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This document lists archived official news, as well as some unconfirmed rumors, regarding The Complete Third Season and other Simpsons DVD titles released at the time.

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September 29, 2003

"Christmas with The Simpsons" will be out on October 14 in USA and Canada. In the UK, the release date is November 3.

The disc features five episodes:

“Simpsons Roasting on an Open Fire” (7G08)
“Miracle on Evergreen Terrace” (5F07)
“Grift of the Magi” (BABF07)
“She of Little Faith” (DABF02)
“Mr. Plow” (9F07)
A short Mr Burns clip collection is the only special feature on this disc. Following the September release of "Treehouse of Horror," this is the second single-disc Simpsons DVD available in the USA.

(R2) (R4) The Complete Third Season will be released in Italy on October 29, and in Australia on November 12.
Thanks to KeFir, Fabio Racco & Martin Taylor

August 31, 2003

With the R1 release of The Complete Third Season earlier this week, more reviews are popping up:

In his interview with IGN, Al Jean confirmed that the delays are caused by timetable problems in recording the commentary tracks.

"The writers who would have to do the commentary are trying to make the show stay good. To me, the current show is the priority. The DVDs can always come out. We finally had the time to do these commentaries. Some of the cast appear on these, too, and there's a lot of different aspects to the Simpson world and to me, the prime time show is the most important. It's also the reason why the movie has taken so long, and it will be a while yet before a film comes out. We just don't want to give the show a short shrift. And that's another reason the show has lasted so long. We're not trying to do everything and burn it out." The Easter Egg hunt has begun!

Disc 1
Additional Commentary Track
Begin playing "Stark Raving Dad". Hit the "Audio" button on your DVD remote and go to track 5/5. This will bring you to a hidden episode long commentary with Mike Reiss. (Note... Mike Reiss did not participate in the regular commentary for the episode.)

Disc 2
Additional Commentary Track
Begin playing "Lisa's Pony". Hit the "Audio" button on your DVD remote and go to track 5/5. This will bring you to a hidden episode long commentary with Mike Reiss. (Note... Mike Reiss did not participate in the regular commentary for the episode.)

Disc 3
Additional Commentary Track
Begin playing "Bart the Lover". Hit the "Audio" button on your DVD remote and go to track 5/5. This will bring you to a hidden episode long commentary with Al Jean. (Note... Al Jean did not participate in the regular commentary for the episode.)

Additional Commentary Track
Begin playing "Separate Vocations". Hit the "Audio" button on your DVD remote and go to track 5/5. This will bring you to a hidden episode long commentary with Al Jean. (Note... Al Jean did not participate in the regular commentary for the episode because his basement was flooded.)

Audio Outtakes
On the main menu hit "84763" on your DVD remote to bring up many outtakes from several cast memebers and guest stars. (Note... these are great fun to listen to.)

Disc 4
13 Random Artist Sketches Go to "Special Features" menu and hit "742" on your DVD remote to access 13 different artist sketches. (Note... these are random so you don't always know what you will get.)

There is another way to access the additional commentaries, find an episode that does have a second commentary and go to the episode's special features menu and enter in "10" . a new screen will pop up that tells you who is featured in the bonus commentary and "play" will be highlighted. push enter and the episode will start with the bonus commentary.

Thanks to Datoupee, SpongeBob and other members of The No Homers Club!

Finally, @N-Zone Magazine is giving away 3 copies of the season 3 DVD.

Season 3

Release Dates:
· USA Aug 26
· Canada Aug 26
· Denmark Sep 23
· Sweden Sep 24
· Finland Oct 3
· UK Oct 6
· France Oct 22
· Italy Oct 29
· Australia Nov 12

24 episodes with commentaries, storyboards with Matt Groening's notes and sketches, jukebox, Butterfinger commercials, foreign language clips, Macy's parade segment, with audio outtakes, 13 random artist sketches and four additional commentaries as Easter eggs.

Press Release:

· n/a

· DVDFile
· UpcomingDiscs
· Winged DVD

Where to get it:
· R1
· R2

· Official Site

Other Releases

Region 1:
Treehouse of Horror (Sep 2)
Christmas with The Simpsons (Oct 14)

Region 2:
The Simpsons Go To Hollywood
Greatest Hits
Bart Wars
Too Hot For TV
Dark Secrets of the Simpsons (All Sep 8)

August 17, 2003

While some online stores are already shipping the R1 version of The Complete Third Season (release date Aug 26), more delays in Europe have been announced. New release date for Denmark is September 23, for Finland October 3 and for the UK October 6.

More tidbits from the season 3 set:

  • BBFC reveals that the episode "Lisa's Pony" has a commentary by Mike Reiss and "Bart the Lover" has a commentary by Al Jean.
  • One of the trailers on the set is called "Perfect Vacation" (1m:15s)
  • IGN has posted menu screenshots has posted one of the very first reviews.

(R2) "Bart Wars" will be released in Denmark on October 7.
Thanks to Jan Nielsen, Anders Berg, KeFir and Christian Koegel

July 22, 2003

More confirmed season 3 special features:

“Season 3 DVD Trailer” (1m:9s)
“Animation discussion with Matt Groening, James L. Brooks and Al Jean”
“Peoples Choice Awards”
“Emmy Awards”
“Loggers Controversy Featurette”
“Barbara Bush Letters” - Easter Egg
“George Bush Quote” - Easter Egg
“Kelsey Grammer Outtakes” - Easter Egg
“Outtakes from 'Homer at the Bat'” - Easter Egg
“Mr.Burns outtakes of 'Excellent' line from 'Brother Can You Spare Two Dimes?'” - Easter Egg

Also see previously confirmed extras below (and in the "Nutshell" column).

BBFC reveals that in addition to the director's commentary, at least "Separate Vocations" will also have a full-length Al Jean commentary track. While the information at BBFC is still incomplete, we can only guess whether there will be two commentary tracks for more than this one episode (or even all of them).

We've also been told that lots of care and money has been put into The Complete Third Season, the production of which is now finally finishing up. The features should be worth the wait and make the previous two discs pale in comparison.

(R1) A new single-disc DVD, "Christmas with The Simpsons," will be released in the USA and Canada on October 14 ($14.98/$16.98). In addition to the likely four episodes, it contains a short clip collection featuring best Mr Burns moments.

(R2) R2 Project has posted cover art of the upcoming (UK Sep 8) five single-disc DVDs. The same discs will be released in France on September 10. French cover art is available at The Simpsons Park site.

Meanwhile, the UK release date for season 3 keeps changing. Now many major retailers suggest September 1. We'll see if that sticks.

In Finland, both season 3 and "Risky Business" will be out on September 5.

July 4, 2003

BBFC confirms the following The Complete Third Season special features:

“Colonel Homer” - unseen promo footage (0m:29s)
“Treehouse of Horror” - apparently DVD promo footage (0m:29s)
“Backstage Pass” - apparently DVD promo footage (0m:29s)
“One Less Sister” - Butterfinger commercial (0m:15s)
“Good Bart, Bad Bart” - Butterfinger commercial (0m:15s)
“Akira - Best Friend” - Butterfinger commercial (0m:30s)
“Big Surprise” - Butterfinger commercial (0m:15s)
“The Last Butterfinger” - Butterfinger commercial (0m:30s)
“Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade” (1m:24s)
“Video Jukebox” - 13 music clips (7m:50s)
Thanks to Jan Nielsen

June 29, 2003

(R2) According to R2 Project, the UK release of The Complete Third Season has been pushed to October 6. No other sources have yet rushed to confirm this, so keep your hopes up.

The site also announced an unconfirmed rumor according to which as many as five single-disc releases, all previously available on VHS in the UK, will be out on DVD in the UK on September 8.

In France the third season will be released on October 22 and in Sweden on September 24.
Thanks to Neotheone, Fredrik Alm & Jan Nielsen

June 20, 2003

(R1) has changed the third season release date back to August 26.

Additionally, "Treehouse of Horror," previously released in regions 2 (Europe) and 4 (Australia), is the first single-disc Simpsons DVD release to hit the stores in the USA and Canada, on September 2. It contains the Halloween episodes V, VI, VII and XII, and a special clip featurette with Kang & Kodos (2m:58s). The episodes come with Dolby 2.0 Surround sound. Three additional single-disc releases have previously been released in Europe and Australia, but it is yet unknown whether these will be made available in region 1.

(R2) In the UK, major online stores including Amazon UK and Play now set the third season release to July 28. In Denmark, both season 3 and "Risky Business" will be out on August 5th.

May 27, 2003

(R1) recently changed the release date for The Complete Third Season to an earlier July 29 date, but no official confirmation for the new date has yet been issued by Fox.

April 19, 2003

D'oh! As it turns out, the outtakes in the The Complete Third Season are audio only, and sources other than Variety do not mention the table read. This means that still no deleted scenes are included, and the fate of the table read is uncertain. How disappointing is that! Who needs a poster image or multi-language clips when, in theory, you could have up to 48 minutes unseen footage. Did you know that about two minutes of every episode gets cut out when an episode returns from Korea?

In addition to the features mentioned below, the set will include a "baby translator," "pop-up" storyboards and sketches from four episodes and a character poster image. Multi-language clips are also included.

(R2) According to DVD Review magazine, the UK release date is July 28. In Germany, the set will be out on September 11.

April 15, 2003

(R1) According to Variety, Fox Home Entertainment has finally set a street date for the release of The Complete Third Season: August 26.

The great news is, that in addition to the 24 episodes with their commentary tracks, the set will include a discussion of animation with Matt Groening, Jim Brooks and Al Jean, and better yet, outtakes from numerous episodes, with and audio of a table read for "Treehouse of Horror II". Woohoo! An 11-song jukebox feature and Fox promos are also included. The suggested retail price is at $49.98. is now taking pre-orders for $32.49.

Season one of The Simpsons sold a record 1.6 million boxed sets, while the second season moved out an estimated 1.25 million copies, Variety reports.
Source: Variety (Courtesy Adam Wolf)

April 14, 2003

(R1) A cover shot of The Complete Third Season DVD boxed set is now available (click to enlarge). No official release date has yet been issued.

(R2) Interestingly enough, according to evidence gathered by the Simpsons Park web site, instead of a four-disc set, season 3 will be released in France in two 2-disc sets on August 20. Whether this change of format will affect other R2 releases is yet unknown.

Finally, the release of "Risky Business" in Spain has been moved to April 23.

March 15, 2003

(R1) An unconfirmed rumor posted to suggests that The Complete Third Season will be released in the USA in July.

(R2) In Denmark, both The Complete Third Season and "Risky Business" are out in early August.
Thanks to Jan Nielsen

In a March 13 article by The Los Angeles Times, Matt Groening confirms that it's the scheduling problems with recording commentary tracks that keep delaying The Simpsons' DVD releases:

"We're doing audio commentaries for every episode, much to the chagrin of Fox Home Video," said Matt Groening, creator of "The Simpsons." "They want us to put this show out much faster than we're able to crank out these audio commentaries."

Although things are going much faster these days, Groening joked, "we've run out of things to say, and we're just like whistling and doing little songs and stuff."
Source: The Los Angeles Times

Finally, to our great disappointment, we've been told that The Complete Third Season will not contain deleted scenes as a special feature. Approximately two minutes of every episode gets cut out before first airing, as the episodes are 24 minutes long when they return from Korea (vs. 22 minutes aired). Many of us had expected these lost scenes to be an obvious choice for DVD special features, but apparently we will have to settle for something else.

March 3, 2003

(R2) In Spain, "Risky Business" is hitting stores on March 12.
Source: Fox España (Courtesy Robertuybrush)

February 21, 2003

(R2) Release dates keep changing. The latest suggested date for the UK release of "Risky Business" is April 7.

(R1) Elsewhere, the latest issue of UK's DVD Review magazine says that The Complete Third Season will be out in the USA in June or July.

Keep in mind that most of the release dates listed here have not been yet confirmed by Fox and its distributors, and they are subject to change.

February 17, 2003

(R2) In France, the scheduled release date for both the third season and "Risky Business" ("Sacré Boulot") is May 28.
Thanks to Neotheone

February 13, 2003

(R2) According to DVD Review magazine (UK), The Complete Third Season will be out in the UK in May or June.
Thanks to Wesley Mead

Yet again, has changed the German release date for the set. Their latest guess is September 11.

February 7, 2003

USA Today's Simpsons feature reveals that only a week ago Matt Groening and the producers were still recording commentary tracks for The Complete Third Season. This inevitably means that the release is not imminent.

From Al Jean's to-do list (Jan 30):
"Joining Simpsons creator Matt Groening to watch and comment on episodes for the Season 3 DVD."

January 30, 2003

(R2) has changed the German release date for The Complete Third Season to October 25. Hopefully this does not imply that the worldwide release has been pushed from spring to fall.

Also, the release dates of "The Simpsons: Risky Business" have been altered:

  • The UK: March 10
  • Germany: April 12
In addition to four episodes (see below), the disc will contain a clip collection called "Chief Wiggum's Finest Moments" (3m:27s).

December 28, 2002

(R2) (R4) The next Simpsons single disc DVD release is called "The Simpsons: Risky Business." Like the previous ones, it will only be available in regions 2 and 4. The disc carries four episodes: "Marge Gets a Job" (9F05), "Deep Space Homer" (1F13), "Homer the Smithers" (3F14), and "Realty Bites" (5F06). Whether the disc will contain a short clip collection like its predecessors is yet unknown.

"The Simpsons: Risky Business" ("Die Simpsons: Lockere Geschäfte") will be released in Germany on February 22, and in the UK in March 2003.
Thanks to KeFir

December 27, 2002

(R2) According to, The Complete Third Season will be out in Germany as early as on February 22. Another German store, WOM, sets the release to February 13. However, judging from the comments by Fox (see below), it is very likely that even the European release will have to wait a little longer.
Thanks to Axel Picker

December 4, 2002

(R1) In a live chat on Home Theater Forum, Peter Staddon of 20th Century Fox said that they expect to get The Complete Third Season DVD boxed set out in May 2003.

"The issue with The Simpsons is that there are so many people who are involved with the DVD, and they are all incredibly busy working on the show for the network which has to take priority," Staddon explained. He also said that there is some "very cool stuff on the discs that will make season 3 much better."

According to Staddon, The Simpsons is the best selling TV show on DVD.

Read the full transcript

October 16, 2002

(R2) More release dates for "Treehouse of Horror":

  • Belgium: Oct 9
  • The Netherlands: Oct 9
  • Germany: Oct 17

September 22, 2002

(R2) In Spain, "Treehouse of Horror" will be released on October 16.
Thanks to Roberto J. Hurtado

September 11, 2002

(R2) (R4) "Treehouse of Horror" DVD, to be released in regions 2 (Europe) and 4 (Australia), will contain the Halloween episodes V, VI, VII and XII, with a special featurette with Kang & Kodos (2m:58s). The disc is equipped with Dolby 2.0 Surround sound.

The disc will be released in Finland on October 25 and in Australia on October 30. See below for the UK date.

August 18, 2002

(R2) According to, the UK release for "Treehouse of Horror" will be on the 28th October.
Thanks to Darren Prescott

August 13, 2002

(R4) "The Complete Third Season" will be released in Australia as early as on November 1, claims DVDorchard web store.
Thanks to Steve McGoiter

Earlier (see below), an UK store set the local release to December 2. Note that neither of these dates has yet been confirmed by distributors.

August 9, 2002

(R4) According to DVDorchard, "Treehouse of Horror" DVD will be released in Australia on October 31. The episodes on the disc are still unknown to us, but most likely it will contain four Halloween episodes and a "Kang & Kodos' Finest Moments" clip collection (2m:58s).

(R2) The disc will also be released in Europe. Release dates yet unknown.
Thanks to Chris Bonham

August 7, 2002

Fox has launched the season 2 section at the official Simpsons DVD site at It contains info on the sets, a trailer and fun Flash animations.

(R2) According to HMV store, the season 3 DVD set will be released in the UK as early as on December 2, 2002!
Thanks to Jeffry Kam

July 22, 2002

(R2) (R4) According to a flyer that comes with The Complete Second Season in the UK, the next Simpsons DVD release in Europe and Australia will be the third single-disc title called "Treehouse of Horror." Like the two previous ones, it's likely to contain four episodes and a brief clip collection.
Thanks to Darren Prescott

For details on the previous sets, see the archived DVD news: Season 1 | Season 2

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