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(click to enlarge) This document lists archived news and rumors, regarding the long-anticipated Simpsons DVD releases. This page contains information on The Complete Sixth Season boxed set and other Simpsons DVD titles of 2005.

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September 27, 2005

(R2) The Complete Sixth Season will be released in France on November 9, in Finland on November 11, and in Belgium on November 23.

September 1, 2005

Wesley Mead's detailed review of The Complete Sixth Season is now available on our main news page (now archived).

(R1) In other news, if you don't appreciate the new "Homer's head" casing of the 6th season DVD set, you can order an old style alternate packaging from

(R1) The UK release date of season 6 set has been pushed to October 17. In Britain, the "Homer's head" packaging will be restricted to the first 50,000 copies. The rest will get Season 6 in its original packaging (see right).

Finally, according to TVShowsOnDVD, The Complete Seventh Season is slated for a December release, but is likely to be postponed.

July 21, 2005

(R4) The Australian release for season six is set to September 28.

In other news, Nancy Carwright said on an Australian talk show that season 7 on DVD might be out by Christmas, and that the commentaries are now being recorded. Rob Reiner will be featured.
Thanks to Matt Dwiar and Adam Wolf

Season 6

Release Dates:
· USA Aug 16
· Australia Sep 28
· UK Oct 17
· France Nov 9
· Finland Nov 18
· Belgium Nov 23

25 episodes with commentaries, deleted scenes, special features, possible Easter eggs.

· DVDTalk
· DVDFanatic
· More:
  [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6]

Where to get it:
· R1
· R2 Amazon UK

· Official Site

Other Releases

Region 2: (May 23)
· Around The World In 80 D'ohs!

Region 1: (May 17)
· Bart Wars

July 8, 2005

Sorry about the recent delays, it's summer holidays for us archivists too. :)

The cover art of The Complete Sixth Season was recently announced. Surprisingly, as you can see, it's nothing like the previous five season set covers. Fox has decided to release next five seasons under this new "heads" theme. Each season will feature one family member's head as the box.

Below is a rundown of known special features approved by the BBFC. Special thanks to members of No Homers Club forum for compiling the list.

  • TV Special - Springfield's Most Wanted
  • Featurette - Simpson's Plane
  • Introduction with James L. Brooks for Who Shot Mr Burns (Part 1)
  • Deleted Scenes Introduction
  • Deleted Scenes Reel
  • Two Deleted Scenes from Round Springfield
  • Three Deleted Scenes from Bart's Comet
  • Two Deleted Scenes From Two Dozen And One Greyhounds
  • Two Deleted Scenes From Lisa's Wedding
  • Two Deleted Scenes From Bart VS. Australia
  • Three Deleted Scenes From Grampa VS. Sexual Inadequacy
  • Four Deleted Scenes From Itchy & Scratchy Land
  • Three Deleted Scenes From Homer VS. Patty & Selma
  • Three Deleted Scenes From Homer Badman
  • Six Deleted Scenes From Fear Of Flying
  • One Deleted Scene From Who Shot Mr Burns (Part 1)
  • Two Deleted Scenes From And Maggie Makes Three
  • Five Deleted Scenes From Homer The Great
  • Two Deleted Scenes From Homie The Clown
  • One Deleted Scene For Sideshow Bob Roberts
  • Four Deleted Scenes From Treehouse of Horror V
  • One Deleted Scene From The PTA Disbands
  • Three Deleted Scenes From A Star Is Burns
  • Four Deleted Scenes From Bart Of Darkness
  • Two Deleted Scenes From The Springfield Connection
  • Multi-Angle Animation Showcase for Treehouse of Horror V
  • Multi-Angle Animation Showcase for Who Shot Mr Burns (Part 1)
  • Multi-Angle Animation Showcase For Lisa's Wedding
"Springfield's Most Wanted" is a special episode of "America's Most Wanted" TV show, dealing with the shooting of Mr Burns. In addition to these special features, the set will naturally contain commentary tracks for all 25 episodes.

June 14, 2005

(R2) According to Amazon UK and other retailers, The Complete Sixth Season will be released in the UK on September 5, 2005. No official confirmation on the British date has yet been issued by Fox UK, and the date is still subject to change.

May 19, 2005

(R1) The Complete Sixth Season now has a North American release date. The four-disc set will hit the stores on August 16, 2005. No information on release dates in other regions is yet available.

In the meantime, you can feed your DVD hunger with Bart Wars, a single-disc release that is now also available in R1.


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