Simpsons in Money Trouble

Originally by Ryan Irvine
Contributions from Hari Michael Wierny
Maintained by Aaron Dodd

Bart: Aw, I'm out of money.
Milhouse: Don't say that out loud!
Guard: Caucasian males out of money in sector four. Go to code red.

  • The Ullman Era

    • [MG27] The family money jar is a large source of money for OFF.
    • [MG31] Bart shoplifts candybars.

  • Syndicated Episodes

    • [7G08] Homer must get another job to get money for Christmas.
    • [7G08] Homer tells Barney that he only has $13 for presents.
    • [7G03] Homer gets fired, and can't find a new job that he's good at.
    • [7G09] Homer has poor credit, so he has to buy a dilapadated RV.
    • [7F02] Homer has to cheat his health insurance policy to pay for a $1000 hair growth formula.
    • [7F13] Homer gets cable illeagely insted of paying for it.
    • [7F17] Grampa inherits $106,000 but doesn't know how to spend it.
    • [7F21] Bart does jobs at Mrs Glick's house and sells various items to earn $100 for a comic book.
    • [8F02] Homer loses his job, and finds work at a graveyard.
    • [8F06] Homer takes a credit loan to buy a $5000 pony.
    • [8F17] Homer doesnt have $750 to pay for SLH's operation.
    • [8F23] Herb seeks financial help from Homer.
    • [9F02] Homer needs $250, so he sells his blimp ticket.
    • [9F05] Homer can't pay for $8,500 foundation repairs.
    • [9F07] Homer spends most of his money on a plow.
    • [9F09] Homer cant afford heart surgery, so Dr Nick performs it for $129.95 .
    • [9F15] Homer and Marge cant afford nice braces for Lisa.
    • [1F08] Marge loses a lot of money playing the slots.
    • [1F18] Homer freaks out when part chooses an elephant over $10,000.
    • [1F16] Homer forces Bart to "audition" to be Burns' heir.
    • [2F08] Homer rushes Marge through therapy to save money.
    • [2F10] Homer says he has just enough to support two kids.
    • [2F14] Homer turns to Patty & Selma for money, after a bad investment.
    • [2F15] In the future, the Simpson house is the shabbiest on the block.
    • [3F02] Bart needs money, so he sells his soul to Milhouse for $5
    • [3F07] Bart steals because he cannot afford Bonestorm.
    • [3F10] Homer needs $500 dollars for bowling registration, so he turns to Mr. Burns.
    • [3F11] Marge can't afford a nice dress for the country club.
    • [3F11] Marge is embarrased of the family car, which is in poor condition.
    • [3G01] Homer freaks when he finds out how much college will cost for Maggie.
    • [4F11] The Simpsons can't pay a $900 gas bill, so they sell an heirloom.
    • [4F22] Homer doesnt have the money to pay parking tickets.
    • [3G02] Homer has $200 to either spend on a sax or an air conditioner
    • [3G02] Marge and Homer can't afford to send Lisa to a gifted school.
    • [5F14] Homer must ruin Moes car to help Moe claim insurance.
    • [5F20] Homer tries to earn extra money by selling grease.
    • [5F23] Homer gives all he owns to the movementarians
    • [5F14] Homer fills out false tax forms.
    • [5F09] Homer spends his entire annual allowence as the town's head garbage guy in just a month.
    • [5F20] Homer needs money, so he sells grease.
    • [AABF20] The Simpsons try to save money, so they take a cheap flight to Japan.
    • [AABF20] While in Japan, they run out of money to come home.
    • [BABF19] The Simpsons are rich and spend their money foolishly.
    • [CABF04] Homer becomes Mr. Burns' prankmonkey to pay the Simpsons' bills.
    • [CABF02] Homer tries to buy a computer and finds that he's on his fifth mortgage.
    • [CABF03] Homer and Bart swindle people to pay for car repairs.
    • [CABF07] Homer can't afford a decent burial for Grampa, but builds a tennis court instead.
    • [DABF10] Homer uses a fake pony (Milhouse and Ralph) to try to win back Lisa
    • [DABF04] The family can't afford life-saving surgery for Homer (or anti-snoring surgery)
    • [DABF10] The family can't afford to pay the ransom to get Homer back.
    • [DABF13] The internet company that makes "Angry Dad" goes bankrupt.
    • [EABF20] Homer refuses to pay for private school for Lisa.
    • [FABF07] Homer gains money through being a beggar/looking like a hobo.
    • [FABF14] Homer and Bart used Ned and Rod Flander's credit cards to travel.
    • [FABF20] To save money, Homer rebuilds the family kitched haphazardly.
    • [FABF21] Homer demands Bart's share of t-shirt slogan profits from Goose Gladwell.
    • [GABF04] Homer becomes ordained so he can perform same-sex marriages for $200 each.

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