Movie References in The Simpsons

Originally by Raymond Chen
Contributions from Andrew A. Gill and Alex Franklin
Maintained by Joel Thomas (

The guidelines I (tried) to use is that to be on this list, the reference must be from a movie, be it dialogue, camera work, characters, actors, or music that is most commonly associated with a movie. I pretty much just used my judgement. If you don't agree with me, drop me a line.

  + McBain
	- McBain speaks with Arnold Schwarzenegger's accent.
        - a generic `vigilante justice' type movie.
        - Theme music and credits very James Bond-like.
        - Die Hard:  Name similar to John MacLean.  McBain
          once throws a guy off a skyscraper.  Both are
          renegade cops.  {elm}
        - There is a movie called McBain.

  ~ Citizen Kane
       	- Herbert Powell and Mr. Burns both have a front gate
         with their initial in a circle.  [Not really a
         reference, but everybody keeps sending it. --rjc]

  + Satyajit Ray's movies {ab}
       	- a Bengali film director well known in the right
         circles.  (The same folks who admire Kurosawa and
       	- Pather Panchali (Song of the Road), about a young
         boy named Apu.
       	- The movie was so popular, it spawned two sequels,
         Aparajito and Apur Shangsar (Apu's World)

[7G04] There's No Disgrace Like Home
  + Freaks
        - ``One of us!  One of us!''

[7G05] Bart the General
  + Patton
        - pretty much the entire episode
          (lines, scenes, situations, and music)
        - The key to Springfield has always been Elm Street.
          The Greeks knew it; the Carthaginians knew it; now
          *you* know it.
  + Full Metal Jacket
        - `trainees' doing pull-ups and other exercises on a
          jungle-gym-type structure as the sun sets in the
          background. (Confirmed by Sam Simon.)
  + The Longest Day
        - The GI helmet resting on its top while we see Bart
          and friends doing their thing (taken from the
          final scene of the movie).
    A Clockwork Orange
        - ``There's been a horrible ghastly mistake.''
          [or similar]
  + Stripes
        - Herman (Bill Murray, or was it Harold Ramis) jabs
          the training dolls with his bayonet as Bart
          (Warren Oates) watches disapprovingly. {ors}

[7G07] The Tell-Tale Head
  ~ Your favorite ninja movie
        - Bart's nighttime undertaking

[7G09] Call of the Simpsons
   The Sound of Music
        - The music as the RV travels through the woods,
          lake, etc.

[7G11] Jacques to be Wild
  + An Officer and a Gentleman
        - the final scene

[7G13] The Crepes of Wrath
  + Jean de Florette and Manon of the Spring
        - Bart's hosts Cesar and Ugolin look like and have
          the same names as the evil peasants. {tas}

[7G12] Krusty Gets Busted

[7G01] Some Enchanted Evening
  . Jaws
        - the music as Ms. Botz approaches

[7F03] Bart Gets an F
    The Bishop's Wife (Cary Grant) {?}
  + Gone With the Wind
       	- `As God as my witness, I will pass fourth grade!'

[7F02] Simpson and Delilah
  + It's a Wonderful Life
        - Homer running through town when he gets his hair.
    Will Success Spoil Rock Hunter?
        - Homer receives the key to the executive washroom.

[7F01] Two Cars in Every Garage, Three Eyes on Every Fish
  + Citizen Kane
        - Mr. Burns giving a speech with a huge poster of
          himself in the background. {mg, sv}
        - `Is your boss governor yet?' `No, not yet, son.'
          BURNS! {mg,sv}
        - Mr. Burns overturning furniture.
  + It's a Wonderful Life
        - Mary Bailey is the name of Donna Reed's character.

[7F04] Treehouse of Terror
  ~ The Shining
        - everyone trying to kill each other with knives,
          hatchets, etc.
  + The Exorcist
        - Maggie's head turning all the way around.
        - The behavior of the haunted house.
        - Indian graves in the cellar.
  + The Amityville Horror
        - Blood oozing down the walls. {my}
        - The wall with a chimney running up the center and
          quarter-circle windows on each side. {dl}
  + Psycho
        - The shape of the haunted house.
  + The Fly
        - The `Ow' you hear when the bug zapper does its

[7F05] Dancin' Homer
  + The Natural
        - slo-mo as Bill McCloskey hits a tater. {jdb}
          (The music is also similar.)
  + Nearly any other movie about baseball
    (Major League, Mr. Destiny)
        - and in true movie form, ever ball game ends either
          in a home run or a strikeout.
  + Pride of the Yankees
        - Homer's farewell speech to the fans.  ``I consider
          myself the luckiest mascot on the face of the
          earth.''  (Lou Gehrig's farewell address.)
        - according to `Simpsons Illustrated'
  ~ "Saturday Night Live"/Wayne's World
        - `I'm gonna miss you too.... not.'
          (SNL didn't invent it.)

[7F08] Dead Putting Society
  + Full Metal Jacket
        - Homer names Bart's putter `Charlene'.
  + The Karate Kid
        - Bart poses in the `crane' position.
        - ``Mercy is for the Weak'' {cjb}

[7F06] Bart the Daredevil
  + Jaws
        - the way the lion leaps out to attack Captain Lance

[7F09] Itchy and Scratchy and Marge
  + Psycho
        - the scene where Maggie whacks Homer on the head
          comes from the infamous `shower scene'.
        	- musical sound effect (which reappears later in
              	  the show)
            	- Homer grabs the tablecloth (cf shower curtain)
              	  as he falls
            	- close-up of Homer's eye
            	- red paint running down the drain (cf blood)
            	- image of Homer (cf Janet Leigh) lying on the
              	  floor (cf tub)
  ~ Miracle on 34th Street; Field Of Dreams
        - Piles of protest mail.
  + Fantasia
        - Children playing outdoors to the music of
          Beethoven's 6th Symphony
          (`Awakening of happy feelings upon arrival in the

[7F10] Bart Gets Hit by a Car
  + Wizard of Oz
        - Bart waking up from his `dream' saying `And you
          were there, and you and you...'
  + Miracle on 34th Street
        - Judge asking Bart if he knows the difference
          between telling the truth and telling a lie.
    ? Some as-yet unidentified movie ?
        - Burns cradling Bart's head in his lap (in the
          Burns version) and the camera pulling upward with
          a crowd of people surrounding him.
          Guesses include
        	- The Last Picture Show, when the poolroom
              	  owner's adopted son gets tagged by a semi
              	  while sweeping the street. {rc}
            	- The Pulitzer-Prize-winning photo of the Kent
                  State Massacre of May 1970.
            	- Colors, when Robert Duvall is shot. {sy}
            	- The Human Comedy, ``check it out if you don't
                  believe me'' {sf}
            	- Potemkin, when the mother holds her dead child
            	- Rebel Without a Cause, ``I'm pretty sure''
            	- Romeo and Juliet, the final scene {din}
            	- West Side Story, the final scene {din}
            	- Superman, when Superman finds Lois Lane dead
            	- "Twilight Zone," `In Praise of Pip', when Jack
                  Klugman prays for his son, he says something
                  like ``Take me, I'm old.'' {wb}
          and probably the best guess
            	- Darby O'Gill and the Little People (Sean
                  Connery) Towards the end of the movie, old man
                  Darby's daughter disobeys her father's
                  commands and goes up a mountain after a horse
                  (storm coming).  She trips over a ledge and is
                  knocked unconscious.  Fearing the Banshee curse
                  placed on Darby will claim another victim, he
                  races after her and finds her lying on the
                  ground.  Cradling her head in his lap, and
                  with the camera pulling back, yells out at the
                  approaching banshee ``Go away!  Take me I'm
                  old!''  Darby throws a lantern at the hag, who
                  disappears, then he and her boyfriend
                  (Connery) carry her back home. {cjb's brother}

[7F11] One Fish, Two Fish, Blowfish, Blue Fish
  ~ DOA -- the movie is about a man who learns he has been
     	- the kids sing in the restaurant. {re}
        - the doctor says `Sorry to keep you waiting'. {jdb}
          [Dennis Quaid version]
  ~ All That Jazz
        - The pamphlet `So You're Going to Die'. {bm}
  + The Graduate {tl}
        - The song `Mrs. Robinson' makes brief appearances.
          (Not the version you hear on the radio.)
        - Homer leaves Barney fixing the car and runs home,
          pounding on the window yelling ``Marge!  Marge!''.
          Ben (Dustin Hoffman) does the same and runs to the
          church, pounding on the glass yelling ``Elaine!
          Elaine!''  The guitar strumming is the same.

[7F12] The Way We Was

[7F13] Homer vs. Lisa and the 8th Commandment
    North by Northwest
       - Homer jumps in front of a truck to try to flag it
         down. {abw}
  ~ Gandhi
       - Marge serves Lisa lemonade during her nonviolent
         protest. {jd}
         (Gandhi drinks only lemonade [lemon in water]
         during his fast.)

[7F15] Principal Charming
  + Vertigo
       - the school bell tower is identical to the mission.
       - the entire scene with Skinner climbing the stairs
         and looking down.
       - also when he stands at the top of the tower in the
       - `Vertigo' has a running theme of `twins'.  Patty
         and Selma?
  ~ The Thirty-Nine Steps
       - the staircase `right from the movie'. {gb}
         [I just watched the movie, and there wasn't any
          staircase of note in it. --rjc]
    The Terminator, Robocop, etc.
       - `Homer analysis sightings' (cf Arnold's character
         in Terminator)
       - sound effects borrowed from Robocop.
       - basic idea from any number of similar-minded
  ~ Heaven Help Us
       - The `board' of education might be related to the
         paddle the priest used to discipline kids.  It had
         `Patience' written on it.
         [I think they're just recycling an old joke. --rjc]
    Cool Hand Luke
       - Bart planting grass.
       - the groundskeeper could be a reference to the
         movie's head groundskeeper.
  + Gone With the Wind
       - The `Tomorrow is another school day!' scene is a
         hybrid of two scenes from GWTW.  The line itself is
         from the final scene of the movie, but the scenery
         is from a scene in the middle when Scarlett pulls a
         carrot (or a radish, if you read the book) out of
         the ground and swears she'll never go hungry again.
         (It was not a turnip.  You're thinking of Bloom

[7F16] Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?
       - unveiling a new car model.
    Damn Yankees
       - `Whatever Homer wants, Homer gets' cf `Whatever
         Lola Wants, Lola Gets'
  + The Godfather
       - `As far as I'm concerned, I have no brother.'
       - Danny DeVito playing a long-lost brother.
         The Arnold Schwarzenegger spoof in `McBain' helped,

[7F14] Bart's Dog Gets an F
       - When we switch to the dog's point of view, we hear
         a little explosion sound.  The same sound is used
         in the movie when we switch to the alien's point
         of view.
  ~ 2001
       - The way Marge's needle spins in the air, cf. the
         bone and pen. {fs}
    Lethal Weapon, G Gordon Liddy (Watergate scandal)
       - Marge holding a lighter under her finger to show it
         didn't hurt.  (Though in Lethal Weapon, it hurt.)
  + E.T.
       - Lisa shows Marge her sewing callous and their
         fingers touch.  Music similar to that from the
         movie plays in the background.  (Some may associate
         this scene to `Creation' in the Sistine Chapel.)
       - Dramatic music just before Santa's Little Helper
         attacks something.
    Friday the 13th
       - `Echo' sound effect when Santa's Little Helper
         attacked the quilt.

  ~ American Graffiti, Animal House, Back to School, Fish
    Called Wanda, Fast Times at Ridgemont High, Cooley High,
       - Captioning the eventual fate of the various dogs in
         the class.
  ~ any movie about high school or college
       - Freeze-frame on the leashes thrown in the air upon

[7F17] Old Money
  + Tom Jones (the movie)
       - Bea and Grampa eat their pills seductively.
  + The Jazz Singer (Neil Diamond version)
       - Grampa tears his coat and announces, ``I have no
    Mr. Deeds Goes to Town (with Gary Cooper, by Frank
       - Searching for worthy projects for Grampa Simpson's
  ~ If I Had A Million
       - A woman uses her sudden wealth to improve her rest

[7F18] Brush with Greatness
  ~ Batman
   	- Krusty wipes make-up from his face, cf. The Joker.
  + Gone With the Wind
        - ``As God as my witness, I'll always be hungry
  ~ Back to the Future
        - ``Hello!  Hello, taste?  Where are you?''  Now
          change `taste' to `McFly'.
  + Rocky
        - Music as Homer works out.
  + The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly
        - Music as Homer approaches the scale. {gh2}
  ~ The Empire Strikes Back
        - When Marge walks in on Burns in the bathroom, cf.
          Darth Vader.
    Yellow Submarine
        - The cartoon of Ringo is largely the same.

[7F19] Lisa's Substitute
  ~ Goodbye, Mr. Chips; Dead Poets Society
        - A teacher inspires his students.
  ~ Teachers
        - A substitute teacher dresses as historical
          figures. {rc}
  + The Graduate
        - Dustin Hoffman's voice.
        - `Mrs. Krabappel, you're trying to seduce me.'
            - Camera angle through Mrs. K's legs just like
              in the movie.
  + The Thing (Howard Hawks, 1951 SF, James Arness)
        - `Keep watching the skies!' cf the conclusion of
          the movie. {gh, abw}
  ~ Little Big Man
        - Dustin Hoffman as a cowboy. {gh}
  ~ A Streetcar Named Desire
        - Lisa yells `Mr. Bergstrom!' [cf `Stella!'] under
          his window. {pk}
  ~ The Graduate; Since You Went Away; lots of old movies
        - Chasing the train as it leaves.
        - The Graduate: cf. chasing the bus Mrs. R's
          daughter is on. {dg}
        - Since You Went Away: `Shot-for-shot mimic' claims

[7F20] War of the Simpsons
    The Algonquin Round Table
        - Homer's recollection of the party. {dk2}  ({dk2}
          claims the reference is blatant.  I'm taking his
          word for it, though the Algonquin Round Table
          wasn't a movie...)
  ~ The Omen
        - Damien and his mother are drive through some
          version of Lion Country Safari.  The creatures
          outside the car shriek in terror as the devil's
          child approaches.  Creepy choral music in the
          background adds to the effect. {ct}
  ~ Pet Semetary (and any other movie with a bad Maine
        - the bait shop owner {re}
    Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? (Richard Burton and Liz
        - "She's a harpie... Here's your crown..."
    Adam's Rib
        - "I was faking.  I can turn it on and off like a
          faucet." {rc}

[7F21] Three Men and a Comic Book
    The title is probably a pun on Three Men and a Baby,
        though Tom Owen suggests it might come from the more
        obscure series of books titled `Three Men and a ...'
        by Jerome K. Jerome.
  + Treasure of the Sierra Madre
        - Paranoia over a jointly-held valuable.
        - `Nobody makes a sap out of...' {to}
        - `Simpsons Illustrated' said so.
  ~ Batman
        - Bart [Michael Keaton] grabs the comic book guy
          [criminal] and says, ``I'm Bartman [Batman].''
          Same shot, same inflection. {sf}
    Gone with the Wind (the amputation scene)
        - Bart's silhouetted agony when the iodine is
          applied. {kl}
  ~ Some Hitchcock movie (Saboteur?)
        - Millhouse's sleeve starts tearing. {gh}
          [Gimme a break. --rjc]
  ~ True Grit
        - John Wayne says, ``By god, she reminds me of
          .'' {abw}
    The Maltese Falcon
        - Martin says "This is the stuff dreams are made
          of." {sp, kjg}

[7F22] Blood Feud
    Citizen Kane
        - The windows an curtain behind his death bed match those in
          the death scene at the beginning of the movie. {jg2}
    Star Trek II:  The Wrath of Khan
        - `Revenge is a dish best served cold'.  Khan calls
           this a Klingon proverb.  Star Trek fans have done
           considerable research into the origin of this
           aphorism.  I won't attempt to repeat it.
        - Smithers' banjo playing.  ``If you've seen the
          movie you know what I'm talking about'' claims

[7F24] Stark Raving Dad
    Rain Man
      	- Floyd, the idiot savant
  + One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest
      	- much of the floor plan of the hospital {pmm}
      	- the poker game, one-to-one correspondence with
          characters in the original game.  {jdb}
      	- the dude hitting the punching bag with his cane {jf}
      	- the discussion group
      	- the agoraphobe with the sweater. {jdb}
      	- R. P. McMurphy (Jack Nicholson) talking about dating
          a nurse. {jg}
      	- Nurse Ratched, Mr. Harding, the Chief, the old man
          in the blue robe who danced constantly, and, of
          course, R.P. McMurphy himself.  {jwc}
    Bye-Bye Birdie
      	- the collage of people calling each other {wm}
  + Silence of the Lambs
      	- Hannibal Lector perched on a two wheeler replete
          with face mask, tied to a dolly with a straight
          jacket. {sf2}
      	- In the cafeteria scene, he appears again, being
          given something to drink through a straw by an
          orderly. {cpc}

[8F01] Mr. Lisa Goes to Washington
    Alice in Wonderland
        - the painting in the congressman's office. {bsk}
    The Sting
        - touching your finger to your nose as a signal
  + Mr. Smith Goes to Washington
        - the plot involves discovering corruption in
        - asking the Lincoln Memorial for advice. {cra}
        - the representative who asks for the pay raise
          sounds like Jimmy Stewart

[7F23] When Flanders Failed
  + It's a Wonderful Life
      	- "Oh, golly, it's a miracle!" {nag}
      	- the townspeople rally to save a friend
      	- "To Ned Flanders, the richest left-handed man in
          town." cf. "To my brother George, the richest man
          in town." {nag}
        - the policeman with an accordion {tws}
      	- Maude is wearing a Donna Reed dress {tws}
      	- Ned ringing up sales on his register like mad.
          cf. George's brother tallying donations on an adding
          machine.  {tws}
          [Some discussion, yet unresolved as to whether it was
          George's brother Harry, his Uncle Billy, or a clerk
          at the bank. --rjc]
      	- everybody singing
    Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom
      	- ripping a man's heart out and showing it to him
          before he dies. {dc}
    James Bond movies
      	- Burns' white cat, cf. the evil villain Bloefield
          {bk} of SPECTRE {dc}
  + Akira, the Japanese anime series
      	- in the karate studio was a poster which says
          something like ``Akira hangs out in Neo-Tokyo'' in
          Japanese.  The Akira anime takes place in
          Neo-Tokyo. {bsk}

[8F03] Bart the Murderer
  + The Godfather Part III
     	- Joe Mantegna as a gangster
    Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory {rc}
  ~ Risky Business
        - clock ticks backwards {jpc}
  ~ Trading Places, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Blues Brothers,
        - being surrounded by guns.
  + Goodfellas
        - In the movie, the young Henry Hill became a gofer
          for some mobsters at a Brownsville pizza parlor.
          When his school sent his parents truancy notices,
          the mobsters threatened and beat up the postman,
          and ordered him not to deliver any mail from the
          school.  The family found out only when none of
          their mail came in.  Other scenes from Goodfellas
          appear too; the reaction to Bart's suit, etc. {ej}
        - In the movie, they hang around in someone's
          basement all the time, and they have this kid who
          mixes drinks for them.  One difference is that the
          kid in the movie is incompetent. {cpc}
        - The entire cigarette hijacking is taken from it.
          The gangsters also threaten the kid's principal at
          school. {cm}
    The Pope of Greenwich Village
        - One of the main characters in the movie gets a job
          in a `Social Club', making Espresso for the
          `Mobbed up' boys who hang out there. {cpc}
    Frank Sinatra (one of his movies, perhaps?)
        - Bart singing `Witchcraft'.  Also his expression at
          the end of the scene. {wl}
    House of Games {scm}
        [No explanation was given.  Maybe I should give one:
        - Joe Mantegna plays a mobster (c.f. con artist)
        - The dingy clubhouse looks very similar.
        - Cheating at cards (and letting Homer win)
        - Other aspects, I'm sure -aag]
    Raging Bull (another Scorsese movie)
        - Bart pouring a champagne fountain. {me}
  + Night of the Living Dead
        - Skinner's body rising from the dirt {my}

[8F04] Homer Defined
        - The monitor in position (2,2) of Burns' array
          shows a scene from the beginning of the movie,
          workers marching in step up a staircase {tws}
    "Star Trek: The Next Generation," Alien, The Andromeda
        - (STTNG) the sickeningly soothing female computer
        - (Alien) female voice counting down to destruction.
          {sa} {slp}
        - (Andromeda Strain) female voice counting down to
          destruction. {pa}
  + Goldfinger
        - Homer saves the plant with 007 seconds remaining.

[8F05] Like Father, Like Clown
  + The Jazz Singer
        - the basic plot of the movie:  rabbi disowns his
          son, who chooses to become an entertainer rather
          than follow in his father's footsteps. {eaw}
        - Rabbi Krustofsky announces, ``I have no son!''
        - ``If you were a musician or a jazz singer, this I
          could forgive.''
    James Bond movies
        - Miss Pennycandy (Miss Moneypenny).  Beautiful, but
          always holding out futilely for Krusty (Bond). {mr}
    Annie Hall (not a reference, but could've been)
        - At Izzy's Diner, they had a chance to spoof Diane
          Keaton's deli order of pastrami on white with
          mayo.  (cf. the Krusty sandwich)

[8F02] Treehouse of Horror II
  + The Monkey's Paw
        - the play is about a monkey's paw which grants
          wishes, though the wishes always carry with them
          undesirable side-effects.
  + Midnight Express
        - the Moroccan airport {rc}
          [I haven't seen the movie, but I suspect the music
           from that scene is taken from the movie as well.
        - The kid (Brad Davis) tries to smuggle heroin out
          of Turkey by taping it under his shirt, like Homer
          did.  Everything was the same, the appearance of
          the plane, the way the guard searches him and
          finds the stuff, and the way the ring of armed
          guards point their guns at him.  The ONLY
          difference was that the kid got a stiffer penalty
          than `two American dollars'.  {jt2} {bdm}
    Invasion of the Body Snatchers (the remake)
        - Jasper the dog. {dh}
  + Frankenstein
        - Homer's dream is an obvious take-off of any of the
          various Frankenstein movies, esp. the search for a
  ~ Monty Python and the Holy Grail
        - bashing somebody who's supposed to be dead {jk}
    RoboCop 2
        - the brain surgery scene {bk} {evl}
  + The Wizard of Oz
        - Burns hums, "If I Only Had a Brain" when
          removing Homer's brain.
        - "You clinking, clattering, cacophony of
          caliginous cogs and camshafts!" {wb}, cf the
          original script:
            You dare to come to me for a heart, do you?  You
            clinking, clanking, clattering collection of
            calig- . . . [Hickory trembles with fear] . . .
            inous junk!
          The script calls the Tin Woodsman `Hickory'.  {nw}
        - Robo-Homer's line-graphics view of the world {bk}
    the movie in which a mad scientist's body is grafted
    onto Rosie Grier
        - The Thing with Two Heads {ml}
        - The Incredible Two Headed Transplant {rb2} {tjf}
          But in the movie, the scientist's head was on the
          left shoulder.
        - The Man with Two Heads {ji}
          ``Best viewed late at night after a few too

[8F06] Lisa's Pony
  + 2001:  A Space Odyssey
        - the opening scene
        - it was even letterboxed {dk}
        - music from the movie
            - Atmospheres by Ligeti (the choral stuff)
              [As an avid 2001 fan, I can assure you that 
               _Atmospheres_ does not contain any voices;
               the choral work _Lux Aeterna_, also by
               Ligeti, is probably the work in question.
            - Also Sprach Zarathustra by Strauss (the
            - The Blue Danube by another Strauss (when the
              scene switches to SNPP)
  + The Godfather
        - Lisa screams in terror when she finds a horse in
          her bed.
        - In the movie, when the owner of an expensive horse
          refuses to pay protection money, he finds the head
          of his dead horse in his bed.
  + The Magnificent Seven
        - The music when Lisa rides the pony into the
  + Katharine Hepburn (but why?)
        - Fahther, you've made me the happiest gahl who ever
  - National Velvet
        - Lisa's elocution. {rc}
  - High Chaparral
        - Lisa's riding instructor (and the music) {rc}
  + You Can Take This Job and Shove It (a song and a movie)
        - You can take this job and restaff it!  {dk}

[8F07] Saturdays of Thunder
  + Days of Thunder
        - the title is an obvious pun
        - when a hospitalized Martin asks Bart to drive his
          car for him, cf Rowdy Gaines asking Cole Trickle
          to do same. {dw}
  -  Lethal Weapon
        - older, black cop on verge of retirement teamed
          with insane, young white cop. {bls}
        - His daughter was graduating from college, even.
  + Colors (a movie reference within a movie reference)
        - McBain kneels over his fallen comrade and screams
          while the camera pulls back, cf. Sean Penn
          kneeling over Robert Duvall. {bh2}
        - Bart's car is named Lil' Lightnin', cf. Greased
          Lighting. {dab}
    Deathrace 2000
        - Nelson's racer is named `Roadkill 2000'. {jct}
    Back to the Future
        - Martin's car leaves a trail of fire behind.
  ? The Right Stuff
        - Deploy, damn you! {rc}
  + The Natural {rc}
        - Homer stands up in the crowd to cheer on Bart,
          his body silhouetted against the sun, cf. Glenn
  + Ben Hur {rc}
        - using a whip
        - rotating blades on Nelson's car
  ~ Grease, Goldfinger, etc.
        - rotating blades on Nelson's car

[8F08] Flaming Moe's
    North by Northwest
        - the music as the girls chase Bart {hrl}
  ~ Close Encounters of the Third Kind
        - removing the screws to get at Bart
        - Tipsy McStagger's and buying a drink for a chain
          of bars {rc}
  + Sean Penn
        - Krusty punches out a photographer.
  + The Nutty Professor
        - ``And the secret ingredient is... LOVE!'' {rc}

[8F09] Burns Verkaufen der Kraftwerk
~ Top Secret
        - Listening to an awful `learn German' tape.
    Moe's calling Bart a `pip' is not a movie reference.  Check
	your dictionary.

[8F10] I Married Marge
  ~ Raising Arizona and no doubt others
        - `By the time you read this, I will be gone.' {ajr}

[8F11] Radio Bart
    Real Genius
        - in the movie, `our heroes' trick a guy (named Tod)
          into believing that God is talking to him by
          wiring his braces. {rc}
        - the man with the fishhook and chocolate bar
          is the character Quint (Robert Shaw) {spf, wab}
  + the song `Axel F' from Beverly Hills Cop
	- the music as Bart descends the well {hot, sg}

[8F12] Lisa the Greek
  ~ Apocalypse Now
        - ``Smells like... victory'' {jdb}
  ~ Two-Minute Warning
        - ``Come on, snipers, where are you?'' {abw}

[8F14] Homer Alone
  + Home Alone
        - The title is an obvious (and brilliant) pun
        - Homer does a Macaulay Culkin when he notices that
          Maggie is missing

[8F16] Bart the Lover

[8F13] Homer at the Bat
  + The Natural
        - The music
        - Roy Hobbs' bat comes from a tree struck by
          lightning. {thf}
    Pride of the Yankees
        - traveling from city to city via train, with the
          pennants of the cities being visited. {to2}

[8F15] Separate Vocations
  + Bullitt
        - The car chase scene from one the most famous car
          chases in cinematic history.
        - The green VW Beetle that crashes into the milk
          truck is an reference to a ``blooper'' in the
          chase scene:  The same green Beetle appears
          several times in the chase scene.  It was used by
          the production crew to control traffic during the
          filming.  {cpc}
  + The Wild One
        - "What are you rebelling against?"
          "Whaddya got?" (Marlon Brando) {rc}
    Dirty Harry
        - Bart's sunglasses as hall monitor

[8F17] Dog of Death
  ~ Old Yeller
        - SLH attacks a grizzly {jcl}
  + A Clockwork Orange
        - The brainwashing scene
            - eyes propped open as something is dropped onto
            - showing disturbing movies
            - Beethoven's Ninth Symphony

[8F19] Colonel Homer

[8F20] Black Widower
    The Elephant Man
        - Lisa's imagination
    Cool Hand Luke
        - picking up garbage
        - the shot of the chief guard's reflective
        - the guard's cane tapping his leg {abw}
    The Wizard of Oz
        - ``Snake, I'm going to miss you most of all.''
    Gone With the Wind
        - ``Fiddle-dee-dee.  Tomorrow's another day.''
        - Sideshow Bob turns a chair, expecting to find a
          corpse, but instead finds Bart.  (In the movie,
          Vera Miles turns a chair, expecting to find Mrs.
          Bates, but instead finds a corpse.)
        - Sideshow Bob is so startled, he hits a swinging
          light bulb.
        - A brief violin sweep shortly thereafter.
    The Maltese Falcon
        - Mary Astor takes the fall
          (the sliding metal bars of the elevator doors)
    Black Widow {jr2}
        - Nobody believes the hero's knowledge of the
        - Marrying for money, then murdering
        - The final murder done for revenge
        - Villain gets overconfident and spills the beans

[8F21] The Otto Show

[8F22] Bart's Friend Falls in Love
  + Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark
     	- The music
        - Light streaming dramatically
        - Bart tiptoes past assorted obstacles
        - He rubs his chin, wiggles his fingers,
          then tips the jar into his hand
        - Homer's tumbling form (the rock that Indy runs
          away from)
        - Maggie's suction darts (assorted protective traps)
        - Bart escapes by the skin of his teeth
        - Homer yells ``Unga-bunga!'' as Bart speeds off
        - Itchy's hat-weapon
        - the final scene and the final scene
        - The Marsellaise plays
        - Clouds hover (cf. fog)

[8F23] Brother, Can You Spare Two Dimes
  + The Gold Rush {ajr}
    	- the Charlie Chaplin hobo eating a boot.
  + 2001:  A Space Odyssey {jdb}
    	- the big, coloured, circular Homer-eye made it
    The Wizard of Oz {me}
    	- "There's no vibrating chair in that bag for me?"

[8F24] Kamp Krusty
  + Ben-Hur
    	- the `Gucci Wallet Sweat Shop' scene; the pattern
     	  the kids were sitting in, and production being
     	  paced by the beating of a drum. {bc,ajr}
  + Wuthering Heights? Dr. Zhivago? Far From The Madding
        - Lisa, dressed in a shawl, handing the letter to
          the man on horseback.  She uses alcohol to pay for
          the postage.
  ~ James Bond
        - the classical villains' escape by hydrofoil.

[8F18] A Streetcar Named Marge
  + The Great Escape
        - Maggie being confined to `the box' and playing
        - The music during the various escapades.
  + The Birds
        - Homer tiptoeing through the room full of Babies.
        - ...and the several Babies perched on the shelves.
        - Hitchcock's walk-on cameo with two dogs on a
          leash, exactly the same cameo he used in ``The
          Birds''. @{bk2}
  + Citizen Kane
        - Homer blows on a theatre program torn into
          ribbons.  Joseph Cotton does the same when forced
          to endure the horrible opera debut of Kane's wife.
[9F01] Homer the Heretic
  + Risky Business
       	- Homer dances in his underwear when nobody else is

[9F02] Lisa the Beauty Queen
    All That Jazz
        - The Bob Fosse-esque director of the beauty
          pageant.  @{mbb}
    Apocalypse Now (Playboy Bunny scene)
        - the escape from Fort Springfield -- the helicopter
          airlift, replete with Hope hanging off the runner.

[9F04] Treehouse of Horror III
  + A Clockwork Orange
    Trilogy of Terror: "Prey"
        - Krusty clambering over the edge of the couch with
          a knife, his maniacal grin revealing triangular
          teeth.  {ct}
        - the bathtub scene with Homer.  {ct}
        - Homer's ill-fated attempt to get rid of the doll
          by locking it inside a suitcase.  {ct}
        - the Shrill-Violin-Knife-Attack-Music(tm) when the
          Krusty doll raised the knife.  {jw}
    + Love American Style
        - Krusty with the Malibu Stacey doll -- the framing
          heart shape, the cheesy music.  {tc}
    ~ Cape Fear
        - Krusty belted to the bottom of the car. (Robert
          DeNiro used this tactic to follow Nick Nolte's
          family in the remake.)  {pw,hot}
  ? Ghostbusters
        - ``Marge!  The doll is trying to kill me, and the
          toaster's been laughin' at me!''  Rick Moranis?
  + King Kong
        - Homer reaching into the building to grab Marge --
          shot for shot. {kw,jrd}
    The Night of the Living Dead
        - Zombies emerging from the ground, roaming the
          streets, etc.
        - Barney eating human flesh?  {anon}
    Plan 9 From Outer Space
        - ``The Earthlings are totally incapable of handling
          the zombie attack...''  {rc}

[9F03] Itchy and Scratchy: The Movie
    + James Bond movies, evil villain Blofeld.
        - Bart strokes a cat while disposing of 007.
   ~~ Maximum Overdrive
        - Definitely not, but I've watched that movie once
          too many times, and I was expecting Yeardley to
          yell, ``Curtis!'' when the newlyweds were spurted
          with blood.

[9F05] Marge Gets a Job
    + Citizen Kane
        - Smithers' song-and-dance number.
          Complete with Wellesian camera angles.
    . The Empire Strikes Back
        - Music from the movie plays as Burns surveys his
    + Stolen Kisses
        - The pneumatic tube.  (See capsule.)

[9F06] New Kid on the Block
    * Miracle on 34th Street

[9F07] Mr. Plow
    * Citizen Kane
        - The second advertisement includes a shattered
    . Raiders of the Lost Ark
        - The melting snowmen look like the melting Nazis.
          (This reference citation included by popular

[9F08] Lisa's First Word
  + The Wizard of Oz {jt}
    	- Bart saying "Go, my pretties!"
  + Faster, Pussycat!  Kill, Kill!  {rl}
    	- probably the more coherent reference in Bart's line
          "Fly, my pretties!  Kill, kill!"
  + Chariots of Fire (Vangelis)
    	- music in I&S Cartoon
    	- slow motion shots of Scratchy running the marathon

[9F09] Homer's Triple Bypass

[9F10] Marge vs. the Monorail
    The Untouchables
        - Agent Malone from the EPA has the voice of Robert
          Stack as Elliot Ness @{rnk}
  + Silence of the Lambs
        - Monty Burns' attire at the court hearing.
  + Batman
        - Smithers and Burns' escape.  (Where does he get
          those toys?)
  + Them!
        - Bart's giant ants.  Leonard Nimoy appeared in the
          movie, too.

[9F11] Selma's Choice
  + Sophie's Choice
        - Episode title
  + Wizard of Oz
        - Homer and Bart sing "Ding, Dong, the Witch is Dead"
      in the car
  + Prince of Tides
        - Marge's "flashback"
        - in the movie, Nolte's mother watched while he (as a
          child), and his siblings dived into the water and made
          a skydiving formation in the water  {jl}
  ~ Trading Places  {jl}
        - putting out a cigarette in your mouth
  + Lawrence of Arabia
        - theme music playing when Bart eyes the Duff Beer-amid
  + The Terminator {jt}
        - the robot of George Washington
          (glowing red eyes and "living tissue over a metal

[9F12] Brother >From the Same Planet
  - Rocky III
        - ``Eye of the tiger, Bart.'' @{rfd}
        - Skinner's mother lives in the Psycho-house.
    Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?
        - Richard ``Get Drunk'' Burton accuses his wife (Liz
          Taylor) of adultery.  Note Homer's affected
          accent, and the predominance of shadows in the
          scene.  The original movie is black-and-white, for
          which shadows are important. @{jmv}
    Raiders of the Lost Ark
    When Harry Met Sally
        - but see capsule
    The Shining
        - Trab Pu Kcip @{jb}

[9F13] I Love Lisa

[9F14] Duffless
    + Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade  {bjr}
        - Homer must negotiate a dangerous tunnel with the
          help of cryptic instructions (cf. Jones in the
          Holy Grail)
  + The Fly
        -  Bart-hamster hybrid similar to man-fly hybrid
        - "Help me! Help me!"
    All Creatures Great and Small  {dh}
        - 'All Creatures Great and Cheap' name of the pet
  + A Clockwork Orange (Kubrick film)
        - the cupcake scene (cf. Alex in the press
          conference after the treatment):
            - the cupcakes = the woman's breasts
            - shot from the floor and above the cupcakes
            - Bart dropping and shuddering (in the movie,
              Alex choked)
            - similar music
  + Around the World in 80 Days  {bjr}
        - Martin's exhibit is based on this story
  + James Bond movies  {jt}
        - Bart imitating Ernst Blofeld (petting the

[9F15] Last Exit to Springfield
  + Last Exit to Brooklyn
        - The episode title is a pun on the movie title.
          (The movie was in turn based on the eponymous book
          by Hubert Selby, Jr.)
        - One of the main movie characters is a union
          functionary who finds out he has homosexual
          tendencies. @{br}
  ~ Marathon Man
        - Lots of people claim the dentist character was
          taken from the movie.  I see no evidence to
          support this claim.
  + Batman (Michael Keaton movie)
        - Lisa asking for the mirror.  Cf. Jack Nicholson
          (the Joker) doing the same.  And laughing.  @{thf}
  + Yellow Submarine
        - Lisa's phantasmagoric trip.  Plus an appearance of
          the Fab Four themselves.  One notable difference
          is that the word ``love'' in the original changed
          to ``hatred'' in Lisa's dream.
  + Star Trek II:  The Wrath of Khan

[9F17] So It's Come to This: A Simpsons Clip Show
  + One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest
        - Barney's bizarre reaction (muffling Homer with a
          pillow, heaving a water fountain through the
          window, and running off into the distance).

[9F16] The Front

[9F18] Whacking Day
   + JFK
        - Oliver Stone's reinterpretation of a tragic day in

[9F20] Marge in Chains
  . Psycho
  + JFK

[9F19] Krusty Gets Kancelled

[9F21] Homer's Barbershop Quartet

[9F22] Cape Feare
  + Say Anything with John Cusack {rc}
    	- the title of the I&S cartoon
  + Goldfinger/James Bond
    	- the spaying method in the I&S cartoon
    	- the music in the background
  + Nightmare on Elm Street/Edward Scissorhands
    	- Flanders' hedge clippers
    Night of the Hunter {ar}
    	- LUV and HAT on Bob's hands
    	- several people said this was from Rocky Horror Picture
          Show, but Night of the Hunter predates Rocky Horror
  + Cape Fear
    	- episode title
    	- Hawaiian shirt worn by Sideshow Bob
    	- laughing loud in the movie theater, smoking a cigar
    	- bodily tattoos
    	- string tied through house (attached to a doll)
    	- the Robert Mitchum-lookalike vigilante
    	- concealing oneself by being strapped under a moving
    	- the Bernard Herrmann-esque music score {slp}
  + Psycho
    	- lots of bird's-eye camera shots
    	- Sideshow Bob at the Bates Motel in Terror Lake
    	- the stuffed animals in Sideshow Bob's room
  + Texas Chainsaw Massacre/Friday the 13th
    	- Homer's new chainsaw and hockey mask

[1F02] Homer goes to College
  + Monty Python
    	- animated foot in title sequence
    	- "Holy Grail": the Knights who say "Ni!"
  + Star Wars/Spaceballs
    	- Burns' escape pod
    The Maltese Falcon
    	- "jade monkey" stuff
  + The Untouchables (the movie)
    	- Burns' meeting with the admissions committee
  + A Clockwork Orange {er}
    	- Homer's eyes are being held open to study with a
     	  similar device used in the movie
    Paper Chase {ekf}
    	- music during final exam
  + Miscellaneous college party movies
    	- many similarities to Revenge of the Nerds,
          Meatballs, Animal House, Porky's, etc.

[1F01] Rosebud
  + Citizen Kane
    	- Opening music and camera shot
    	- the crate of unbreakable snow globes {dmw}
    	- title is reference to the name of the sled Kane lost
     	  for ill-gotten power {rl}
  + Wizard of Oz
    	- Burns' guards and their chant
  + George Burns
    	- Monty's brother
  + Marilyn Monroe
    	- Smithers' birthday fantasy (similar to Marilyn, "Happy
     	  Birthday, Mr. President" to JFK)
    	- slide of Burns in skirt over grate (same shot from
     	  Marilyn's Seven Year Itch")
    Robocop, Frankenstein {rc}
    	- Robot present for Burns
    	- "No!  Bear want to live..."
    Conan the Barbarian
    	- Homer turning the Wheel of Pain
  + The Mind's Eye {rl}
    	- scene with the aquarium, with Jan Hammer-esque music
  + Planet of the Apes
    	- the scene from 1,000,000 A.D.

[1F04] Treehouse of Horror IV
    Monty Python {rjc}
    	- the associate producer was billed as Colin "Two Sheds"
  + Fantasia, "Night on Bald Mountain" segment
    	- the first time Flanders appears, he looks the same as
          the devil at the end of Fantasia
    	- when Flanders changes quickly to Chernobog, we hear
     	  part of the Mussorgsky composition that was played for
     	  the demon in Fantasia
    The Little Mermaid
    	- she combs her hair with a fork, just like Lionel Hutz
  + Psycho
    	- Skinner's mother
  + Nosferatu {dss}
    	- the winding road up to the castle
    	- the front door opening by itself
    	- Burns materializing on the stairs
    	- Burns' clothing
    	- Burns' shadow having a life of its own.  Plus it had
   	  those horrifying pointy fingers (one of Nosferatu's
    	  most unsettling features).  The spookiness of the
   	  vampire's shadow was one of the best elements of the
 	- the basement, and even the way the coffins were
   	  arranged there
  + Steven Vincent Benet's The Devil and Daniel Webster
    - title of first story

  + Salem's Lot/The Lost Boys
    	- Bart floating outside the window
    	- "It's cool to be a vampire"
  + The Addams Family
    	- closing music has the theme song mixed in

[1F03] Marge on the Lam
  + Thelma and Louise
    	- blue convertible
    	- much of plot
  + Hollywood
    	- "SPRINGFIELD" letters on hill

[1F05] Bart's Inner Child
  + Gone with the Wind {rc}
    	- shot of trampoline-stricken kids looked like shot of
     	  injured soldiers after the burning of Atlanta
  + Semi-Tough
    	- after-brownie exchange between Marge and Homer
    	- run-away Ferris wheel
  + The Ten Commandments
    	- women reveling on gold idol of Brad Goodman
    Dirty Harry
    	- McGonigle is a cop, and his voice (and his lines!)
      	  sounds like Clint Eastwood

[1F06] Boy-Scoutz N the Hood
  + Boys 'N the Hood {rl}
    	- episode title
  + My Dinner With Andre {ddg}
    	- video game Martin was playing
  + King Kong {tab}
    	- "Panamanian Strongman" has a similar theme
  + On the Town
    	- Bart & Milhouse Broadway song (see capsule)
  + Crocodile Dundee
    	- Hans Moleman: "You call that a knife?"
  + Deliverance
    	- shot of rafts moving slowly through the darkened
  + Friday the 13th
    	- closing scene around campfire
  + Ah, Wilderness {ddg}
    - Itchy & Scratchy episode title

[1F07] The Last Temptation of Homer
  + The Last Temptation of Christ
    	- episode title
  + The Shining
    	- Bart's blackboard punishment similar to Jack
     	  Nicholson's "book"
    My Fair Lady {tab}
    	- Bart saying "loverly"
  + Terry Gilliam's Brazil
    	- Department of Labor coming in through the roof
    	- woman mentions the Brazilian soccer team shortly
  + Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom
    	- Indian boy saying, "the refuge of the damned"
  + Wizard of Oz
    	- Burns to monkeys: "Fly, my pretties!"
  + Lady and the Tramp
    	- Homer and Mindy share a chili dog just like Lady and
    	  Tramp share a strand of spaghetti

[1F08] $pringfield
    Dr. Strangelove (or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and
    Love the Bomb) {ab}
    	- episode title is actually "$pringfield (Or, How I
   	  Learned to Stop  Worrying and Love Legalized
  + The Great Train Robbery
    	- the train on TV coming towards the family and them
      	  being scared is like the first showings of this old
  + Wizard of Oz
    	- Homer: "The sum of the square roots..." just like the
    2001 {sam}
    	- Burns lying on bed with Victorian furniture and lit-
     	  from-underneath bright white floor is the same as Dave
     	  Bowman the astronaut
  + Rain Man
    	- Tom Cruise/Dustin Hoffman lookalikes at the blackjack
    	  table where Homer works
  + Jerry Lewis, The Delicate Delinquent
    	- Burns says of his Spruce Moose, "Model?" to Smithers,
     	  just like the nutcase inventor says of his rocket ship
     	  to Jerry Lewis, "Model?"

[1F09] Homer the Vigilante
  + the Pink Panther movies {rc}
    	- music during Cat Burglar scenes
  + Dr. Strangelove
    	- Homer as Slim Pickens, wearing the hat and riding the
  + Dead Poets' Society {rl}
    	- Jimbo painting "Carpe Diem", which is used in the
  + It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World
    	- see capsule

[1F11] Bart Gets Famous
      The Beast with Five Fingers {tkc}
    	- a movie about a pianist's severed hand strangling
    Oliver Stone's The Hand {ah}
    	- stars Michael Caine; a hand gets chopped off and goes
     	  about strangling people

[1F10] Homer and Apu
  + JFK {mw}
    	- "No way, man!  Get yourself another patsy, man!" like
    	  Danny DeVito
  + Dune
    	- Lisa saying "I can see through time" (see capsule)
  + The Hard Way
    	- James Woods becoming a convenience store clerk for a
    	  movie, like Michael J. Fox becoming a cop in the movie
  + The Shining
    	- tide of cranberry juice same as blood pouring from
  + Kern & Hammerstein's Show Boat {cf}
    	- Apu sings "because, to tell the truth, I do" the same
     	  way as Ravenal
    Flame Over India {aw}
    	- shot of train with many passengers clinging to outside
     	  of cars
  + Lawrence of Arabia {rc}
    	- shots of Homer and Apu traveling together
  + In the Line of Fire
    	- Apu jumping in front of James Woods similar to Clint
      	  Eastwood jumping in front of the president

[1F12] Lisa vs. Malibu Stacy
  + Bye Bye Birdie {twk}
    	- "We Love You, Matlock" song
  + Valley of the Dolls {rc}
    	- part of the Kidstown toystore
  + Big
    	- Homer playing on the giant keyboard
    Raising Arizona {rm}
    	- aerial view of family leaving with car doors open
     	  similar to shot of H.I. and his wife running away from
    	  their car after a hand grenade is thrown in
  + Tucker {rc}
    	- someone from Washington takes care of Lisa Lionheart

[1F13] Deep Space Homer
  + Total Recall
    	- everyone walking through the X-ray machine
  + 2001: A Space Odyssey
    	- Itchy attacking Scratchy with the space-pod is
     	  identical with HAL attacking Frank Poole
    	- Homer eating chips to "Blue Danube" same as spaceship
    	  docking sequence
    	- Bart throwing the marker which becomes a satellite
    	  same as Ape throwing bone
    	- Homer the star-child like Bowman the star-child
  + Planet of the Apes
    	- Homer imitates Charlton Heston: "Damn them all to
  + Alien
    	- Itchy coming out of Scratchy's stomach just like in
    	  the movie
  + The Right Stuff
    	- scene at Moe's similar to scene at Edwards Air Force
    	- Barney and Homer in the centrifuge {mfj}
    	- Barney and Homer blowing into the tube with the ball
    	- shot of Homer and others walking towards the camera
    	  down the hall
    	- using the rod to lock the hatch, like Yeager needed
   	  with his broken ribs that he concealed {mfj}
   	- singing on reentry after equipment malfunction
  	- Homer: "...the right...what's that stuff?"
  + The Reluctant Astronaut {rc}
    	- Homer at the payphone like Don Knotts
    	- food floating around in the shuttle clogging up
  + Airplane II: The Sequel {gp}
    	- Homer turning into Nixon like all the passengers in
    	  Airplane II
  + Hellstrom Chronicles {rc}
    	- the ants talking and taking over
  + Empire of the Ants {rc}
    	- ants ruling from sugar caves

[1F14] Homer Loves Flanders
  + The Ten Commandments
    	- Edward G. Robinson: "Where's your Messiah now?" just
     	  like Wiggum
    Ghost/Field of Dreams/Terminator 2
    	- Homer through the hedge
  + Terminator 2
    	- Homer chasing Ned's Geo
  + Alfred Hitchcock's Vertigo
    	- shot of staircase and tower itself are similar
  + Live and Let Die {dp}
    	- Homer flying the boat over the parking lot
    	- the loud sound of Homer breathing
  + Psycho {rc}
    	- the haunted house

[1F15] Bart Gets an Elephant
  + Rocky IV
    	- Mr. Cleanser's line, and his accent
    Young Sherlock Holmes {akr}
    	- Homer's hallucination (with a knight, even) similar to
      Watson's involving food
  + Jurassic Park
    	- Stampy's eye in the window just like T. Rex's
  + Sound of Music
    	- "Doe, a deer, a female deer..." joke

 [1F16] Burns' Heir
  + Fatal Attraction
    	- Burns appears dead in the bathtub, then attacks
  + George Lucas' "THX" sound
    	- beginning of "Siskel and Ebert" movie
  + Toys promotional shot with Robin Williams
    	- Burns standing in grassy field
  + Easter Parade {rc}
  + Meet Me in St. Louis
    - Martin's song at the audition -- with the wrong lyrics
      ("Ring ring ring went the bell" instead of the correct
      "Ding ding ding").  (Original song written by Hugh
      Martin & Ralph Blane {th})
  + Sliver
    	- giant wall of TVs
  + Taxi Driver
    	- Moe talking to himself in the mirror (cf. Robert
    E.T.  {th}
    	- Bart's pulling up to Burns' mansion on his bicycle,
    	  set against the black driveway
  + Big/"Silver Spoons"
    	- Bart showing Milhouse the house full of toys

[1F18] Sweet Seymour Skinner's Baadassss Song
  + 1971 film Sweet Sweetback's Baadasssss Song {et}
    	- episode title
  + Alien {aw}
    	- When Skinner sees the display with the two glowing
    	  dots, one stationary and the other approaching the
          first.  Also, when Greased Willy turned around and was
     	  confronted by SLH (like Dallas in the film).
  + Aliens {aw}
    	- When Skinner stood on the furniture and lifted up the
    	  grate plate in order to stick his head inside the
    	  tunnel.  One of the Marines in Aliens did that very
  + Alien^3 {aw}
    	- The occasional glimpse of SLH as it zipped by the end
    	  of a tunnel looked very much like the "golden alien"
    	  from the film.
  + Lady and the Tramp {mk}
    	- scene in restaurant
  + Kubrick's Full Metal Jacket
    	- Skinner's attire, and shots of him running with his

[1F19] The Boy Who Knew Too Much
  + Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom
    	- Bart cutting rope bridge with similar knife to Indy's
  + Westworld {gb}
    	- Skinner looked like Yul Bryner as he entered the river
  + Back to the Future II {mk}
    	- Bart hiding under a green blanket in the backseat of a
    	  convertible to escape detection by an adversary.
  + Free Willy/"Tiny Toons Spring Break Special" {mk}
    	- "Will U B Hare" musical parody of Free Willy: the
     	   whale appears to be able to clear the rocks, but then
    	   crushes Elmyra when he falls.
  + Pink Panther {jp}
    	- LaCoste is indeed quite similar to Inspector Clouseau,
     	  despite his claims to the contrary
  + The Little Mermaid {rl}
    	- LaCoste trips over stuff and burns himself on a stove
    Who Framed Roger Rabbit?  {mk}
    	- waiter's accident similar to "Somethin's Cookin'"

[1F21] Lady Bouvier's Lover
  + Lady Chatterley's Lover
    	- episode title
  + Chaplin's The Gold Rush
    	- the potatoes on the forks scene
    Reservoir Dogs {rg}
    	- Bart and Burns standing off with guns similar to scene
     	  in movie
  + Les Brown and His Band of Renown {th}
	- Red Breem & His Band of Some Esteem at the old folks'
  + Cocoon {wp}
    	- Burns dancing in disco, wearing white tuxedo
  + The Graduate
    	- glassed-in organ, Abe and Jackie on the bus

[1F20] Secrets of a Successful Marriage
  + Cat on a Hot Tin Roof
    	- Smithers' marriage
  + A Streetcar Named Desire
    	- Burns calling "Smithers!"  (instead of "Stella!")
  + ...And Justice For All {ddg}
    	- Homer: "You're out of order!"
  + A Few Good Men
    	- Homer: "You can't handle the truth!"
  + Patton {ddg}
    	- Homer: "When you reach over and put your hand into a
      pile of goo that was your best friend's face, you'll
      know what to do"
  + Chinatown {aw}
    	- Homer: "Forget it, Marge, it's Chinatown."
    Robocop {cm}
    	- Homer talking to Marge in car sounds exactly the same
     	  as Murphy remembering his wife

[1F22] Bart of Darkness
  + Apocalypse Now (Heart of Darkness)"
    	- episode title/Bart going a bit crazy
    	  [The movie is based on Joseph Conrad's book, which I
     	  suppose is the likelier reference --aag]
  + Animal House {se}
    	- man singing "Sunshine on my shoulder" and getting
     	  punched (by John Belushi)
    	- the barn raising, complete with Amish guy
  + Busby Berkeley movies {mk}
    	- musical number in pool (with kaleidoscopic effects)
  + Planet of the Apes
    	- Itchy & Scratchy cartoon title
    Blue Sky {rl}
    	- nude people swimming being watched from a helicopter
  + Luis Bunuel's Un Chien Andalou (1928) {sh}
    	- man drags objects on his leg, similar camera angle
  + Hitchcock's Rear Window
    	- much of murder plot
    	- Jimmy Stewart appears
    	- music similar to Hermann's score for the film {ne}

[1F17] Lisa's Rival
  + The Fugitive
    	- Milhouse jumping off dam to escape Tommy Lee Jones
    	- Jones saying, "I don't care!"
  + Scarface
    	- Homer with Spanish accent: "First you get the sugar,
     	  then you get the power, then you get the women" just
     	  like Al Pacino
  + The Wizard of Oz [again!  - ed]
    	- the sugar melting scene, plus Homer's dialog

[2F01] Itchy & Scratchyland
  + Last Action Hero
    	- I&S cartoon title
    	- Bart's dry, cool wit making him an action hero
  + Jaws {ab}
    	- lighthouse in flashback very similar
  + Witness
    	- Homer putting ice creams on Amish people just like
     	  what happened to Alex Godunov in the movie
  + National Lampoon's Vacation {je}
    	- obsession with having "best vacation ever"
    	- a trip was required to get there
  + Jurassic Park
    	- logo on side of helicopter
    	- flying into park on helicopter
    	- Frink talking about chaos theory just like Jeff
    	  Goldblum in movie
  + Pink Floyd's The Wall {rj}
    	- marching axes very similar to marching hammers
  + Deliverance
    	- log ride beginning: scenery, banjo playing
  + Saturday Night Fever {ab}
    	- dance floor in disco very similar to that in movie
    	- John Travolta behind bar, dressed the same
  + Disney's Fantasia
    	- the little axe trying to catch up with the others, cf.
    	  the mushrooms in the "Nutcracker Suite" segment {rl}
    	- "Scratchtasia" ripoff
  + Disney's Pinnochio
    	- "Pin-Itchy-o" ripoff
    -	 "Parent's Island" pun on "Pleasure Island" {rl}

[2F02] Sideshow Bob Roberts
  + Bob Roberts
    	- episode title
    	- Bob campaigning at an elementary school and appealing
    	  to kids with stunts, like Bob Roberts playing guitar
    	  there {mk}
   	- Sideshow Bob walks in wrapped in a US flag, just like
    	  movie poster
  + Disney's The Little Mermaid {mk}
    	- Bob's hair and the design on his shirt right after the
    	  fish falls out is reminiscent of the ending of Ariel
   	  at the end of the "Part of Your World" number
   	- note Mickey Mouse ears in cloud over his head
  + Arnold Schwarzenegger's Republican-ness
    	- McBain (an Arnie takeoff) being at the Republican
  + Citizen Kane {bwd}
    	- "Bob" backdrop, just like "Kane" backdrop
    	- Smithers appearing as "Deep Throat" {rl}
  + All the President's Men
    	- overhead pullback of Lisa in Hall of Records
    	- Smithers posing as man in shadows, Hal Holbrook
  + A Few Good Men
    	- Bob: "You can't handle the truth!" just like Nicholson

[2F03] Treehouse of Horror V
  + Kubrick's movie adaptation of Steven King's The
    Shining (see episode capsule)
    	- one of the closing credits {rl}
  + Nightmare on Elm Street movies
    	- Freddy Krueger appears in Moe's band of ghouls
  + Hellraiser movies
    	- Pinhead appears in Moe's band of ghouls
  + Friday the 13th movies
    	- Jason appears in Moe's band of ghouls
  + Evil Dead 2 {mz}
    	- Homer tries to get toaster off hand just like Ash
      tries to get his girlfriend's decapitated head off his
  + Jurassic Park
    	- mixing of dinosaurs from different eras {pl}
    	- scenery quite similar
    	- Homer talks about dinosaurs "being confined to zoos"
  + Terminator 2
    	- TV screen morphs from tiled floor (same floor as in
    	  mental hospital)
    	- noise while morphing takes place is the same
  + Back to the Future II {dgp}
   	 - Homer goes back to find Ned rules the world (like
    	   McFly goes back to find Biff rules the world)
  + Pink Floyd's The Wall {dd}
    	- teachers putting kids in a giant blender similar to
    	  "The Wall", with teachers putting kids in a giant
    Total Recall {av}
    	- scene where Bart, Lisa, and Milhouse are backed up
    	  against the food processor looks like the scene with
     	  the fan
  + A Chorus Line
    	- song at the end of the episode (different lyrics and

[2F04] Bart's Girlfriend
  + Planet of the Apes
    	- cornfield sequence at the beginning: children rounded
    	  up like humans in the movie
  + Saturday Night Fever/Stayin' Alive
    	- music while Bart struts (John Travolta also strutted)
  + Pulp Fiction
   	- music when Bart and Jessica loiter is from the movie
    	- their actions are also evil, like many actions in the
  + Rebel Without a Cause {dgp}
    	- kid in library similar to James Dean
  + Silence of the Lambs
    	- Bart restrained in church just like Hannibal Lecter

[2F05] Lisa on Ice
  + The Mighty Ducks
    	- team name, "The Mighty Pigs", and their logo
    	- three players bowling Lisa over in the net {av}
  + Gamera [as seen on "Mystery Science Theater 3000" - ed]
    	- Homer returns Bart's small turtle, and Kenny owns a
      	  small turtle, Tibby, in the film
    	- one of the monsters chasing Lisa in her future is a
    	  fire-breathing turtle, very similar to Gamera
  + A League of their Own {av}
    	- Geena Davis catches a baseball in her bare hand (just
     	  like Lisa catching the puck)
  + Slapshot
    	- similar ending: principal character, on ice, ignores

[2F06] Homer: Bad Man
  + Time Bandits {nh}
    	- couch scene looks very much like scene at beginning of
     	  movie where the time portal is discovered
  + Looking for Mr. Goodbar {ddg}
    	- PA announcer at candy convention
  + Charlie and the Chocolate Factory {ddg}
    	- winning tickets are hidden in chocolate bars (Veruca
     	  Salt opens many of them in the book {mk})
  + Demolition Man
    	- Homer throwing grenade, running away in slow motion
      	  has same camera angle
  + Disney's The Little Mermaid {mk}
    	- lobster = Sebastian
    	- Marge playing a jellyfish
    	- Bart playing clams
    	- Lisa playing a pipefish
    	- Maggie riding a bull-nosed ray
    	- dancing slugs
    	- seahorses popping up & swimming around Homer

[2F07] Grampa vs. Sexual Inadequacy
    Cheech & Chong {av}
    	- the Troy McClure movie is reminiscent
  + Bull Durham {ab}
    	- scene with Homer and Marge together in bath, complete
     	  with candle
  + Hitchcock's North by Northwest {bb}
    	- this was the first movie to use the train-in-tunnel
      	  phallic image
  + The Naked Gun {wp}
    	- stock footage pictures are the same as when camera
     	  cuts away from Leslie Nielsen and Priscilla Presley
  + Flesh and Bone
    	- shot of old homestead looks extremely similar to Meg
      	  Ryan's family's house in movie
    	- scene of walking into abandoned house similar to same
      	  scene with James Caan and Dennis Quaid
  + Oliver Stone's JFK
    	- "We're through the looking glass, people" muttered by

[2F08] Fear of Flying
  + It's a Wonderful Life {br}
    	- Homer's line about shaking off the dust of this
     	  one-horse town is a direct quote
  + Home Alone {mk}
    	- a family member is forgotten on a trip
    	- Grampa slaps hands on face and yells just like
    	  Macaulay Culkin
  + Hitchcock's North by Northwest
    	- Marge and her mother standing near the cornfield with
     	  a biplane swooping down
  + Prince of Tides {kp}
    	- Barbara Streisand plays a psychiatrist called
  + Say Anything {sc}
    	- male lead sits next to female lead in final scene,
     	  promises to talk her through her fear of flying

[2F09] Homer the Great
    Raiders of the Lost Ark
    	- looks like Homer's underwear get dropped into an ark
    	- ghosts fly out
  + The Last Emperor {mk}
    	- Homer in Chosen One garb, walking out to greet his
     	  followers (music as well)

[2F10] And Maggie Makes Three
  + And Baby Makes Three {rl}
    	- episode title
  + the James Bond movies
    	- couch scene lifted directly from the start of the old
  + From Here to Eternity {av}
    	- Homer and Marge on the beach
  + "Die Hard" {mh}
    	- the terrorist in Homer's fantasy sounds a good deal
      	  like the terrorist from the movie
  + "Look Who's Talking" {mk}
    	- the adventures of Homer's sperm

[2F11] Bart's Comet
  + Back to the Future {mk}
    	- alarm clock at 4 a.m.
    	- Bart biking out of the garage similar to Marty McFly
    	- Dr. Frink's model which catches fire, similar to the
     	  Hill Valley model

[2F12] Homie the Clown
  + Close Encounters of the Third Kind {th}
    	- Homer builds a circus tent out of mashed potatoes,
     	  just like Richard Dreyfuss does
  + Prizzi's Honor {kt}
    	- Don Vittorio based on William Hickey's character, Don
      	  Corrado Prizzi

[2F13] Bart vs. Australia
  + The Rescuers Down Under {mk}
    	- identical to house Tobias lives in
  + Monty Python "Bruces" skit
    	- collection agency address is "Sheepdip Court"
    	- Bruces refer to sheep dip
  + A Cry in the Dark
    	- Bart's line about a dingo eating your baby, just like
      	  what happened to Meryl Streep's character in the movie
  + Crocodile Dundee
    	- "That's not a knife" line
  + Mad Max 2:  The Road Warrior {cc}
    	- Wez is in the mob chasing Bart and Homer
  + Frogs (bad 1972 sci fi movie starring Ray Milland)
    	- similar pan past lots of frogs

[2F14] Homer vs. Patty and Selma
  + Psycho {wp}
    	- Homer screaming and the music that sounds when he sees
      	  a picture of Patty and Selma
  + Flashdance {tb}
    	- Bart drinks Tab, just like Jennifer Beals does in the
  + Star Wars trilogy
    	- "Use the ballet!" instead of the Force

[2F31] A Star Is Burns
    The Fly {av}
    	- Todd Flanders' "Help me!"
  + Cabaret {rm}
    	- Moe as Joel Grey dancing on his bar {av}
  + Lowell Ganz and Babaloo Mandel, Hollywood screenwriters
  + E.T.
    	- Burns' movie parodies it
  + Ben Hur
    	- Burns' movie parodies it
  + Pukahontas {mk}
    	- pun on Disney's upcoming animated film, "Pocahontas"

[2F15] Lisa's Wedding
  + Alice in Wonderland
    	- Lisa chasing the rabbit

  + Love Story {jsg}
    	- Ryan O'Neal and Ali McGraw meet in a library and argue
      	  over a book, just like Lisa and Hugh

[2F18] Two Dozen and One Greyhounds
  + Disney's 101 Dalmatians
    	- episode title
    	- puppies watching TV {mk}
    	- Branford II poking his head up too high while watching
    	  TV, like dalmatian pup Lucky {mk}
    	- villain wants to make clothes out of the dogs {mk}
    	- many puppies about to be made into clothing {ddg}
  + Disney's Lady and the Tramp
    	- afternoon stroll similar {mk}
    	- Luigi's is similar to Tony's in both concept and
     	  design {mk}
    	- the famous "Bella Note" dinner sequence, complete with
     	  shared spaghetti, including breadsticks and wine
    	  bottle candle {mk}
  + Disney's Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs
    	- the names of some of the puppies are the same
    	  "Jurassic Park" {bwd}
    	- camera angle showing doorknob turning and doorknob
      	  itself very similar to one shot from the movie
  + Disney's Beauty and the Beast
    	- "Be Our Guest" song parody
    	- 360-degree pan at end similar to pan in "Belle" number
    	- Mrs. Potts appears {mk}
  + Quentin Tarantino's Reservoir Dogs
    	- camera angle when Burns threatens them with the gun

[2F19] The PTA Disbands
    Von Ryan's Express {jm}
    	- Frank Sinatra is shot by the Nazis while leading a
      	  group of POW's to a train; similar to Uter
  + Knight Moves {wp}
    	- the scene where Bart is playing chess
  + Jimmy Stewart
    	- bank manager is a clear take-off

[2F32] 'Round Springfield
  + Disney's The Lion King {mk}
    	- the suddenly-appearing storm clouds
    	- the somber mood music
    	- the cloud-shaped face of BG, like Mufasa
    	- the appearance of Mufasa himself in the clouds

[2F21] The Springfield Connection
  + The French Connection
    	- episode title
  + Police Academy {jag}
    	- gun-crazy guy at training weekend is the same
  + Cary Grant {hl}
    	- Grant liked wearing women's underwear for comfort
     	  (according to an interview with him)
  + An Officer and a Gentleman {hl}
    	- Marge climbing over wall very similar
  + Magnum Force {hl}
    	- scene with Marge shooting targets
  + Bullitt {aw}
    	- car chase scene
  + Speed
    	- Marge jumps over an incomplete freeway

[2F22] Lemon of Troy
  + Alice in Wonderland {tk}
    	- Milhouse disappearing into the bushes makes him look
      	  like the Cheshire Cat in the Disney movie
  + Mad Max 2:  The Road Warrior
    	- kids on hill watching other kids on bikes circling

[2F16] Who Shot Mr. Burns? (Part One)
  + Goldfinger {rl}/{jp}
    	- the device Burns uses to make the miniature appear is
      	  straight from "Goldfinger" {jp}
    	- Smithers' look, and his jumping out of the way, are
      	  similar to the scene in "Goldfinger" {rl}
  + Singin' in the Rain {mk}
    	- Burns twirling around the lamppost
  + Psycho {ph}
    	- scene of Homer imagining Burns taunting him in the car
      	  similar {jp}
    	- music when Homer rushes Burns sounds the same {bw}
    	- Burns' shadow (just before he gets killed) looks as
     	  though it grows a bun -- just like Norman Bates'
     	  mother had
    	- dialog before he gets killed is similar

[2F20] Who Shot Mr. Burns? (Part Two)
  + Patton, the movie {hl}
    	- guy in movie shot down a German plane with a handgun,
      	  like Grampa says he did

[2F17] Radioactive Man
  + Singin' in the Rain
    	- McBain has trouble saying "Up and atom"
  + Indecent Proposal
    	- Homer asks the director about "Unnatural Discretion",
     	  a horrendous movie, just like "Indecent Proposal"
     	  (similar-sounding name)
  + Waterworld
    	- "Aquaworld", the place where Radioactive Man and
      	  Fallout Boy are trapped, looks the same

[3F01] Home Sweet Homediddly-Dum-Doodily
  + Outbreak {av}
    	- Milhouse gets sick from a monkey
  + Faster Pussycat!  Kill!  Kill!  {av}
    	- I&S title parodies this 1966 movie, which is about
      	  three women who go around the desert Southwest killing
  + The Exorcist
    	- Maggie's head turning 180 degrees, just like Linda

[3F02] Bart Sells His Soul
  + Sleepless in Seattle {bw}
    	- Itchy & Scratchy title "Skinless in Seattle"
  + Citizen Kane {dh2}
    	- the sled on Moe's wall with "Rosebud" on it
  + The Wizard of Oz {by}
    	- the shining castle in Bart's dream looks like Emerald
  + Star Wars {bw}
    	- the potato bug fumigator guy sounds a lot like Darth
    Annie {th}
    	- Bart running to Milhouse's grandma's similar to scene
      	  where orphans make their way from 1 5th Ave. to 995
      	  5th Ave.
    	- both chases seem to be in New York City (subway,
      	  brownstone buildings, streets numbered into the 200s)

[3F03] Lisa the Vegetarian
  + Apocalypse Now
    	- I&S cartoon title "Esophagus Now"
  + I Spit on Your Grave {rl}
    	- 1977 movie about a woman who is raped and then comes
      	  back for revenge on her rapist

[3F04] Treehouse of Horror VI
[the most ever?  - ed]
  + Attack of the 50-foot Woman
    	- first segment title
    	- similar plot: large creatures rampage
  + Godzilla
    	- Lard Lad's roar is identical
  + Ghostbusters
    	- Lard Lad rampaging through the city similar to Sta-Puf
      	  Marshmallow Man's behavior
  + Nightmare on Elm Street
    	- second segment title
    	- much of plot:
        	- kids being in real danger in their dreams
        	- Willy dresses like Freddy Kruger: brown hat,
          	  striped sweater
        	- he uses a rake to scratch Bart's stomach, similar
          	  to Kruger's glove with knives on the hand
        	- Martin dies in class, just like the girl who dies
          	  of an asthma attack {hl}
  + The Pagemaster {av}
    	- Martin's dream
  + Maximum Overdrive {np}
    	- killer Willy tractor tries running over Bart like in
      	  the movie; the playground looks the same
  + Terminator II {al}
    	- Willy morphs into various things while sinking into
      	  sand (cf. T1000 morphing while sinking into molten
  + Alien^3 {mkn}
    	- segment title written similarly
  + Tron {bdp}
    	- the green grid looks as though it's from the movie
  + Beyond The Mind's Eye {rl}
    	- the aquarium in 3D land is very similar; Homer's drool
      	  is like the rain in the opening of "Afternoon
    	- a prolonged echoing note is played in this part
    	- the closing credits music is in the style of Jan
      	  Hammer, who did the music for "The Mind's Eye"
  + The Black Hole {ddg}
    	- a graph bending into a hole
  + Poltergeist
    	- reverse-gating effect on Homer's voice similar to
      	  Carol-Ann's voice
    	- "Move into the light" the same
    	- Bart with rope around waist similar too {wv}
  + Howard the Duck
    	- Homer landing in a dumpster when he appears in our
    	- similar animation of Homer walking down the street
  + The Shining {rl}
    	- producer is "Redrum Richard Raynis"
  + The Terminator {rl}
    	- Travis "The Terminator" Powers
    	- the lightning crackles just before Homer appears in
      	  our world {jp}

[3F05] King Size Homer
  + What's Eating Gilbert Grape?  {mc}
    	- Bart and others looking through window at obese Homer
     	  lifted straight from the movie

[3F06] Mother Simpson
  + Ghostbusters
    	- Homer mentions Dan Aykroyd, one of the stars of the
    	- Homer's Pillsbury Doughboy doll is similar to the
      	  giant Marshmallow Man in the movie
    	- Aykroyd's character in the movie says the Marshmallow
      	  Man was one of his favorite childhood toys
  + 1988's Running on Empty {dga}
    	- plot of parents on the run after illegal acts in the
  + Apocalypse Now
    	- "Ride of the Valkyries" is played while attacking

[3F08] Sideshow Bob's Last Gleaming
  + Twilight's Last Gleaming {rl}
    	- episode title
  + Full Metal Jacket {br}
    	- Col.  Hapablap asks, "What's your major malfunction?",
     	  as does the drill sergeant from the Kubrick film
    	- R. Lee Ermey plays the Col.  _and_ the sergeant in the
  + Top Gun {hl}
    	- the colonel says "need for speed" at the airshow
  + Hangar 18, the movie {av}
    	- this is where alien bodies from a crashed spacecraft
      	  were supposedly stored after the Roswell, NM incident
  + Dr. Strangelove
    	- the colonel resembles Buck Turgidson, the man played
      	  by George C. Scott {aw}
    	- Bob whistling "We'll Meet Again" while he hooks up the
      	  TV connection
    	- war room under Springfield similar
    	- several characters from the movie are there (e.g., Dr.
      	  Frink as Dr. Strangelove)
    	- the Col. says, "What in the world according to
      	  Garp...", just like Slim Pickens (who was in "Dr. S")
          in Blazing Saddles: "What in the wide world of
          sports..." {dga}
  + Failsafe
    	- sudden still photos of Springfieldianites just as the
      	  bomb goes off similar to movie
  + Patton {rl}
    	- "Matt Groening's picture" is on a backdrop of the US
      	  flag, like the movie
  + Casino Royale and other Bond movies
    	- James Bond gambling looks similar (it was Chemin de
      	  Fer in the original film {ddg})
  + Terminator 2
    	- Richard Simmons robot's eye reforming very similar to

[3F07] Marge Be Not Proud

  + Forrest Gump {br}
    	- Marge appropriates "Life is like a box of chocolates"
      	  from the movie
  + A Streetcar Named Desire {dh}
    	- "A Streetcar Named Death" video game
[3F10] Team Homer
  + The Jazz Singer {rl}
    	- "I have no son!" line
  + The Killing Fields {ddg}
    	- Homer has somehow acquired Dr. Haing S. Ngor's Oscar
      	  for his role in the movie
  + A Wrinkle in Time {rt}
    	- children bouncing balls in unison similar to scene in
      	  the movie
  + Caddyshack {ddg}
    	- the end of the bowling match is similar to the end of
      	  the movie's golf match

[3F09] Two Bad Neighbors

[3F11] Scenes from the Class Struggle in Springfield
  + Scenes From the Class Struggle in Beverly Hills {mar}
    	- episode title
    	- a mediocre movie from 1989 about the sexual
      	  relationships among a group of rich people and their
      	  servants.  It stars Jacqueline Bisset and Ed Begley.
  + Steppin' Out, movie with Liza Minelli
    	- name of clothes store
  + It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World {bjr}
    	- the music that plays when OFF first drives up to the
      	  clubhouse comes from this movie
  + Caddyshack
    	- Homer acts like the boorish Rodney Dangerfield
     	  character {hl}
    	- Tom Kite's scurrying away after Krusty's hit by
      	  Homer's thrown club is similar to Bill Murray's
      	  sneaking away after the bishop is hit by lightning
      	  during his "miracle round" in the thunderstorm. {av}
  + Groucho Marx {hl}
    - Marge paraphrases a quote from him: "I would not want
      to join a club that would have me as a member"

[3F12] Bart the Fink
  ~ Barton Fink (Film by Joel & Ethan Coen) {dga}
    	- title of the episode sounds like the movie title
  + Psycho
    	- haunted house looks almost exactly like the one used
      	  in film
  + Pickfair, Douglas Fairbanks and Mary Pickford's estate
    	- Krusty lived at "Schtickfair"
  + Vertigo (Film by Alfred Hitchcock) {dga}
    	- Bart looking for the dead Krusty like James Stewart
      	  looking for Kim Novak.
     	- music used in the episode sounds like Bernard
      	  Herrman's score
    Batman (1989 film by Tim Burton) {dga}
    	- Krusty wears flesh-colored (well, yellow) makeup, like
      	  the Joker, to cover his grotesque appearance.
   + Sailor's Hornpipe
    	- Handsome Pete plays this

[3F13] Lisa the Iconoclast
  ~ Psycho II {dga}
    	- A body is exhumed
    Day of the Jackal {hl}
    	- Sniper's bullet narrowly misses victim when his head
      	  suddenly turns
  + National Lampoon's Animal House {dm}
    	- Homer rams Flanders aside and catches his bell when it
      	  falls back down just like when one of the frat
          brothers does the same to the drum major and catches
      	  his baton.

[3F14] Homer the Smithers
  + Swimming with Sharks {bc}  
    	- Burns throws pencils in Homer's face and yells at
      	  Homer like Frank Whaley to Kevin Spacey
    Terminator II: Judgement Day
    	- others say the scene is from this movie, but I
  + A Clockwork Orange
    	- Burns falling out the window like Alex attempting to
      	  "snuff it" in the film {jl}
    	- Burns in casts on a bed, awaiting peanuts from Smithers
      	  with the mouth opening exactly like Alex in the film

[3F16] The Day the Violence Died 
  + Ghostbusters {hl}
    	- Bill Murray and Dan Aykroyd used fire extinguishers to
      	  freeze ghosts and a liquid nitrogen freezer to detain
  + Felix the Cat {mk}
    	- 1919 (the year "Manhattan Madness" was released) is
      	  the same year that Felix's first cartoon, "Feline
      	  Follies", was released
    	- the Irish villain looks like the hackneyed villian of
      	  Felix cartoons
    	- much of the plot (see capsule))
  + Disney short The Skeleton Dance {mk}
    	- "Rich Uncle Skeleton" similar

[3F15] A Fish Called Selma
  + A Fish Called Wanda (the film that made Jamie Lee Curtis
    	- episode title
    Richard Gere
    	- see capsule
  ~ Pulp Fiction
    	- "go medieval" is a phrase popularized by this film
    Back to the Future {dp}
    	- driver's eye view from the DeLorean
  + Body Double {hl}
    	- the set of Troy's bedroom is out of this voyeuristic
  + MacArthur Park (Jimmy Webb) {bs} {kab}
    	- name of Troy's agent, MacArthur Parker, similar
  + Planet of the Apes
    	- well, duh
  + Saturday Night Fever
    	- the Travolta monkey pulling the trademark SNF pose
      	  (hand pointed in air)
  + Spartacus {vm}
    	- Heston-esque guy saying "I love you Dr. Zaius!"
    	- spoofed twice in Gracie-produced show "The Critic", I
  + Marilyn Monroe {hl}
    	- Selma dresses up like her, i.e. the black tights,
     	  headscarf, cigarette holder, sunglasses, bathing suit,
     	  beauty mark, and her sleeves rolled up like your
     	  average starlet

[3F17] Bart on the Road
    Ferris Bueller's Day Off {hl}
    	- movie about a teenager who skips school and steals a
      	  car with his friends
  + Apollo 13/Apollo 13 disaster
    	- Lisa uses the trademark "Houston, we have a problem"
      	  and calls it Homer 13
  + The Bridges of Madison County
    	- Martin's suggestion of destination takes from this
  + White Lightning {hl}
    	- Burt Reynolds drives car through cornfields like Bart
    National Lampoon's Vacation {vr}
    	- the station wagon that pulled up beside the 4 guys,
      	  where the dad threatened to turn the car around if the
      	  kids didn't stop screwing around
  ~ Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home {dga}
    	- Kirk pawns his reading glasses
  + The China Syndrome {br}
    	- Homer spilling Buzz Cola on the T-437

[3F18] Twenty-Two Short Films About Springfield
  + Thirty-Two Short Films About Glenn Gould {mar}
    	- episode title
    	- a 1993 Canadian film about the famed pianist
  ~ Catch-22 {hl}
    	- 22 in episode title
    Slacker {mar}
    	- a 1991 comedy that follows a whole busload of people
      	  around, one at a time.  The form of this episode
     	  reminded me of that
    Fast Times at Ridgemont High {hl}
    	- making whoopee at a pool party in the changehouse
  + Busby Berkeley films
    	- the way everyone falls into the pool is similar to the
      	  diving thing done all the time
  + Flatliners {je}
    	- the fire light in Skinner's kitchen like the strange
      	  light from the half-open bathroom door
  + Pulp Fiction
    	- the Wiggum/Snake/Herman plot:
       		- the Quarter Pounder/Royale with Cheese conversation
       		- Snake runs down Wiggum like Butch does to that mob
       		- the convertible crashes much like Butch's car,
        	  running down a fire hydrant/mailbox
       		- Snake and Wiggum/Butch and the mob boss fight
       		- the military antiques guy ties them up and is about
         	  to subject them to atrocities
       		- military guy knocked out by a medieval weapon {jl}
  + Pippi Longstockings, Swedish children's story turned
    horrible film
    	- the name "Snippy Longstockings" is similar
  "Be Our Guest" from Disney's Beauty and the Beast {vm}
    	- Frink's theme song sounds very suspiciously similar to
      	  this song

[3F19] "The Curse of the Flying Hellfish"
  + Day of the Jackal {hl}
    	- Sniper's bullet narrowly misses President Charles De
      	  Gaulle when he turns his head (cf. Abe)
  + The Wizard of Oz {jh}
    	- scene with Grampa in bed similar to scene where
      	  Dorothy wakes up from her dream
    Flying Leathernecks {hl}
    	- John Wayne Marine movie
    The Eagle Has Landed {hl} 
    	- Fighting Germans at castle
    Kelly's Heroes {hl}
    	- GI's steal Nazi gold.
  + They Saved Hitler's Brain {bjr}
    	- Abe must have had foreknowledge of this 50's B-grade
     	  science fiction flick when he drew a bead on the
     	  German dictator
  + Raiders of the Lost Ark {jl}
    	- the light in the hellfish's eye pointing to exactly
      	  where to dig
  + The Deep {hl}
    	- Scuba diving for treasure while evil men try to steal
  ~ The Abyss {jl}
    	- Shots of the deep similar
  + Black Widow {jl} {vm}
    	- Abe saves a drowning Bart by offering him his oxygen
      	  mouthpiece, which Bart refuses a few times
      	  (Abe=Theresa Russell, Bart=Debra Winger)

[3F20] Much Apu About Nothing
    Psycho {mar}
    	- Ned's screaming is straight out of this film
    Tarzan {jh}
    	- Homer swinging from the wire is similar
  + Satyajit Ray's film series The Apu Trilogy {et}
    	- Apu's father seems to be the image of the actor who
      	  played Apu's father in the S. Ray films
  + Casablanca {mar}
    	- the "Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow" line is out
      	  of this film

[3F21] Homerpalooza
  ~ Necessary Roughness {vm}
    	- "Par-tay"
  + Planet of the Apes
    	- someone in the crowd wears a T-shirt featuring Dr.
      	  Zaius, that wacky orangutan

[3F22] Summer of 4 Ft. 2
  + Summer of '42
    	- episode title
    	- movie about a teenage boy coming of age during the
     	  summer at a beach house {hl}
    Walt Disney's Alice in Wonderland {vm}
    	- shots of the beach similar to "Walrus and the Carpenter"

 [4F02]Treehouse of Horror VII
  + Day of the Locust  {jh}
     	- "Day of the Cohen" in the opening credits
    Chinatown  {dga}
     	- "Do you know what happens to nosey detectives/kids?"
    The Exorcist  {jm}
     	- strange sounds come from the attic (which also has a
      	  pulldown stepladder)
    Basket Case  {dp}
     	- Siamese twin wants to be re-connected to the other
  + Star Wars  {dp}
     	- spaceships attacking Bart similar to attack on the
      	  Death Star
  + Citizen Kane, classic film by Orson Welles
     	- "Citizen Kang" spoofs the title of this classic movie
  + Independence Day (ID4)
     	- shadow of Bart's head moving over the crowd  {dp}
     	- alien ship over the White House, firing a laser
     	  beam / grappling hook directly through the middle
     	- "Inauguration Day" on-screen
  + 2001: A Space Odyssey
     	- The corpses of the real Dole and Clinton drift into
     	  space like the body of Frank Poole.
  + Earth vs. the Flying Saucers, 50's movie by Ray
     	- flying saucer crashing into the Capitol dome

[3F23] You Only Move Twice
  + Any James Bond Movie
      	- Mr. "Bont" look similar to Bond
      	- shootout in villain's cavernous hideaway, with
      	  henchmen running along catwalks along the walls {dp}
        - Hank Scorpio: the villains in James Bond films
          usually have odd names (Dr. No, Goldfinger,
          Blofeld...)  {mar}
    Dr. No (1962)
      	- a flamethrower was also used in this movie  {mk}
  + You Only Live Twice (1967)
      	- title
      	- Scorpio's doomsday gun room looks just like the
       	  rocket room at the end of this movie
      	- final fight scene with troops dropping in through
       	  the roof
  + Goldfinger
      	- Bond/Bont chained to a table with a laser nearing
      	  his groin
      	- "Do you expect me to talk?" // "No, I expect you
       	  to die!"
      	- in the movie, Bond gets Goldfinger to stop; here,
       	  Bont uses a quarter {rl}
      	- closing song is a takeoff from this movie's theme
  + Goldeneye
     	- the principal female villain kills an opponent by
      	  squeezing his neck between her legs, just like
      	  Xenia Onnatop
  + "Hooray For Hollywood", song from the 1937 movie
     Hollywood Showcase
      	- Smithers' song at the beginning of the episode.
  + My Fair Lady {dga}
      	- Smithers steps out of his house much like Henry
      	  Higgins does
  + The Money Pit  {ljs}
      	- house falling apart
      	- someone falls through the top floor
    The Firm
      	- a new job that's just too good  {dga}
      	- the scene in which they first drive up to the
       	  house is a reference to this movie  {tb}
    The Stepford Wives
      	- similar plot about moving to a too-perfect town {dp}
      	- Marge drinking the wine  {ddg}
    Dr. Strangelove {dga}
      	- a "Doomsday Device"
  + The Pink Panther Strikes Again (Inspector Clouseau
     movie)  {hl}
      	- Clouseau's boss goes mad and threatens to destroy
       	  the world with a ray gun he has commandeered
  ~ Police Academy  {hl}
      	- Leslie Easterbrook's character subdues men by
       	  squeezing their heads between her thighs

[4F03] The Homer They Fall
     Speed  {dp}
      	- close-up on Bart's turn signal similar to a shot
       	  in the movie
   + The Great White Hype  {bah}
      	- satire about the whole boxing scene pretty
       	  identical in style in both the movie and this
  + Raging Bull, movie
      	- black and white boxing scenes in the middle of the
      	  episode {psk}
      	- during the black and white montage, Homer is seen
      	  wearing sunglasses and a Hawaiian shirt, very
      	  similar to that of DeNiro's LaMotta  {st}
      	- various slow-motion shots during the final bout {bt}
  + Rocky / Prize Fighter  {dn}
     	- Homer running along side Moe on a bicycle
  + Rocky
     	- a lot of the training sequences
     	- the ending part where Marge asks Moe not to let
       	  Homer fight (I think)  {rl}
     	- Burgess Meredith says to Sylvester Stallone:
       	  "You will always be a loser"  {hl}
  ~ The Godfather  {rl}
      	- probably not, but the scene after Lucius Sweet
       	  talks to Moe reminds me of the end of the movie
   + Heidi Fliess Scandal (see comments in capsule)
      - Rainier Wolfecastle caught in "Hollywood
        Prostitution Scandal"
      - Charlie Sheen in boxing audience
   + "People Who Need People", Barbra Streisand song from
      '60s Funny Girl  {mar}
      - song over the closing credits

[4F05] Burns, Baby Burns
  + Caddyshack, movie starring Rodney Dangerfield  {msr}
      	- Rodney Dangerfield's character insults everyone in
       	  the country club dining room, and badmouths the food
      	- Rodney's character tells everyone to party at the
       	  very end
      	- everyone including Rodney's character dances to
      	  "Anyway You Want It" by Journey
  + Ransom, 1996 movie
      	- The previews for this episode were a parody of
      	  previews for that movie
      	- Coincidentally, this story is loosely similar to
      	  Ransom, about a father whose son is kidnapped.  {ol}
  + Death of a Salesman, play by Arthur Miller  {pa}
      	- "You can't eat the orange and throw the peel away!
       	  A man is not a piece of fruit!" is a line from this 
  + Johnny Hollywood  {rl}
      	- final showdown is in a theater
      	- Joe Pesci imagines giving himself up to the cops
       	  and getting shot

[4F06] Bart After Dark
  + North by Northwest (or possibly, "Vertigo")  {dga}
      	- Bart hanging from the eaves was much like Cary
      	  Grant hanging from Mt. Rushmore
     The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas, musical and movie  {ljs}

[4F04] A Milhouse Divided
     Waiting to Exhale  {dga}
      	- the torching of the car (cf. Kirk's shirts)
     The War of the Roses  {dp}
      	- divorcing couple destroy each other's things
   + Pandora's Box, classic 1928 film by G.W. Pabst  {dga}
      	- Luanne has a haircut like Louise Brooks in the
       	  movie, and is called "Lulu" by Chase, like Brooks'

[4F01] Lisa's Date With Density
   + Back to the Future  {dga}
      	- mixing up "Density" and "Destiny," as in the title
    Thunderball", James Bond movie  {xn}
      	- raising his eyebrow, saying "Oh, REALLY?"
      	- a "Nuke the Whales" bumper sticker shown, like
       	  Nelson's poster {dp}
  + Psycho
      	- the interior of Skinner's house  {dh}
  + Rebel Without a Cause
      	- Nelson's "tool" outfit
      	- the cops chasing Nelson, who Lisa thought was just
      	- the observatory in the background
      	- the picnic
      	- Lisa's red windbreaker  {wj}

[4F07] Hurricane Neddy
  + Wizard of Oz  {hl}
      	- Hurricane carrying away bowling alley similar to
          tornado carrying away Dorothy's house
  + Twister, 1996 blockbuster movie
      	- Homer is pulled back in the cellar by his family
    Alice in Wonderland, Disney's adaptation of this
      Lewis Carrol novel  {jps} / Willy Wonka and the
      Chocolate Factory  {ac}
      	- a tiny door leading to a room
  ~ The Dream Team  {ljs}
      	- patient drives other patients to the nuthouse.
      	- same patient has an attitude problem.
      	- same patient has discipline problem
      	- same patient has to rely on spouse to help him.
  + One Who Flew over the Cuckoos Nest  {hl}
      	- Nurse looks like Nurse Rachett
  ~ Return of the Pink Panther (or Pink Panther Strikes Back)  {ddg}
      	- someone with a straitjacket using his feet as hands
    A Clockwork Orange, movie by Stanley Kubrick {jk}
      	- Flanders undergoes a experimental treatment plan
          that is better than it should have been
     Silence of the Lambs, movie  {dga}
      	- a cannibalistic mental patient
  + Martin Lawrence's You So Crazy  {np}
      	- Homer drops this line to Ned at the end of the

[3F24] El Viaje Misterioso de Nuestro Homer
    Pope of Greenwich Village  {hl}
      	- Pope of Chili Town
  + The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
      	- music when Homer and Wiggum meet
     Tapeheads  {np}
      	- Homer drinks from a candle holder, like a character
          in the film
    Altered States  {rav}
      	- a South American plant (mushroom) causes
      	- the hero's wife appears in his vision, then blows
          away like sand
  ~ Beavis and Butthead Do America  {ns}
      	- Homer's hallucination is reminiscent of Beavis's
          thirst-induced hallucinations in this movie
    Beetlejuice  {dp2}
      	- the unknown dimension that Homer wanders around in
          is similar to the one encountered outside of the
          Beetlejuice house (the stripped snake-like creature 
          is seen in both)
  + Aladdin (Disney)  {rj}
   	- the snake twisting around homer
  + Fiddler on the Roof  {bjr}
      	- Homer speaks the lyrics "Sunrise, Sunset" while
          playing with the sun
  + Alice in Wonderland (Disney Animated Version)  {dga}
      	- Homer's "D'oh!" is visible as clouds, much like the 
      	  various utterances of the Caterpillar in this movie
      	- the Cheshire Cat appears in similar ways, forming
          out of thin air
    Terminator 2  {rj}
      	- Homer morphin around and "flipping" the direction
      	  of his face
    The Ten Commandments  {dga}
      	- Homer running to the lighthouse resembles the
          parting of the Red Sea

[3G01] The Springfield Files
  + Speed, 1995 blockbuster movie
      	- Homer picked up his camera trick from this movie
  + Saturday Night Fever, 70's movie
      	- Lenny's clothing and dance moves are copied from
          John Travolta's character
  + Waterworld, movie starring Kevin Costner
      	- Milhouse putting in 40 quarters for a crappy
          videogame is a reference to this movie's
          over-the-top budget, which only equaled the
          disappointment it caused.
  + Psycho, Alfred Hitchcock movie
      	- The Springfield Philharmonic is playing the famous
          Bernard Herrmann score from the shower scene
  + High Anxiety, Mel Brooks movie
  + Rocky, movies starring Sylvester Stallone
     	- Apollo Creed is one of Rocky's opponents
  + E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial, Steven Spielberg movie
      	- Brockman parodies the movie's line "E.T. phone home"
    A Christmas Story  {ch}
      	- The file photo of Homer shows him with his tongue
          stuck to a lamp post, just like the character Flick 
          in this movie
  + Close Encounters of the Third Kind, Steven Spielberg movie
      	- Devil's Tower is pictured on Lisa's Junior Skeptic
          magazine and on Mulder's office wall
      	- Brockman muses on a "Close Encounter of the Blurred 
      	- The school band plays the notorious five-note music
      	- Clouds swarm around Marge's hair before the alien
          appears just like around Devil's Tower before the
          mother ship appears
  + The Shining
      	- "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy" is
          repeatedly typed

 [4F08] The Twisted World of Marge Simpson
  ~ James Bond  {hl}
      	- Bart's Blackboard line is "I am not licensed to do
    Star Wars  {dp2}
      	- Bart's R2-D2 whistle sound
  + Saturday Night Fever
      	- Picture of Travolta as Tony Manero on the wall
          behind Disco Stu
  + I'm Gonna Get You Sucka  {np}
      	- Disco Stu's goldfish platforms are similar to a
          pair worn by a pimp in the film
  + The Grapes of Wrath, 1940 movie based on John
     Steinbeck's novel {dp2}
      	- The Frank Ormand Pretzel Wagon territory speech to
          Marge is a play on Tom Joad's famous lines
    Godfather  {hl}
      	- Splattering pizza in restaurant similar to Al
          Pacino's hit job.
    Casino  {np}
      	- The confrontation between Marge and Fat Tony in the
          desert is similar to the one between DeNiro's and
          Pesci's characters

[4F10] Mountain of Madness
    Beetlejuice  {jk}
     - "It's showtime!"

[3G03] Simpsoncalifragilisticexpiala(Annoyed Grunt)cious
  + Mary Poppins  {dk}
         [I had to strip down a bit, as almost every detail 
         was lifted from Mary Poppins --ed]
      	- Jane and Michael Bank suggest a nanny through a
          song; father interrupts, mother scolds him
      	- after interviewing candidates, none is fit for the
      	- Mary Poppins makes her entrance, coughing over a
      	- Mary uses the handle of her umbrella to pull the
          doorbell rope
      	- Mr. Banks interviews Mary, who claims to be
          "practically perfect in every way"
      	- Mary slides up the banister, to the kids' amazement
      	- Mary puts up a song when cleaning the kids' room
      	- Mary sings with her counterpart as a mirror
      	- Mary and the kids take a walk in the park
      	- they stumble across Bert, a one-man musical band,
          who concludes his act by smacking his face with a
          cymbal, under the watchful eye of a constable
      	- Bert immediately recognizes Mary by her shadow
      	- Mary and the kids fly kites at the park
      	- Mary Poppins is said to be "ever so much fun"
      	- Mary changes a greedy bank owner
      	- "Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious" is used
      	- Mary puts the kids to bed and sings about a beggar
          asking for money
      	- Mary has a tea party on the ceiling
      	- Mr. Banks sings about his great life
	- Songs from the movie:
		-"A Spoonful of Sugar" = "Cut Every Corner"
		-"Feed the Birds Tuppence a Bag" = "A Boozehound"
  + Speed, 1994 Blockbuster
      	- "Pop quiz, hot shot [...] What do you do? What DO
           you do?"
  + Snow White and the Seven Dwarves  {gb}
      	- Shary kisses Nelson just like Snow White kisses
          Grumpy (and they have a similar reaction)
  + Flashdance
        - Willie sings "Maniac" and dumps water onto his head
          like the main character in the movie (or rather, her 
          dance double)
    Love, American Style  {gb}
      	- the heart-shaped frame closing in after the
          Barney/Moe song
  + The Sound of Music
      	- Shary mutters, "Do-Re-Mi-Fa-So..." while getting
          Homer a beer
  + Death Wish  {gb}
        - In the Griffith parody, Charles Bronson plays a
          part similar to his famous vigilante character in
          this movie
  + Reservoir Dogs, movie by Quentin Tarantino
      	- The I&S title was "Reservoir Cats" and the special
          guest director was Quentin Tarantino
      	- The warehouse setting was a perfect replica of that
          in the movie
      	- Mr. Blonde (Itchy) tortures Marvin Nash (Scratchy)
          while dancing to "Stuck in the Middle With You."
      	- Scratchy is tied up in a chair with duct tape over
          his mouth
      	- Itchy pours gasoline on Scratchy, then cuts his ear
          off (as the camera pans off to the left)
   + Pulp Fiction
      	- Itchy and Scratchy are dressed like Vince and Jules
      	- They dance like Vince and Mia do at Jackrabbit
          Slim's in the end of the cartoon
      	- The song playing is "Miserlou", Pulp Fiction's
          opening theme

[4F12] The Itchy & Scratchy & Poochie Show

[4F11] Homer's Phobia
  + Forbidden Planet, 1956 sci-fi classic starring Leslie
     Nielsen  {ma}
   	- The poster of "Clank, Clank, You're Dead!" looks like
     	  that of this film
  + Pink Flamingos (1972 cult classic film)  {ma}
   	- The pink flamingo in Cockamamie's
  + "Over the Rainbow" from The Wizard of Oz
   	- John's car horn plays this song
    Tokusatsu/anime  {ol}
   	- In Japan, most creatures and characters have names
     	  that are often descriptions of them like "Annual Gift
  + Hairspray, movie directed by John Waters  {dga}
   	- Bart's wig resembles Ricki Lake's bouffant
    Billy Jack, 1971 movie  {hl}
   	- A father tells his son to shoot fenced-in wild horses

[4F14] The Brother from Another Series
  + Brother from Another Planet  {dga}
	- title (see also "Brother from the Same Planet" [9F12])
    Jailhouse Rock  {bjr}
      	- Krusty plays rockabilly tunes while in the slammer,
          like Elvis in this movie
  ~ Catch-22  {ce}
     	 - The part where Chief Wiggum tells Lou he'd promote
           him to sergeant is pretty much a direct quote from
           this book.

[4F13] My Sister, My Sitter
  + My Sister, My Sister
      	- title of this episode similar  (This movie is about
          two lesbian sisters, which is the non-Smithers gay
          reference.)  {ljs}
  + Adventures in Babysitting
      	- Everything goes wrong for Lisa, and one adventure
          to another leads her to the location her parents
          are dining at (replace Lisa's name with whoever the
          babysitter was in this movie)  {rj}
    Universal Citywalk, Hollywood, CA  {jh}
        - The seafront looked awfully like the Universal
          Citywalk in Hollywood, right down to the open
  + It's a Wonderful Life  {jk}
        - It's the Wonderful Knife store inspired by this
  + Planet Hollywood  {mss}
        - "Planet Hype" Springfield's version of this famous
          restaurant  (Joe Klemm writes that Planet Hollywood
          is a restaurant chain owned be Arnold
          Schwarznegger, Sylvester Stallone, and Bruce
        - the ringed planet logo is similar  {ddg}

    12 Monkeys
        - The camera angle during Lisa's dream, bright
          lights, the flash/camera angle switch.  (I've seen
          it somewhere, but I'm pretty sure it was in 12
          monkeys)  {rj}
    My Left Foot  {jk}
        - Lisa carrying Bart on a wheelbarrow

[4F15] Homer vs. The Eighteenth Amendment
  + Superman  {jh}
      - the Comic Book Guy's comment about being a
        mild-mannered newspaper reporter by day is
        referring to this

[4F09] Grade School Confidential
  + High School Confidential  {dga}
        - episode title of "Grade School Confidential" spoofs
          this movie's name
  + Basic Instinct  {hl}
        - Mrs. Krabappel sat the same way as Sharon Stone on
          her desk.
  + Lean On Me  {djp}
        - Principal Skinner chains the doors from the inside
          and uses a bullhorn the same as Principal Joe Clark
          in the 1989 film.

[4F16] The Canine Mutiny
  + The Caine Mutiny
        - title of this episode taken from the movie
   	- Mark Aaron Richey reminds us that this was
          originally a novel by Herman Wouk
  + Ernest Saves Christmas  {sb}
        - the name "Santos" is used in the place of Santa
  + Godzilla  {jk}
        - Zoidzilla comic book
    Dumb & Dumber  {dsb}
        - a blind person with dead parrot

[4F17] The Old Man and the Lisa
    Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls  {jk}
        - the shrieking that Bret Hart and the real estate
          agent hears.
   ~ "Soylent Green"  {ddg}
      - Lisa tries to explain to people that recycling is
        now bad, just as Soylent Green is well, I'd better
        not spoil it in case you've never seen it)
      - [Andrew Gill dissents: This scene was never in the
        movie.  It was only in the SNL spoof (a great
        example of Phil Hartman's abilities, IMO).]
  + Invasion of the Body Snatchers
        - a scene were Lisa jumps on the truck and discovers
          barrels of slurry is similar to a scene were Kevin
          McCarthy sees a truckload of alien pods.  {tm} {mm}
        - ~ the townspeople robotically recycling their trash
          remind me of the post-takeover people from the
          movie  {bjr}

[4F18] In Marge We Trust
    Help  {em}
        - the scene where everyone is searching for Ned is
          very reminiscent of The Beatles calling "Ringo!" in
          the movie
    Speed  {il}
        - the part when Lovejoy and the baboon are facing
          each other on the train is similar to the scene
          which ends with the death of the bad guy
  + Conquest of the Planet Of The Apes  {djp}
        - the title of Rev. Lovejoy's sermon refers to this
          1972 movie, which was the fourth in a series of
          five 'Ape' films
  + The Charge of the Light Brigade  {hl}
        - "Cannons [baboons in Lovejoy's version] to the left
          of me. Cannons/baboons to the right of me"

[4F19] Homer's Enemy
    Falling Down  {al}
        - the Frank Grimes character looks a little like the
          mad engineer from this movie
        - both characters also go on insane rampages
    Blade Runner  {rj}
        - Martin's power plant looks like the Tyrell
          corporation's headquarters (or at least most of it anyway)

[4F20] The Simpsons Spin-Off Showcase
    Live and Let Die  {hl}
        - boat chase through New Orleans bayou
  + All Is Quiet On The Western Front"  {hl}
        - classic war movie and handy description of Moe's
          love life ({jh} says it started as a novel by
          Erich-Maria Remarque about a soldier in World War I)
  + Cool Hand Luke  {bjr}
        - "Luke Warm Luke" category on the Love Tester similar
  + 2001:  A Space Odyssey  {ddg}
        - the Love Tester sings "Bicycle Built for Two", as
          Hal does when "he's" shut down
    Short Circuit 2  {ol}
        - A talking robot plays Cyrano for its master Ben 
          played by Fisher Stevens); the girl finds out, but
          likes him anyway
        - Two guys pull down the talking robot Johnny 5 and
          beat him with crowbars
        - Subsequently, Johnny 5 begins speaking incoherently
          to his master Ben

[4F21] The Secret War of Lisa Simpson
   + The Private War of Major Benson  {bw}
        - this episode parodies title of this 1955 comedy,
          featuring Charlton Heston, as the merciless ROTC
          commander in a military school run by nuns
   + "Police Squad"/Naked Gun  {djp}
      - Wiggum drove his car poorly and up on the curb the
        same way that Frank Drebin does
    Back to the Future  {dj}
        - the scene where Bart uses the megaphones similar to
          the movie scene where Marty uses the large speakers
          on his guitar
     Alien  {hl}
        - octopus attaching itself to Prof. Frink's face in
          alien-like fashion
    The Lords of Discipline  {hl}
        - hazing at the school
    Full Metal Jacket  {hl}
        - rifle range scene a bit similar
    An Officer And A Gentleman  {hl}
        - obstacle course female cadet must complete to pass
        - throwing the hats into air after graduation
    Rebel Without a Cause  (rs}
      	- when Bart was trying to teach Lisa to cross the big
          ditch at night, one of the cadets confronting him
          was dressed like James Dean from this movie
    A Christmas Story  {jk}
        - Lisa's arms are stuck after the Eliminator, like
          Randy's when he's in his winter clothes

[4F22] The City Of New York Vs. Homer Simpson
    Jurassic Park
      	- At Moe�s, Barney notices the bowl of peanuts vibrating as the
          Duff Partymobile approaches the same way things vibrate when
          dinosaurs are approaching in this 1993 film and its subsequent sequels.
    Ferris Bueller�s Day Off
        - As the Duff Partymobile approaches, the song "Oh Yeah" by Yello plays.
          The song was popularized by its inclusion on the soundtrack to this
          film as well as the film The Secret Of My Success with Michael J. Fox.
    The Lone Ranger And The Lost City Of Gold/Allan Quatermain And The Lost City Of Gold
        - When Barney is driving a very drunk Homer, Carl, and Lenny home,
          Homer insists that Barney drive to "The Lost City of Gold."
          He may have been referring to either the 1958 Lone Ranger film, or
          a particularly bad 1987 film with Richard Chamberlain.
  + The Sting
        - The music played during Homer�s flashback sequence in New York is a
          reference to this 1973 Paul Newman/Robert Redford film set in the 1930s.
  + Woody Allen Films
        - A 1970s era Woody Allen appears in a window to dump trash on Homer
          during his flashback. This appears to be a reference because of the
          era-appropriate caricature of Woody Allen, who appears in more modern
          incarnations in other episodes, most recently in "The Blunder Years."
  + The Godfather, Part 2 Jeremiah Johnson, Five Easy Pieces
        - During Homer�s flashback, he walks by several porn theaters, playing
          films entitled The Godfather�s Parts 2, Jeremiah�s Johnson, and
          Five Sleazy Pieces, all of which are references to great films
          of the early 1970s.
  + C.H.U.D.
        - Homer�s flashback ends with Homer complaining that the monsters from
          this 1984 low budget horror film came at him in the New York sewers.
          (Perhaps the joke here is juxtaposing this film against 70s classics
          like the films parodied by the porno theaters. I suppose we�ll have
          to ask Ian Maxtone-Graham.)
    Roger & Me
        - Homer smashing his car radio when he hears "Everything Is Beautiful" is
          similar to an out-of-work auto worker smashing his car radio when he
          hears "Wouldn�t It Be Nice" from this 1989 Michael Moore documentary.
  + Ernest Films
        - Among the Broadway signs Marge and the kids see before they go into a
          performance of Kickin It is one for a play entitled Ernest Goes To Broadway.
  + Ben Hur
        - The scene with Homer ramming the dilapidated car into the horse drawn
          carriage parodies this 1959 classic.

[4F23] The Principal And The Pauper
  ~ The Prince And The Pauper
      - Although the title is probably a reference to the Mark Twain book
        more than any particular film version, the 1937 version with Claude
        Rains and Errol Flynn does merit noting.
    The Return Of Martin Guerre
        - It has also been pointed out that the plot of this episode is nearly
          identical to that of this 1982 French film with Gerard Depardieu
          (thanks to the writer of this episode capsule).
  + Rebel Without A Cause
        - In his younger days, Armin Tamzarian�s hair, clothes, and attitude
          resemble James Dean from this definitive film.
  + Apocalypse Now
      	- The silhouettes of war with explosions in Skinner�s flashback are
          reminiscent of a scene this film.
  + The Jazz Singer
        - When Agnes says "I have no son" it parodies the classic scene from
          this 1980 drama with Neil Diamond and Laurence Olivier.
  ~ Romeo And Juliet
      - More a reference to the play (although the 1996 film version with
        Leonardo DiCaprio came out around the time Ken Keeler would have
        written the episode), while watching Kent Brockman�s report on the
        Skinner controversy, Lisa Simpsons remarks "A rose by any other name
        would smell as sweet" only to be shouted down by the rest of the family.

[3G02] Lisa�s Sax
  + The Woody Allen-Mia Farrow marriage
       - Krusty and Woody share an ill-starred attempt at matrimony to this
         actress {bjr}
       - Mia's predisposition to adopt children is shown {bjr}

[5F02] Treehouse of Horror VIII
  + The Omega Man
        - The first part of this TOH installment parodies this 1971 Charlton Heston
          film about the last man on Earth. There are numerous references to the film,
          including Homer nearly going insane then deciding he must move forward
          and enjoy life, Homer watching a movie alone in a theater full of the
          remains of the dead, the mutants� black robes and white faces, and Homer
          running around with his shirt off.
    Terminator 2: Judgment Day
        - The scene with a bomb hitting a city and instantly dissolving the residents
          into charred skeletons is reminiscent of the same scene in this 1991
          action blockbuster.
  + Tommy Boy/Black Sheep
        - In the empty movie theater Homer watches a David Spade/Chris Farley movie,
          referring to these two films from the mid-90s. [Sadly, Chris Farley died
          two months after this episode aired.]
    Return Of The Living Dead, Part 2
        - The mutants pressing their eyes against the windows of Homer�s car and
          rubbing them up and down is reminiscent of this film [and numerous other
          zombie movies.]
  + The Fly
        - The second part of this TOH installment parodies both the 1958 classic and
          the 1986 remake with Jeff Goldblum. Bart getting the head of a fly and
          getting trapped by a spider are the most obvious references to the original,
          while the matter transporter is the most obvious reference to the remake.
  + The Crucible
      - The third part of this TOH installment is a parody of the Arthur Miller play,
        which was also a film in 1996 starring Daniel Day-Lewis.
  + The Scarlet Letter
      - Mrs. Krabappel wears a scarlet �A� like the heroine of this Nathaniel Hawthorne
        novel and 1995 film starring Demi Moore.

[5F01] The Cartridge Family
    Richard Gere
        - The blackboard gag refers to an infamous Hollywood myth that Richard Gere
          once had to be taken to the hospital to remove a gerbil that had been
          stuffed in his rear as part of some kinky sex thing, back when he was
          married to Cindy Crawford.
  + Annie Get Your Gun
        - The gun store owner says "Be careful Annie Oakley" when Homer is playing
          with a gun in the store, referring to the title character of this 1950s
          movie musical.

[5F03] Bart Star 
  + Spartacus
        - The sports equipment shop where Springfield�s lads get their football
          gear is named "Sportacus."

[5F04] The Two Mrs. Nahasapeemapetilons
  + The Two Mrs. Carrolls
        - The title refers to this 1947 film with Humphrey Bogart and
          Barbara Stanwyck.
  + Saturday Night Fever
        - At the bachelor auction, a humiliated Moe struts off stage to a
          Muzak version of "Staying Alive."
  - The Wedding Banquet
        - The plot of this episode has many similarities to this 1993 Ang Lee
          film about a gay man who fakes a marriage with a woman to placate
          his overbearing parents.
  + Days Of Thunder
        - Homer racing Jasper on wheelchairs parodies a very serious scene
          in this 1990 Tom Cruise film.
  + Fried Green Tomatoes
        - Fried Green Tomatoes is Manjula�s favorite food, book, and movie.

[5F05] Lisa The Skeptic
    Falling Down
        - Lionel Hutz has only an apple and a sandwich in his briefcase like
          Michael Douglas in the 1993 potboiler.
    Raiders Of The Lost Ark
        - During the students� archeological dig, there is a shot of an orange
          sky with the sun filling most of the screen, very similar to a shot
          in Spielberg�s 1981 classic.
    Men In Black
        - Burns orders Smithers to use the amnesia ray on the crowd, perhaps
          referring to this 1997 summer action comedy. [Although the episode
          may have been written before this film came out in theaters.]

[5F06] Realty Bites
  + Reality Bites 
        - title an obvious take-off

  + Spartacus 
        - Bart's chalkboard gag mentions "Fartacus"

  + Eraser 
        - Johnny D mentions "Johnny C" -- "Johnny C" is a character played
          by Robert Pastorelli in this 1996 action blockbuster

   + Glengarry Glen Ross
      - deals with Real Estate Salesmen who are on the verge of getting fired
      - Gil seems to represent Shelley "The Machine" Levene (played in the
        movie by Jack Lemmon): an old-timer who can't sell anything anymore
      - Lionel Hutz is a cross between Williamson (Kevin Spacey) and Blake
        (Alec Baldwin) {dga}
      - the successful salesman (whose name I forget) who says "Boo-ya!"
        represents Ricky Roma (played in the movie by Al Pacino, in the play
        by Joe Mantegna), the whippersnapper on a hot streak {dga}
      - the line "cubicles are for closers" is a ref to the line "coffee is
        for closers" in the movie {th}
      - there was also a bit where the realtors gave a client the business
        instead of returning his check {th}

  + Senior Week (1987 movie)
        - character named Debbie Sue

  + Dirty Harry  {dp}
        - Hutz chews out Marge for being a renegade similar to the movie

  + Psycho (classic horror movie) {bjr}
        - architecture of the murder house is similar to that of the Psycho
          house  [{bjr} adds, Coincidentally, this movie came out the same
          year (1960) as Spartacus.  Must've been a good year for
          Simpsons" reference material." --hmw]

  + Alfred Hitchcock movies {ddg}
        - the close-up with a camera pullback combination, when Marge sees the
          "murdered" Flanders

   + The Shining
        - Rodd says "redroom," spoofing "redrum" in this Stephen King/Stanley Kubrick classic

[5F07] Miracle on Evergreen Terrace
  + Miracle on 34th Street 
        - obvious inspiration for episode title
  + It's a Wonderful Life {bjr}
        - the closing scenes of this durable Jimmy Stewart film get the
         "Simpsons" parody treatment.  Some specific parallels are:
        - as a dejected Homer returns home, Marge meets him at the door,
          telling him a miracle happened.  The same thing happens when Stewart
          comes home at the end of the movie
     	- in the movie, the gathered throng breaks into "Hark, the Herald
          Angels Sing."  Here, Lisa is kind enough to grace us with her version
          on the piano
     	- ... and while Lisa plays the piano, Homer snaps at her.  Jimmy
          Stewart does the same thing to one of his kid.  In the movie though,
          this happens  the townspeople show up (before he meets
          Clarence the Angel, in fact), rather than during the reverie

[5F24] All Singing, All Dancing

[5F08] Bart Carney
  + Natural Born Killers 
     	- Bart says he and Homer are "natural born carnies," followed by "if only
          we weren't tied down to the family"

  + Jaws [movie]
        - great white shark attacking boat {hl}

[5F23] The Joy of Sect
  + Plan 9 From Outer Space
     	- in the Movementarians' training film, the string on the model UFO is
          visible, bearing likeness to the one in this movie {dp}
  + Live And Let Die
     	- Marge running across gators like Roger Moore in this James Bond flick
  + E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial
        - flying bikes {ji4}

[5F11] Das Bus
  + Das Boot
     	- obvious inspiration for episode title

  + Batman
        - the music on the Noah's Ark movie

  + Suddenly Last Summer
        - "Suddenly Last Supper" {tr}

  + 10 Commandments
        - very long biblical movie {hl}

  + Swiss Family Robinson [the Disney movie]
        - Bart's imagined treehouse similar to the one in the movie {bjr}
        - ...with invention that carried water up to the top {dk}

  ~ The Little Mermaid
        - when the gang goes on the warpath, Sherri wears a bikini top made of
          seashells, as Ariel the mermaid does {bjr}

[5F10] The Last Temptation of Krust
  + The Last Temptation of Christ
        - obvious inspiration for title
  + Return of the Jedi
        - `Java the Hut' playing on character name Jabba the Hutt
  + Cinderella
        - Krusty drinks beer out of a transparent high heal shoe {ji4}
  + 1997 Oscars
        - see "comments" {jk}
  + The Count of Monte Cristo
        - An eye-blinking system is used to convey messages from someone that
          can't talk {jr}

[5F12] Dumbbell Indemnity

[4F24] Lisa, The Simpson

[5F13] This Little Wiggy
  + Forbidden Planet
        - robot visiting class {jk}
  + Lost in Space
        - Robbie the Automaton is a parody of Robbie the Robot ["interesting
        how there was a commercial for the new remake in the first break,"
        says Tom Rinschler]

  + Star Wars
        - the gun used in the sperm game {ji}
        - the same font is used on the "Mars" logo
  ~ Leprechaun
        - the wrong-doing wee little leprechaun
  + Jerry Maguire
        - answer machine message spoof of the infamous "show me the message!"
  + Dumb and Dumber
        - the bullies' taunt, "Hey, it's Dork and Dorker," plays on the title
          of this movie {bjr}
  + Big
        - giant keyboard on toy store floor
  + Apollo 13
        - Bart's "Houston, we have a booger" comment {jk}
  + West Side Story
        - "rocket in my pocket" {ag}

[3G04] Simpson Tide
  + Crimson Tide
     	- episode title
     	- story takes place on a nuclear sub
     	- the way Homer meets up with the naval court {ji4}
     	- a really obscure CT reference, outside Homer's court martial there's
          a guy walking the dog. The same thing was in CT outside the hearing on
          Hackman and Washington's actions (though I don't think you can see it
          in pan and scan versions) {ds}  I know. It's obscure. But that makes 
          it just that more humorous.
  + Planet of the Apes
        - Homer's dream
  + In & Out 
        - "In & Out Ear Piercing" - but the story would have been written long
          before the movie [the animation, though? --hmw] {ddg}
  + An Office And A Gentleman
     	- Sergeant chewing out Homer is just like Lou Gossett Jr. chewing out
          gerbiler Richard Gere {hl}
        - haircut scene similar, polishing boots, throwing hats in air (but what
          boot camp movies does not have these scenes?) {hl}
  + Deerhunter
        - Russian roulette scene {hl}

[5F14] The Trouble with Trillions
  + The Firm
        - clandestine meeting in park {hl}
  + The China Syndrome
        - Homer says he's responsible for one of these (The title of the movie
          refers to a nuclear meltdown, where the radioactive core could burrow
          "until it reached China.") {bjr}
  + The Godfather Part II 
        - arriving in Cuba, getting into similar car, driving past outdoor boxing
          matches etc. {mm}

[5F15] Girly Edition
  + James Bond movies
        - Bart says "so we meet again, Mr. Bond" and mentions Octopussy
  + A Face in the Crowd 
        - in this 1957 Elia Kazan film starring Andy Griffith as an insincere
          populist TV star, one day the producers deliberately leave his mic
          on during the commercials, so that the viewers hear him mutter about
          how stupid he thinks they are (similar to Bart seeing what Lisa
          thinks of him because the camera is left on) {am}
  + Monkey Shines: An Experiment in Fear 
        - movie about a monkey assistant that turns evil {mar}
  + Fortress of Solitude
     - "Fortress of Choclitude" a parody of this  (It's where Superman hangs
       out when he needs to be in his own space, if you're not comic-savvy.)

[5F09] Trash of the Titans
  + Clash of the Titans 
       	- title obvious take-off
  + The Music Man (movie musical) {la}
        - Homer striking a pose, then suddenly having his clothing change from
          Homer-clothes to bandleader costume (this happens to a teenage girl
          in TMM)
        - Homer was marching down the street in a zigzag pattern, a la Robert
        - [{la} mentions, "And of course this was the second homage to Preston
          and `The Music Man,' the first being the `Monorail' song in the style
          of `Ya Got Trouble [in River City]'". --hmw]
  + Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory  {ddg}
        - "The Garbageman" song
  + Volcano 
        - sewer covers blasted up, etc.

[5F16] King of the Hill
  + Superman
        - he can't see through lead {hl}
  + Monty Python and the Holy Grail 
        - Lisa must answer three questions to sit down
  + Curly Sue 
        - Cletus is collecting food for one Curly Sue's wedding

[5F18] Natural Born Killers
  + Natural Born Killers 
        - obvious inspiration for episode title
  + Mother, May I Sleep With Danger? 
     	- obvious inspiration for the official alterna-title "Margie, May I
          Sleep With Danger?"
  + Old Faithful 
     	- Cold Faithful Fridge Motor
  + Gremlins 2 
        - happy ending of Casablanca {jk}
  + It's A Beautiful Life 
	- famous movie with unseen ending
  + Black Sunday
        - balloon going over stadium just like blimp {hl}

[5F20] Lard of the Dance
    Something About Mary   {bjr}
        - something about Milhouse's hair when he talks to Lisa at the store
          reminds me of this movie's poster
    Clueless   {brk)
        - Alex is a lot like Cher from this movie
    The Boys from Brazil   {hl}
      	- according to Marge, a baby can't organize a school dance unless it was
          "one of those super-babies from Brazil"
  ~ Code of the West   {al}
      	- Angus McLeod is a character from this 1936 Western
  + Alien   {al}
      	- Homer pursued by Willie in the vent ducts
      	- The shot of Homer pursued from the rear
  + the sinking of the Titanic
      	- Alex likens the dance to this maritime disaster

[5F21] The Wizard of Evergreen Terrace
  + White Heat  
	- Bart *almost* quotes the famous line from this classic film about a
          gangster (James Cagney) with an Oedipus complex.  The line in the film
          actually goes, "Made it, Ma!  Top of the world!  (Earth-shattering
  + Mary Poppins ("Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious")
        - Frink mentions the field of microcalifragilistics

[5F22] Bart, the Mother
  + Happy Gilmore 
        - Homer is about to charge the pitching machine  {ak}
        - Homer being hit repeatedly by the baseballs in the batting cage
          parodies an early scene in this movie, where Happy tries to toughen up
          by standing in a batting cage and letting the balls hit him  {pe}
  + Octopussy    {ss}
        - Nelson calls Bart an "octowussy"
      	- (Alex Foley notes that, as this episode was debuted in the United
          States, NBC was showing Goldeneye, another Bond flick.)
  - The Birds    {tr}
        - the attack by the bird tribunal on Bart similar to scenes from the
          Hitchcock film
  + Arachnophobia    {dj}
      	- introduction of a rare South American species into the US via a crate

[AABF01] Treehouse of Horror IX
  + Friday the 13th  
      	- Jason, the bad guy from this film, sits on the couch

  + A Nightmare on Elm Street  
      	- Freddy, the bad guy from this film, sits on the couch
      	- Homer being thrown around the walls and ceiling  {hw}

  + The Fugitive {bjr}
      	- Ron "The One-Headed Man" Hauge a take-off on the infamous one-armed
          man [Kind of a dangerous nickname, by the way, since I initially misread
          it as, "The One-HANDED Man."]
  + I Know What You Did Last Summer    {jk}
  + I Still Know What You Did Last Summer    {bjr}
        - Donick Cary got tagged with both of these, one for each of his
          appearances in the credits
  + I Married an Axe Murderer    {bjr}
        - Brian "I Dated an Axe Murderer" Scully
  + Bride of Chuckie    {bjr}
        - Julie "Bride of Mikey" Thacker [It turns out that Julie Thacker and Mike 
	  Scully are married to one another in real life -- Ed.]
  + Re-Animator   {lh}
    "Herbert West - Reanimator" by H. P. Lovecraft (jt)
        - Jim "Re-Animator" Reardon
  + "The Raven"   {bjr}
        - "The Raven" Sirkot
  + The Bride of Frankenstein    {bjr}
        - "The Bride of Liechtenstein" (Liechtenstein is a tiny country near 
  + Bela Lugosi (horror film actor)
        - Lolee "Bugosi" Aries
  + The Texas Chainsaw Massacre    {bjr}
      	- Richard "Texas Chainsaw" Chung
  + Psycho   {bjr}
      	- Norman "Bates" MacLeod
  + Wes Craven's Shocker  
      	- horror movie where a convict takes revenge after being electrocuted
      	- there's also a scene in which characters are zapped into a television
    Body Parts   {ah}
      	- man turns serial killer after receiving killer's arm in a transplant.
          ["It was the only time I saw a movie's trailer get booed," says {ah}]
    Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday  {hw}
      	- plot similarity, e.g. body organ taking over bodies and murdering
    James Dean    {bb}
      	- Homer puts a pack of cigarettes in his shirt sleeve a la this actor
  ~ Jaws   {hw}
      	- the camera work when Apu is being murdered
  + The Shining (movie -- Kubrick version)  {hw}
      	- Homer knocks a hole in the door with the mallet, like Jack Nicholson
          with the axe
  + Terror of Tiny Town  
      	- the second segment's title, "Terror of Tiny Toon" parodies this
  + Purple Rose of Cairo   {hl}
      	- life on other side of movie screen
    Pleasantville   [playing at the time this episode aired]  {hl}
      	- life on other side of television screen
    Amazon Women On the Moon   {tr}
      	- in one of its many vignettes, a person is zapped into his TV, and goes
          from channel to channel as his wife tries to get him out (he wants to
          stay in the adult channel)
    Stay Tuned   {jk}
      	- using a remote control to enter the TV world and heading to different
    Twilight Zone   {ps}
      	- a girl gets sucked into a very violent cartoon [Duane Bigoni notes the 
	  girl, Ethel, was played by Nancy Cartwright --Ed.]
    Who Framed Roger Rabbit    {dj}
      	- the sharp objects thrown at Bart and Lisa similar to scene from this
  + Starship Troopers  
	- ... most people will think of this movie, though, when they hear the
          title "Starship Pooper"
	- the Starship Poopers logo similar to movie's logo  {dj}
    My Stepmother Is An Alien    {hl}
      	- more fun with alien relatives
    Mars Attacks    {hl}
      	- aliens zapping entire audience
  + Aliens    {hl}
      	- Maggie attaching herself to Springer's face
      	- [I'd say this could also apply to Snake's hair and Bart's face -- Ed.]

[5F19] When You Dish Upon a Star
  + "When You Wish Upon a Star" (song)  {jk}
      	- title parodies this Disney standard [{th} notes it was, "the Oscar-
	  winning best song of 1940, was written by Ned Washington and Leigh Harline 
	  for Walt Disney's Pinocchio."]
    Wayne's World    {cl}
        - Homer tells someone he's illiterate to gain sympathy, like Wayne tells
          Cassandra in this movie
  + Terminator 
        - Homer's "Terminizor" clearly inspired by this
  + Back to the Future    {cmj}
        - Homer's time machine drawing had an inset that looked like the
          infamous "flux capacitor" from Back to the Future
    The Time Machine (movie based on the H.G. Wells novel)  {ck}
        - time-travel device similar to Homer's -- both have a spinning thing in
          the back that look like a striped umbrella, with the rest basically
          being a chair with attachments
    China Syndrome   {hl}
        - Homer noticing a problem by the ripples in the drinking cup
  + Jurassic Park 
        - lemonade glasses tremble as crowd approaches, as water glasses do in
          movie when the dinosaurs approach
    LA Confidential 
    Hunt for Red October    {tr}
        - movies mentioned by the crowd
    Beethoven   {hl}
        - St. Bernard doggy movie
    "This time, it's personal" (movie tagline)  {bjr}
        - considered a generic movie slogan, but perhaps first associated with
          Jaws IV
    Titanic   {tr}
        - Homer harasses the old woman from that film via telephone
    Sophie's Choice  (book, then movie)  {jk}
        - Ron Howard's first film idea is similar to the plot of this film

[AABF02] D�oh-In in the Wind
    Yellow Submarine  {bjr}
        - sound of lunch whistle and smoke from cooling towers similar to noise
          and smoke from factory near beginning of this movie
  + "Alan Smithee" films  {jr}
        - this is the traditional pseudonym used by directors who didn't like
          the way a film turned out
    Dumbo  {nd}
        - the pink elephant in Barney's hallucination
  ~ Reefer Madness  {ddg}
        - everybody who drank the marijuana-laced juice had immediate visions,
          which is the message the movie Reefer Madness tried to spread -
          never mind how accurate it is)

[AABF03] Lisa Gets an A
  + Jaws  {brk}
        - the seaweed shark special had similar theme and mood
  + Crocodile Dundee  {jg2}
        - Dash Dingo's narrator looks like him
  + Cry in the Dark
        - movie about baby-eating dingoes
  + Rock N' Roll High School  {jg2}
        - Nelson runs an office in a bathroom stall, just like a character in
          this movie
  ~ Trainspotting   {le}
        - Willy fishes around in a broken toilet, as fellow Scotsman Ewan
          McGregor does (and then some) in the film
    A Christmas Story  {jg2}
        - Lisa getting an A+++ is reminiscent of Ralphie's fantasy

[AABF04] Homer Simpson in: "Kidney Trouble"
  + Roger Rabbit in: Tummy Trouble (cartoon short)  {nl}
        - title undoubtedly comes from this animated short, which appeared
          before screenings of Honey, I Shrunk The Kids
  + Westworld  {hl}
        - classic sci-fi movie about robot cowboy fantasy park
    A Clockwork Orange   {eg}
        - when Homer is trying to read the [liability] form he is signing, the
          nurse says "Don't read it. Sign it."  The prison guard said the same
          thing to Alex when he tried to read what he was signing
  ~ Beavis and Butthead Do America  {jg}
        - Homer fleeing in terror as Dr. Hibbert (cf. Robert Stack) puts on a
          rubber glove
  + One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest   {tr}
        - a character escaping a hospital through an open window
    Butch Cassidy And the Sundance Kid  {hl}
        - hand pump rail cart featured
    Island Of Lost Souls  {ms}
      	- "Ship Of Lost Souls"
  + Peter Lorre, actor  {jk}
        - tuxedoed "Lost Soul" modeled after him
    Between Two Worlds  {ms}
        - Peter Lorre as one of the passengers
    Great Expectations  {mar}
        - the bride on the boat reminded me of Miss Haversham from the novel,
          who wore the wedding dress from her long-ago aborted wedding through
          the book
    Outward Bound  {ms}
        - much of plot in Act 3
  + North by Northwest  {dga}
        - Homer standing in front of an oncoming truck is a direct reference to
          this film: watch Cary Grant near the end of the cropduster scene

[AABF05] Mayored to the Mob
  + Married to the Mob
     	- title an obvious take-off
  + Titanic  {tr}
        - the "$1000 Movie" is a cheap rip off of the blockbuster
  + Jaws  {tr}
        - he risen Titanic attacking the survivors is reminiscent of this movie
  + Star Wars  {jg}
        - "use the forks" is similar to "Use the force"
  + Revenge of the Nerds
        - Homer yells "Nerds!" just like Ogre does when he first spots the nerds
          from the roof of his fraternity building
    Barbarella  {mwh}
        - Edna Krabappel dresses like her at the convention
  + The Day the Earth Stood Still  {dt}
        - Gort shows up at the convention
  + Godzilla  {dt}
        - so does the old-style Godzilla [{dt} adds, "Lets face it, there is
          only one Godzilla and Groening picked the right one." -- Ed.]
  + Moonraker  {mo}
        - scene where CBG falls in love with the nerd with braces on her teeth
          similar to one where Jaws falls for a nerdy Scandinavian girl
  + An Officer and a Gentleman  {dt}
        - The training scene and the humiliation scene seemed to have been taken
          from this movie
  + The Godfather movie series  {jg}
        - the setting of the Mafia hideout and music, and also the mobsters
  + Weekend at Bernies  {tr}
        - Homer contemplates using Quimby's corpse with this film as his guide.
    The Rock  {hl}
        - dangling man from balcony to make deal
  ~ The Lion King  {jg}
        - Kent Brockman talks about the circle of life
  + The Untouchables  {hl}
        - smashing the casks of rat milk (cf. Smashing beer casks)
        - Fat Tony's "I want this man dead" threat similar to one made by Capone
          in the movie  {ag}
        - beating Quimby with a bat
    Bullets over Broadway  {al}
        - Mobsters at a musical
  + The Godfather
        - mobster's hand pinned to table by fork  {hl}
        - "kiss of death" scene  {ddg}
  + The Bodyguard
        - "I Will Always Love You" is played
        - Homer carrying Mark in his arms  {al}

[AABF06] Viva Ned Flanders
  + Viva Las Vegas
        - title an obvious spoof
        - song itself used in end credits
    Dante's Peak  {mn}
     	- smoke pouring over the town from the 'implosion' of the old casino is
          very similar to scenes from the movie Dante's Peak with the
          townspeople running from the volcanic ash
  + Star Wars
        - CBG's car sports a "My other car is the Millennium Falcon" bumper
        - in overhead shot of casino floor, carpet pattern resembles symbol of
          galactic empire
  + I Know What You Did Last Summer
        - Rev. Lovejoy spoofs this movie title in his sermon
  + The Game
        - Homer's borrows the basic plot of the movie
        - also, he refers to himself as "Homer Simpson, Inc." -- a la the film's
          "Recreational Services Inc."  (or whatever the hell that company was
          called)  {np}
  + Stalag 17  {ad}
        - Otto Preminger utters "escape is impossible" as an SS commandant to a
          group of American POWs, muck like Homer says to Flanders
    Casino  {np}
        - one of the waitresses is named "Ginger", like Ace Rothstein's hooker
  ~ Animal House  {jr}
        - Homer at the Breakfast Bar
 + Logan's Run  {hl}
        - the notice over the intercom about "runners"
  ~ Mars Attacks  {ec}
        - Homer talks about blowing up the heads of aliens and saving America,
          which is how the movie ended

[AABF07] Wild Barts Can�t Be Broken
  + Dr. Strangelove
        - family rides an atom bomb to its target, like the Slim Pickens
          character in the movie [Since it's in a couch gag, we're likely 
	  to see it again later in the season.  This is the last time I'll 
	  cite the reference, however --Ed.]
    Two Minute Warning  {hl}
        - this movie is about a sniper at football game; Moe mentions a sniper
          at the All-Star baseball game
    Sunnyside  {al}
        - "Homer's Night Out" segment where Homer was frolicking with the nymphs
          was very similar to this Charlie Chaplin film
  + Village of the Damned
        - "The Bloodening" a spoof if this horror film [See "Comments" section
          for more]
        - kids in film (and in paddy wagon) have glowing blue eyes  {tld}
    Elvira, Mistress of the Dark   {tld}
        - kids sneak out at night to see horror film
    Radio America  {hl}
        - movie about teenagers running pirate radio station may have inspired
          the kids' revenge
    Pump Up the Volume  {eac}
        - the hidden broadcast premise, complete with parent-teacher meeting
  ~ Do the Right Thing  {jr}
        - Otto's boom box similar to Radio Rakhem's

[AABF08] Sunday, Cruddy Sunday
  + Titanic
        - couch struck by iceberg and sinks, like the actual ship
       - [{ag} said it reminded him of ABC's Titanic spoof -- Ed.]
  + Rudy
        - movie is the (real-life) story of a young man's improbable quest to
          join the Notre Dame Fighting Irish; the title character tries to get
          on Homer's Super Bowl bus
        - Notre Dame victory march is heard  {tdm}

[AABF09] Homer to the Max
  + Psycho  {al}
        - image of Homer in the rocking chair at the window from this movie
  + Columbia Pictures  {pm}
        - one of the hedges at the mansion shows a horse with wings similar to
          the one in this company's production logo
  + Titanic  {tr}
  ~ Austin Powers  {nd}
        - Homer's new name might have been inspired by the title of this movie
          (which was also the name of the main character).
  + Goldfinger by Shirley Bassey
        - Homer sings the Max Power theme to the tune of "Goldfinger"
    Lethal Weapon  {al}
        - the police car two days away from retirement, like Daniel Glover's
          character in this movie

[AABF11] I�m With Cupid
  + Jaws IV   {bjr}
      	- the first movie I can recall with the tagline, "This time, it's
          personal"  Whether this is true or not, Apu recycles it when extending
          Homer the dinner invitation
    Baron Von Munchausen   {ec}
        - skywriting pilot resembled the actor in the movie
  + Breakfast at Tiffany's 
        - Springfield's Tiffany store has taken the title of this movie
          literally  [See "Comments" section for more]
    The African Queen   {ah}
        - title seems to have inspired name of "The Sardine Queen"
    The English Patient  {hl}
    North by Northwest  {tpe}
        - biplane heading towards someone

[AABF10] Marge Simpson in "Screaming Yellow Honkers"
  + "20th Century Fox" logo  {jk}
        - "That's Edutainment" logo is similar
  + That's Entertainment! 
      	- "That's Edu-Tainment!" a parody [{bjr} writes, "'Edu-Tainment' is also 
	  a term referring to books, movies, and such that are supposed to teach 
	  you something without boring you to death."]
  + Fame (movie and TV show)
        - the teachers sing "Not Gonna Teach Forever" to the melody of this song
  + Glengarry Glen Ross   {hl}
        - the board showing individual sales
  + Thelma and Louise   {hl}
        - Wiggum sarcastically calls Marge both names
  + Jumanji 
        - Homer says it to get rid of the rhinos
    Jurassic Park 
        - scene where the police watch the rhino destroy their vehicle similar
          to the one Dr. Grant watch a dinosaur fight from behind a tree  {je}
        - Homer attacked in can, the way lawyer on the can was eaten  {hl}
    Friday the 13th   {sw}
        - Jason attacks a guy in a port-o-john, by stabbing a knife through the
          side (cf. the rhino attacking Homer with his horn)
    The Gods Must Be Crazy   {rk}
      	- rhino instinctively stomps out a fire

[AABF12] Make Room for Lisa
  + Animal House   {hl}
  + Terms Of Endearment   {hl}
        - titles mentioned
  ~ Demon Seed   {hl}
        - room taken over by computer
  + The Odd Couple (movie, and TV series)
        - Homer calls his oldest children "the original Odd Couple"
        - Homer sings the theme, more or less
  + Lorenzo's Oil 
        - Oil of Lorenzo available for purchase
  + Altered States 
        - sensory deprivation tanks a key feature of this movie  {hl}
        - shapechanging (for lack of a better word) ["morphing," perhaps? --
          Ed.]  {ag}
  + Planet of the Apes   {tmh}
        - Lisa's "Get your stinky paw off me!" sounds like Charlton Heston's
          famous line

[AABF13] Maximum Homerdrive
  + The Great Outdoors 
    	- in this film, John Candy accepts a challenge to eat a huge steak, like
          Homer and Red
    Beethoven's 2nd   {jv}
        - Homer in the steak contest very similar to the hamburger contest in
          this movie
    The Birds   {tdm}
        - attacking Milhouse
    Animal House   {jg2}
        - Homer says "Thank you, sir, may I have another?"
  + 2001:  A Space Odyssey 
        - truck navigating computer sounds a little like HAL 9000
  ~ The Chase   {ejr}
        - when Homer's truck skids sideways and flips over a line of cars
          parodies a scene in this movie
[AABF14] Simpsons Bible Stories
    2001: A Space Odyssey   {al}
      	- Eve/Marge making tools looks fairly similar
  + The Ten Commandments 
        - "Where's your messiah now?"  {ddg}
        - Chief Wiggum spoofs Dathan, Edward G. Robinson's character from the
        - plague of frogs  {hl}
        - let my people go  {hl}
        - the climactic parting of the Red Sea staged similarly
        - Pharaoh-Skinner's men chasing the kids  {dj}
        - costuming and some of the camera angles (like Skinner/Pharaoh) and his
          men floating in the Red Sea similar  {bjr}
  + Last Action Hero 
        - Bart (as David) vows he will become "the first action hero"
  + Fantasia 
        - Nelson/Goliath II's appearance from the tower of Babel similar to the
          devil's rising out of the mountain [J. D. Baldwin says the demon
          rising from the mountain "was modeled after Chernobourg, the Slavonic
          god of evil" -- Ed.]
        - same music is used, too  [A. Michelson writes, "That was "Night on
          Bald Mountain" or "Night on Bare Mountain" -- Ed.]  {bjr}
  + King Kong   {tr}
        - the scene where Goliath/Nelson falls from the tower similar to where
          King Kong falls in this movie
  + Ben Hur   {tr}
        - "Where's your Messiah now?"
  + Simpson/Bruckheimer Films (movie production company)  {bjr}
        - the "lightning striking the logo" effect similar to that seen in their
          films.  These two are (or were, one of them passed away) noted for
          high-octane action films

[AABF15] Mom and Pop Art
  + Dr. Strangelove 
        - family rides an atom bomb to its target, like the Slim Pickens
          character in the movie
        - [I decided to re-cite the reference, after all -- Ed.]

    Godfather   {asw}
        - Homer pulls gun from behind water tank of toilet
    Psycho   {gw}
        - when Homer is driving in his car, trying to get rid of the BBQ, the
          shots and music are similar to the famous scene where Janet Leigh is
          driving in the rain
  + Terminator 2   {jg}
        - the gunman in the Cubist painting says "Hasta la vista, baby!"

[AABF16] The Old Man and the "C" Student
     There's Something About Mary   {tml}
      	- Snowball II in a cast
  + the Muppets  {ag}
      	- Rizzo the rat
  + Gone With The Wind 
      	- The Retirement Castle shows a senior-friendly version of the film
          [{tr} wonders, "Maybe they found it with the 'alternate ending'
  + One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest 
        - Native American man throws things through an institution's window
        - inmates surreptitiously take a boat ride  {ag}
  + A Hard Day's Night 
        - old folks' romp resembled scenes from the film
    Flubber   {ddg}
        - the sequel to The Absent-Minded Professor also had a scene where a
          baby bounced off the floor
  + Titanic 
        - Smithers' drawing of Mr. Burns similar to the one of Kate Winslet's
        - sinking scene  [{er} notes specifically that people hang from the boat
          as it sinks, and that it sinks vertically -- Ed.]
        - the way the two ships collide similar to the Titanic-vs.-iceberg
          collision  {pmg}

[AABF17] Monty Can�t Buy Me Love
  + The Postman 
        - at the megastore, Lisa watches the DVD version this movie  [See
        "Comments" section for more -- Ed.]
  + Jurassic Park  {jk}
      	- 'copter scene at the end of the second act
    Godzilla (series of movies)  {jg2}
        - the Loch Ness Monster's roar is similar
  + Aliens   {er}
        - when Prof. Frink starts yelling "They're right on top of  us!" is
          similar to the scene in which the aliens first appear in the film
  + King Kong
        - giant monster captured to entertain crowds back home  {bjr}
        - Mr. Burns not wanting pictures of Nessie taken and his reaction

[AABF18] They Saved Lisa�s Brain
  + They Saved Hitler's Brain 
        - title a take-off of this B-movie
  + the Brat Pack  {jk2}
        - the "Bright Pack" nickname probably refers to this group of snotty
          teenaged movie actors of the 80's.  Anthony Michael Hall and Molly
          Ringwald, people like that
  + Nastassja Kinski (actress)  {ml}
  + Janet Jackson (actress)  {hl}
        - both women did a cheesecake photo with a python, � la Homer with the
  + Star Trek (TV series)
        - CBG dresses yet again in a Star Trek outfit  {tr}
        - Comic Book Guy sings his taunt of Hibbert to the theme tune
        - Willie does a good Scottie impression when replying to him  {tr}
  + Roger and Me   {ddg}
      - Flint, Michigan is town 296 on the list

[AABF20] Thirty Minutes over Tokyo
  + 30 Seconds Over Tokyo 
        - title of this episode spoofs this war movie
  + Rashomon 
        - famous Japanese movie about how people remember an incident
          differently.  The writers spoof this when Marge remembers Homer liking
          this movie and Homer doesn't  [See "Comments" section for more -- Ed.]
    Animal House 
        - Jim Belushi filming a sequel aboard the plane
  + Woody Allen - Soon Yi Previn affair  {bjr}
        - Woody wonders what he did to deserve humiliation -- here's your
          answer, Woody
  + Chushingura/47 Ronin (kabuki play/movie)  {tn}
        - while in jail, Homer has a role in this play, which later became the
          famous movie  [See "Comments" section for more -- Ed.]
  ~ The Incredible Mr. Limpet   {gw}
        - the talking fish sorta looks like the fish from this movie
  ~ Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom   {gw}
        - the bridge scene reminds me of a scene at the end of this movie
  + Jurassic Park   {hl}
        - large eye peering through the window
  + Godzilla (movie monster)
        - the classic Japanese version appears tonight
  + Mothra (Japanese monster movie)  {hmw}
       - monster at the end of the episode
  + Rodan (Japanese monster movie)  {hmw}
        - monster at the end of the episode
  + Gamera (Japanese monster movie)  {hmw}
        - monster at the end of the episode

[AABF23] Beyond Blunderdome
  + Mad Max:  Beyond Thunderdome 
      	- episode title spoofs this movie, which starred Mel Gibson
        - Mad Max's car turns up in the Auto Museum
        - same type car chase  [This also works as a Road Warrior reference --
  + Mr. Smith Goes to Washington   {tr} 2
        - Gibson and Simpson make a hyper-violent version of this movie
    Kazaam   {jg}
        - mentioned at the test screening
  + The Absent-Minded Professor 
        - Professor Frink hopes rubbery (or is that "flubbery?") substance from
          this movie will be in new film
  + Booty Call 
        - the "director's cut" of this film is mentioned
    Cannonball Run   {th}
        - the plane lands on a street
  + Jerry Maguire  {th}
        - Homer says, "You had me at 'hello.'"
  + Polygram Pictures {ddg} and Tristar Pictures {tr} (movie production houses) 
        - "Polystar Pictures" an amalgamation of the two
  + Harvey   {ms}
        - Homer confused the storyline of this with the 1939 Mr. Smith Goes To
  + It's a Wonderful Life   {tr2}
        - Homer mentioned the rabbit owned an S&L
  + George Kennedy   {th}
        - George Kennedy Airport is a ref to the veteran actor who appeared in
          all four of the Airport movies
  + Paramount (movie production company)  {th}
        - gates of Polystar Pictures looks similar to Paramount's gates
  ~ Get Shorty   {bjr}
        - stars riding around in "prestigious" minivans
  + Robert Downey, Jr.   {bjr}
        - as the police shootout demonstrates, he is always getting into scrapes
          with the law
  + Hugh Grant   {bjr}
        - arrested for soliciting a prostitute (ew!)
  + Nine Months   {tr}
        - place where this Hugh Grant film was made is pointed out by the guide
  + Anne Heche and Ellen Degeneres (actresses and lovers)  {bjr}
        - couple more famous for being openly lesbian than for their actual
    Mars Attacks!   {hl}
        - shootout in congress
        - senator impaled on American flag like Jack Nicholson
    Die Hard With a Vengeance   {er}
        - the line "with a vengeance" is used in the movie
  + Marilyn Monroe (actress)  {tr}
        - once sung "Happy Birthday, Mr. President" to Kennedy.  Compare with
          Mr. Gibson saying the same thing to the movie president
    Dirty Harry   {gb}
       - Mel Gibson tossing away his badge at the end of the Mr. Smith remake
          is similar to Clint Eastwood's tossing away his police badge at the
          end of this movie
  + Saving Private Ryan 
        - Saving Irene Ryan has a similar title.  [{ddg} notes, "It's hard to
          save Irene Ryan; she died in 1973."]  Speaking of Ms. Ryan ...
    She's Having a Baby   {hl}
        - remake of 1988 movie now with anatomically correct movie poster
  + Lethal Weapon 2   {hl}
        - toilet bomb
  + The Road Warrior   {tr}
        - the car Gibson and the Simpsons hijack looks like Humungus' [the bad
          guys' ringleader] car
  + Mann's Chinese Theater  {bjr}
        - "Chinese Man's Theater" a clever play on words
  + Braveheart   {tr}
        - the Academy-Award winning movie starring Mel Gibson is referenced
          several times in the episode, most noticeably in the "mooning" scene
  + Spike Lee (movie producer)
        - Mel Gibson and Homer Simpson borrow Spike Lee's terminology for movie
          credits:  "A Spike Lee Joint"
  ~ American Pie   {gb}
        - Homer's reference to the "teen sex romp" movie sounds more like this
          inane teen movie than the other 472 inane teen movies released in the
          past couple years

[AABF22] Brother�s Little Helper
  ~ The Black Hole   {jk}
        - Skinner's 3D model of how Bart affects the other kids' grades.
    Three Amigos!   {jg}
     	- Doctor says, "You'll get just as attached to these three amigos!"
  ~ Kelly's Heroes   {cj}
        - this is an old Clint Eastwood film that climaxes in the three main
          characters "standing up", unarmed, to a group of tanks

[AABF21] Guess Who�s Coming to Criticize Dinner?
  + Guess Who's Coming To Dinner?  
        - similar title
  + The Treasure of the Sierra Madre   {jg}
        - "We don't need no stinkin' E!"  (cf. badges)
    Misery (book/movie)  {ak}
        - the novel features a writer who, throughout the book, uses a
          typewriter without the letter "e" to write a book
    The Shining   {jg}
        - Homer typing the same phrase over and over again
  + It's Pat  {tr}
        - this "Saturday Night Live" sketch, made into a movie which was never
          released and went straight to video, is mentioned on a poster.
  + Heartbeeps
  + Citizen Kane
  + The Cable Guy (movies)  {tr}
        - alleged paraphernalia from these movies are seen.
    Who Is Killing the Great Chefs of Europe?    {hl}
        - movie about murder, food, chefs, and food critics
  + Godfather (movie and book by Mario Puzo [told you!])
        - the infamous horse's head mentioned
  + The French Connection   {jk}
        - The French Confection booth
    The Man with the Golden Gun   {jg}
        - shot of French chef assembling the eggbeater (cf. gun) is similar
  + The Magnificent Ambersons   {sp}
        - references to George Amberson "getting his comeuppance"; compare this
          to Homer's vow that he will never get his

[BABF01] Treehouse of Horror X
  + Death Takes a Holiday   {bjr}
        - Ron Hauge becomes Death Takes A Hauge Day
  + Frankenstein   {bjr}
        - Frank Mula becomes Frank-enstein Drac-Mula
  + Dracula   {bjr}
        - the other half of the Frank Mula two-fer
  + Ishtar   {al}
        - Jim "Ishtar" Reardon recalls this flop 1987 movie with Warren Beatty
          and Dustin Hoffman
    Psycho   {bjr}
        - Norman "Bates" MacLeod takes advantage of the similarity between his
          name and the name of this movie's lead character
  + I Know What You Did Last Summer 
  + I Still Know What You Did Last Summer (another movie)  {dld}
        - title and plot based on movie is about teens who accidentally kill a
          man, and then cover it up; he takes revenge from the dead
        - the raincoat and hook are from this movie  {er}
  + Weekend at Bernie's 
        - attempting to make a corpse appear alive
  + Nightmare on Elm Street 
        - Sherri and Terri eerily jumping rope similar  {al}
        - Matt Selman transformed to Nightmare on Selman Street  {bjr}
  + Scream   {jk}
        - Moe's phone call
  + Friday the 13th   {tr}
        - Skinny-dipping in stream where teenagers had been killed
  + An American Werewolf in London 
        - Being attacked by a werewolf on a foggy road
  + Desperately Seeking Susan 
        - title parodies Madonna/Rosanna Arquette film
  + The Wizard of Oz   {dp}
        - Lisa's feet stick out from beneath the bookshelves which is
        reminiscent of the scene in The Wizard of Oz when Dorothy's house
        falls on the Wicked Witch
  ~ Tie Me Up, Tie Me Down   {hl}
        - obsessed fan kidnaps actress
  + Star Trek  (series of TV series)  {hl}
        - 7 of 9 from Voyager and Spock in Collectors' lair.
       	- William Shatner did sing a hammy album with a memorable rendition of
          "Lucy ... in the Sky ... With Diamonds"  [See "Comments" section for
          more -- Ed.]
        - "Best Death Ever" statement is up to par with Kirk's Death in
  + Star Wars (Movie series)
        - The Collector wants Lucy Lawless to call him Obi-Wan  {tr}
        - CBG using Darth Maul's lightsaber  {jk}
  + The Terminator  {dld}
        - Dick Clark's metal skeleton similar to the Terminator's
  + Maximum Overdrive   {jk}
        - machines run amok and try to kill humans [Coincidentally, Yeardley Smith 
	  appeared in this film. And I'm sure she's just delighted that people keep 
	  mentioning it --Ed.]
    Le Voyage Dans La Lune (From The Earth To The Moon)   {hl}
        - similar 45 degree launching pad seen in 1902 film
  + Deep Impact   {jc}
        - restricting the people being saved from extinction to the best and the
  + When Worlds Collide   {jk}
        - rocket ship for those leaving Earth to start a new civilization on
    "Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep?" by Philip K. Dick (book) (a.k.a.
      Blade Runner)  {jc}
        - evacuating humanity from Earth to Mars in the wake of nuclear

  + Star Wars Episode One: The Phantom Menace 
  +  My Dinner with Andre 
        - My Dinner With Jar Jar is a two-fer reference
        - [{bjr}: "Jar Jar was the love-him-or-hate-him character from 'Star
          Wars,' in case you somehow missed the film"]
  + Mars Needs Women   {bjr}
        - "Mars Needs Towels" parodies this B-movie
  + Das Boot
  + Booty Call  {dp}
        - "Das Booty Call" on the theater marquee
  + Shakespeare in Love   {jg2}
        - "Shakespeare in Heat"
  + Saving Private Ryan 
        - inspires the tacky Buzz Cola ad
  + Mask of Zorro 
        - Zorro uses his sword to gradually slice off heroine's dress
        - presence of Anthony Hopkins
  + The Man in the Iron Mask
  + The Scarlet Pimpernel (movies and books)
        - all these movies/books (plus Mask of Zorro) are lampooned in "The
          Poke of Zorro" [{jc} notes, "As 'Man' is the sequel to 'Musketeers,' 
	  it's ironic to note that Zorro fights him after fighting the Musketeers"]
  + Gus   {al}
        - 1976 Disney Movie about a field-goal-kicking mule (the title
          character, of course)  [See "Comments" section for more -- Ed.]
    Back to the Future, Part III   {jg2}
        - Homer (cf. Marty McFly) worrying about a duel the next morning while
          looking at a tombstone with his own name on it
    Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark   {rg}
        - a master swordsman wages an attack, and the other guy just calmly
          pulls a gun on him
  + Waiting to Exhale   {tr}
        - Homer mentions the movie
  + The Amazing Colossal Man   {jg2}
        - Homer mentions this movie
  ~ Austin Powers  {cj}
        - wherein a million dollars is a paltry amount, but a billion dollars is
          a dangerous number for which to ask
  + Night of the Living Dead   {jg2}
        - scene of animals (cf. zombies) invading the house is similar
    Aliens   {kh}
        - the sheep on the helicopter was like the rescue craft in the movie
          crashing as a result of an alien hitchhiker

[BABF02] Hellow Gutter, Hellow Fadder
  + Koyaanisqatsi   {dm}
        - fast-motion sequence when Homer oversleeps
        - while this is going on, music similar to the music from the movie
        plays in the background
    A Clockwork Orange   {jlb}
        - another fast-motion sequence, this one featuring a couple getting
          romantic (like Otto and girlfriend)
        - the camera angle was also identical
        - [See "Comments" section for more -- Ed.]
  ~ Ferris Bueller's Day Off   {jg2}
        - the family becomes concerned over someone's made-up health problem
  + The Natural 
        - Homer's ball triggers an explosion, as Robert Redford's baseball does
        when it hits the lights
        - slow-motion action as Homer bowls the final ball of the game  {bjr}
        - music from this movie heard during this scene (and in the final scene)
        - Homer exults as debris rains down around him, the way Redford's
        character does  {bjr}
  + Superman (movie and comic book/TV series)  {bjr}
        - tagline for the 1979 film was, "You'll believe a man can fly"
  + Apocalypse Now   {hl}
        - song played as a character contemplates ending his life
  + C.H.U.D.   {jg2}
        - he sees C.H.U.D.s, too
  + The Mole People   {hl}
  + The Creature from the Black Lagoon   {jg2}
        - Maggie's vision of Homer in the pool

[BABF03] Eight Misbehavin�
  + Vincent Price   {jk}
        - evil guy in couch gag patterned after him
    King Kong   {tr}
      	- "the eight wonders of the third world" recalls King Kong being "The
        Eighth Wonder of the World"
[BABF05] Take My Wife, Sleaze
  + The Sixth Sense 
        - film about a boy who could see the spirits of the dead, something that
        Bart apparently can't do
  + American Graffiti   {rc}
        - Wolfguy Jack's assistant looked exactly like Candy Clark from this
    Pulp Fiction 
        - also had a 50s theme restaurant  {hl}
        - dance contest at the Greaser's Cafe is reminiscent  {ds}
  + Grease   {kb}
        - the dance-off contest
    Airplane!   {jg2}
        - Homer and Marge's weird dance moves are reminiscent of the Saturday
          Night Fever parody scene
  + There's Something about Mary 
        - church sign says, "Today's Topic: There's Something about the Virgin
          Mary" [Tom Restivo wonders, "How long before the Catholic League bitches
          about _this_ one?"]
  + Rebel Without A Cause 
        - the old movie that inspires homer is similar  [{jc} adds, "Right down
          to the lead looking like James Dean and being called Jimmy."]
  + The Wild One 
        - another obvious inspiration for Homer's movie
  ~ Weird Science  {jg2}
        - scene of bikers invading the house is similar
  + Friday the 13th 
        - movie was set at the Crystal Lake campground
  + Highlander   {cb}
        - the fight up the stairs was right out of the scene where the Sean
          Connery character dies
    The Princess Bride   {bc2}
        - Homer's duel with Meat Hook bears a lot of resemblance to Wesley's
          duel with Indigo in said movie.  Both fights went from level ground to
          stairways and along edges of walls
    Adventures of Robin Hood   {mjf}
        - the motorcycle-swinging fight was a riff on the famous climactic
          battle between Basil Rathbone and Errol Flynn

[BABF07] Grift of the Magi
    Batteries Not Included   {al}
        - the first Funzo we see looks like one robot from this movie
    The Omen   {asw}
        - a priest was impaled by a weather vane in this film
  + Kazaam!   {tr}
        - an NBA player as a genie on Krusty's show is similar to Shaquille
          O'Neill as a genie in this movie
    Gremlins   {hl}
        - cute furry critters suddenly turn destructive
    Small Soldiers   {jk}
        - toys programmed to destroy other toys
  + The Terminator 
        - bare skeleton of doll reminiscent of skull of Terminator robot
        - way doll pops up after being thought destroyed similar, too
  + A Christmas Carol 
        - all TV series with Christmas specials required to eventually parody
          Scrooge's visit by three ghosts
        - Gary Coleman's closing quote similar to Tiny Tim's line "God bless us
          all, every one!" at the end of the story  {dj}
  + It's A Wonderful Life 
        - in another traditional Christmas parody, Moe sees what life would be
          like if he'd never been born
        - the revelation prevents him from killing himself

[BABF04] Little Big Mom
  + Little Big Man 
        - title a spoof [See "Comments" section for more -- Ed.]
  + Goldfinger   {pm}
        - like James Bond, Scratchy strapped to table and threatened with a
    Multiplicity   {cd}
        - rapid fire, unscientifically possible cloning
    Toy Story   {bcs}
        - the way Homer retrieves the junk is very similar to a scene from this
  + Night of the Living Dead   {cd}
        - Homer and Bart reach through the mail slot, calling out, "brains!"
    Ben Hur   {hl}
        - religious-themed movie Maude saw behind Ned's back

[BABF06]  Faith Off
  + Face/Off 
        - title of episode spoofs this film's title (and nothing else)
  + Love Story 
        - Homer recalls plot of this film as his own life
        - [Ray Kassinger adds, "Also a ref to Al 'I invented the internet'
          Gore's conviction that 'Love Story' was based on Tipper and himself" -
        - Ed.]
    Caddyshack   {mr}
        - the scene with the hired goons at the fund raiser going after Homer
        similar to one where goons enforce payment on a bet
  ~ The Naked Gun   {jk}
        - the sequence where Homer drives around with the bucket on his head
          resembles this movie's opening credits
    + Leap of Faith 
        - big, flashy tent revival meeting with special effects  {jc}
        - faith healing through physical attacks  {jc}
        - Steve Martin's character holds two firework/sparkler things like Bart
          did  {rk}
    The Karate Kid   {jc}
        - laying upon hands to heal an athlete in time for a victory

[BABF08] The Mansion Family
  + Academy Awards
        - the Springfield Pride awards are an obvious parody of the Oscars,
          including seat fillers being used and "buzz" surrounding certain
          nominees (in this case, Lenny)  [See "Comments" section for more --
    The Fifth Element    {jc}
        - Burns has a disposable, self-replacing bed like Korben Dallas'
  + The Right Stuff   {bjr}
        - one of the astronauts' medical tests involves suspending a ball in a
          column of liquid by blowing into the column
    Modern Times   {jk}
        - Burns getting caught in the works of the MRI/cat scan machine
  + Raging Bull   {kn}
        - "He ain't pretty no more"

[BABF09] Saddlesore Galactica
    Wild Hearts Can't be Broken 
        - the diving horse is likely based on this woman who rode diving horses
          [{dp} notes it's a 1991 Disney film, and starred Gabrielle Anwar --
  + Gus 
        - Homer's short-lived plan to make Duncan a football star was lifted
          from this 1976 movie with Don Knotts and Ed Asner
  + The Horse Whisperer (book, then a movie)
        - Homer tries this strategy with Duncan
        - [{do} challenges, "If you're feeling particularly brave, try asking
          about it on rec.equestrian."  Meanwhile, {jg2} notes, "Fox's promos
          said this episode was 'in the tradition of 'The Horse Whisperer'' and
          'Only the Horse Whisperer knows!'"]
  + The Wizard of Oz   {dp}
        - the jockeys, in their underground world, are an obvious take-off of
          the Munchkins
  + Darby O'Gill and the Little People   {dld}
        - this Disney fantasy about a man who discovers a community of
          leprechauns in resembles Homer's interaction with the jockeys in act
          three   [{dld} writes, "I don't remember the leprechauns threatening
          to eat Darby's brain, though."]
    Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (movie and book)  {jk}
        - the jockeys mention a chocolate stream as part of their land
  + Planet of the Apes   {jg2}
        - "Could this be the start of a horrible Planet of the Horses?"

[BABF10]  Alone Again, Natura-Diddly
    The Naked Gun 
      	- Maude dies in a similar manner to Ricardo Montalban's character,
          getting knocked over the guardrail of a stadium into the parking lot
        - the shot of the crowd around Maude's body  {dj}
  ~ Chasing Amy   {jg}
        - Homer and Ned having a conversation while sitting on swings, similar
          to Ben Affleck and Joey Lauren Adams

[BABF11] Missionary:  Impossible
    The Hunchback of Notre Dame (book and Disney movie)  {sm} {ddg}
        - Homer shouting "Sanctuary" in the church
  ~ What About Bob?  {jc}
        - Rev. Lovejoy making extended satisfaction sounds while eating

[BABF12] Pygmoelian
  + The Lost Weekend   {bjr}
        - this movie (about alcoholism, appropriately enough) referenced in the
          "Duff Days" banner
  + Cocktail   {jg2}
        - the Trick Bartending competition is reminiscent of Tom Cruise's moves
  + Planet of the Apes   {jg2}
        - "... not Cornelius on the Planet of the Apes ugly!"
  + Tootsie 
      	- Moe and Homer trashing the soap opera on live TV reminded me quite a
          bit of a similar scene in Tootsie, where Dustin Hoffman reveals his
          "secret" on live TV  {ep}
        - a staircase in the background is similar  {ep}
        - "Should I cut him off?" line similar to movie  {cg2}

[BABF13] Bart to the Future
  + Back to the Future 
        - episode title a spoof
        - future Bart is working for his childhood adversary
        - like Biff, Nelson's outfit is a jogging suit accented with gold chains
    The Birds   {jg2}
        - the bugs (cf. birds) wreaking havoc at the park
    Pok�mon: the First Movie  {gb}
        - Nelson's hologram letter similar to one in movie
  + Blues Brothers   {sb}
        - a laser grid protects Bart's band from an audience throwing bottles.
          There's a similar scene in the movie, only with chicken wire instead
          of lasers
  + Road House   {gw}
        - another similar scene with Jeff Healy
  + Star Trek {jg2}
        - Groundskeeper Willie acts like Scotty
  + Rollerball
        - apparently becomes a legitimate sport by 2030 ["It could happen; the
          movie was set in 2018," claims {bjr}]
    Absolute Power (book and movie)  {jg2}
        - "Each president get three murders!"
  + The Shining
        - Bart talks with Billy Carter's ghost at a bar (cf. the scene with Jack
          Nicholson's character at the Overlook)
  + Dances with Wolves 
        - casino man's brother named, "Dances with Focus Groups"

[BABF14] Days of Wine and D�oh�ses
  + Days of Wine and Roses (book and movie)
        - episode title a spoof
        - [Jeff Cross says the book is by J. P. Miller -- Ed.]
  ~ Copland   {bmn}
        - McBain eating his way to an overweight action part is reminiscent of
          Stallone for this film
  ~ Raging Bull   {al}
        - Robert De Niro did the same thing for this movie
    Rio Bravo   {db}
        - Dean Martin's character, a drunken deputy, danced while bar patrons
          tossed coins and called him a rummy, as Homer does in this show
    The Lone Ranger (movie serials)  {ddg}
        - uses silver bullets ["Technically, it's a reference," says {ddg}]
    Diabolik   {jg2}
        - Moe sprays a gas cloud and laughs evilly, like this movie's title

[BABF16] Kill the Alligator and Run
  + Take the Money and Run   {jk}
        - title a spoof
  + Logan's Run 
        - characters have hand "jewels" that light up on their thirtieth
          birthday (cf. 25 for the VJ), signaling that it's time to die  [See
          "Comments" section for more -- Ed.]
  + The Wedding Singer   {jg2}
        - "Bring on the Rappin' Granny!"  [{jc} notes that she's Ellen Abertini
    Dirty Mary, Crazy Larry   {bjr}
        - I might be mangling the title, but the movie is famous for ending
          abruptly when the main characters' car is hit by a train
    Leadbelly   {gl}
        - the whole chain gang/playing music at the Judge's party seemed to be a
          reference to this 1976 biographical movie

[BABF15] Last Tap Dance in Springfield
  + Last Tango in Paris 
        - title of episode similar ["And if Lisa had gotten tango lessons like 
	  she wanted, the title could have been even more similar," says {bjr}]
  + RoboCop 
        - Cyborganizer a spoof
  + The Blair Witch Project   {jk}
        - repellant Marge buys for Bart [See "Comments" section for more -- Ed.]
  - The Cutting Edge 
        - "Tango de la Muerte" similar to the potentially dangerous, untested
          "Pamchenko" ice-skating routine, which the male and female hero
          execute perfectly in the finale, and which also included something
          like the "airplane-ride" bit
  + Shirley Temple
        - Lil' Vicki Valentine based on her [See "Comments" for more -- Ed.]
        - Little Vickie Valentine was popular around the same time  {dj}
        - danced in movies as a "childhood sweetheart"  {dj}
        - "Little Vickie", like Shirley Temple but unlike most child stars, is
          still around as on old lady  {dj}
    Dawn of the Dead   {sb}
        - the old folks clawing zombie-like to get into the shopping mall
  + Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm   {al}
        - an African-American servant (Bill "Bojangles" Robinson) teaches
          Shirley Temple's depressed character how to tap-dance in this 1938
          film, much like the film Lisa watches
    "Good Ship Lollipop" (song)
        - updated here to "Spaceship Lollipop" [{ma} points out that the song is 
	  from the 1934 movie Bright Eyes --Ed.]

[BABF18] It�s A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Marge
  + It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World 
        - title of episode a spoof
  + The Blair Witch Project 
        - Skinner doesn't want the students making knock-off versions
  + The Hand That Rocks the Cradle 
        - Marge finds herself in similar situation -- attractive guest tries to
          steal her place in the family
        - Selma helpfully mentions it in the episode  {ddg}
        - "Becky" might have been a reference to Rebecca DeMornay, who starred
          in the film  {bjr}
  + Say Anything   {jc}
        - Otto holds up a boom box over his head like John Cusack did to win
          Ione Skye
  + The Man With The Golden Gun   {al}
        - Homer assembles his straw from three pieces in a cigarette-size
          monogrammed case
        - music similar to the Bond theme plays
  + Star Wars: Episode IV 
        - Patty and Selma say, "the bitterness is strong in this one"; cf. Darth
          Vader's "the Force is strong in this one"
  + One Flew over the Cuckoo's Nest   {bjr}
        - Krusty introduces "Marge" as having flown in from the cuckoo's nest
  + Vampirella (comic book heroine)  {aw}
        - Becky dressed like her for Bart's video

[BABF19] Behind the Laughter
  + Teen Wolf and Teen Wolf Too (movies)  {dp}
      	- Bart agrees to make Teen Wolf III

[BABF21] Treehouse of Horror XI
    Ghost Dad
        - title a parody  {dj}
        - father dies, comes back to his family as ghost
  + Potemkin   {ah}
        - baby carriage rolls down stairs during a gun battle
    The Untouchables   {ah}
        - another possible inspiration for the baby-carriage scene
    Day of the Dolphin   {ddg}
        - movie about dolphins trained to kill people
  + Free Willy 
        - Snorky's escape scene similar to signature scene from this movie
    Orca   {ac}
        - feature about killer whales (cf. killer dolphins)
  + Jaws 
        - Lenny's death scene similar to one in this movie
    Sleepy Hollow   {mh}
        - Willie gets impaled by a dolphin flying through the window similar to
          the death of Baltus Van Tassal in the movie.
  + Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds (movie}
        - scene of dolphins perched ominously on the utility wires recalls this
    Raging Bull   {sw}
      	- when the Comic Book Guy is getting bashed in the head/neck with the
          car door, it's reminiscent of the scene with Joe Pesci
    The Grifters   {ac}
        - someone beaten with a sack of oranges

[BABF20] Tale of Two Springfields
  + Austin Powers 
        - radio DJs play sound bite (Austin saying "Oh, behave!") from the film
        - Principal Skinner dresses up like Austin  {jg2}

[BABF17] Insane Clown Poppy
  + The Matrix 
        - commercial for The Gap (clothing retailer)  {al}
        - the way the family spins around in the couch gag is very similar
  + John Travolta (actor)  {jg2}
        - "the Travoltas" also there
  + John Wayne  {jg2}
        - noted tough guy's real name turns out to be Marion

[CABF01] Lisa the Tree Hugger
    Karate Kid   {bjr}
        - Bart's instruction by the Thai restaurant owner reminiscent of the
          Kid's instruction by the karate master
  ~ Dragon: the Bruce Lee story   {al}
        - the Thai restaurateur trains Bart with the hat-rack-like object in a
          similar way
  + The Matrix 
        - music from the movie plays as Bart delivers flyers  {jk}
        - Bart suspended as the camera twirls around him; a signature image from
          this movie
    PCU (environmental protest group)  {jc}
        - protesting the serving of meat while wearing cow costumes
    Dead Man on Campus   {ddg} {al}
        - movie where the students tried to kill a roommate to get automatic
          straight A's

[CABF04] Homer Vs. Dignity
  + The Magic Christian 
        - plot of movie -- rich old man and prank-monkey son perform gags on
          people to show everyone has their price -- is similar
        - both Mr. Burns and Peter Sellers' character remark about everyone
          having a price  {bw}
        - the rich man buys an expensive Rembrandt destroys it in front of a
          shocked art dealer, like Homer and the rare comic book
  + James Bond (super-spy character)  {ddg} 2
        - the code number for the comic book was 007 [Bond's code number -- Ed.]
    Trading Places   {mp}
        - Winthorpe and Valentine duct taped Clarence's mouth shut and put him
          in the gorilla suit, but he ended up being seduced (cf. Homer and
    Miracle on 54th St.   {dj}
        - a fat man is given the job as a department store Santa after a good
        - he also plays Santa in the store's parade
    Animal House   {jg2} 2
        - a parade is disrupted by pranksters in an ominous-looking float
  + The Birds 
        - seagulls attack Springfield's citizens

[CABF02] The Computer Wore Menace Shoes
  + The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes 
        - episode title a spoof, naturally
    Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home 
        - Homer (cf. Scotty) tries to command a computer by using a mouse as a
  ~ Star Trek V: The Final Frontier   {hmw}
        - Comic Book Guy crosses the final frontier
    Conspiracy Theory 
        - Homer, by sheer luck, unearths an actual conspiracy; the plot of this
          movie (starring Mel Gibson, Julia Roberts, and Patrick Stewart) is
  + The Blair Witch Project 
        - sign declaring Springfield Forest free of witches
  ~ Pulp Fiction   {jg2}
        - Burns opens a briefcase containing something glowing

[CABF03] The Great Money Caper
    The Great Muppet Caper   {jk}
        - title a spoof
  + Paper Moon 
        - general plot is similar  {al}
        - Ryan and Tatum O'Neal try to sell Bibles to widows as a scam (cf.
          Homer, Bart, and Flanders)  {nf}
  + John Wayne  {gs}
	- once drunkenly addressed a group of college students, saying "I'm not
          tryin' to talk for ... for clapping"
    Pulp Fiction   {bjr}
        - the ball-gag used on Marge looks similar to the ones in the film
    Magnolia   {bs}
        - Officer Jim Kurring is scared poopless when a frog lands on his car
          out of nowhere, exactly like the sturgeon landed on poor Homer's car

[CABF06] Skinner's Sense of Snow
  + Smilla's Sense of Snow 
	- episode title spoof of the Peter Hoeg film
  - The Perfect Storm  {jc}
        - multiple storm systems converging to make a really huge storm
  + Dr. Seuss' How the Grinch Stole Christmas
        - based on Mr. Skinner's description, this is the film the kids think
          they will be watching
        - after it's over, Milhouse calls Skinner a "grinch"  {dj}
  - March of the Wooden Soldiers {jk}
        - Old Xmas film at school has similarities to it (Monsters that threaten
          Xmas, nursery rhyme characters)  
  ~ Zero for Conduct  {al}
        - 1933 French film where students revolt against an oppressive
        principal, humiliate him, and escape
  + The Deer Hunter {ja}
        - had a famous "di di mau" scene

  + Spike & Mike's Sick & Twisted Festival of Animation (anthology of
      animated short subjects)  {ddg}
        - the Simpsons visit the similarly-named Sick, Twisted, F***ed-Up
          Animation Festival
  + From Here to Eternity 
	- Itchy and Scratchy spoof this as "From Here To Infirmity"
  + The Godfather {jg2}
        - Homer: "I'm gonna make you an offer you can't refuse!"
  - The Naked Gun {jk}
        - character not realizing the audio from a trip to the bathroom is being
  + King Kong 
        - appears, for reasons only Homer would find sensible, in his
          visualization of how stocks work
  ~ Way of the Gun {ek}
        - Homer's money-making plan involving Marge becoming a surrogate mother
          to earn money follows the same as one of the main characters'
  + Charly 
        - the "R" in the title was written backwards, like the title for this
        - this movie was based on "Flowers from Algernon," and a reference to
          one can be considered a reference to the other
        - before the intelligence experiment, Charly consistently lost to a lab
          rat in a maze test (cf. Homer and the button test)
  + Runaway Bride 
  - Pretty Woman {jc}
        - movie involving marriage starring Julia Roberts and Richard Gere

[CABF05] Pokey Mom
  + Chinatown 
        - Moe says, "Forget it Homer, it's Chiro-town," echoing a line in the

[CABF08] Worst Episode Ever
  - "Monty Python's The Meaning of Life {jg2}
	- Tom Savini explodes after eating just a *little* too much
  + Plan 9 from Outer Space {jg2}
        - "Biclops" is published by Plan 9 Comics
  + Goldie Hawn {bjr}
        - CBG calls Mrs. Skinner, "Oldie Hawn"
  + Whatever Happened to Baby Jane? {jg2}
        - CBG sarcastically says, "now I know whatever happened to Baby Jane"
          {al} notes that the 1962 film is "about an ex-child actress who's
          aged grotesquely"

[CABF07] Tennis the Menace

[CABF10] Day of the Jackanapes
  + Cape Fear {bjr}
        - camera composition as Bob leaves jail and walks toward our point of
  + The Manchurian Candidate 
        - soldier is brainwashed into carrying out an assassination plot, like
          in the 1962 film
  + The Naked Gun {sh}
        - in the movie, Ricardo Montalban hypnotizes Priscilla Presley into
          assassinating the Queen of England at the baseball game
  - Foul Play {hl}
        - assassination attempt in theatre ending up in the catwalk above the
  + The Full Monty {jg2}
        - Krusty says, "Our Chimpendale's dancer's gonna give you the full
  + Terminator 2 
        - when Bart walks through the empty playground bares a strong
          resemblance to the scene in the T2 movie at the playground just before
          the hypothetical nuclear strike  {tjm}
        - network executives apparently made of liquid metal, like the T-1000
          robot in the movie

[CABF12] New Kids on the Blecch
  + Roberto Begnini's Oscar acceptance speech  {jg2}
        - Bart's reaction to winning the marathon is similar
  + Breakin' 2: Electric Boogaloo 
  ~ Dante's Peak {zh}
        - "thank you, NASA!" (chanted several times in the last 15 minutes of
        the movie)
  - Top Gun {dj}
        - the planes during the Party Posse video
  + The Matrix {ddg}
        - *NSync does a "camera-moving freeze-frame"

[CABF09] Hungry, Hungry Homer
  - Jack {sa}
        - Homer in Bart's classroom
  + Godzilla  (movie monster)
  - Full Metal Jacket {jc}
	- Homer misquotes the Saigon prostitute who said "me so horny" to Rafter
          Man and Joker with "me so hungy"
  ~ Star Wars: Return of the Jedi {cl}
        - Homer [cf. Luke Skywalker] begs Duffman [cf. Darth Vader] to do the
          right thing; Duffman looks both directions, and decides to pick up the
          team owner [cf. Emperor] and throw him over the edge

[CABF11] Bye Bye Nerdie
  + Bye Bye, Birdie 
        - title a spoof
  - Terminator 2:  Judgement Day  {bjr}
        - Marge and Otto bust through a chain link fence and take a wild ride
          through a dry canal system
  - Grease {jc}
        - car chase in a flood-control channel
  ~ Bullitt {hl}
        - Marge and Otto's chase resembles car chase scene though San Francisco
  ~ Repo Man 
        - Marge chasing the bus through what looks like the Los Angeles storm
          drains is similar to a scene in this movie  {jg2}
        - Emilio Estevez' character, involved in this scene, is also named
          "Otto"  {kp}
  + Speed 2 {bjr}
  + Speed {ddg}
        - Milhouse says the "race" with Otto is like "Speed 2 but with a bus"
  - A Cry in the Dark {jk}
        - dingo alarm
  ~ Independence Day  {jc}
        - flying saucer attacks against the White House

[CABF13] Simpson Safari
  - Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory {jg2}
	- Homer wins a prize by finding something golden in a food package
  - The Lion King {jr}
        - the procession of animals by the sunrise
        - the bay by the river on the right side resembles the "Elephant
          Graveyard" from the movie
  - African Queen {hl}
        - Homer attacked by leaches just like Bogart
  + Shaka Zulu (movie and 19th century tribal chief)  {jg2}
        - Kitenge uses his name as an exclamation 
  ~ Apocalypse Now {hl}
        - going through dark forbidden river
  + Planet of the Apes 
  + The Wizard of Oz 
  + King Kong 
        - Bushwell's Serious Research pictures are still shots from these movies

[CABF14] Trilogy of Error
  + Trilogy of Terror {jk}
        - episode title a spoof
  + Go 
        - movie's plot structure was similar to that of this episode
  + Gattaca 
        - Homer thinks thumb re-attachment is only done in movies like this
          medical science fiction tale
  + Jack Nicholson (actor)
        - after a minor traffic accident with some ordinary schmo, Nicholson
          flew into a rage and broke the man's windshield with a golf club, like
          Wolfcastle did
  + Run, Lola, Run 
        - music accompanying Lisa running is taken from the film
        - similar camera angles -- Run Lola Run had several wide angle shots of
          Lola running through crowded traffic  {vy}
        - Lola is almost run down by an ambulance, which gives her a ride (cf.
          Lisa and the limousine)  {vy}
        - a taxi driver takes Lola to the wrong Gruenwald street, like Lisa
          going to the wrong Springfield Elementary  {vy}
  - Cannonball Run II {ik}
        - orangutan driving a limo

[CABF15] I'm Going to Praiseland
  - Vertigo {bjr}
        - Net fixes Rachel's hair to resemble dead wife; Jimmy Stewart's
          character does something similar to Kim Novak
  ~ Goodbye, Mr. Chips  {jc}
        - OFF says "Goodbye, Mr. Flanders"
  + Saturday Night Fever {jk}
        - in Disco Stu's vision, John Travolta is waiting in line for heaven in
          his white leisure suit
  + Star Trek {jk}
        - most of CBG's vision of Heaven
  - Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me {jg2}
        - in CBG's vision, Captain Kirk (cf. Dr. Evil) sits on a hydraulic chair
          that loses control

[CABF16] Children of a Lesser Clod
  + Children of a Lesser God 
        - episode title a spoof
  + Mothra (movie monster)  {vy}
        - Bart's blackboard gag parodies both of these in one swoop
  + The Absent Minded Professor {vy}
        - Professor Frink uses "Flubber", an elastic substance that allows the
          user to jump much higher than normal
  - Space Jam {vy}
        - "I believe I can fly"
  + Dr. Dolittle {jg2}
        - "Dr. Screwlittle" is one of the porn movies Homer watched
  - Monty Python and the Holy Grail {vy}
        - Hans Moleman at the coroner mirrors the opening scene where the guy is
          being put onto the cart during the "I'm not dead yet!" scene
  - The Matrix {vy}
        - Ralph getting stuck on Homer's scab vaguely resembles the scene where
          Neo touches the mirror and mercury crawls up his arm
  ~ Akira {ts}
        - the scene where Ralph touches Homer's wound and it starts healing
          (over his hand) is similar to a scene in the movie where the character
          Tetsuo's powers go wildly out of control, he mutates and absorbs his

[CABF17] Simpsons Tall Tales
  + Rodan 
        - Paul Bunyan fought this monster, according to the hobo
  ~ The Empire Strikes Back {vy}
        - Homer sleeping inside the skin of a buffalo reminiscent of scene where
          Han Solo slices open an alien beast and stuffs Luke Skywalker in it

 [CABF19] Treehouse of Horror XII
  + Peter Pan (book and movie)  {jk}
        - Tinkerbell being the Pixie in the Lucky Charms hole
  + Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back  {jk}
        - Yoda as the priest in the gypsy and leprechaun's wedding
  + House of Wax {jg2}
        - title of second story a spoof
  + 2001: A Space Odyssey 
        - whole concept of computer going crazy and attempting to kill people
        - the Ultrahouse computer "sees" things through red camera lenses placed
          strategically in the house
        - the Ultrahouse tries to make Marge take a stress pill  {jg2}
        - sinister computer with friendly voice  {am}
        - Homer disables computer by pulling out its circuit cards, the way
          HAL9000 was defeated  {jc}
        - the round front pod door to their house  [Aaron Hirshberg notes that
          the doors open differently in the episode -- Ed.]  {am}
  + On Her Majesty's Secret Service {jg2}
        - when Bart says "007!", Marge says "George Lazenby?" [who played Bond
          in this, and only this, film]
  + Demon Seed (book and movie)  {sh}
        - explored the idea of an automated (computer controlled) house "falling
          in love" with its female occupant was explored in the film
  - Wizard of Oz {cl}
        - Burns (cf. Wicked Witch of the West) sees a Lisa (cf. Dorothy) in his
          large crystal ball (in the present)
  ~ Soylent Green {cl}
        - "... she made the refreshments from dead people!"

[CABF22] The Parent Rap
  + The Parent Trap {jk}
        - episode title a spoof
  ~ Get on the Bus {jg2}
	- two of the characters in this Spike Lee film were a father and son
          handcuffed together due to a court order
  ~ Princess Bride, The {cl}
	- Homer's "Oh Lord, guide this cinder block" similar to Inigo Montoya's
          "Lord, guide my sword"

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