Eyes Without a Face

Originally by Dave Sweatt
Contributions from Nicol�s Di Candia
Maintained by Morgan Morrison

Alternate titles:
Turn Around Bright Eyes
My Eyes are So Bright, I Gotta Wear Shades

When the lights go out in Springfield, the citizens are easy to find. As long as they keep their eyes open, that is. In the darkness, only their eyes can be seen, almost as if there is a source of light inside each eye. Teeth have been known to be seen in the dark as well. The following are instances where this strange phenomenon has occured.

"Marge, could you close your eyes, I'm trying to sleep."

  • [MG01] The whole family in the dark. {pc}
  • [7G03] Homer and Marge in bed in the dark.
  • [7G08] Homer taking a Christmas tree in the dark.
  • [7F05] The Capital City Goofball's eyes can be seen inside his costume.
  • [7F08] Homer smiling in bed.
  • [8F06] Homer smiling in bed again.
  • [8F08] eyes in the dark crowd at Flaming Moe's
  • [8F11] The characters at Wall E. Weasel's have eyes that are visible from within the costumes. {xp}
  • [8F14] The whole family is in the same bed.
  • [9F14] Psst. Marge says "what was that sound?". Homer says "I was saying, Psst, I love you."
  • [9F18] Bart and the bullies walk into a dark civil defense room.
  • [9F18] Bart is hiding under the school building
  • [1F07] Homer, Marge, and a Bellboy in a dark hotel room. "...hubba hubba."
  • [1F15] Couch Gag: the family walks in and sits on the couch. Then, they pop their eyes into their sockets. {also [2F02]}
  • [1F21] Grandpa shows off his "Kiss Me Sweetie" dentures.
  • [2F01] The Itchy and Scratchy characters have visible eyes from within their costumes. {xp}
  • [9F18] Bart is hiding under the school building
  • [2F05] The Simpson Family When Homer Turns the light switch on and off.
  • [2F21] Upon climbing up to the treehouse, Marge sees Bart and Lisa spying on her. She tells them to stop. The light in the room is shut off, and Bart and Lisa's eyes open up, illuminated. {xp}
  • [3F02] Bart is lying in bed with his eyes open and no lights on.
  • [3F06] The family is in the dark after the power is cut off.
  • [3F08] Side Show Bob peeps out of a bathroom trash can.
  • [3F15] Homer says "Marge, could you close your eyes, I'm trying to sleep".
  • [3F24] Homer knocks out the lighthouse bulb and stands in the dark
  • [3F24] Marge walks into the dark room
  • [3G01] Grandpa standing in the woods
  • [4F16] Bart is in a dark closet.
  • [5F01] Homer shoots out all the lights in the house.
  • [5F11] Bart, Milhouse, and Lisa go into a dark cave.
  • [5F13] Bart and Ralph are seen in the dark.
  • [5F16] Homer goes into a dark cave on Murderhorn Mnt.
  • [AABF11] Sara and Chief Wiggum in bed
  • [AABF12] Lisa in the sensory deprevation tank
  • [AABF15] Marge in bed, angry at Homer
  • [BABF03] Homer in bed.
  • [BABF21] In "Night Of The Dolphin" A Crab's eyes glow inside its darkened shell.
  • [BABF20] Dr Hibberd, A Nurse and Krusty on the operating table at Springfield General Hospital.
  • [CABF11] Lisa, Milhouse and Ralph in lockers at Springfield Elementary. {pc}
  • [CABF13] The Simpson Family and their guide Kitenge in their African Treehouse.
  • [DABF16] Homer in an old ladies' closet while he's delivering meals on wheels.
  • [Butterfinger Commercial] OFF have a power outage and Bart gives Homer a dog biscuit instead of a Butterfinger. Most of the commercial is spent in the dark with floating eyeballs. {je}


{je}  Jordan Eisenberg
{xp}  XPeeple
{pc}  Paul Campa

Contributions are always welcomed and will be credited.

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