The Simpsons Diamond Stickers

and Sticker Activity Albums

Bruce Gomes                               Updated August 2013

This page describes The Simpsons Diamond sticker set and the corresponding Sticker Activity Albums released in 1990 in the U.S. and many other countries. Questions or comments feel free to contact us!.

Diamond Simpsons Sticker Activity Album


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This sticker set and the corresponding album were released to jump on the hottest craze in 1990, our favorite family. Merchandise during this time period all followed the same pattern, leveraging a limited number of images, catch phrases and designs to quickly release items for sale. Like most merchandise released in 1990, and just like The Simpsons Topps Trading cards, using images from the show required using images from The Tracey Ullman Show since they were the easiest to obtain and license. This however presented several issues; the design of our favorite family had evolved from the initial vignettes and the characters had changed and matured. To address this they only used episodes from the third and last season of the vignettes from The Tracey Ullman Show when the character design had evolved closer to that of the first 1989-1990 season of The Simpsons. The album leverages most of the same scenes [but not the same images!] from 8 of the 12 vignettes chosen for the The Simpsons Topps Trading cards from 1990 but unlike the cards presents them in a logical sequence and presents the original story from the vignette.



The set consists of 150 stickers showing Simpsons scenes taken from The Tracey Ullman show to be placed into The Simpsons Sticker Activity Album. The back of each of the stickers shows the sticker number as illustrated on the right and suggests trading your extras with friends to get the ones your missing.

94 of the stickers show 94 different scenes from The Simpsons,
as illustrated on the upper right with this scene shown on Sticker #54 from [MG44] Bathtime.

The Simpsons Diamond Sticker #54
The Simpsons Diamond Sticker #29 reverse

The Simpsons Diamond Stickers #3-4

16 of the stickers are used as a pair to show 8 different scenes from The Simpsons, as illustrated on the left with this scene shown on Stickers #3-4 from [MG36]  Echo Canyon.  Bart and Lisa are reading Bad and Worse and Maggie's book has a pacifier on the front (we've intentionally left white lines between stickers on this illustration and the one below to make the division more obvious!)

Sixteen of the stickers are used four at a time to show 4 different scenes from The Simpsons, as illustrated on the right with this scene shown on Stickers #147-150 from [MG37] Scary Movie showing a terrified Bart and a calm Maggie and Lisa.

Lastly, 24 of the stickers are used
12 at a time across 2 pages to illustrate a couch scene. All the the stickers portray a color scene

The Simpsons Diamond Stickers #147-150
from the show except these 24, which use red/blue-green outlines to create a motion effect when using the supplied red/blue-green Slide-O-Scope glasses.

The stickers were sold in packs of 6 for 40 cents each in the United States. More information on this below in our packaging section!

The stickers were identical across most countries but in Argentina they decided to print the numbers on the front thereby avoiding the need for a different back on each sticker. More information below in the Argentina section!

Index to Stickers By Episode and Album Pages

   No. Of No. Of Album  
Stickers Stickers Scenes Pages Episode
001 - 016   16   1401 - 03[MG36] Echo Canyon
017 - 034   18   1504 - 06[MG46] Bart of the Jungle
035 - 053   19   1407 - 09[MG45] Bart's Nightmare
054 - 064   11   1110 - 11[MG44] Bathtime
065 - 088   24   0212 - 13Couch scenes
089 - 100   12   1214 - 15[MG39] The Krusty the Clown Show
101 - 118   18   1616 - 18[MG41] Bart's Little Fantasy
119 - 137   19   1419 - 21[MG48] T.V. Simpsons
138 - 150   13   1022 - 23[MG37] Scary Movie
  None   --   --24 - 24"Be The Animator" connect the dots

Inside Front Cover: Instructions for assembling your Slide-O-Scope
Inside Back Cover: The Simpsons Puzzle Page
Back Cover: In most countries including the Unites States the back cover provided the instructions for buying (and sometimes trading!) stickers. Countries not providing this service would replace it with advertising (Argentina) or another graphic image (Netherlands).

Guide to Stickers and Album-to-Episodes Comparison

Entries below have:
- Sticker numbers followed by our description of the sticker(s)
- the actual text from the album (if any)
- If different, the actual dialogue from the show, in blue
- (optionally) additional observations
If the entire scene is out of place/sequence then the entire entry is in red.

Dialogue was often changed to explain what one watching the show would see visually, to simplify the dialogue, or even to correct grammar. However dialogue is also changed to reflect the changes in the show from TTUS to the full half-hour show, particularly the conversion of Lisa from the Bart-like rebel to the refined intellectual... albeit still the rebel.

Scenes From [MG36] Echo Canyon
001 - 002  View of car at edge of Echo Canyon
Text:    Homer Simpson brings the family car to a screeching
             halt at the very rim of the canyon, "Well, here we are!"
The Simpsons Diamond Stickers #8 Echo Canyon
003 - 004  Bart, Maggie and Lisa in the back of car reading "Bad" and "Worse"
          Text:    "Where? Weenie Barn?" "Yum! I'll have a jumbo corn dog,
          Actual: "Where? Weenie Barn?" "Yum! I'll have a couple of jumbo corn dogs,
005 - 005  Homer swiping a magazine out of Bart's hands
Text:    "No, you little fools! We're at another scenic point. Now, get outta the car, and LOOK! Gimme that comic book, Bart!"
Actual: "No, you little fools! We're at another scenic view point. Everybody outta the car, NOW!" "Gimme that!"
006 - 006  Homer swiping a magazine out of Bart's hands
Text:    Homer grabs Bart's comic book and flings it into the canyon.
007 - 007  Bart peering into the canyon
Text:    "Great, Dad. Now I'll never know how the story ends."
Actual: "Great, now I'll never know what happened."
008 - 008  Marge, Lisa and Maggie reading the Echo Canyon sign.
Text:    "Ooooh, look." says Marge. "This canyon is famous for its echo. Lisa, why don't you yell something clever into the canyon?"
Actual: "Ooooh look, children." says Marge. "This canyon is famous for its echo. Let's take turns yelling into the canyon. Lisa, you start."
009 - 009  Homer, Marge and Maggie watch as Lisa yells into the canyon.
Text:    "BORR-RRING!"
Actual: As written.
010 - 010  Maggie tugs at Homer and points.
Text:    Maggie tugs at Homer and points to Bart. He's standing on a huge boulder. wobbling it back and forth.
011 - 011  Homer yelling..
Text:    "Bart, get off that boulder!"
Actual: "Bart!"
012 - 012  Bart has fallen off, boulder begins its descent..
Text:    "Cool. it, Dad. You'll make me lose my balance...WHOOOO-AAA!"
Actual: None.
013 - 013  Boulder just barely passing over the car.
Text:    The boulder rolls down the hill. As Homer shrieks in terror, it bounces off the family car and into the canyon below.
Actual: The boulder bounces over the family car. (It would have crushed the car flat if it had hit it.)
014 - 014  Homer fuming.
Text:    Fuming, Homer takes off after Bart, chasing him down the canyon trail.
Actual: Incorrect scene, out of sequence Homer is fuming at Lisa for having yelled "BORR-RRING!" above. (See Sticker #9)
015 - 015  Marge, Maggie & Lisa listening to Homer & Bart.
Text:    Marge and the girls listen from above. "Bart, you little-ittle-ittle... I'm gonna kill you-you-you!" "Hey, Dad. Don't have a cow-ow-ow!" (imitating the echo of the canyon)
Actual: Homer: Why you little... Bart: What? Homer: I'm gonna kill you!" "Don't have a cow, Homer!"
016 - 016  Marge talking to Maggie and Lisa at the cliff.
Text:    "My, that is a remarkable echo."
Actual: Marge: That is a remarkable echo. Lisa: Whatever you say, Mom.

Scenes From [MG46] Bart of the Jungle
017 - 017  Homer reading with Marge knitting on the couch
         while Maggie plays on the floor.
Text:    Homer and Marge relax on the sofa while Maggie plays quietly. All is peaceful until...
The Simpsons Diamond Stickers #8 Echo Canyon
018 - 018  Same scene as above with Bart & Lisa running past.
          Text:    Lisa tears into the room screeching gleefully with a hollering Bart in
          frenzied pursuit.
019 - 019  Homer yelling at Bart and Lisa.
Text:    "SHUDDUP!" If you gotta act like savages, do it outside!"
Actual: As written.
020 - 020  Bart and Lisa discussing Homer's proposal.
Text:    "Come, men."
Actual: "Come on, men."
021 - 021  Bart, Lisa and Maggie at Homer's clothes closet.
Text:    "We'll need all of Dad's neckties for THIS..."
Actual: "Hold out your arms."
022 - 022  Lisa and Maggie with outstretched arms holding dozens of ties.
Text:    "Oh boy" Jungle supplies!"
Actual: As written.
023 - 023  Bart, Lisa & Maggie are now outside half naked as Tarzan and Jane.
Text:    The Simpson yard has now become an Amazonian jungle. "This is fun, Bartonga!" "Right on, Leesumba!"
Actual: "This fun, Bartonga!" "Right on, Leesumba!"
024 - 024  Homer, staring into his pillaged closet.
Text:    Meanwhile, "What th--...?! Why those little...BART!!! LISA!!!  (missing end quote)
Actual: (Homer) "What th--...?! Why those little...BART!!!" (Bart) "Oh-oh."
025 - 028  Bart and Lisa swinging on on necktie vines, with Maggie hanging onto Bart
Text:    Hearing Homer's roar, the natives make their escape. "Let's beat feet, Bwana!"
Actual: No dialogue.
029 - 029  Homer outside in pursuit.
Text:    "Come back here!"
Actual: No dialogue.
030 - 030  Homer runs into the trap.
Text:    Homer rushes straight into a dreaded Amazonian jungle snare-trap.
031 - 031  Bart & Lisa observe Homer hanging upside-down.
Text:    "Greetings, Great White Father. We come in peace."
Actual: (Bart) "Greetings, Bwana." (Lisa) "We come in peace."
Text:    "Bwana" simply means "Mr." in Swahili, but in the not very politically correct Tarzan and related jungle movies it was often used only by black natives to respectfully speak to their white [theoretical] superiors. Oddly enough, in the album for stickers 025 - 028 they added Lisa referring to Bart as Bwana.
032 - 032  Homer yelling upside-down.
Actual: (not yelling, but with clenched teeth) "Bart.... get me down from here.."
033 - 033  Bart and Lisa discussion options with Maggie looking on.
Text:    "Uh-oh, Bartonga. If we release him, he'll kill is!"
Actual: (Lisa) "But then he'll kill us." (Bart) "Hmmm..."
034 - 034  Bart, Lisa & Maggie inside watching TV with silhouette of Homer still
          hanging outside.
Text:    And as night falls upon the jungle, all is peaceful once again.   THE END.
Actual: (Homer, calling in the distance) "Bart!"

Scenes From [MG45] Bart's Nightmare
035 - 035  Homer washing dishes while Marge works
          in the kitchen.
Text:    Homer and Marge are cleaning up after dinner.
The Simpsons Diamond Stickers #8 Echo Canyon
036 - 036  Homer washing dishes when Marge realizes there's only one cookie left.
          Text:    "Heyyy... There's only one cookie left!"
          Actual: As written.  [Sticker #36 shown above right]
037 - 037  Homer questions Lisa and Maggie about the missing cookies.
Text:    "Don't look at us! We didn't swipe 'em!"
Actual: "Don't look at us, Dad!"
Notes:   Naturally after TTUS Homer would immediately suspect Bart, not Lisa and Maggie.
038 - 039  Bart lying in bed, covered in crumbs, stomach distended from too many cookies.
Text:    Meanwhile, a bloated Bart bemoans; "Ooo-oh, Why did I eat all those cookies?"
Actual: As written.
040 - 041  Bart's dream begins.
Text:    He drifts off to dreamland. "Cooo-kies...coo-kies...coo-kies..."
Actual: No dialogue.
042 - 042  A Homer head yelling appears.
Text:    A huge Homer-head floats by. "Lay off those cookies, boy!"
Actual: As written.
043 - 043  A Marge head yelling appears.
Text:    Next, a large Marge-head screams past. "That jar is off limits! If I catch you with just one more cookie..."
Actual: "That jar is off limits, Bart! And if I catch you with so much as one cookie..."
044 - 044  A Lilliputian Bart appears in the kitchen, with everything towering over him.
Text:    THUD! Bart is now in a bad dream version of a huge kitchen. A gigantic cookie jar beckons to him. Bart can't resist. "Cooo-kies..."
045 - 045  The cookie jar falls off the counter above him.
Text:    The jar is now the size of a house and seems to lunge for him..."No!No!No!" screams Bart.
Actual: As written. (although it occurs a few seconds before the jar falls)
046 - 046  The jar smashes on the floor, barely missing Bart.
Text:    The jar crashes to the floor, sending cookie shrapnel flying in all directions.
047 - 047  Homer appears on the scene.
Text:    Homer looms into view; "Why you little..." "No!No!" Bart pleads. "I didn't do it! I didn't..."
Actual: "Why you little..." "I didn't do it! I didn't do it! I didn't do it! I didn't do it!..."
048 - 048  The family appears around his bed, awakening Bart.
Text:    "Wake-up, boy!" C'mon, snap out of it, Bart!" "You're having a nightmare, Bart!"
Actual: "Wake-up, Bart!" C'mon, snap out of it, boy." [Lisa] "You were only having a nightmare, Bart!"
049 - 049  Homer offers Bart a cookie.
Text:    "Everything's gonna be okay, boy! Heeere, have a cooo-kie!"
Actual: "Everything's gonna be okay. Heeere, Bart, have a cooo-kie!"
050 - 053  Everyone looks on in mystery at Bart.
Text:    Will this nightmare never reach...  THE END?
Actual: Out of sequence This scene (which is almost identical to sticker #48)
belongs before #49.

Scenes From [MG44] Bathtime
054 - 054  Bart lying in bed with a soda and a comic.
Text:    Bart is relaxing in his room when...
055 - 055  Bart scrambling in his bedroom.
Text:    Homer's voice shatters his repose. "Bart, it's time for your bath, boy!" Bart scrambles. "Gotta hide!"
Actual: "Bart! BART! Time for your Sunday night bath, boy!" "Gotta hide!"
The Simpsons Diamond Stickers #8 Echo Canyon
056 - 056  Homer carries Bart to the bathtub.
          Text:    It's no use. Homer finds Bart. "C'mon, boy. This won't be so bad."
          Actual: "There you go. Now that's not so bad, is it?"
057 - 057  A blue Bart sits in the bathtub.
Text:    The water is sooo cold that Bart turns blue. "Scrub good, now." Homer advises.
Actual: As written.     [Sticker #57 shown above right]
058 - 058  A warmed Bart sits in the tub.
Text:    Bart turns on the hot water. "Ahhh..."
Actual: As written.
059 - 059  Bart underwater, toy submarine in hand, reaching for wash cloth,
          sea monster nearby.
Text:    "Wel-com to ze exoteek, undairsea world of Bahrt Seemsuau...Come weeth me as we dive into ze briny deep, sairching for ze wily and elusive washcloth."
Actual: "Wel-com to ze exoteek world of undairsea explorer Bahrt Seemsuau...Come weeth Bart as he dive into ze briny deep, sairching for ze wily and elusive washcloth."
060 - 060  Bart yelling for help, arms outstretched, sea monster on his head
Text:    "Zuddenly, wiz-out warneeng, ze brave boy is attack-ed by ze giant octopuzz! HELP !HELP!" [sic]
Actual: "Zuddenly, wiz-out warneeng, ze brave boy get more than he bargained for! Help! Help! HELP! HELP!"
061 - 061  Homer opening bathroom door with tidal wave coming out of the bathroom
Text:    Homer rushes to the bathroom. But, when he opens the door...
062 - 062  Homer lying face down in a pool of water outside the bathroom.
Text:    Bart has let the bath water overflow.
063 - 063  A naked Bart towelling himself off as Homer watches.
Text:    "Clean as a whistle, Dad!"
Actual: "Clean as a whistle, Homer!"
064 - 064  Homer chasing a naked Bart.
Text:    "Why you little...!"   THE END
Actual: Homer growls at Bart before taking chase.

The Simpsons TV Sticker Puzzle

065 - 076  Homer and Marge sitting on couch and then reacting to second scene below.
077 - 088  Bart on skateboard flying toward the TV and then shows skateboard going through the TV screen.

Scenes From [MG39] The Krusty the Clown Show
089 - 089  Bart, Lisa and Maggie standing outside
          The Krusty the Clown Show.
Text:    "Oh boy!!" says Bart. "After all these years of watching Krusty the Clown on TV, we finally get to see him in person.
Actual: "Oh boy!!" says Bart. "After all these years of watching Krusty the Clown on TV..." Lisa: "We finally get to meet Krusty the Clown in person!
The Simpsons Diamond Stickers #89 Krusty The Clown Show
090 - 090  Close-up of Bart.
          Text:    "You know, I've based my whole life on Krusty's teachings."
          Actual: "You know, I base my whole life on Krusty's teachings."
091 - 091  Close-up on Lisa.
Text:    "Wow. The glamorous world of television!"
Actual: "Wow. The glamorous world of TV!"
092 - 092  Bart, Lisa and Maggie.
Text:    Bart is not impressed. "You gotta be kidding. How can they expect a genius like Krusty to work in a dump like this?"
Actual: As written.
093 - 093  Krusty talking to the camera.
Text:    "Hi boys and girls! C'mon aboard 'The Krusty the Clown Show'! We've got prizes galore!"
Actual: "Hi boys and girls! C'mon aboard 'The Krusty the Clown Show'! (then discusses Little Elves while Bart and Lisa talk over him)
094 - 094  Bart in audience.
Text:    "No way is that Krusty! That's just some lumpy old dude in a clown suit!"
Actual: "No way is that Krusty! Krusty's a real clown. That's just some lumpy old dude in a clown suit!"
095 - 095  Krusty talking on a mike.
Text:    "Let's pay a visit to some of Krusty's loyal Kiddy Cadets. What's your name, little boy?"
Actual: "Let's pay a visit to some of Krusty's loyal Kiddy Cadets. And what's your name, little girl" (asks Maggie first to no response)
096 - 096  Mike is held out to Bart in audience.
Text:    "I'm Bart Simpson. Who the hell are you?!"
Actual: As written.
Notes:    Unlike the usual casual use of this phrase, it fit's perfectly here, presumably it's first usage?
097 - 097  An angry Krusty responding.
Text:    "Why you little...I'm your old pal Krusty!"
Actual: [First mutters under breath) "Why.. I'm your old pal Krusty!"
098 - 098  Bart grabs mike and speaks into the camera.
Text:    "Kids in TV land, this is your old pal Bart Simpson telling you" You're being duped!"
Actual: "Kids in TV land, you're being duped!"
099 - 099  We see Krusty's rubber nose being pulled off.
Text:    Bart plucks off the rubber nose from Krusty's face. "Look, Cadets...This guy is a fake!"
Actual: Out of sequence This scene is immediately prior to sticker 98, Bart pulls off his nose before telling kids they're being duped {First he quizzes him for Krusty's secret motto, then says "I don't know how you found out Krusty's secret motto, but you're still an imposter!"
100 - 100  Homer and Marge watching television at home.
Text:    While back at home the proud parents watch it all on TV.   THE END
Actual: Homer: "D'oh!"

Scenes From [MG41] Bart's Little Fantasy
101 - 101  Homer and Marge pushing kids into playroom.
Text:    "You kids get in there and clean up that mess!"
Actual: Homer: Get in there! Marge: And clean up that mess!
The Simpsons Diamond Stickers #102 Bart's Little Fantasy
102 - 102  Bart, Lisa and Maggie standing in a messy room.                       Sticker #102
          Text:    "Why do WE hafta clean it?"
          Actual: Lisa: Do we have to? Homer: Yup! Bart: Why?
          Notes:  From the album one would assume Bart asked both questions.
103 - 104  Homer and Marge talking to Lisa, Bart and Maggie.
Text:    "Because WE'RE the parents and YOU'RE the children, that's why!"
Actual: [Marge] "Because WE'RE the parents and YOU'RE the children.
105 - 106  Lisa standing in the middle of the mess.
Text:    "Oh, no. This will take forever!"
Actual: As written.
107 - 107  Bart talks to Maggie and (not seen) Lisa.
Text:    "I've got a plan. You guys clean up, and I'll tell you a story."
Actual: As written. (and Lisa responds "Oh brother...")
108 - 108  Bart relaxing on the couch.
Text:    "once upon a time there was a planet where the children were the parents and the parents were the children..."
109 - 109  Bart fantasizes a full grown Bart, Maggie & Lisa and a tiny Marge & Homer.
Text:    "One day the son told his mom and dad: 'get in there and clean up that mess'"
Actual: Grown Bart: Get in there! Grown Lisa: And clean up that mess!
110 - 110  Homer and Marge standing in mess.
Text:    "And they asked, 'Why?'"
Actual: Tiny Marge: Do we have to? Grown Bart: Yup! Tiny Homer: Why?
111 - 111  Full grown Bart with arms crossed and Lisa and Maggie observing.
Text:    "the son says, 'Because WE'RE the children and YOU'RE the parents, that's why!"
Actual: [Grown Lisa] "Because WE'RE the children and YOU'RE the parents.
Notes:  Switch of dialogue from Lisa to Bart again.
112 - 112  Tiny Marge standing in the mess.
Text:    "The mom was worried that it would take forever to clean up the mess."
Actual: Tiny Marge: "Oh, no. This will take forever!"
113 - 113  Tiny Homer talking to Marge.
Text:    "But the dad had a plan to make the work-load lighter by telling her a story."
Actual: Tiny Homer: I've got a plan. You clean up, and I'll tell you a story."
114 - 114  Tiny Marge on her knees working to clean the mess.
Text:    "The mom told him, 'Forget it, Homer.'"
Actual: Tiny Marge: Forget it.
Notes:    The effect in the retelling by Bart from the real world to his fantasy is somewhat lost; in the original show, the wording is precisely the same and Bart and Lisa's roles match Homer and Marge's parts precisely. In addition the original the fantasy has no names, where in the album Tiny Marge says "Homer".
115 - 115  Angry Homer and Marge entering room observing Bart relaxing.
Text:    Bart is still telling the story as Lisa and Maggie clean up.
Actual: Marge "Bart!
116 - 116  Homer hauling Bart out of the room by his collar.
Text:    "If you won't help your sisters, then get out there and mow the lawn!"
Actual: As written.
117 - 117  Lisa talking to Maggie by the window.
Text:    "What's that, Maggie? How does Bart's story end?"
Actual: "How does Bart's story end? Well..."
118 - 118  Lisa and Maggie at the window watching Bart mow the lawn.
Text:    "Everyone lived happily ever after."  THE END
Actual: As written.

Scenes From [MG48] T.V. Simpsons
119 - 119  Bart, Maggie & Lisa snacking and watching TV.
Text:    Saturday morning at the Simpsons' means cartoon zombie time in front of the TV.
The Simpsons Diamond Stickers #131 T.V. Simpsons
120 - 120  Homer standing in front of them.
          Text:    Suddenly, Homer's carcass eclipses the screen. "Do you mind?"  Bart huffs.
          "We happen to be watching some very educational cartoons."
          Actual: Lisa: Hey, do you mind? Bart: We happen to be watching some very
         educational cartoons.

          Notes:  Note the shift of "Hey, do you mind" from Lisa to Bart, reflecting the shift of
         Lisa's personality from The Tracey Ullman Show to The Simpsons.
121 - 121  Homer yelling holding up remote.
Text:    "Not any more you aren't. The big tournament is on."
Actual: "Not any more you aren't. The big tournament's on."
122 - 123  Homer now sitting with Lisa and Maggie, Bart standing.
Text:    "Great, Dad. Now what are we supposed to do?"
Actual: [Lisa] "What are we supposed to do?"
124 - 125  Homer watching TV, Bart Lisa and Maggie walking out of the room.
Text:    "Why don't you go fly a kite?"
Actual: As written.
126 - 126  Bart, Lisa and Maggie outside flying a kite.
Text:    Bart takes Homer's advice, flying his kite around the house until...
127 - 127  Kite tangled in the television roof attenae.
Text:    "Uh-oh," says Bart. "That's gonna scramble Dad's reception for sure!"
Actual: No dialogue
128 - 128  Homer looking out the window at the kids.
Text:    "What's with the TV?...Ha! I might have known! Bart! Get the ladder!"
Actual: Huh? What the... D'oh!
129 - 129  Homer on roof approaching attenae.
Text:    "Now get in there, boy, and tell me when the TV's fixed."
Actual: Get in there and tell me when the TV's fixed.
130 - 130  Bart opening the window.
Text:    "The picture's still putrid, Dad!"
Actual: Bart: Still no picture Dad. Lisa: Still putrid, Dad.
Notes:    Even during TTUS Bart usually says Homer but here he says Dad.
Note how they moved the putrid remark from Lisa to Bart.
131 - 131  Homer tangling with the entangled kite.    [Sticker #131 shown above]
Text:    Homer continues his fine tuning.
132 - 132  We see the TV with a a zig-zag pattern.
Text:    "Nice going, Dad! It's psychedelic!"
Actual: Bart: Oooh, psychedelic!!
133 - 133  Homer falling off the roof.
Text:    "Finally, Homer loses his patience... and his balance, too.
134 - 137  Homer, Maggie and Lisa laughing at the television.
Text:    "Perfecto, Homer!"  THE END
Actual: As written.

Scenes From [MG37] Scary Movie
138 - 138  Maggie, Bart and Lisa walking to the movies.
Text:    "I'm so glad we're seeing 'The Happy Little Elves Return,' aren't you, Bart?"
Actual: "I'm glad we're seeing 'The Happy Little Elves Return,' aren't you, Bart?"
The Simpsons Diamond Stickers #141 Scary Movie
139 - 139  Bart responding to the question.
Text:    "Oh, man! You're sooo normal. Grow up!"
Actual: "Oh, man! You're sooo normal."
140 - 140  Lisa and Maggie looking at the Happy Little Elves poster.
Text:    "Who's your favorite Happy Little Elf, Maggie? Yendor? Bubbles? Doofy?"
Actual: "Who's your favorite Happy Little Elf, Bart? Yendor? Bubbles? or Doofy?"
141 - 141  Bart looking at the Space Mutants poster.  [Sticker #141 shown above]
Text:    "WILL YOU SHUT UP ABOUT THOSE STUPID ELVES?...Wow, lookit this: 'Space Mutants'! All right!"
Actual: Bart: "I can't stand those stupid elves."
Lisa: "Gee, Bart, you're just like Gloomy, the self-hating elf."
Lisa [to Maggie, sotto voce]: He looks like Gloomy, too.
Bart: [seeing Space Mutants poster] Oh boy!  Lisa: Oh, no, Bart.
Bart: Yeah man, Space Mutants!  Lisa: C'mon, Bart - that's way too scary!
Notes: Much of the album text is this and the next few sections is close but the order is changed.
142 - 142  Bart buying tickets with Lisa frowning behind him.
Text:    "Three for 'Space Mutants". Lisa protests; "C'mon, Bart-that's way too scary!"
Actual: Three childs for 'Space Mutants", Sir. [To Lisa and Maggie] Someday you guys will thank me for this.
143 - 143  Maggie, Bart & Lisa sitting in theatre, Bart holding popcorn and soda.
Text:    "We're in for some hairy stuff in this movie...but someday you guys will thank me for this."
Actual: "Now listen up. We're going to be seeing some pretty hairy stuff in this movie...death rays, flying saucers...giant eyeballs....but don't be ashamed, just go with your fear. If need be, I'll hold your hand."
144 - 144  Close-up of Lisa in the theatre.
Text:    Lisa is neither reassured or amused.
145 - 145  Close-up of Bart in the theatre.
Text:    "Oh, man! Here comes the space mutant! Now don't be ashamed if you're scared. Just go with your fear. Look! He's..."
Actual: None (See above dialogue)
146 - 146  Three-eyed three-legged Bart Simpson Space Mutant on the screen.
Text:    On screen, the flying saucer opens and reveals a three-eyed space mutant that oddly resembles Bart Simpson.
147 - 150  A calm Maggie and Lisa restraining a terrified Bart.
Text:    Bart screams in terror! Lisa and Maggie try to calm him. "Relax, Bart! Just go with your fear...but don't have a cow, man!" THE END
Actual: Other than Bart screaming, none.


The stickers were half the size of a normal
trading card, measuring just 6.5 cm wide by
4.4 cm high (2 9/16" x 1 3/4").  They were
sold in packets of 6 stickers each for 40 cents (U.S.A.) or 45 cents (Canada) with Our
Diamond Stickers Pack Diamond Stickers Pack Reverse
Favorite family shown on the front with Bart saying "Stick It, Man!".   The front and reverse of the packet is shown on the right with printing in English and French..

Diamond Stickers Box On the left we have a box / counter display that held 50 packs of stickers, which retailed for $20. Since this box contained 300 stickers one could nearly complete the set of 150 or with trading even complete two sets. Bart is saying Stick it, man!, with this family design echoed on the packets and albums.

Diamond Stickers 6 Pack On the left we find a set of five sticker packs and on the right is a "Starter Set" that contained an album and five sticker packs. In summary, the various ways stickers could be purchased and their corresponding UPC codes are as follows;

UPC 009128 476018 04   Sticker Pack of 6 stickers
UPC 009128 476019 04   Item 47601 Display Box of 50 Packs
UPC 011571 210262        5 Pack of album stickers
UPC 011571 210255        5 Pack of album stickers & album

Of course, for the ultimate set of stickers, a case of 12 boxes could be obtained.
Diamond Stickers 6 Pack and Album
Diamond Stickers 6 Pack and Album

The Albums


James E. Engel and Sidney Diamond filed

Diamond Simpsons Sticker Activity Album Slide-O-Scope

Diamond Simpsons Sticker Activity Album
for and received patent 4,714,275 on Dec, 22, 1987 for a "Toy Sticker Collection Album and Collectible Stickers Therefore" assigned to
Diamond Publishing of Niles, Illinois. In that filing they accurately
described the format of
the Simpsons album we
see released in 1990,
containing places for the stickers and the motion Slide-O-Scope, an

Diamond Simpsons Sticker Activity Slide-O-Scope

Diamond Simpsons Sticker Activity Slide-O-Scope

Diamond Simpsons Sticker Activity Album Motion Picture
unassembled set (two were included) we show on top of this section,
and an almost completely assembled one we show above. The Slide-O-Scope was used to view the images included throughout the book,
including, for example, Lisa Simpson jumping rope on the right.
The albums contain 24 pages, except when supplemented by individual manufacturers in other countries. An index describing each of the sections within the album is provided above in the section titled Index to Stickers By Episode & Album Page.

United States & Canada

In the United States & Canada albums were published by Diamond Publishing, Inc. and sold for 79 cents. Much of the
Diamond Logo Diamond Simpsons Sticker Activity Album Diamond Simpsons Sticker Activity Album Back Cover
cover was in English and French and the back
cover of the album was divided between U.S.
and Canada providing details on either trading or
buying stickers. Further info on this album can be found in our Simpsons Book List.

United Kingdom & Ireland  (1991)

Initially the Diamond albums sold in the United
States were also used in this overseas market by
Diamond Simpsons Sticker UK Price Sticker Diamond Simpsons Sticker Activity Album UK Back Cover Sticker
Euroflash, using price stickers over the top right hand corner to reflect the U.K. price of 50p and the Eire price of 75p.   A large sticker was placed on the back cover to order stickers in the UK.

Euroflash then published albums of their own (printed in Italy) that were identical to the Diamond albums within but on the cover had;

Euroflash Logo

UK Euroflash Simpsons Sticker Activity Album

UK Euroflash Simpsons Sticker Activity Album Back Cover
  1) the UK and Eire prices
  2) the Euroflash logo (as shown here) and
  3) had a updated back cover to reflect the
      UK instructions for ordering stickers.
Further info on this album can be found within our UK Simpsons Book List.

France  (1991)

In France albums were
Euroflash Figuirine Logo Euroflash Simpsons Sticker Activity Album Euroflash Simpsons Sticker Activity Album Back Cover
published by Euroflash Figurine, and sold for 6,00 francs. The U.S. edition had both the front and
back cover in English and French for the Canadian market, but the French edition was entirely in
French, with all titles, dialogue and puzzle pages in French. The back cover (as shown on the far right)
also supplied the instructions for sending away to Editions De Tournon in Paris for stickers. Further info on this album, including a free promotional version, can be found within our French Simpsons Book List. This album was also used in Belgium in addition to the Dutch album below.

Netherlands  (1991)

In Netherlands and Belgium albums were distributed in French and
Dutch. For other publications we've
seen French albums printed
separately from the ones distributed
Semic Logo Semic Simpsons Sticker Activity Album Semic Simpsons Sticker Activity Album Back Cover
in France, but only the French albums documented above were sold here. To the right we have the
Dutch album, published by Semic, which sold for 1,50 florins in the Netherlands and 30 Belgium francs in Belgium. Since they did not provide the option for sending away for stickers they simply reprinted the image of OFF on the back cover. This entire album was in Dutch, with Bart on the cover saying "Leeker Plakken Man!".   Further info on this album can be found within our Netherlands Book List.

Argentina  (1992)

In Argentina albums were
Cromy Logo Cromy Simpsons Sticker Activity Album - Argentina Cromy Simpsons Sticker Activity Album Back Cover - Argentina
published in Spanish by Cromy. All instructions
within the Album, all episode titles and all
dialogue was translated into Spanish, with Bart on
the cover saying "Pegala, Man!". The inside front
cover also included a sticker checklist
("Computador") to track your collection.
Four additional pages in full color with a Simpsons
introduction and with puzzles and games were
added that wrapped the traditional inside contents
and all pages were renumbered accordingly. A way
of trading or purchasing additional stickers was not
The Simpsons Cromy Sticker #119 The Simpsons Cromy Sticker Pack
supplied and hence Cromy leveraged the back cover for advertising, as
shown above on the right, including Cromy "Los Simpsons Juego de Naipes", i.e., playing cards, which are themselves documented on our Simpsons Games list here. The stickers themselves were identical except for the addition of the sticker number on the front of each sticker in one of the corners, as illustrated on the above right with sticker #119, thereby saving them the trouble of printing different backs on each sticker to supply the sticker number. The stickers were sold in packs of 5, with a repeated design on the front of the sticker pack with each member of the family, a slice of one design featuring Bart flashing a peace sign shown on the above right.
Cromy Bart Sticker Activity Album - Argentina
Argentina was also to follow in 1993 with as Bart Sticker Album "Album de Figuritas Bart" shown here on the bottom right, with a separate set of 174 stickers. Further info on these albums can be found within our Spanish Simpsons Book List.

Other Countries

There was also a Peruvian edition of this album for which we are still acquiring additional information and only have a terrible scan, evidence of which appears on the right. We believe there was also a Finnish album and suspect others may eventually be found. Know of any? We would love to hear from you and credit you with supplying the info!
Peruvian Simpson Sticker Activity Album - Peru

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