpsons, has started a charitable foundation saving the lives of dogs to enrich the lives of people. Read more

Mar 30 2005 · Nancy Cartwright's "My Life as a Ten Year Old Boy" show makes its London stage debut on May 24. Read more

Mar 28 2005 · When recording 7F24, Michael Jackson wanted his character to spend more time with Bart, says producer Sam Simon. Read more

Mar 6 2005 · The 4th Simpsons guide book, "The Simpsons One Step Beyond Forever" will be published in October. The book, edited by Jesse L. McCann, contains episode info for seasons 13 and 14.

Feb 27 2005 · Simpsons alumni Brad Bird's "The Incredibles" won the Oscar for the best animated film of 2004.

Feb 26 2005 · Viewers of UK's Channel 4 have voted The Simpsons the greatest cartoon of all times.

Feb 25 2005 · Starting March, Brunswick locations throughout the USA and Canada will offer exclusive Simpsons Bowling Club. Special Simpsons balls are also available. Read more

Feb 25 2005 · One of Michael Jackson's jurors is said to be a 20-year-old Simpsons fan. Read more

Feb 22 2005 · Fox has launched two new "micro sites" related to recent Simpsons episodes: 1, 2.

Feb 20 2005 · Fox has ordered a pilot episode from former Simpsons writer-producers Bill Oakley and Josh Weinstein. It is a sitcom set at a police precinct in New York's Times Square.

Feb 18 2005 · Yeardley Smith's solo show "More" opens its California run at the Falcon Theatre in Burbank today. Read more

Feb 1 2005 · Australian student has been ordered to serve 18 months probation for selling three cartons of Duff beer for $1,950. She never had the goods. Read more

Jan 25 2005 · Federal regulators denied 36 complaints of broadcast indecency in connection with TV shows including The Simpsons – and phrases "What would Jesus glue?" and "Don't cut off my pianissimo." Read more

Jan 14 2005 · Internet gambling company has started taking bets on which Simpsons character will come out as gay. The odds are on Patty.

Dec 24 2004 · Stephen Hawking's wife Elaine is not happy about his husband's next Simpsons cameo making fun of electro-convulsive shock therapy that is used to treat schizophrenia. Read more

Dec 23 2004 · The Simpsons won two awards at this year's British Comedy Awards. In addition to the Best International Comedy award, Matt Groening was awarded a lifetime achievement award. Read more

Dec 23 2004 · British comedian Ricky Gervais ("The Office") says he has been asked to write an episode of The Simpsons.

Dec 21 2004 · The Complete Fifth Season DVD is now available in the USA and Canada. Read more

Dec 9 2004 · TV Guide features four different Simpsons-themed covers with removable ornaments.

Dec 3 2004 · Homer Simpsons is the 5th popular TV character in a Bravo TV special to be aired on December 30. Read more

Nov 29 2004 · New edition of Steven Keslowitz's "The Simpsons and Society" is about 90 pages longer than the first edition and includes a quiz, various additions and four new essays. Read more

Nov 25 2004 · In a British poll, The Simpsons was named the most influential TV acquisition from the USA. Read more

Nov 25 2004 · Thieves stole 2,500 Simpsons Scalextric sets from the back of a parked lorry in the UK. Read more

Nov 3 2004 · "HUFF," a new series starring Hank Azaria, will premiere this Sunday (Nov 7) at 10 p.m. et/pt on Showtime. Enter our contest and win Simpsons prizes!

Nov 2 2004 · "Christmas 2" DVD is now available in R1 and R2. Read more

Oct 28 2004 · Fox has issued a press release on Homer Simpson's Presidential campaign. Read more

Oct 27 2004 · Celebrate Halloween by playing the Zombie Shoot-Out game at

Oct 27 2004 · Dan Castellaneta, the voice of Homer, will be making a dual guest appearance on the show "Complete Savages" on ABC this Friday.

Oct 25 2004 · Scooby Doo with 350 episodes has overtaken The Simpsons as the cartoon comedy series with the most episodes.

Oct 25 2004 · Homer Simpson was overwhelming favorite in an UK poll on which US television character should take over at the White House. Read more

Oct 24 2004 · "The Simpsons Holiday Humdinger," the latest book of Simpsons Comics, is now available.

Oct 18 2004 · "It's genuinely my favourite programme. When I got the telephone call I thought it was a wind-up but it was true," said Simon Cowell about his Simpsons appearance.

Oct 14 2004 · This year's "Bart Simpson's Treehouse of Horror" comic book features the talents of Alice Cooper, Gene Simmons, Rob Zombie, and Pat Boone. Read more

Oct 6 2004 · It is rumored that The Complete Fifth Season DVD becomes available by Christmas.

Oct 6 2004 · Melbourne, Australia has been swamped by Simpsons fans after a hoax spam e-mail claimed the town had built a real-life replica of the family's home. Read more

Oct 4 2004 · According to UK's Media Guardian, Matt Groening wants to keep The Simpsons going until at least 2009.

Sep 26 2004 · "We're gonna do at least two more years, and maybe two more after that," said Matt Groening to Entertainment Weekly. Read more

Sep 24 2004 "Complete Savages," a new show by Mike Scully and Julie Thacker-Scully starts on Channel 9.

Sep 21 2004 · The Simpsons' 16th season will start with "Treehouse of Horror XV" on November 7. See our Upcoming Episodes page for further season 16 details.

Sep 21 2004 · Simpsons writer John Swartzwelder has written a book entitled "The Time Machine Did It". Read more

Sep 15 2004 · The North American premiere of Nancy Cartwright's "My Life as a Ten Year Old Boy" show takes place in Toronto on October 16. Special guest is Simpsons director David Silverman.

Sep 14 2004 ·"The Simpsons Gone Wild" DVD is now available in the USA and Canada. Read more

Sep 9 2004 ·In the UK, Sky One is to advertise its new Simpsons season after rivaling Channel 4 revealed plans for an aggressive marketing campaign for its terrestrial airing of the show. Read more

Aug 11 2004 ·In Edinburgh, Scotland, Nancy Cartwright paid a visit to the Simpsons Maternity Unit at the new Edinburgh Royal Infirmary. The visit was a part of the alternative Edinburgh People's Festival. Read more

Aug 9 2004 · The Simpsons has received a nomination in the category of Favorite Comedy Series in the Internet Television Awards. Read more

Jul 15 2004 · Fox issued a press release on season 16 guest voices and Superbowl episode today. Season premiere is set to November 14. The Halloween episode will air a week earlier. Read more

Jul 8 2004 · Simpsons voice Hank Azaria, former guest voice David Hyde Pierce and Tim Curry are the leading trio for 2005 Broadway production of Monty Python's "Spamalot."

Jul 2 2004 · Audio version of Nancy Cartwright's book My Life as a 10-Year-Old Boy, read by the author herself, will be released in August by Blackstone Audiobooks.

Jun 22 2004 · Archbishop of Canterbury Dr Rowan Williams would look "very seriously" at an invitation to appear on animated comedy The Simpsons. Read more

Jun 12 2004 · A book by Chris Turner called "Planet Simpson: How a cartoon masterpiece documented an era and defined a generation" is coming out in September. Read more

Jun 10 2004 · The Onion has published a parody story about a Simpsons suicide letter.

Jun 9 2004 · Homer Simpson's "D'oh!" has topped a British poll of favorite TV comedy catchphrases.

Jun 4 2004 · Matt Groening will be a guest speaker at the 2005 Hay Festival of literature in Wales, UK. Read more

Apr 5 2004 · The Simpsons will be the subject of a series of evening classes to be taught by the Rev Robin Spittle near London.

Apr 1 2004 · is now taking pre-orders for The Complete 4th Season DVD boxed set.

Mar 25 2004 · Researchers at Rutgers University are worried that Homer Simpson's diet sets a bad example for young viewers.

Mar 20 2004 · In the UK, Marge Simpson has been voted a top role model for mothers. She's also the sexy cover girl in the latest issue of men's magazine Maxim.

Mar 5 2004 · The Australian premiere of Nancy Cartwright's live show entitled "My Life As a 10-Year-Old Boy" takes place on March 12 and 14 at the Big Laugh Comedy Festival in Sydney. Read more

Feb 22 2004 · Dan Castellaneta has a role in the Geffen Playhouse (L.A.) staging of Steve Martin's The Underpants. Read more

Feb 21 2004 · Adding to our news article, Matt Selman won the WGA Award for writing The Dad Who Knew Too Little. Previously, The Simpsons also won the Annie Award for best animated show.

Feb 16 2004 · If you're not low on cash, meet the Simpsons panelists Harry Shearer, Yeardley Smith, Al Jean and Tim Long at The Connecticut Forum on March 4. Read more

Feb 12 2004 · Matt Groening turns 50 this Sunday (Feb 15). Congratulations!

Feb 10 2004 · According to Mike Reiss, The Simpsons movie could be out in 2006. Read more

Feb 3 2004 · The voice of Lisa will star in her solo show "Yeardley Smith: More" at the Union Square Theatre in NYC, starting March 1. Read more

Feb 2 2004 · 15-minute audio interview with Nancy Cartwright is available at

Feb 2 2004 · The MasterCard ad featuring Homer Simpson that was aired during Super Bowl can be viewed online at ifilm. (Outdated)

Feb 1 2004 · Bart's "mum" Julie Kavner is playing Timon's mum in Lion King 1 1/2.

Jan 30 2004 · Homer Simpson will headline a 30-second MasterCard ad during Super Bowl.

Jan 21 2004 · ESPN has listed 100 best Simpsons sports moments. Read more

Jan 20 2004 · Win loads of Simpsons merchandise in Vivendi Universal's "Best Simpsons Game Ever" sweepstakes (US residents only). Open until March 8. (closed)

Jan 20 2004 · Fox network is moving to a year-round programming cycle, but The Simpsons will continue to return in late autumn each year.

Nov 29 2003 · A special excerpt from the upcoming book "Leaving Springfield" is now available at The Simpsons Archive. Read more

Nov 3 2003 · Simpsons fan Rob Baur says he has grown Tomacco, as seen on episode AABF19. Read more

Oct 22 2003 · Dan Castellaneta has been cast as Aaron Spelling in NBC's upcoming movie about Charlie's Angels.

Sep 29 2003 · Fans in Canada can view and purchase original Simpsons artwork and meet director Wes Archer in Simpsons Mania, taking place at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre on October 18. Admission is free. Collectors around the world can order online.

Aug 31 2003 · "The Simpsons: Hit & Run" will be out on September 12. More details on the game's official site.

Aug 26 2003 · The Complete Third Season DVD is finally released in the USA and Canada today. To celebrate the release, Harry Shearer and David Silverman are signing autographs at the Virgin Megastore, 8000 W Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles from 7 to 9 p.m.

Aug 16 2003 · Yoo-hoo! has launched its Simpsons promotion, including sweepstakes and downloadable wallpapers.

Jul 22 2003 · A group called BuFu Nation has written and recorded a track entitled "The Simpsons Love Song."

Jul 20 2003 · Meet Bill Morrison, Jesse McCann and Batton Lash of Bongo Comics at Comics Unlimited in Westminster, CA, on August 2 from 3 to 5 pm.

Jul 4 2003 · The Simpsons Road Rage for Game Boy Advance is now available.

Jun 29 2003 · Vivendi Universal Games will release "The Simpsons: Hit & Run" for PlayStation 2 this Fall. Read more

Jun 20 2003 · A single-disc DVD release entitled "Treehouse of Horror" will be out in the USA and Canada on September 2. Read more

May 24 2003 · Matt Groening received the Reuben award for Outstanding Cartoonist of the Year from the National Cartoonists Society last Saturday.

May 24 2003 · Due to the cancellation of "The Pitts," former executive producer Mike Scully will return to "The Simpsons" as a consultant.

Apr 15 2003 · Fox has set an August 26 release date for The Complete Third Season DVD boxed set. More details on our DVD News page.

Apr 14 2003 · According to The Daily Mirror, UK Prime Minister Tony Blair recorded three lines for "The Regina Monologues" episode on April 9 in London.

Apr 14 2003 · Sky One will air the so-called 300th episode in the UK on April 20 with "The Simpsons Golden D'ohnut Awards."

Apr 13 2003 · British soccer star David Beckham isn't famous enough in the USA to make an appearance on The Simpsons, says Al Jean. Read more

Mar 15 2003 · DVD sales of The Simpsons and other TV shows brought Fox $100 million last year.

Mar 13 2003 · Dateline Alabama has posted video clips from Rick Miller's "MacHomer" show. View clips

Mar 2 2003 · JK Rowling, author of Harry Potter books, is one of the guest voices of the upcoming 15th season. "The Regina Monologues" will also feature Sir Ian 'Gandalf' McKellen.

Mar 2 2003 · Matt Groening is one of the four finalists for the National Cartoonists Society's 57th Annual Reuben Award for Outstanding Cartoonist of the Year.

Feb 18 2003 · This Saturday (Feb 22), Bill Morrison and Nathan Kane of Bongo Comics sign autographs at Santa Barbara's Metro Entertainment store. Read more

Feb 18 2003 · The 300th episode of "The Simpsons" (21.2 million viewers overall) and the "Married" special brought Fox the strongest nonsports showing on a Sunday in more than three years.

Feb 14 2003 · CBS has posted a video clip of Homer's appearance on Letterman. (no longer available)

Feb 13 2003 · Applause has launched a collection of Simpsons plush dolls intenationally. More dolls will be released throughout 2003.

Feb 8 2003 · As the official 300th episode weekend gets closer, the show is receiving lots of media coverage. Keep an eye on our constantly updated Misc section for the latest articles and interviews.

Feb 6 2003 · Enter Fox's The Simpsons 300th Episode Sweeptakes. For US residents only.

Feb 6 2003 · The Simpsons episodes "The Bart Wants What It Wants," "Blame It on Lisa" and "Jaws Wired Shut" are nominated for a Writers Guild Award in the new animation category.

Feb 2 2003 · Once again, The Simpsons won an Annie Award in the category of Outstanding Achievement in an Animated Television Production. Annie winners

Jan 30 2003 · Fans who have sent messages to Homer's e-mail address, as recently seen on the show, have received replies from producer-writer Matt Selman. Read more

Jan 29 2003 · "Leaving Springfield" is an upcoming essay collection focusing on The Simpsons as political satire. The book is scheduled for August. Read more

Jan 29 2003 · The Hollywood Reporter's special issue devoted to behind-the-scenes looks at The Simpsons is now available to pre-order. Out on February 11. Order copy

Jan 27 2003 · "Inside the Actors Studio" featuring The Simpsons' voice actors will air on Bravo on February 9, at 8 p.m. PT/ET.

Jan 24 2003 · It is rumored that also TV Guide will have a cover story to celebrate the 300th episode in February.

Jan 23 2003 · It's still unconfirmed, but the Simpsons' cast may do another live script-reading this July in Toronto, Canoe reports.

Jan 17 2003 · Reuters confirms that Fox has renewed The Simpsons for seasons 15 and 16. Unlike reported by some news services, there's no contract for the 17th season yet.

Jan 15 2003 · On February 11, The Hollywood Reporter will publish a special commemorative edition to mark the 300th episode of The Simpsons.

Jan 10 2003 · According to CBBC Newsround, Fox has confirmed that The Simpsons will have at least three more seasons after the current 14th.

Jan 8 2003 · Once again, The Simpsons is nominated for an Annie Award in the category of Outstanding Achievement in an Animated Television Production. Read more

Jan 5 2003 · Matt Groening will curate the All Tomorrow's Parties music festival, to be held in Los Angeles in June. Read more

Jan 4 2003 · According to Al Jean, seasons 15 & 16 have been confirmed, with apparently an option for yet another one.

Dec 27 2002 · Throughout the year, the viewers of BBC have voted The Simpsons as their favorite show on the network's web site. Read more

Dec 25 2002 · After a slight delay, The Simpsons Songbook has been released and is hitting stores. See the article on the left for more details.

Dec 23 2002 · UK fans will have a chance to meet Nancy Cartwright at Animex 2003, the University of Teesside's annual animation festival in January. Read more

Dec 23 2002 · Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter) would "really, really want to be a voice on The Simpsons." Read more

Dec 23 2002 · More search engine statistics: The Simpsons is Google's most searched TV show of 2002. Read more

Dec 9 2002 · The Simpsons is the third most searched TV show of 2002 in Lycos 50. Read more

Dec 4 2002 · Fox expects to release The Simpsons' third season on DVD in May 2003. See DVD News page for more details.

Nov 19 2002 · Mike Reiss speaks at Freeborn Hall in Davis, California, on Friday, November 22. Read more

Nov 10 2002 · No end in sight for The Simpsons, Al Jean said to TV Guide. Read more

Nov 7 2002 · "Everyday Apocalypse: The Sacred Revealed in Radiohead, the Simpsons, and Other Pop Culture Icons" is a book by David Dark containing a long chapter exclusively on The Simpsons. Additionally, the show is referred to throughout the book as a model of apocalyptic satire. Available in December.

Nov 7 2002 · Rolling Stone's November 28 issue pays a tribute to The Simpsons and comes with three different Simpsons-themed covers. Read more

Oct 25 2002 · "The Cartoon Music Book" features an extensive interview with Alf Clausen by Daniel Goldmark and an essay on the music of The Simpsons by Will Friedwald. Press release

Oct 25 2002 · The Museum of Television & Radio in L.A. and N.Y.C. is presenting The Simpsons Halloween episodes daily between 25 and 31 October. Read more

Oct 16 2002 · Burger King is launching a new Simpsons "Creepy Classics" promotion. Read more

Sep 21 2002 · In Cardiff, Wales, ten Simpsons fans have raised an estimated £1,000 for charity after a 25-hour marathon viewing session. Read more

Sep 11 2002 · In the new Jump the Shark book, only one topic has never jumped: The Simpsons.

Sep 7 2002 · The new baseball team that will take the field in Albuquerque next year will be called the Isotopes in homage to Homer Simpson and his favorite team.

Aug 12 2002 · As of Simpsons episode EABF01, the show will be colored digitally instead of using traditional hand-painted cels. The rumor has now been confirmed by Al Jean.

Aug 7 2002 · Fox has upgraded the official site for promoting Simpsons DVD releases. Enter site

Aug 5 2002 · The Simpsons cast will appear on "Inside the Actors' Studio" at the New School, NYC, on November 18. It'll be broadcast in February to coincide with the 300th episode celebration activities.

Jul 26 2002 · Homer Simpson is the second greatest cartoon character of all time, according to TV Guide's August 3 issue. Read more

Jul 24 2002 · New Trading Card game from Wizards of the Coast will be out later this year. Read more

Jul 24 2002 · Rowan Williams, the new archbishop of Canterbury and spiritual leader of the world's Anglicans, has cited The Simpsons as "one of the most subtle pieces of propaganda around in the cause of sense, humility, and virtue."

Jul 23 2002 · At the 18th awards ceremony conducted by the Television Critics Association in Pasadena, The Simpsons won the new heritage award, which recognizes programming that has had a significant effect on society and popular culture.

Jul 23 2002 · According to Associated Press, Mick Jagger and Keith Richards are among the many musical guest stars in the 14th season premiere episode to be aired on November 3. Upcoming episodes

Jul 22 2002 · It may not be The Matlock Expressway of Springfield, but Andy Griffith will get a highway named after him. Read more

Jul 17 2002 · The Simpsons Road Rage console game will also be released on Game Boy Advance.

Jul 2 2002 · Matt Groening will curate the 2003 U.S. edition of the All Tomorrow's Parties festival, to be held in June on the University of California at Los Angeles campus. Read more

Jul 1 2002 · The Chicago Tribune selected The Simpsons as the "great American TV show," a television show that most epitomizes the American essence.

Jun 30 2002 · The first attempt for an international Simpsons MeetUp day is set for Monday, July 22. MeetUps are informal local, face-to-face gatherings among Simpsons fans. Read more

Jun 30 2002 · If you receive an e-mail message claiming that the attachment contains a Simpsons theme, do not open it because it's likely to carry the Yaha.g virus.

Jun 28 2002 · From June through August 2002, the Simpsons will appear nationally on more than 70-million Kellogg's cereal products and Kellogg's Pop- Tarts in a new promotion.

May 23 2002 · The Simpsons' cast does two live script-readings and Matt Groening attends a Q&A session with the audience in Montreal on July 19-20. Read more

May 21 2002 · A video clip of Blink182 recording their voice-overs for The Simpsons is available on the band's official site.

May 7 2002 · is hosting a Simpsons & Futurama giveaway. Winners get sets of the Rocket USA lithographed wall signs.

May 3 2002 · Bongo comics is doing a Simpsons/Futurama crossover comic book this summer. We'll keep you posted.

May 2 2002 · Matt Groening has denied a British newspaper report that he was planning to wind up the series shortly. "I was misquoted and misunderstood," he explained to Variety on Wednesday.

Apr 23 2002 · Dan Castellaneta's new CD "I Am Not Homer" featuring the song "So Dumb (Homer's Lament)" was released today. In-store appearances

Apr 23 2002 · A study guide for Sunday school and youth groups based on "The Gospel According to The Simpsons" is due in July. Stay tuned for details.

Apr 20 2002 · is taking pre-orders for the third Simpsons guidebook, "The Simpsons Beyond Forever," to be released in November.

Mar 18 2002 · According to CQ magazine, Attorney General John Ascroft is a big fan of The Simpsons and he especially likes Lisa Simpson and her idealistic approach.

Mar 18 2002 · The remaining season 13 episode titles are now available for fans. Read more

Mar 5 2002 · On March 8, ABC's 20/20 goes behind the scenes of The Simpsons to find out the secret to the show's success and longevity. Correspondent Chris Cuomo speaks to Matt Groening and has an exclusive interview with Homer Simpson.

Mar 4 2002 · Matt Groening's "Simpsons Comics Unchained" will be out on March 19.

Mar 4 2002 · Paul Crabtree's "Five Romantic Miniatures from The Simpsons" will be performed at First Methodist Church in Palo Alto on April 27 and at First Congreational Chruch in Berkeley on April 28 by San Francisco Bay Area Chamber Choir. Read more

Feb 27 2002 · is taking pre-orders for The Complete Second Season DVD boxed set. Read more

Feb 25 2002 · Metro Entertainment store in Santa Barbara will have a Simpsons/Futurama event on Saturday, March 2, with artists from Bongo Comics present.

Feb 25 2002 · Channel 4 has won the rights to broadcast The Simpsons in the UK. Read more

Feb 17 2002 · The BBC will stop buying new episodes due to "ludicrous price." However, the airings won't stop until the end of 2006. Read more

Feb 14 2002 · Season finale will be aired on May 19 at an earlier 7 p.m. time slot, to make room for the X-Files' series finale.

Feb 13 2002 · Fox plans to cancel Matt Groening's "Futurama." An online petition to keep the show on air has been launched.

Feb 12 2002 · "A Simpsons Simposium" on sin and spiritualy in Springfield will be held at Indiana University on March 5-6. Guest speakers include writer-producer Mike Reiss and authors Mark Pinsky and Aeon Skoble.

Feb 11 2002 · The current issue of Relix magazine features original artwork from the upcoming Phish appearance and an interview with show runner Al Jean.

Feb 7 2002 · TV Guide's new issue hitting newsstand Feb 11 (dated Feb 16) will feature Inside the Actors Studio's Jim Lipton interviewing none other than Herschel "Krusty" Krustofski, thespian and tax evader.

Feb 7 2002 · Maggie Roswell will return to do Maude's ghost's voice in an upcoming Halloween episode.

Feb 6 2002 · Simpsons writer-producer Mike Reiss has written the script for an upcoming movie, "The Adventures of Sinbad the Insurance Salesman."

Feb 5 2002 · Maggie Roswell, the voice of Miss Hoover, Helen Lovejoy and late Maude Flanders, is negotiating with Fox and may return to the series.

Feb 5 2002 · Win a pass to an exclusive preview of the upcoming Simpsons episode "The Bart Wants What it Wants" in Toronto on February 14.

Jan 25 2002 · is now offering Simpsons sheet music in digital format.

Jan 22 2002 · Ron Taylor, the voice of Bleeding Gums Murphy, died of a heart attack on January 16 at the age of 48.

Jan 22 2002 · Modified Simpsons characters are included in KawsOne art exhibition in Tokyo, Japan. Read more

Jan 3 2002 · To compete with rival channels, BBC2 is planning to show daily episodes of The Simpsons in the UK. Read more

Jan 2 2002 · Dan Castellaneta will be voice acting in upcoming "Hey Arnold! The Movie," to be released this summer.

Dec 8 2001 · Electronic Arts has opened a site to promote "The Simpsons Road Rage" game. Enter site

Nov 1 2001 · Lots of new information on season 13 episodes has been added to our Upcoming Episodes page.

Oct 31 2001 · Residents of Canada have a chance to win a trip to Fox studios and some Simpsons merchandise in a Cheestrings contest.

Oct 28 2001 · According to Evergreen Terrace, Fox Backlot amusement park in Sydney, Australia featuring the "The Simpsons Down Under" attraction has been shut down due to financial problems. The park was opened only two years ago.

Oct 24 2001 · Nancy Cartwright will speak at Ohio University on Saturday, October 27, at 8 pm.

Oct 22 2001 · To celebrate the release of a new Simpsons comic book, HarperCollins is having a "Simpsons Spooktacular" contest where you can win a cel of yourself drawn Simpson style. Enter contest

Oct 20 2001 · Uno card game featuring The Simpsons will be out by Christmas.

Oct 3 2001 · Film Roman has produced new Simpsons TV spots for Burger King and C.C. Lemon.

Oct 1 2001 · New Halloween-themed Simpsons toys are now available at Burger King restaurants.

Sep 28 2001 · As reported by The Simpsons Sourcebook, Mike Reiss told during a lecture that "New Kids on the Blecch" is another episode to be taken off the air.

Sep 24 2001 · According to Entertainment Weekly, episode "The City of New York vs. Homer Simpson" (4F22) with the WTC has been pulled from syndication. However, Fox has only sent a list of episodes to review to the stations, who make the final call.

Sep 23 2001 · The Simpsons is nominated for an Annie Award for primetime/late night animation. Additionally, Al Jean is nominated for writing the episode "HOMR."

Sep 10 2001 · Maggie Roswell has already written well over 100 pages for her book in the works, entitled "Springfield Inside/Out." Maggie asks Simpsons fans to stay tooned. We'll keep you posted!

Sep 10 2001 · Later this month, Kellogg Co. will launch two Simpsons cereal brands called "Homer's Cinnamon Donut Cereal" and "Bart Simpson Peanut Butter Chocolate Crunch," Variety reports.

Sep 7 2001 · Julie Kavner, the voice of 34-year-old Marge Simpson, turns 50 today. Congratulations!

Sep 5 2001 · In its October issue, Wizard magazine ranks The Simpsons the best cartoon of all time.

Sep 4 2001 · Disapproving the use of Simpsons images in an academic essay collection, Fox is accusing German publishing house Schüren Verlag of copyright infringement. The printed books face the risk of being destroyed. Read an editor's post for details.

Aug 30 2001 · In the UK, The Simpsons were voted the greatest kids' TV show of all time by viewers of Channel 4.

Aug 16 2001 · An exclusive excerpt from the upcoming Simpsons book "The Gospel According to The Simpsons" is now available on this site. The book will be out on September 1. Read excerpt

Aug 14 2001 · Executive Producer Al Jean revealed season 13 tidbits to Cinescape. Read more. For additional season 13 information, see Upcoming Episodes page.

Aug 11 2001 · According to information received by The Simpsons Sourcebook, work on the sequel to The Simpsons Forever! has begun. It is rumored that the book, covering seasons 11-12, will be edited by Terry Delegeane of Bongo Comics.

Aug 11 2001 · Ned Flanders will be the focus of a tribute night run by and at the Greenbelt Arts Festival on Saturday, 25 August (8.30 pm) at Cheltenham Racecourse in the UK. The features include discussions, music and a Ned Flanders lookalike contest.

Jul 31 2001 · R.E.M. have recorded their voiceovers for the upcoming Simpsons episode. Read more

Jul 18 2001 · According to Zap2it, season 13 premiere will be on Sunday, November 4.

Jul 17 2001 · Like Homer in The Simpsons' opening sequence, a German nuclear employee took a tube of plutonium home. Read more

Jul 14 2001 · According to Entertainment Weekly, Richard Gere (himself), Pierce Brosnan (himself), Ben Stiller (CEO of a sugar company) and Reese Witherspoon (Rainier Wolfcastle's daughter) are among the guest voices for the upcoming season.

Jul 13 2001 · Upcoming season's guest stars will include R.E.M., who will appear in an episode to be aired near Thanksgiving in November. Read more

Jul 13 2001 · The Simpsons was voted the best show ever by hundreds of Chicago Sun-Times readers.

Jul 3 2001 · Chris Isaak told that The Simpsons is one of his favorite TV shows.

Jun 13 2001 · Canadian residents can win a trip to Fox studios in a contest by Breyers' Ice Cream.

Jun 12 2001 · According to, the first Simpsons DVD box set will be released worldwide on the last week of September. Read the DVD news page for more interesting details.

Jun 7 2001 · According to MacInTouch, an AppleScript virus called "Simpsons Episodes" is spreading and infecting Mac systems. When activated, the script takes you to this site's episode guide and sends itself to everyone in your address book

Jun 1 2001 · UK residents can win an exclusive Simpsons party at their house in a competition by Marks & Spencer. Enter

Jun 1 2001 · Screenshots and a preview of the upcoming The Simpsons Road Rage game are available at IGN.

May 19 2001 · Bill Whitaker goes behind the scenes with the writers of the animated series The Simpsons in CBS News Sunday Morning on May 30 (9:00 to 10:30 AM/ET).

May 17 2001 · Would you like Playmates to make action figures of characters voiced by Phil Hartman? Sign the petition

May 16 2001 · According to Variety, the recent deal between Fox and the Simpsons voices included options on two feature films. The first feature could be worth $500,000 to the voice actors. However, there is yet no indication of the movie being made before the end of the series.

May 10 2001 · Electronic Arts is working on The Simpsons Road Rage game for PlayStation 2 and Xbox. Another Simpsons title will be released in 2002 for PlayStation 2.

May 7 2001 · Homer Simpson is the greatest TV character of all time according to a public poll by British Channel 4. Read more

May 6 2001 · The Simpsons composer Alf Clausen will be interviewed on June 9 at SoundVision 01, North by Northeast's mini film festival, in Toronto, Canada. Read more

Apr 25 2001 · The National Cartoonists Society has nominated Matt Groening for the "Cartoonist of the Year" award. The Reuben Award winners will be announced on May 26 in Boca Raton, Florida.

Apr 24 2001 · The Simpsons won the award for the Funniest Animated Television Series at the 15th annual American Comedy Awards.

Apr 11 2001 · The Simpsons is nominated in the Funniest Animated Television Series category at the 15th annual American Comedy Awards.

Apr 6 2001 · Nancy Cartwright is one of the celebrities to appear at the 6th annual Los Angeles Times Festival of Books at UCLA on April 28-29.

Apr 5 2001 · "The Simpsons Wrestling" for Playstation is now available. See the trailer at the game's official website.

Mar 22 2001 · When David Mirkin said the future movie will contain lots of sex, he was only joking, which some UK sources chose to ignore. See the original quotes from the Cinescape article in our movie file.

Mar 21 2001 · Fox is preparing for a possible writers' strike with five extra Simpsons episodes stored for next fall.

Mar 21 2001 · Nancy Cartwright promotes her book at Borders Union Square, 400 Post St. in San Francisco on Saturday, April 7th at 1 pm.

Mar 21 2001 · "Night of the Living Treehouse of Horror," the first Simpsons game for Game Boy Color, will be released tomorrow. Pre-order

Mar 16 2001 · You can now expect to find "The Simpsons and Philosophy" in your local bookstore. For details, read our November article. Also, the latest Simpsons comics collection entitled "Simpsons Comics Royale" has been released.

Mar 10 2001 · According to, a personal birthday call from Michael Jackson was sold on Tuesday for $1,000 in a charity auction in New York. Jackson will sing "Happy Birthday, Lisa," a song he wrote for episode "Stark Raving Dad". Lisa's name will be replaced by the bidder's.

Mar 9 2001 · News Corp One and Fox have been awarded the Gold "Reggie" award for the worldwide marketing campaign during The Simpsons Global Fanfest, recognizing excellence in promotional marketing. The award was presented at Promotion Marketing Association's gala event on March 6.

Mar 3 2001 · A preview essay from the upcoming "The Simpsons and Philosophy" book now available on our site!

Mar 3 2001 · A protest by a group of Asian Americans has prompted producers to agree to delete the word "Chinaman" in future airings of episode "New Kids on the Blecch", L.A. Times reports. "It was supposed to be one of Mr. Burns' typical antiquated expressions," Mike Scully commented.

Feb 14 2001 · Do you wish the upcoming Simpsons DVD sets to include lots of interesting special features? Take the official DVD survey! (now closed)

Feb 14 2001 · According to rumors posted at, Fox plans a Simpsons DVD launch in September 2001.

Feb 7 2001 · On Saturday, February 24, at 10:30 AM ET/PT Fox Family Channel's new show "Total Access 24/7" will follow NSYNC into the studio as they record their guest starring appearance on The Simpsons.

Feb 3 2001 · "Night of the Living Treehouse of Horror" for Game Boy Color is set to be released on March 18. Pre-order

Feb 1 2001 · According to Reforma, Gabriel Chávez, the Mexican voice of Mr. Burns, is preparing a book on a fictional trip he took around Mexico, accompanied by none other than Monty Burns himself.

Jan 28 2001 · The Simpsons Sunday comic strip returns to U.S. newspapers today with a new format.

Jan 23 2001 · Fox has decided not to go ahead with production of "Schimmel," the family comedy created by The Simpsons executive producer Mike Scully.

Jan 21 2001 · According to GameInformer, Fox Interactive discontinues publishing and is licensing out its game brands, including The Simpsons.

Jan 3 2001 · The Simpsons is nominated in the "Comedy Series of the Year" category in the third annual TV Guide Awards.

Jan 3 2001 · Nick Rhodes of Duran Duran is the latest celebrity to confess his love for The Simpsons. Read more

Jan 3 2001 · The Simpsons Folder website features a nice retrospective of The Simpsons year 2000.

Dec 20 2000 · The Simpsons was this year's second most wanted TV show on the web according to The Lycos 50. In all Lycos searches, The Simpsons were at #29.

Dec 19 2000 · The Simpsons won the award for the best international TV show at the eleventh annual British Comedy Awards last Saturday. Read more

Dec 17 2000 · Why do you like The Simpsons? Answer this question at The Simpsons Folder and win a CD signed by Dan Castellaneta.

Dec 12 2000 · According to ABCnews, Simpsons voice actor Hank Azaria will replace Robert Downey, Jr. in a movie called "America"s Sweethearts."

Dec 3 2000 · In today's episode, Homer publishes an online gossip column under the pseudonym Mr. X. See this website now at Also visit, the site seen in "A Tale of Two Springfields."

Nov 29 2000 · Chat with William LaRue, author of "Collecting Simpsons!" book and web site, on Monday, December 4 at 8:00 PM ET at Also see their contest and win an autographed copy of Nancy Cartwright's new book.

Nov 29 2000 · According to The Simpsons Folder, Robert W. Getz, author of "The Unauthorized Guide to the Simpsons Collectibles," is preparing a sequel for his book.

Nov 29 2000 · Daily Radar is having a Simpsons week. Check out their feature!

Nov 18 2000 · Joe C., the rapper who appeared with Kid Rock in episode "Kill the Alligator and Run," has died of a chronic intestinal disorder at the age of 26.

Nov 16 2000 · The Simpsons won an Annie Award in "Outstanding Achievement in a Primetime or Late Night Animated Television Program" category. Additionally, Alf Clausen was awarded for his music in season 11 finale "Behind the Laughter".

Nov 16 2000 · Bart action set slingshot by Manley Toy Quest is on the annual "10 worst toys" list released by the consumer safety group World Against Toys Causing Harm (WATCH).

Nov 7 2000 · Hank Azaria is apparently considering playing a TV network executive in an upcoming Robin Williams comedy "Death to Smoochie," directed by Danny DeVito.

Nov 3 2000 · Nancy Cartwright will be in Manchester, England on Wednesday, November 15 at 7pm. For tickets (£3, redeemable against copies of the book) and enquiries contact the Film desk at Waterstone's, tel. (0044) 161 837 3000 or e-mail.

Nov 3 2000 · Collecting Simpsons! web site has opened a message board for merchandise collectors to offer merchandise-hunting tips, share news and chat about their hobby.

Oct 30 2000 · Maggie Roswell is currently writing a book based on her years as a Simpsons cast member.

Oct 30 2000 · Matt Groening has apologized to Australia for episode 2F13. "We didn't know anything about Australia, we knew we are going to get it wrong so we decided we'd get it wrong in every single way," he confessed.

Oct 27 2000 · George Meyer, executive producer of The Simpsons, will be doing an on-line audio/video interview on The Beth Lapides Experience on, on Thursday, November 2 at 11 AM PST.

Oct 25 2000 · Matt Groening confirmed that Krusty the Clown is based on a real TV clown called Rusty Nails. Groening used to watch the "Christian clown" as a kid in his home town Portland, Oregon, wondering why the nice clown had such a nasty name.

Oct 21 2000 · Chat with Nancy Cartwright, the voice of Bart, on Friday, November 3 at 7 PM ET at the TV Guide chat room.

Oct 16 2000 · Chat with executive producer Mike Scully on Thursday (10/19) at 9 PM ET at the TV Guide web site. Also see their extensive Simpsons feature.

Oct 6 2000 · A script for episode 3F03, signed by Paul McCartney and the Simpsons' cast, is being auctioned for charity.

Oct 5 2000 · Bill Morrison, editor and artist of the Simpsons Comics, will be doing a live Internet chat appearance at the Netweek website on Saturday, 14 October at 10 am (Australian EST).

Sep 29 2000 · Spanish actor Carlos Revilla, the voice of Homer Simpson in Spain, died last Tuesday following a heart attack at the age of 67. He was also the director of the local dubbed version of the show.

Sep 27 2000 · A new trailer and a featurette for "Cyberworld" are now available at Filmspeed. The upcoming compilation film contains the 3D segment from Simpsons Halloween episode 3F04.

Sep 24 2000 · Chat with Simpsons Comics writer Gail Simone at The Simpsons Sourcebook on Thursday (09/28) at 9 PM EST.

Sep 21 2000 · You have one more chance to win a pass to The Simpsons Global Fanfest Backlot Bash in Hollywood on October 29, 2000. Fans who log on to and sign up for the newsletter before September 29, 2000 may win a pass for two to attend the event.

Sep 16 2000 · The Hollywood Reporter revealed that Hank Azaria, the voice of several Simpsons characters, is developing a TV comedy with Columbia TriStar and Touchstone, destined for ABC.

Sep 9 2000 · According to IMDB, Robert Schimmel's new comedy, developed by Mike Scully of The Simpsons, has been postponed due to Mr. Schimmel's cancer.

Sep 2 2000 · The release of Matt Groening's "Homer's Guide to Being a Man" has been cancelled for reasons unknown.

Aug 15 2000 · Nancy Cartwright's voice will be heard in an upcoming web cartoon called "Timber Wolf." The series, created by Chuck Jones, includes 13 'webisodes', each 4-6 minutes long.

Jul 10 2000 · According to The Digital Bits, Fox mentioned at a recent Video Software Dealers' Association show that the first of numerous seasonal Simpsons DVDs will appear by February, 2001. According to our source at Fox, however, Gracie Films has not yet confirmed any dates. Stay tuned for details as they develop!

Jun 28 2000 · Computer Associates is warning businesses and home-users of a new and highly destructive Trojan Horse called "Simpsons." Fans of the show are potential targets for this particular Trojan, since they are likely to open a file entitled "simpsons.exe."

Jun 27 2000 · IMAX has released a preview video clip from its forthcoming compilation movie "Cyberworld," featuring the 3D segment from the Simpsons episode "Treehouse of Horror VI."

Jun 27 2000 · According to a list released by the Annenberg Public Policy Center at the University of Pennsylvania, The Simpsons is the show that parents most discourage their children from watching.

Jun 15 2000 · Weber is offering limited edition charcoal grills in two sizes featuring a picture of Homer Simpson. See photo

Jun 5 2000 · Sideshow Bob will return in a season 12 episode called "Day Of The Jackanapes" (CABF10). More details concerning the upcoming episodes will be posted to our Season 12 Page later this week.

May 26 2000 · The release of Nancy Cartwright's upcoming book "My Life as a Ten-Year-Old Boy" is currently set for Thursday, November 2. She will be signing autographs in Dayton, Ohio during the day.

May 23 2000 · University of California at Berkeley is having a class called "The Simpsons: Sitcom as Political and Social Satire." For more information, read related article.

May 10 2000 · THQ Inc. has announced the working title for their upcoming Game Boy Color release. "The Simpsons: Treehouse of Horror" is scheduled for this fall.

Apr 27 · Information on episodes of the upcoming season is now available on our brand new Season 12 page. Go and check it out!

Apr 22 2000 · Come up with a catchy name for a website and win a genuine Simpsons cel signed by Nancy Cartwright! Read the rules

Apr 22 2000 · After some technical difficulties on Thursday, IGN has scheduled a new chat with Harry Shearer. Log in on Tuesday (4/25) at 5 pm PST/8 pm EST.

Apr 16 2000 · Chat with cast member Harry Shearer this Thursday (4/20) in the IGN Auditorium at 5 pm PST/8 pm EST.

Apr 11 2000 · Nancy Cartwright, the voice of Bart, is in a process of writing a book entitled "My Life As A Ten-Year-Old Boy." The book's release is currently planned for late Fall.

Mar 23 2000 · "The Simpsons Political Party" triple video pack is now on pre-sale at The set will be released on May 9.

Mar 20 2000 · THQ Inc. announced today an agreement with Fox Interactive to co-publish Game Boy Color games based on several popular Fox properties, including The Simpsons. All titles are scheduled for release in 2000.

Mar 13 2000 · According to the latest information at, the first Simpsons DVD set, due this year, will contain season 1. Since no official press release has yet been issued by Fox, consider this a rumor.

Mar 11 2000 · In their upcoming March edition, ToyFare magazine selects 25 hottest toys of 2000. At number one on their list are the Playmates' Simpsons figures, followed by WWF and South Park toys.

Feb 23 2000 · Dan Castellaneta, the voice of many Simpsons characters, is also a voice impersonator. He has now released an album on Oglio Records called "Two Lips." The CD consists of 14 tracks sung by Dan, imitating voices of John, Paul, George and Ringo of The Beatles.

Feb 15 2000 · According to N.Y. Daily News, Mike Scully said at the U.S. Comedy Festival that the Simpsons producers are ready to make the jump to the big screen. See our movie page for details.

Feb 10 2000 · Some people in the area of Lowe's Motor Speedway are afraid that The Simpsons will be turning their tragedy, in which three spectators died, into a comedy. (Related article no longer available)

Feb 9 2000 · Collecting Simpsons! web site creator William LaRue is a guest Monday, February 14, on the Pax TV network show "Treasures in Your Home," which airs at 7:30 p.m. ET. He discusses The Simpsons and his merchandise guide, and shows some hard-to-find merchandise he owns. The show is simulcast in streaming video at the show's official web site.

Feb 6 2000 · Matt Groening presents a farewell to Peanuts in a Simpsons comic strip published in newspapers nationwide on Sunday, February 13. For details, read a related article.

Jan 16 2000 · Dan Castellaneta will perform in Ben Jonson's 1610 play "The Alchemist," opening February 17 at the Classic Stage Company in New York.

Jan 16 2000 · Julie Kavner is appearing in an off-broadway play called "The Vagina Monologues" on February 8th - 20th.

Jan 9 2000 · Subscribing to a Simpsons mailing list can lead you into a marriage. This happened to Jen Owen from San Francisco, California and Richard J. Doyle from Winnipeg, Canada, who met on our Simpsons-L mailing list, and got married on January 1. The Simpsons Archive congratulates the newlyweds!

Jan 2 2000 · The latest edition of Collectors' Showcase (Vol. 20, Number 1) has information on the upcoming Simpsons action figures from Playmates Toys: "The infrared technology that allowed last summer's The Phantom Menace figures to speak will do the same for Springfield's denizens when used with special playsets, while larger dolls of the family will actually be able to argue with each other, Furby-style." The Simpsons PEZ dispensers are on their way too. For detailed, up-to-date information, and sneak preview photos, visit the Collecting Simpsons! web site.

Dec 28 1999 · Professor Stephen Hawking revealed on last Saturday's Larry King Live that he will be having a Simpsons millennium party where people dress up as Simpsons characters. Hawking, having appeared on the show, can come as himself.

Dec 22 1999 · The Chicago Sun-Times has pulled The Simpsons comic strip from its pages, saying it "has proven to be tasteless and excessively violent." The editor also apologized in yesterday's paper for not paying closer attention to last Sunday's "Itchy and Scratchy" strip.

Dec 17 1999 · The Simpsons' half-hour show celebrates today its 10th anniversary. The series premiered December 17, 1989 with the Christmas episode "Simpsons Roasting on an Open Fire". Congratulations to Our Favorite Family!

Dec 10 1999 · The official Sony Playstation magazine reports that Fox Interactive is working on two new titles based on The Simpsons, but provides no further details.

Dec 2 1999 · Simpsons cast members will be performing live at the U.S. Comedy Arts Festival in Aspen, Colorado in February. The actors will twice perform an yet unnamed episode which, according to event's producers, is "appropriate for the environment of Aspen." The show's executive producers James L. Brooks, Matt Groening and Mike Scully are also scheduled to appear.

Dec 2 1999 · According to, Fox will release Simpsons episodes on DVD in summer 2000 or later the same year. Fox hasn't issued any official press releases on the subject yet, and until that happens, consider this a rumor and everything subject to change.

Nov 23 1999 · Charlie Lewis, a psychology professor at Lancaster University in England, says that Homer Simpson isn't just the drunken slob he appears to be, but an icon of modern-day fatherhood. He claims that Homer's behavior is just an expression of contemporary angst.

Nov 2 1999 · has teamed up with Rhino Records to bring the world The Simpsons 'Simpsoncalifragilistic-
expiala(annoyed grunt)cious' Contest.
Starting on November 8th, 1999 and running until November 29th, everyone can enter the contest to win a special Simpsons prize pack. To qualify for this pack, contestants have to correctly answer three Simpsons trivia question and then, five winners will be randomly plucked from all the qualifying entries.

Nov 2 1999 · Harry Shearer has agreed to play a part in a movie called "Chicanery Moon." The movie, currently in pre-production, tells a story about Ben, who, mistreated as a child, grows up and finds himself having to reconcile the past with the events of the present.

Oct 24 1999 · According to Bongo Comics #45 and Barnes & Noble, The Simpsons Forever!, a sequel to A Complete Guide to Our Favorite Family, will finally be released on November 3.

Oct 15 1999 · Bart Simpson's catchphrase "eat my shorts" is among thousands of contemporary phrases in the revised Oxford Dictionary of Quotations that was published yesterday. The dictionary includes 2,000 new quotations from all parts of the English-speaking world.

Oct 13 1999 · The Simpsons Internet Guide by Beth Gehman was released yesterday. The 40-page paperback booklet includes URLs and descriptions of more than 100 Simpsons-related Internet sites. It is available in most bookstores around the country. The publisher, Pride & Imprints, is selling the guide online for 20% off the retail price and free shipping.

Oct 13 1999 · On Friday, October 15th, The Simpsons Sourcebook will be the host to a live chat with former Simpsons producers/writers Bill Oakley and Josh Weinstein, who will be talking about their new animated series Mission Hill. The chat is scheduled to start at 8:30 EST.

Sep 26 1999 · Fox has opened the beta version of the new official Simpsons web site, including character bios, episode guide, news area, shopping section and a community page. Check it out!
Beta versions of the new Futurama and King of the Hill sites are also available. (links outdated)

Sep 13 1999 · Jay Kogen, former half of writing team Jay Kogen and Wallace Wolodarsky for The Simpsons, and The Tracey Ullman Show, won an Emmy for writing last season's Christmas episode of Frasier. Kogen has been awarded three times before, for Tracey Ullman Show (1990), The Simpsons (1991) and Frasier (1998).

Aug 31 1999 · Simpsons creator Matt Groening will be in attendance Thursday September 16 at the 10th annual Portland Creative Conference. Accompanied by several guest panel speakers, Groening will participate in a discussion on various aspects of television, film, music and interactive media.

Aug 30 1999 · Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa and Maggie are set to debut in the comics trade Sunday, Sept. 5, in a new strip from United Press Syndicate. Among the many papers signed to carry the weekly strip is The Los Angeles Times, which offers postal mail delivery to customers throughout the United States.

Aug 29 1999 · More info on the alleged Simpsons Movie has surfaced at the Internet Movie Database, including a release date of May 24, 2002. Also, the September issue of Cable & Wireless (UK; p. 7) has mentioned the film's production. Nevertheless, show insiders continue to deny its existance (see our movie page for details).

Aug 19 1999 · Supporting voice actor Maggie Roswell has left the Simpsons cast after failed salary negotiations with 20th Century Fox Television. Roswell, who joined the cast during the series' first season, gave life to characters including Maude Flanders, Luann Van Houten, Helen Lovejoy, Princess Kashmir, and Ms. Hoover. According to Amy Spalding of Journey On, Marcia Mitzman Gaven is set to assume the roll of Ned Flanders' better half — as well as three as-yet-named characters — next season. The Simpsons will kick off its eleventh year Sept. 26 at 8 PM/7C on Fox.

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