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Originally by Jordan Eisenberg
Contributions from Shlomo Vachman

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7F18Burns: Beatles, eh? {dl}
7F22Homer: "Locked, eh?" {ho}
8F09Burns: Desperate, eh?
1F15Homer: Plants, eh?
1F15Homer: Grooming him, eh?
1F22Homer: Chlorine, eh?
2F09Homer: Stonecutters, eh?
2F09Bart: A conspiracy, eh? {mm}
2F14Homer: Chauffeur's license, eh?
2F19Bart: Strike, eh?
3F05Homer: Stupidity, eh?
3F06Homer: Rhetorical, eh?
3F13Homer: No tongue, eh?
3F15Troy: A baby, eh?
3F17Homer: Owls, eh?
3F19Grampa: Gibberish, eh?
3F23Homer: Tired, eh?
3F24Homer: Five-alarm chili, eh?
4F01Homer: Telemarketing, eh?
4F11Homer: A swinging bachelor, eh?
4F12Homer: No attitude, eh?
4F15Rex: Pet shop, eh?
4F18Homer: Hokkaido, eh?
4F19Homer: Design your own power plant, eh? {rr}
5F04Homer: Gods, eh?
5F05Homer: A buck, eh?
5F11Homer: Internet, eh?
5F11Homer: Scratch, eh?
5F11Homer: Maude, eh?
5F11Marge: Internet, eh?
5F13Bart: Danger, eh?
5F14Mr. Burns: "Cuba, eh?" {pc}
5F15Homer: Helper monkey, eh?
5F17Homer: Closed, eh?
5F17Homer: So now it's "we," eh? {ms}
5F19Homer: Crap, eh?
AABF05Mark: "Star Wars," eh?
AABF06Homer: Seven, eh?
AABF15Homer: "Killer umbrellas, eh?" {ro}
AABF19Homer: "Addictive, eh?"
BABF07Mr. Burns: "Charity, eh?"
BABF10Homer: "Easy answer, eh?" {rr}
BABF22Homer: "Effigy, eh?" {jg}
BABF22Homer: "Increase my killing power, eh?" {pc}
CABF04Homer: "Financial panther, eh?" {pc}
CABF07Homer: "Unbeatable, eh?"
CABF14Homer: "Symmetry, eh?"
CABF15Texan businessman: "Christian, eh?"

NOTE: This list doesn't include Mr. Burns saying "Simpson, eh?"
{dl} Daniel Lawrence
{ho} "Homerpalooza"
{jg} "jetgirl"
{mm} Michael McCormick
{ms} Michael Schultz
{pc} Paul Campa
{ro} Rory O'Higgins
{rr} Richard Rieglar

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