[MG48] T.V. Simpsons

T. V. Simpsons                                         Written by Matt Groening
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> Didja notice...
    ... Lisa held her fourth potato chip for an awfully long time?
        She never ate it.
    ... the now-traditional mouse hole in the corner of the TV room?
    ... Lisa was sitting with her left foot tucked under her right knee?
        Boy is her foot going to fall asleep pretty soon.

> Animation goofs
When Bart threw his soda cup away, it didn't land with a clatter, or otherwise
make a mess.  It just vanished!

When the kids march off, Lisa's bag of potato chips is not on the couch.
It vanished!

The shot of the girls on the couch through the TV room window shows Lisa
with both feet on the floor, but when the camera moves inside, her left
foot is tucked under her right knee.

> Dialogue and scene summary
% L = Lisa, B = Bart, H = Homer
% Scene:  Bart and Lisa watch TV on the couch with Maggie.  At the left is
% Bart, sipping a huge plastic cup of soda through a straw.  At the right is
% Lisa, munching on a bag of chips.  (She scarfs down three chips in rapid
% succession, then holds the fourth chip in her hand.)  Maggie, sitting
% between them, merely sucks on her pacifier.
% On TV, the title ``The Itchy and Scratchy Show'' appears, followed by an
% I&S cartoon.  Scratchy chases Itchy down a hallway (the wainscotting
% riddled with mouse holes), axe poised to do some serious damage.  Itchy
% pulls ahead, goes through an open door, and slams it shut.  Scratchy, unable
% to stop in time, slams into the door, flattens, and oozes down, his axe
% remaining suspended in midair.  After Scratchy oozes to the floor, the axe
% falls, hitting him squarely in the head.  (Thud.)
% The kids chuckle at this, and Homer crosses in front of the TV.

L: Hey, do you mind?
B: We happened to be watching some very educational cartoons.
H: Not any more you weren't!  The big tournament's on!

% Homer grabs a remote control and changes the channel to a bowling
% tournament.

B: Aw, come on, man!

% Bart leaps to his feet to protest, tossing his soda aside.  Homer takes
% the vacant spot on the sofa.

H: Nope.  Now beat it.
L: [chip still in hand]  But what are we supposed to do?
H: Why don't you go fly a kite?  Hee hee hee.

% The three kids march off.
% Outside, Bart flies the kite while the girls watch.  But a gust of wind
% blows the kite into the TV antenna.  Inside, the TV picture statics out.

H: Huh?

% Homer walks to the TV room window.

H: What the...

% Outside in the yard...

L: Uh oh.

% Homer comes outside, looks to the roof and sees the reason for the
% poor TV reception.

H: D'oh!
B: [not apologetic]  Sorry, Homer.

% A ladder is raised, and Homer climbs onto the roof.

H: Get in there and tell me when the TV's fixed.

% Homer crawls to the antenna.  The camera pans down to the TV room window,
% which Bart opens from the inside.  Lisa and Maggie are already on the couch.
% Bart joins the girls on the couch.

H: [off screen]  How is it now!?
B: Still no picture, Dad.

% Homer struggles with the antenna for a bit.

L: Still putrid, Dad.

% The TV screen shows colored blobs in weird patterns, intermingled with
% static.  Homer struggles some more.  As we continue to watch the TV...

B: Ooh, psychedelic.

% The TV now shows more colors, interspersed with occasional images of
% people (not bowling).
% Atop the roof, Homer continues his struggling and falls off the roof.

H: D'aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagh!

% Inside...

B: Perfecto, Homer!

% And Bart is right.  The picture is clear as a bell.
% The kids resume their I&S-watching.  On the TV screen is Scratchy falling,
% arms flailing.  He splats on the camera.  Bart and Lisa laugh.
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