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Magazine and Newspaper Articles - The Middle Years 1993 to 1997

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Magazine and Newspaper Articles - 1993

The Simpsons Vitiligo Incident (Gabriel Alvarez and Kevin Burke)
v7n13 Wild Cartoon Kingdom, Super Special Collector's Edition, 1993, p6, under "Kiddie Cartoon News" section
On the table of contents page it indicates "Wild Cartoon Kingdom issue 1" (for the collector's edition) but further down it has "c. 1993, Volume 7, Number 13"
Noting the accidental Black Smithers that appeared in episode 7G03.

Acclaim video game reviews (video game review/advertisement)
Masters of the Game, 1993, cover(p1), 2-3, 7, 12, 15, 16,
Sweepstakes edition of Acclaim publication (like Nintendo's Nintendo Power)
p1 The Simpsons Bart's Nightmare on cover
p2-3 The Simpsons Bart's Nightmare
p7 Krusty's Super Fun House
p12 The Simpsons Bartman Meets Radioactive Man
p12 The Simpsons Bart vs. the Juggernauts
p12 The Simpsons Bart vs. the Space Mutants
p15 Krusty's Fun House
p16 Two Sweepstakes questions on Simpsons games (Yes, we're aware that this publication is even more of a large advertisement than a publication. It's mailed to registered game owners).
For more information about all the Simpson games check out our Simpsons Games list right here!

Krusty's Super Fun House (video game review) (not supplied)
n2 Amiga Force, Jan/Feb 1993, cover, p8
Full cover of Krusty (and a dozen Super Fun House rats) with caption "Welcome ro the House of Fun! We Open the Door to Krusty's Super Fun House!"
p8 Review of Acclaim's Krusty's Super Fun House.

Behind the Scenes With Televisions First Family of Fun The Simpsons A Blow-by-Blow Account of How the Music & Sound Effects You Hear... Get There (Greg Rule)
v19n1 Keyboard (Issue #201), Jan 1993, Cover, p3, 42-63
Bart on Cover, playing keyboard with toes, with words "The Anatomy of Scoring a TV Show The Simpsons"
Simpsons pictures: p3 Homer, p42-43 Homer and Maggie, p45 Marge
Excellent technical article on the sounds behind The Simpsons. Includes sample page of Music Spotting Notes, Sound Cue Spreadsheets, Keyboard Music, Breakdown notes (detailed analysis of each cue) and a Piano Cue from Streetcar episode 8F18.

(Cover only)
n162 Croc, Jan 1993, Cover
Great Simpson cover on this French Canadian humour magazine but no reference to The Simpsons within. On the cover (not drawn by Matt Groening) we find Bart in full ski regalia with his tongue frozen to a ski lift going up the mountain. Below him in the distance on skis heading down the slope we find Homer and Maggie, with Lisa resting, leaning on her skis, playing the saxophone.

Interview: Matt Groening has breathed new life into prime-time animation and inspired a merchandising empire to boot. Richard Gehr talks to the show-biz guerilla (Richard Gehr)
v8n10 Spin, Jan 1993, cover, p54-57, 76
Cover mentions Matt Groening.
p54 A full page color Bart Simpson overdrawn with magic marker to resemble Matt Groening. Caption: "Self-portrait by Matt Groening".
Another good interview worth transcribing. You'll see it on the archive sometime in year 2000!

Down and Out
New York Times Magazine, Jan 10 1993, p17
Article discussing the plight of the middle class is illustrated with a full-page color Simpsons family with an empty money jar on p17 (not a scene from the first episode; appears drawn for this article).

Sitcom Reality (Dave Berkman)
v26n4 Television Quarterly, 1993, p63-69
How Roseanne, Married With Children and The Simpsons have changed the face of television.
...and for once we don't think they're just using catch phrases.

ATAS Rejiggers Emmys (Brian Lowry)
v349n12 Variety, Jan 18 1993, p55
ATAS - Academy of Television Arts & Sciences
The rules are changed for the Primetime Emmy awards to allow The Simpsons to compete for Outstanding Comedy Series and to have separate guest-actor categories. (unfortunately, to no avail; see Variety Aug 2 1993)

The Magic is Back
New York Times, Jan 24 1993, Section 9 (Styles) p10
Article on sales of 8 ball, which has taken off as a result of being referenced in Simpsons episode 8F22, first airing May 7, 1992

War of Words (and Demos) Over 'Simpsons' (Mike Freeman)
v123n4 Broadcasting, Jan 25 1993, p62
The non-Simpsons stations vs. the Simpson stations. This was the battle of Fox positioning Simpsons as a adult prime-time show vs. the competitors trying to position it as a kids show.

Pssst, don't tell but big folks sometimes watch too.
v64n6 Advertising Age, Feb 8 1993, pS20
Oh really? If we ever get a copy, we'll tell more!

Marge and Hillary (Doug Vaughan and Anthony Scanduto)
The New York Post, Feb 10 1993, p13
It starts, "What do Hillary Rodham Clinton and Marge Simpson have in common?" Faithful husbands? I don't think so. According to the article FOX-TV has contacted Christophe, Hillary's Beverly Hills hairdresser to evaluate Marge Simpson's hair. "He said he thinks her blue hair is very flattering - but he does not think the style should be changed a la Christy Turlington, Naomi Campbell or Cindy Crawford."

The Fun of Being Bart's Real Dad
New York Times Feb 25 1993, pC1
Article on Matt Groening. Includes mention of a spinoff show based on Krusty the Clown.

A Few Good Men
Child, Mar 1993, p103
Article on how famous fathers stack up describes Homer Simpson as dim but doting.

Fox affils deal for radical dude (Mike Freeman)
v123n9 Broadcasting & Cable, Mar 1 1993, p32-33
Plans on offering Simpsons to Fox affiliates first - but see what they said three weeks later in Broadcasting & Cable. Syndication is where the real money is made.

Fox Denies Any 'Simpsons' Favoritism (Mike Freeman)
v123n12 Broadcasting & Cable, Mar 22 1993, p22-23
Fox denies that it is steering Simpsons to its company owned stations.

Bart inks sweet new deal (Fara Warner and Terry Lefton)
v34n12 Brandweek, Mar 22 1993, p4
It was certainly a delicious promotion. This deal extended out original agreement into 1996. See merchandise list for additional details!

The Groening of America (Tom Shales)
Washington Post, May 13 1993, Sect. C, p1
I can live with that.
Two years earlier the title of this article was used in Entertainment Weekly Issue #59

Fox O&O's Invest in 'Improvement' (Mike Freeman)
v123n21 Broadcasting & Cable, May 24 1993, p30-32
By combining Home Improvement with The Simpsons stations will have an unbeatable block of TV time.

Family Communication on Prime-Time Television (Mary Strom Larson)
v37n3 Journal of Broadcasting & Electronic Media, Summer 1993, p349-357.
Analyses of family communication patterns on The Cosby Show and The Simpsons. Both received positive ratings.

"Black Bart" Simpsons (Peter Parisi)
v27n1 Journal of Popular Culture, Summer 1993, p125-142.

Nestle promo nab's Bart's Butterfinger (Christy Fisher)
v64n25 Advertising Age, Jun 14 1993, p10
It was certainly a delicious promotion. See merchandise list for additional details!

War of words (and demos) over 'Simpsons' (Mike Freeman)
v123n4 Broadcasting, Jun 25 1993, p62
When going into syndication Fox correctly positioned Simpsons as an adult sit-com; competitors attempted to brand it a kiddie show (obviously the competitors just don't get it..)

Winchell's inducts Homer into role as donut diplomat (Terry Lefton)
v34n29 Brandweek, Jul 19 1993, p8
Winchell's Donut Houses used Homer as their 'donut diplomat', giving out different Simpson promotional material each month. Unfortunately, without any of these places near me, I wasn't able to obtain any of the Simpson promotional items

The Autobiographical Cartoonist Survey (Jeremy Pinkham and Eric Reynolds)
n162 The Comics Journal, Aug 1993, p58-66
Autobiography written by each of several dozen cartoonists has the following for Matt Groening (from Jeremy Pitkin). Note that I don't know what here is Matt's versus Jeremy's if this is autobiographical...
"My Fifth Grade Diary" in School is Hell
"Most of us have forgotten what it was like to be in school. I took notes." This eight-part series of illustrated excerpts from Groening's diary pulls back the curtain of forgetfulness from the frightening, prison-like atmosphere of grade school. The simple, hurt tone of a wronged child does far more to make the reader think, than do the jokes (however humerous and on-the-money) on the discomforts of youth that fill the rest of the book.
Years later, Groening also drew a two-part cartoon on life and death with the ducks in his backyard, entitled "Ducks are Hell"

Emmy snub Bart for 'Larry' (Brian Lowry)
v351n12 Variety, Aug 2 1993, p23, 26
The rules are changed to allow The Simpsons to compete for Outstanding Comedy Series but such shows as (the decidedly inferior) The Larry Shandler Show are nominated while The Simpsons are NOT. D'oh!

The Simpsons Comics & Stories (comic review/reference)
v3n9 Previews, Sep 1993, p38-40, 301
p38 Lists "The Simpsons #1" comic as 'GEM of the Month' (only lists 6 gems out of thousands of comics). Cardboard insert has four sample SkyBox Simpsons cards.
p39-40 full page ads for Bongo comics.
p301 lists The Simpsons Christmas special video.
For a list of all The Simpsons Audio and Video releases, see our list on the archive right here!

v123n36 Broadcasting & Cable, Sep 6 1993, p54
Hispanics #1 show is The Simpsons

Hispanics: (Jeff Jensen)
v64n39 Advertising Age, Sep 20 1993, p34
Hispanics #1 show is The Simpsons

Turning fraud into fiction (David Streitfeld)
Washington Post, Sep 21 1993, Sect. D, p1
The letter/castle hoax referenced in episode ....

The World According to the Simpsons Homer, Marge, Bart and sibs keep Springfield on the viewing map (David Bianculli)
New York Vue, Sep 26 1993, cover and p8-9 (supplement to Sunday Daily News, a television guide),
First issue of Daily News television insert is kicked off with The Simpsons on the cover. Quote: "The Simpsons is a show that could support a half-dozen spinoffs. But for now it's good to have one universe that's not expanding or imploding."

'Simpsons' back "as crude as ever" (Charles Solomon)
Los Angeles Times, Sep 30 1993, Section F, p1
Crude perhaps, but effective. Someone from Los Angeles calling The Simpsons crude?

Bartman #1 and Radioactive Man (comic review/reference)
v3n10 Previews, Oct 1993, cover and p32
Cover Story! with Bartman and Radioactive Man Announcing Bongo comics; The Simpsons, Itchy & Scratchy, Bartman, and Radioactive Man. Cardboard insert has four sample Simpsons cards.

Bart Goes to the Movies (a parody) (Greg Grabianski)
Cracked #284, Oct 1993, cover and p45-49
Cover has "Year of the Brat" and features four brats, including Bart.
Mini-parodies of five movies with Bart commenting at the end of each one.

Most top 10 shows fail to attract Hispanic audiences (Cyndee Miller)
v27n21 Marketing News, Oct 11 1993, p2,12
The Simpsons are #1 with Hispanic households Hey, they're number one in a lot of households!

Battle for your brain (John Leland and Jerry Addler)
v122n15 Newsweek, Oct 11 1993, p48-53

Bless this house and protect it against Bart Simpson (Demetria Martinez)
v30n1 National Catholic Reporter, Oct 22 1993, p18
How a Latino Catholic delayed the blessing of her new home by a priest half an hour to ensure her husband could watch The Simpsons (a fact she couldn't tell the priest). Sound like the correct order of priorities to me.

(Cover only)
v1n5 Hero Illustrated Issue #5, Nov 1993, Cover and p6
Cover has full cover picture of The Simpsons, including the family with Bart as Bartman, Radiactive Man and Itchy and Scratchy. Caption reads; "The Simpsons go Bongo! Matt Groening Hits the Comics Scene!". Note that only the copies sold on a newstand had a Simpsons cover; copies sold through the comic channels did not!
A great cover, no doubt designed to sell Hero Illustrated, but any Simpson fan searching within will find nothing. In the table of contents we have a miniature of the cover with the following caption; "Dig That Crazy Bongo Beat: Stand back, it's going to explode! Matt Groening's comic universe is getting ready to burst out for an adoring public." That's all folks.

Simpsons Creator Matt Groening (Interview by Gary Carter)
More Genius Behind the Simpsons: Steve & Cindy Vance (Interview by Gary Carter?)
n7 Overstreet Comic Book Monthly, Nov 1993, Cover, p10-13, 14-16
Cover has full cover picture of Bartman and Radioactive Man.
Interview of Matt Groening illustrated with photos of Matt, sample Bongo cards and comics. Worth transcirbing. Some day.

Bongo Comics: The Simpsons #1 (comic review) (author not supplied)
Bongo Comics: Itchy and Scratchy #1
Advance Comics #59, Nov 1993, cover and p3-7;56,58;57
Cover mentions a sneak peek at The Simpsons, and as promised, pages 3 to 7 contain the first few pages from "The Simpsons" #1 issue.
Pages 56 & 58 list "The Simpsons" comic and "Itchy and Scratchy" comic #1 as 'Pick Hits to Click', their highest rating, one of four out of thousands, and "Certified Cool" by their reviewer.
p57 full page advertisement for above.
p243 full page advertisement for Wizard guide to comics Simpson special.

Simpsons Fans Can't Beat Bongo (Kim B. Pearson)
Comic Shop News #332, Nov 3 1993, p1, p8 Bart Simpson on Cover! (folded) Lead Story on front page (unfolded) concerning the four NEW Simpsons comics Inside lists Simpsons comics as 'Hot Pick' under November Checklist on pages 8-9.

CSN Hot Picks (Cliff Biggers)
Comic Shop News #333, Nov 10 1993, p7-8
p7 A picture of Bart reading Itchy & Scratchy comics and of Scratchy reading The Simpsons comics with Itchy setting fire to the comic Scratchy is reading
p8 News of the new Simpsons comics series

'Simpsons' start comic book family (Jefferson Graham)
USA Today, Nov 18 1993, Section D, p1
Concerning Simpsons Bongo comics

Simpsons Spoken Here (Ray Richmond)
The Globe and Mail, November 23, 1993
A writeup in this Canadian newspaper of a script reading of The Simpsons, transcribed on the archive right here!

Aye Carumba! Matt Groening and the Bongo Comics crew launch Springfield's most famous residents into a new line of Simpsons comics (Michael Berry)
Wizard #28, Dec 1993, cover, p6-7, p34-40, p65-66
Bart Simpson on Cover! - Triple-gatefold
p2-3 has color Sega Genesis advertisement
p6-7 Table of Contents pages has Bartman and Homer
p34-40 Great Matt Groening interview
p65-66 double gatefold of cover poster without Wizard title
Quote: (MG) "I was as obsessed with comics as any other normal little suburban freak growing up in the '50s or '60s. But I was lucky, because I had a very hip older brother who turned me on to the good stuff." "I created a character named Melvin, who was the precursor of Bart." (During his adolescent days). "What we try to do is reward people for paying attention. Most television is pretty thin gruel. If you pay attention, you get annoyed, because there's nothing much going on. With The Simpsons though, if you pay attention, there are extra jokes that you may not get unless you've read a lot of books or have a wide range of cultural references."

Marge Simpson: The first mother on bad hair, Homer's affairs and finding Nirvana (Margy Rochlin, L. Christopher Smith and Gavin Edwards)
v12n7 Details, Dec 1993, Cover and p148-149
Cover has a mention - "Marge Simpson Lets Her Hair Down".
p148 has interview of Marge Simpson that's rather insulting. Here's the beginning, judge for yourself.
Details: Does it frustrate you that in four years your children haven't grown any older?
Marge: Well, I think they have grown emotionally. And of course the fact that they've still the same age does save me money on birthday candles. Also they never outgrow their clothes.
Details: Speaking of clothes - if you're such a good mother, why do your kids wear the same outfit every day?
Marge: If you think their clothes are bad, you should see their underwear..
Details: Have you told Lisa the facts of life yet?
Marge: No, but I do allow her to watch the Fox network.
Details: Sum up your theory of child rearing.
Marge: Well, it's always important to distinguish between their needs and wants. Do they want you to need them or do they need you to want them? There is no simple recipe. Still, there's an old saying that has a lot of truth in it: Raising a child is 1 percemt inspiration, 10 percent procreation, 86 percent food preparation, and then there's perspiration, fluoridation, self-flagellation, and I think crop rotation.
p149 has full page picture of Marge Simpson (not Matt Groening)

Homerphobic - The Simpsons Voice-Over Curse (Andrew Miller)
v8n3 Spy, Dec 1993-Jan 1994, p24
Spy typical write-up on how guest voice-over spots ruin careers. References Penny Marshall, Dustin Hoffman, Michael Jackson, Darryl Strawberry, Jose Canseco, Roger Clemens, Kelsey Grammer, Danny DeVito, Red Hot Chili Peppers and Elizabeth Taylor. Sample 'result' of a Simpsons guest appearance for Elizabeth Taylor: "Remains married to Larry Fortensky".

The voice is familiar but I can't place the overbite (Anita Gates)
New York Times, Dec 5 1993, pB40
Article on Matt Groening. Includes list of guest voices thus far! For a complete list, check the archive's cast list here! - for a true fan's list! (check under "Famous People")

Gays back in primetime (Mark Hudis)
v3n50 Mediaweek, Dec 13 1993, p14
About several shows including The Simpsons.

Magazine and Newspaper Articles - 1994

Guests: Matt Groening
1994 San Diego Comic Convention (program), 1994, Cover and p14
OK, we agree it's not a periodical, but it's also too wonderful a cover to miss. Full cover of our favorite family, standing around a cake in celebration of the 25th San Diego Comic Convention. They're all holding comics, including Homer, who doesn't realize that his comic has caught fire from the candles on the cake. This is the only cover I've seen that's entirely drawn by Matt Groening - no other title or words except what he drew.
A biography of Matt Groening begins quite appropriately. "Matt Groening, creator and executive-producer of Fox's Emmy Award-winning series The Simpsons, made television history by bringing animation back to prime-time and creating an immortal nuclear family."

De Leeuwen Ping Ping (Tekst (Story): Stan Hart Tekeningen (Artwork) Sam Viviano)
Netherlands Mad #268, ? 1994, p31-35
This is a takeoff on Lion King, Titled "The Lion Ping Ping", which is shown as if at a movie theatre with The Simpsons watching. The opening dialogue;
Marge: Hallo, wij zijn de familie Simpson en omdat dit een familiefilm is, heeft MAD ons gevraagd hem te gaan bekijken!
Homer: Deze film gaat over een troep wilde dieren, die grauwen en grommen! Ze vechten met elkaar, dus word maar niet bang, jongen!
Bart: Ben je gek, Homer? Zo zien de videofilmpjes van het bowlindteam er ook uit!
Lisa: SSSTTT! De film gaat beginnen!
Maggie: !
You were expecting maybe english?

The Simpsons #2 (comic)
Advance Comics #61, Jan 1994, p38-39, 219, 222, 245
Included the SkyBox sample four cards announcing the upcoming Simpsons cards
p38 lists Simpsons Comics #2 as a "Hot Flash" and "Certified Cool".
p39 full-page advertisement for same.
p219 Simpsons Bend-Ems set
p222 Itchy & Scratchy Watches (5)
p245 Itchy & Scratchy Poster

Bongo Comics: The Simpsons #2
Comics Scoreboard #51, Jan 1994, p64-66
p64 full page B/W advertisement for Simpsons #2.
p65 gives Editor's choice to Simpsons #2.
p66 gives Editor's choice to Simpsons trading cards.

Who's news (Lorrie Lynch)
USA Weekend, Jan 7-9 1994, p2 (This is weekend newspaper insert, carried nationally and included in many Sunday newspapers) Viewer questions how The Simpsons acquires all it's hot guests - it's because a Simpsons appearance is considered to be THE smart move in Hollywood. Quotes Sam Neill who appeared on Jan 6th episode 1F09 as joking (?-Ed.) that it was a career high point.

Around the world with the Simpsons (Marilyn Beck and Stacy Jenel Smith)
New York Vue, Jan 9 1994, p7, in 'This Just In' section (supplement to Sunday Daily News, a television guide), Discusses James Woods appearance, as himself, taking a job in the Kwik-E-Mart to train for a part and Homer going to India (episode 1F10). The Simpsons "airs in more than 75 countries".
Quote: (from MG) "I have obscene Simpsons T-shirts from all over the world. I have lots of Bart pinatas and Barts in sombreros, Bart as a gondolier from Venice. I have Bart nesting dolls from Russia. I have a weird little postcard someone sent me of a Simpsons Snack Bar with The Simpsons all over it, out in the jungle somewhere" Photo of James Woods.

Stations get hands on Bart (Steve Coe)
v124n4 Broadcasting & Cable, Jan 24 1994, p58, 76
...with Liberty and Simpsons for all!

Bongo Comics: Radioactive Man #88
Bongo Comics: Itchy and Scratchy #2 (review) (author not supplied)
Advance Comics #62, Feb 1994, p34, 38-39
p34 lists Itchy and Scratchy #2, co-written by Don Castellaneta
p38 lists Radioactive Man #88 as a "Hot Flash".
p39 full-page color advertisement for two comics

Bongo Comics: Radioactive Man #88 (review) (author not supplied)
Bongo Comics: Itchy and Scratchy #2 (review)
Comics Scoreboard #52, Feb 1994, p64-65
p64 full page B/W advertisement for Radioactive Man #88 and Itchy & Scratchy #2.
p65 gives Editor's choice to both above.

The Comic Cover Capere (Bongo comic exerpt)
Trouble in Toontown (Bongo comic exerpt)
v4n4 Disney Adventures, Feb 1994, cover and p3, p28-33
Cover! Bart on Bongos and Lisa on Sax with Title "Bart Rocks! Bartman Comic Inside". Cover illustrates story inside "How to Be a Music Star" unrelated to the Simpsons. Bartman on p3 Table of Contents pointing to story on p24. Inside though we find Bart on p28 - 33. It's a Bartman comic exerpt from the silver Bartman issue. Future Disney Adventures' have original Bongo Simpson stories within them.

Bart & the Beanstalk (no author)
v57 Nintendo Power, Feb 1994, p84-89
Review of Acclaim game of the same name for the Nintendo Game Boy system, emulating the Jack and the Beanstalk story with Bart as Jack, Homer as the giant, Burns as the man who gives Bart (Jack) the magic beans in exchange for his cow, and Lisa as the magic harp.
For more information about all the Simpson games check out our Simpsons Games list right here!

Play styles of the rich and famous (Anna David, Heather Keats and Joanna Powell)
v8n1 Parenting, Feb 1994, p112-113
Mentions how Patricia Richardson spends Thursday nights with her three children watching The Simpsons.

See the Simpsons run--and run and run (Ronald Grover)
n3357 Business Week, Feb 7 1994, p36
Heading into syndication, i.e., reruns!

Wisdom from The Simpsons' 'D'ohh' boy (Jeremy Simon)
The Daily Northwestern, Feb 11 1994
Interview of Castellaneta, which can be found on the archive right here!

Bart, Homer Land Ramada Deal (T. L. Stanley)
v35n9 Brandweek, Feb 28 1994, p4
See my comments under Advertising Age May 16 1994.

Skybox Update (not supplied)
Issue #23 Card Collector's Price Guide, Mar 1994, Cover! and p12
Another wonderful cover featuring Bartman and the comments "Doh! Simpsons Comic Cards are Here"
p12 Describes the new 100-card Simpsons set from Skybox.

Picks and Pans: 1989 (author not supplied)
People Weekly, Mar 7-14 1994, p84
Special 20th anniversary issue of People which began publishing on 1974. Picks and Pans for 1989 has heading "Animated with attitude, Bart Simpson was the first in a line of underachievers - and proud of it. Illustrated with a thumbnail picture of Bart at the blackboard ("I WILL NOT WASTE CHALK")
Chart showing "Overall signs of underachievement" for Bart Simpson, Beavis and Butt-Head and Wayne and Garth has this to say about Bart;
Dumb Catchphrases: "Don't have a cow" "Eat my shorts"
Bad Habits: "Watching TV, flunking school, talking back to his parents
Bad Role Models: Simpsons' snarly Krusty the Clown
Grown-up Response: Schools banned "Bart Simpson, Underachiever" T-shirt

Credit to the animation: The Simpsons (David Bennum)
v71n14 Melody Maker, Apr 9 1994, p22
Review of three cartoons, including The Simpsons on BBC 2.

At 100 episodes, 'Simpsons' is an overachiever (Jefferson Graham)
USA Today, Apr 27 1994, Section D, p3
As the 100th Anniversary of The Simpsons approaches. Where we hear that Simpsons is set for (at least) three more years.

Keeping up with Bart has been tiring task (Mark Lorando)
Times-Picayune, Apr 28 1994, Section E, p1
But what a way to tire! As the 100th Anniversary of The Simpsons approaches.

Simpsons Forever! The most satisfying show on television celebrates its 100th episode with its characters' wit, love and desperation intact (Richard Corliss)
v143n18 Time, May 2 1994, p77
100th Anniversary of The Simpsons is illustrated with a picture of our favorite family, Patty, Selma, Snowball II and Santa's Little Helper standing around an over-life-sized statue of our favorite family.
Quote, As number ten in "Ten reasons The Simpsons are America's ideal family": "They have heart. One of Brooks' cardinal rules: Let's not be afraid of emotion. The strongest episodes are those (like 'Lisa's Substitute,' 'Homer Alone,' 'Like Father, Like Clown' and 'Bart the Lover') that reveal the bedrock fondness, desperation and loyalty that bond this or any other frazzled clan. A viewer can feel awe at the show's cascading wit and still purr at the sweet, deep, sentiment. Hail, Simpsons! May you live another 100 episodes at the same apex of quality." Or preferably, another one thousand episodes.
We could provide more detail, but you can read the entire article right on the archive here!
One more detail for fanatics; the subtitle above appeared in the hardcopy magazine; the subtitle on the article online (the link above) is the one Time Magazine used online on their web site.

Hotel chains link to cartoon folk (Christy Fisher)
v65n21 Advertising Age, May 16 1994
Promotional tie-in for Days Inns, Ramada and Forte Hotels. Right after I started seeing the advertisements for this I went down to the Ramada in New York hoping to get some additional information, literature or whatever. I had trouble finding someone who had even heard of The Simpsons, and no one knew of any tie-in. When I asked the manager he stared at me like I had lobsters crawling out of my ears...

Fox faces tough schedule changes (Steve Cox)
v124n21 Broadcasting & Cable, May 23 1994, p12
Should they or shouldn't they move Simpsons to Thursday? (This was BEFORE the decision was announced)

Non-Fiction (book review) (Genevieve Stuttaford)
v241n25 Publishers Weekly, Jun 20 1994, p87-88.

The Many Faces of Feminism
v5n1 Ms. Magazine, Jul/Aug 1994
Interview of Lisa Simpson, a copy of which can be found on the archive right here!

It's The Simpsons ...and friends (author not supplied)
Satellite TV (UK), Jul 1994, Cover, p12-14
A full Simpson cover where we find a naked Bart Simpson with the caption "Exposed! Bart - The Naked Truth" "A Simpsons Summer on Sky!"
Article celebrating the 100th episode highlights the guest stars that have appeared on the show thus far.

Check Him Out, Man! He's the wacky guy behind the Simpsons (Jessica Harris)
n227 National Geographic World, Jul 1994, p8-9
Interview of Matt Groening in this children's magazine. Concerning Bart and Marge's hair; "I had a haircut a little like Bart's when I was a kid, sort of spiky. Marge's hairdo reminded me of what my mother's hairdo seemed like then. From the angle that I was looking at it, it seemed much bigger, like the bride of Frankenstein's!" Plans for the future; "We will do a movie one of these days..."

From Bongo's birth - to its first crossover Steve Vance talks about the cmpany's expansin, continuity nightmares, amd comics parodies (Brent Frankenhoff)
Simpsons will run daily (none)
A Simpsons checklist (none)
n1077 Comic Buyer's Guide, Jul 8 1994, cover, p30-32
Full cover with Radioactive Man, Bartman, Homer, Itchy & Scratchy, Marge, Lisa and Maggie from the cover of Simpsons Comics #5 also issued July 1994.

More Star Voices, Secrets on "the Simpsons' This Fall (Donna Gable)
USA Today, Jul 24 1994, Section D, p3
In anticipation of the 1994 Season, whetting our appetite for the fall, as if we needed further encouragement.

Itchy and Scratchy: Miniature Golf Madness (no author)
v63 Nintendo Power, Aug 1994, p88-93
Review of Acclaim game of the same name for the Nintendo Game Boy systems. The Itchys in this game use an Axe, Chain Saw, Club, Daggar, Flame Thrower and Pick Axe amongst other items. Scratchy retaliates with a Baseball Bat, Mallet, Bombs, Flying Discs, a Boomerang and Grenades. The miniature golf holes listed are titled (1) Grim Furry Tales, (2) Malice in Krustyland, (3) Rest in Pieces, (4) Pirates of the Scratchibbean and (5) I Scream of Genie
For more information about all the Simpson games check out our Simpsons Games list right here!

Don't Have a Cow, Man (author not supplied)
Information Week, Aug 29 1994, p8
Illustrated with a picture of Homer Simpson appearing to say D'oh! is an article describing how two PC's at the Tokyo Electric nuclear power plant were infected with the Cascade virus. "If this happened power plant where TV's Homer Simpson works, he'd probably say 'D-Ohhh!'". Hey, don't they know it's D'oh!

Bongo Comics: From its birth to its first crossover (Brent Frankenhoff)
v5n5 Comic Buyer's Guide Price Guide #24, Sep-Oct 1994, Cover, p18-19, 36
Full Simpsons cover featuring Radioactive Man, Bartman and Itchy & Scratchy.
Nice Bongo Comic and merchandise article to be transcribed.

Matt Groening The Simpsons' Father Speaks (Rob Holly)
n9 Cards Illustrated, Sep 1994, Cover, p30-33
Cover features 40 or so residents of Springfield standing in the shape of a 'II' in honor of the pending release of the second set of Bongo Simpson's Trading Cards.
Interview of Matt Groening with questions about comics and Trading cards. Excerpts:
What comics are you reading today?
Groening: I'm reading Madman Adventures, Bone, and I read a lot of independent comics, like Peter Bagge's Hate, Daniel Clowes' Eightball, and Joe Matt's Peepshow. I'm very interested in fantasy. One of the things we're trying to do with Bongo is bring back humor to the comicbook world, because so many of the great humor titles have died or mutated into something else. Everything doesn't have to be grim and solemn and filled with lots of extra heavily-inked lines.
Why was the decision made to switch from Topps to Skybox?
Groening: Topps did a lousy job on the cards, I thought. Our relationship with SkyBox has been terrific. That's why I'm so negative about Topps. My name was on every one of those cards, and I didn't get to see them before they came out. They did really stupid things, like put quotation marks in the dialog baloons, which you don't see except if you don't know what you're doing."
This was too good to just read isolated selections from, so we've transcribed the entire article right here!

Where the Boys Are (Steven Stark)
v274n3 Atlantic Monthly, Sep 1994, p18, 20-21
Commenting on how many of the popular cultural trends

How Things Work: Creating a single episode of The Simpsons is a breakneck process with a dude-or-die deadline. Objet d'Bart (no author)
v18n9 Life, Sep 1994, p86
p8, Table of Contents has picture of Bart
p86 Storyboard from episode 1F22 - Bart of Darkness to be shown Sept 4, 1994. Quote, in it's entirety : "Watching the season premiere of The Simpsons zoom by, you'll find it hard to believe it was six months in the making. Why so long? First, writers create a script, and actors record the dialogue. Artists then draw storyboards - like the ones above for that September 4 episode - which get revisions from creator Matt Groening. He strives for realism; thus red notes like "Don't forget their nipples" and "Realistic eating, please." Animators in South Korea draw the individual pictures and film them, adding dialogue. Back to the U.S. it goes, where fine-tuning is done and sound effects are supplied. Timing is so tight that the show may be finished just 24 hours before airtime. Will Bart do a triple somersault? Or break his neck? Sorry, we can't tell."
Fine tuning leads to fine tooning.

'Simpsons' soar in syndicated debut (David Tobenkin)
v124n39 Broadcasting & Cable, Sep 26 1994, p12-17
The beginning of the syndication success.

The Few, The Proud, The Ramones (Carl Cafarelli)
v20n20 Issue 370 Goldmine, Sep 30 1994, Cover!, p14-20, 22, 24, 26, 32, 34, 38, 42, 44, 46, 48-50, 52, 54-55, 154
Full cover featuring Homer Simpsons on stage with The Ramones! from episode 1F01 "Rosebud".
A goldmine for Ramones fans, this extensive interview going through their entire history including their take on every album includes this section on their appearance on The Simpsons;

Goldmine: How did the Ramones' appearance on The Simpsons come about?

Marky Ramone: The guy who runs the show or who is in charge of the show is a fan. He wanted a song, so he found out that we were in New York and he came down to the studio and asked us to say a few lines. So we said our lines and he recorded them. He took some photos back, and they worked on the photos on how supposedly we looked to the artist there. And that's how we got on the show. We sang "Happy Birthday" to Mr. Burns.

Johnny Ramone: I don't know who got it for us. They just did it, and we went into the studio on 14th Street, said our lines, recorded "Happy Birthday." It took us longer to figure out how to play "Happy Birthday" than it did to record it. It became difficult to play because you only hear it a capella. Took us a while to figure it out, fooling around with it for half an hour or an hour, which is long.

Joey Ramone: Well, again, like so many other people, [Simpsons creator] Matt Groening, he's a big Ramones fan. And he was really excited about getting us to appear on the show. And I mean, I thought it was like one of the ultimate honors, because he's a fuckin' genius and the show's great. I think it's the best show on television. And the [episode], I thought it was great. I still think it's one of the best episodes. It just had everything in it. Heartwarming [laughs].

Johnny Ramone: But it was an easy day's work. I mean, they did my line, recorded the song in about 10 minutes and gave us a Simpsons coat and union card, and paid us. So it was a good day. I was home in two hours [laughs].

Video Games: Virtual Bart (Jonathan Carter and Chip Carter)
v8n10 Parenting, Oct 1994, p159
Recommending Acclaim's games for Genesis game system.
For more information about all the Simpson games check out our Simpsons Games list right here!

Celebrities's Cats (Darlene Arden)
v51n10 Cats Magazine, Oct 1994, p58-59
Haven't seen it yet myself, but Yeardley Smith (aka Lisa) discusses the routine of her three cats.

'Simpsons' hits a syndie homer (Jim Benson)
v356n11 Variety, Oct 10 1994, p42-43

Off-net series syndie winners (Jim Benson)
v357n1 Variety, Oct 31 1994, p33-34 (Off-net = Off network TV)
Syndicated series ratings look bleak BUT The Simpsons hit record highs.

I'm game
v123n2594 USA Today, Nov 1994, p95
Review of Avalon Hill's The Simpsons 3-D Chess game, by Wood Enterprises, Inc., and other games.
For more information about all the Simpson games check out our Simpsons Games list right here!

Actress Gives a Voice to Young Lisa of 'The Simpsons' Yeardley Smith Admits She's Still A 'Medium Potato' (Paul Freeman)
Minneapolis Star-Tribune, Nov 28 1994, p10E
Interview of Yeardley Smith. I Love Lisa.
We could quote, but better to read the entire interview right on the archive here!

The Simpson (a parody) (Greg Grabianski)
Cracked #295, Dec 1994, cover and p44-49
O.J. Simpson photograph on cover with Bart shaped forehead
p44 Parody of The Simpsons with Bart looking like O.J. Includes drawings of Homer, Marge, Maggie, Krusty, Sherri/Terri, maybe Ned and a black Milhouse.
(Quote from one panel on comic strip; Living room scene with police standing at doorway...)
Marge: Homer, where's Bart? The police want to talk to him.
Homer: What happened? Did he throw another football through the neighbor's window?
Police: No, Mr. Simpson, we suspect Bart's murdered his ex-girlfriend Nicole and her male friend by cutting their throats.
Homer: That's a relief! For a minute there I thought I'd have to pay for a new window!

The desktop Christmas '94 - After Dark: The Simpson Collection (David Pogue)
v11n12 MacWorld, Dec 1994, p169-170
Review of Berkeley Systems screen saver - The Simpsons.

Liven up your PC with Animated Screen Savers (Melissa J. Perenson)
v13n21 PC Magazine, Dec 6 1994, p491
Review of multiple screen savers including The Simpsons.

The Simpsons in Cyberspace Think the Internet is Just for High-Brow Stuff? Bart and Homer Rule There Too, Dude (Reid Kanaley)
Philadelphia Inquirer, Dec 7 1994
A rundown of early Simpson sites on the internet and the persons behind them, including the founders of the archive.
We could say more, but there's a copy of this article on the archive right here!

Barneys Halts Store Display of Pop Creche in Window (Bruce Weber)
The New York Times, NY, Dec 13 1994, pB3
Describes how Barneys was pressured by Catholic religious groups to remove a creche from the window that featured three Bart Simpson figures as the three wise men and a Madonna doll as the Virgin Mary. This was one of 309 exhibits being displayed. Blurry photo of display included.

Simpsons Comic Extravaganza (book review)
v97 Booklist, Dec 15 1994, p728
For a complete list of Simpson books see our list on the archive right here!

TV Shows of the Year: The Simpsons (David Bennon)
v71n52 Melody Maker, Dec 24 1994, p59
The British opinion of the show!

Love Is Hell book review (Charles Solomon)
Los Angeles Times, Dec 25 1994, Section BR, p9
For those late Holiday shoppers.

Magazine and Newspaper Articles - 1995

Afterlife in Hell For Simpsons creator Matt Groening, Life is Heaven - Right? (Steve Darnell)
Everything's Bongo! Bill Morrison Takes on the World
Shearer and Share Alike The Many Voices of Harry Shearer
n19 Hero Illustrated Issue #19, Jan 1995, Cover, p52-59
Cover has Radioactive Man flying along carrying a Santa sleigh with The Simpsons and Krusty aboard
Interview of Matt Groening with side stories on Bill Morrison and Harry Shearer Quote:
Hero: "Have you ever come into a project that you hadn't been overseeing and been unpleasantly surprised?
MG: "Yeah. Not with comic books, but with the TV show, they've been jokes I haven't cared for. You know, my politics are fairly progressive, to put it kindly - or I'm a left-wing lunatic, depending on your point of view - and we do jokes that are at cross purposes with my attitudes. But I think that's one of the things that makes The Simpsons work. We recently had a show where Sideshow Bob gets out of prison and runs for mayor of Springfield as a Republican, and I had people wishing for my death on the Simpsons Internet newsgroup." That's, of course.

'Bart', 'Fresh Prince' top new off-net shows
v125n3 Broadcasting & Cable, Jan 16 1995, p72-74
Specific ratings for The Simpsons with demographic breakdowns. It's all good news.

Tony Bennett: Older and Wiser (Robert Sullivan)
v19n2 Life, Feb 1995, p50-56
How Tony Bennett's appearance on The Simpsons in episode ..... has resulted in new-found stardom with a younger crowd.

Dig This! (Amy Talkington)
v54n2 Seventeen, Feb 1995, p88
Article on Dolores O'Riordan of the Cranberries indicates that her favourite show is The Simpsons.

The Screen Saver Myth: After Dark 3.0 (no author)
v12n2 MacWorld, Feb 1995, p174
Review of multiple screen savers including The Simpsons. .

'Simpsons' tops syndie race (Jim Benson)
v358n1 Variety, Feb 6 1995, p29
The Simpsons in syndication, as one would expect from a Simpsons starved nation (how many areas can see Fox?) is doing wonderful!

Bradys Still a Fun Bunch (movie review) (Jay Boyar)
Orlando Sentinel, Feb 17-23 1995, Calendar supplement, p19
In this review of "The Brady Bunch Movie" Jay Boyar writes; "The [Brady] family carries its snug little time warp around with it, hardly seeming to notice that the rest of the world has moved on. Actually, they're something like the goody-goody neighbors on 'The Simpsons,' except that the Bradys wear garish clothes and never mention God.

Network Managers Lead Chaotic Lives (Stan Schatt)
v29n8 Computerworld, Feb 20 1995, p85
Managing a network is as bad as living an episode of The Simpsons!

Screensavers: The Simpsons (no author)
v13n3 Home Office Computing, Mar 1995, p83
Positive review of The Simpsons screen saver from Berkeley Systems.

Groening Has Cow Over 'Critic' (Judy Brennan)
Los Angeles Times, Mar 3 1995, Section F, p18
As all good fans know by now, this resulted in the only Simpsons show (well, so far..) that doesn't have MG's name on the credits, in protest for the promotion of the new cartoon The Critic within the show. We're happy to report that we now have a copy of this transcribed on the archive right here!

Ay carumba! Bongo's got some cool plans for 1995, man! If you love Bongo Comics, you're gonna want to live in your comic book shop in 1995! (Rob Allstetter)
Combo #3, Apr 1995, Cover! (see note below!), p9, 46-50
Cover shows Radioactive Man holding up a board holding our favorite family and Grandpa in a pyramid above him and Krusty the Klown giving Radioactive Man a hot foot. Note: This issue was arranged to effectively have two 'covers'; the actual front cover is a Valiant picture, and the rear cover is another 'front' cover that in design and wording matches the front cover except for the Simpsons picture. Covers both say "Win....Matt Groening autographs" and "The Simpsons: Beyond TV"
p8 Table of contents includes Bart Simpson
Nice article adding more historical information about Bongo Comics and the team assembled after the departure of Steve and Cindy Vance.

Simpsons sweeps Kings (Jim Benson)
v358n9 Variety, Apr 3 1995, p156
Simpsons in syndication continues to do well, as opposed to most other shows which did poorly in the February sweeps.

Webs Off to Cyberia to Net May Viewers (T. L. Stanley)
v36n18 Brandweek, May 1 1995, p3
Concerning Fox's "Who Shot Burns?" promotion.

Video: The Simpsons (video review) (David Stubbs)
v72n19 Melody Maker, May 13 1995, p29
Hey, where's OUR video tapes? Now the Brit's got them?

MCI, 7-Eleven, Pepsi, Fox team for a mysterious $10M Simpsons summer (T. L. Stanley)
v36n22 Brandweek, May 29 1995, p4
Simpsons sells and we buy!

Simpsons Trivia (author not supplied)
n6 Anxiety Closet, Summer 1995, not paginated
Low cost Zine publication includes a 29 question Simpson trivia. Some of the questions seem familiar, but by now, is there a Simpson trivia question we haven't heard?

Bart Simpson's Joke Book
n24 Hero Illustrated Issue #24, Jun 1995, Supplement
A supplement supplied with this issue of Hero Illustrated.
This is indexed under our Simpsons Comics list, fully documented right here!

v8n4 Animation Magazine, Jun 1995
All we know about this story is from what appeared as a correction in the July issue below. If we ever get it we'll insert the information here.

Babes in Toonland: Boop to Brat (Sarah Boxer)
The New York Times, NY, Jun 18 1995, pD2
Article about cartoon females includes picture and mention of Marge Simpson; Quote: "John Canemaker, an animation historian, suggests that we defer to the judgment of cartoon characters - that we see Popeye's Olive Oyl "through the eyes of a squinty-eyed sailor and Marge Simpson through Homer Simpson's eyes."

Dads Voice Their Views on TV Counterparts (unknown)
The Chicago Tribune, TV Week, Jun 18-24 1995, cover, ?
Cover features Homer and Bart and five other fathers from other famous families: Cosby, Brady Bunch, Leave It To Beaver, Family Matters and Married... With Children with caption "Top Pops: The changing face of TV's father figures"
Our knowledge is limited to the cover of this television insert until we obtain a copy.

Don't have a cow, man! It's the flying Simpsons... (not supplied)
Star, Jun 20 1985, p47
Announcing the Western Pacific Airlines jet. " 'And if you don't like the in-flight movie, you can sit on the wing and watch The Simpsons...' Fox TV paid Western Pacific Airlines $1 million for this flying billboard that'll help cut airfares."

The Great Simpsons Mystery "Who Shot Mr. Burns?" (author not supplied)
Satellite TV (UK), Jul 1995, Cover, p12-14
A full Simpson cover with Bart, arms crossed, saying "Who Shot Mr. Burns?". The background is a giant ball of fire with the caption underneath "The Burning Question?"
Article discussing the summer we waited to hear who shot Mr. Burns. On the last page we find a write-up on David Mirkin and a list of classic chalkboard gags.

v8n5 Animation Magazine, Jul 1995, p8
p8 They reprinted a picture of The Simpsons, indicating that they wanted " make sure we did the famous prime-time animated family justice", so they "reprinted the picture here the way it was meant to be". If we ever see the original in the June issue we'll tell you what this means!

Company Updates: Bongo Comics
Wizard #47, Jul 1995, p22, 25-26, 28, 30
p22 Discussing Radioactive Man 80-page colossal and the fact that The Simpsons (comic) will switch to monthly publication in August
p141 Bartman Contest. Name top ten excuses for Bart to slip out of his classroom to switch to Bartman and win an animation cel from The Simpsons

D'ohhhhhh!! (Al South)
The Montreal Mirror, Jul 20-27 1995
An interview of David Mirkin, the Simpson's head writer and one of the executive producers and David Silverman, the original animation director, transcribed for you on the archive right here!

Don't eat a cow, man (Jack Rosenburger)
n217 Vegetarian Times, Sep 1995, p16
In anticipation of the Lisa Simpson vegetarian episode 3F03. Just another reason for me to love Lisa. I want to know how many times Jack Rosen-Burger has had to hear name related vegetarian jokes. A copy of this article can be found on the Veg web site here!.

Fox flips a great fall cross-campaign (Carrie Borzillo)
v107n37 Billboard, Sep 16 1995, p80
Discussing Fox's superior abilities to advertise it's shows, including The Simpsons.

End of Cliffhanger (not supplied)
Tribune-Review TV Magazine, Sep 17 1995, p24
In anticipation of "Who Shot Mr. Burns?: Part 2" episode 2F20 airing that evening. "The wait is over. Tonight, the seventh-season premier of The Simpsons answers the question that has taunted loyal fans all summer - Who shot Mr. Burns? Chief Wiggum conducts an investigation that takes him in many different directions. Some of our favorites begin to appear guilty of the dastardly deed. And another question arises - does Burns live?"

The Simpsons Go 3-D (James Gates)
v8n7 Animation Magazine #38, Oct/Nov 1995, Cover! and pp18-19
Cover features the strange looking appearance of a 3-D Bart with title "The Simpsons Enter the Third Dimension"
pp18-19 Discussing the difficulties of converting the Simpsons to 3-D format.

When Lisa Simpson discovers her inner child she finds it's one pissed-off little girl (Matt Groening)
New Woman, Oct 1995, p88-89
Labelled by Matt Groening, because it consists of a two page drawing of Lisa Simpson drawn as a rebel. It's introduced by the following heading; "Lisa Simpson: she was Springfield's sweetheart, the darling of the overachiever set, an apple-polisher teacher's pet, every mother's dream. When Lisa Simpsons discovers her inner child she finds it's one pissed-off little girl." The picture is labelled as follows;
  • Bad attitude
  • Accusing glare
  • Nose thrust defiantly upward
  • Permanent sneer
  • Peppermint-flavored toothpick held between firmly clenched teeth
  • Irreverent caricature of gym teacher
  • Rub-on tattoo
  • Woven gum-wrapper bracelet
  • Liquer-filled jawbreakers
  • Fake fingernails made of Elmer's glue mized with gold glitter
  • Band-Aid applied to knee for dramatic effect
  • Romantic proclamations scrawled on skin with permanent marker (Inscription reads Lisa + Tom... or Ton...)
  • World-weary expression
  • Self-inflicted avant-garde haircut
  • Tooth blacked out with Magic Marker
  • Giant wad of chewing gum stored in cheek for later use
  • Multiply pierced ear
  • Torn blue jeans hidden in backpack
  • Bottle of Binaca
  • Forged hall pass in pocket
  • Spare change for pinball machine
  • Hip thrust defiantly outward
  • Special report card-doctoring pen
  • Marks from scuffles in school yard
  • Black underwear (not shown)
  • Answers to next Wednesday's gemoetry test

    TV Test Addicted to Melrose Place? Hooked on General Hospital? Fixated on Friends? You'll be surprised to find out what your favorite show says about you (Amy Nebens)
    v43n8 YM (Young and Modern), Oct 1995, p43-44
    Pop psychology analyses based on your favorite television show in this magazine for teenage ladies. For fans of our favorite family, it says: "The Simpsons: There's no doubt that you have your own way of doing things. And you don't think twice when it comes to speaking up about something you don't agree with - at home, at school, even at the mall."

    'Home' strip rules roost: 'Seinfeld,' 'Simpsons' split (Jim Benson)
    v360n10 Variety, Oct 9 1995, p26-27

    TV and the Net (K.K.Campbell)
    The Toronto Star, Oct 26 1995
    Great article...about us! In addition, the Toronto Star is wonderful enough to keep a copy online, which can be found here!.

    Talking with Matt Groening: Family values (author not supplied)
    v44n18 People Weekly, Oct 30 1995, p17
    MG interview. To be transcribed.

    Western Pacific: Colorful New Entrant in the Derugulated Skies (Ronald C. Hill)
    Airliners #36, Nov/Dec 1995, Cover and p24-35
    Cover features the tail of a Western Pacific jet with Marge Simpson painted on it. Cover Quote: "Western Pacific: Innovative Carrier Puts a New Face on Air Travel"
    Article on Western Pacific and it's colorful jets includes many pictures of Simpson planes. It describes how the Simpson based planes came about; "...Soon a second corporate sponsor emerged in the unlikely form of The Fox Broadcasting Company. De Nardin (Western Pacific VP for Sales and Marketing) met with Fox executives, who created an innovative design to commemorate the enormously successful Fox TV series, The Simpsons. This particular 737-301, N302AU, later N949WP, was painted a brilliant shade of yellow with huge cartoons of the Simpson family on the fuselage. On page 27 we find three photos captioned as follows: "Top: Homer and his son Bart Simpson adorn the rear fuselage of the Logojet. Center: This detail show shows daughter Maggie sucking on a pacifier, Fox Television logo, and the show's title above the wing. Above: Boeing 737-301 The Simpsons N302WP, (later N949WP) Western Pacific's second Logojet poses at Colorado Springs on July 24, 1996."

    Picks: Bart Simpson's Treehouse of Horror #1 (Craig Schutt)
    Wizard #51, Nov 1995, p9, 20, 108-110
    p9 Advertisement for the Treehouse of Horror comic
    p20 Discussing Simpsons #13 (comic, of course..)
    p108-110 Recommending Bart Simpson's Treehouse of Horror #1; one of only five picks a month out of thousands of comics.

    Youth TV sizzles. (Mark Woods)
    v361n1 Variety, Nov 6 1995, p57, 62
    Simpsons helping the stations down under gain viewers. (Despite the chopped up mess the shows suffer in syndication there)

    Simpsons surge in syndication sweeps (Jim Benson)
    v361n4 Variety, Nov 27 1995, p32
    Simpsons gaining viewers during sweeps ending Nov 12 1995

    Sitcom Dysfunction Wears Out Its Welcome
    New York Times, Dec 3 1995, Arts & Leisure sect., p1,37
    At first I thought that this person had grown tired of dysfunctional families and therefore by extension had grown tired of The Simpsons. At the very end of the article the Simpsons finally come up, as follows; Quote: "..The Simpsons has managed to maintain its status as one of the funniest shows on the air, offering a satiric version of the typically dysfunctional sitcom family." Their point was the fact that The Simpsons are a takeoff on a dysfunctional family, not a dysfunctional family trying to have itself taken seriously.

  • Magazine and Newspaper Articles - 1996

    Simpsons Fan Goes Too Far 20th Century Fox Television cried "Foul!" when they learned that Gary Goldberg, a die-hard fan of the animated Fox TV hit series The Simpsons, had assembled a very extensive Web site on the Internet devoted to the popular series (Frank Garcia)
    The Computer Paper, January 1996
    A defining moment in the life of The Simpsons Archive, and one that's documented online by the Canadian "The Computer Paper" right here!.

    TV show of '95: The Simpsons (no author)
    v73n1 Melody Maker, Jan 6 1996, p26
    The British opinion of the show!

    Doris Grau (no author)
    Los Angeles Times, Jan 7 1996, p22
    We simply quote this sad event; "Doris Grau, a Hollywood veteran who recently did voice-overs for television's The Simpsons and the motion picture Babe, died on Dec 30, 1995 of respiratory failure. She was 71."

    A sax craze, inspired by The Simpsons (James Barron)
    New York Times, Jan 14 1996, Sect 4 p2
    Lisa Simpson can sure inspire me too! They misspeak concerning Bleeding Gums Murphy but correct it on Jan 21 1996 (see below!). "The TV program The Simpsons has inpired a new interest in the saxophone among young people. Matt Groening, the creator of the show, says his mail regularly includes photographs of girls holding up their saxophones..."

    Corrections (not supplied)
    New York Times, Jan 21 1996, Sect 4 p2
    Correcting a statment from the Jan 14 1996 article; "An article in the Week in Review section on Jan 14, 1996 about the popularity of the saxophone among young people referred incorrectly to a character in the TV show The Simpsons. Bleeding Gums Murphy is a jazz musician, now deceased, who became Lisa Simpson's musical mentor. He was not her school's band director."

    Young Musicians are Going for Bold, Brassy Sax Appeal (Tom Greenwood)
    Detroit News, Jan 31 1996, Sect J p1
    Discussing the Lisa inspired saxophone craze; "The saxophone is now the most popular instrument among young school children, especially young little girls emulating star-headed Lisa Simpson, the brainy blues-playing saxophonist on The Simpsons TV show."

    Perfectly right Sweet things (Jade Hobson Charnin)
    v29n8 New York, Feb 26 1996, cover and p114
    Cover! Lisa Simpson for the Spring Fashion Issue; "The Good-Girl Look; Lisa Simpson in Anna Sui". Pencils for this cover by the talented Stephanie Gladden. Inside, same full page picture without magazine heading, as part of a multiple page series of photos showing models in spring clothing. Yet another example of The Simpsons appearing as the only fictional character with a group of real persons.

    Is Waylon Smithers one of us? (not supplied)
    n36 Genre, Mar 1996, cover and p38-41
    Full cover of Waylon Smithers with heading "Is The Simpsons' Waylon Smithers...One of us?"
    Do bears sh*t in the woods? We quote the opening paragraphs...
    "Is he gay? Well, is he? Or straight? Can a cartoon character ever be gay? Or just confused? Will it matter if he is? Would Mr. Burns fire him? Or make polite inquiries about him? Could Smithers be a role model? Or just an offensive stereotype?
    If he were to come out, would it make a difference? And to whom? Would Bugs Bunny (with his penchant for drag) be next? And might Snagglepuss follow suit? What do you make of Elmer Fudd's lisp? And Popeye's wrists? Betty Boop? And for that matter Whitney's Shoop? (Which just goes to show you that you don't have to be animated to be a cartoon, right?)
    Is 'Toon Town a va-va-va-voom town? Is sex on acetate casual? Or is it meaningful? And mind-bending? And torrential? Even nonsequential? What is sex in two dimensions like? Do you wear a condom? And what is it made from? And who puts it on?
    Is it philisophical to ask, Can an animated figure have sex? Or is it just existential? If there is no sex between cartoon characters, then what would make Mr. Smithers gay? That he loves a man? But does he? Can love between men be transcendent but not actual? Could he be a virtual gay? Or perhaps only gay-adjacent? Or just gay-really-friendly?"

    If I Were in Charge of the Oscars (Homer J. Simpson)
    v41n3 Los Angeles Magazine, Mar 1996, cover and p26
    Yeah, we know Homer didn't write this, but that's the only credit on this article. Cover says "If I Were in Charge of the Oscars by Homer Simpson". Here's what he wrote:
    - There'd be a big snack bar where you could get Oscar Dogs and Oscar Fries and a free Oscar mug with every 32-ounce beer purchase.
    - Jerry Lewis could be emcee. Not the serious, sappy, Jerry - the funny, nutty-professor, "Hey, Lady" bellhop Jerry.
    - Take advantage of the worldwide audience to make an impassioned plea for wider movie seats and double armrests.
    - Add categories for Best Explosion, Best Supporting Explosion and Best Foreign Explosion.
    - No voting ahead of time - winners would be determined by an applause-o-meter.
    - Whenever any actor or actress cries during an acceptance speech, have the audience hoot with derisive laughter.
    - Have 'em show the whole movie, not just those dinky film clips
    - Instead of those stupid, boring dance numbers, there would be a live, onstage monster-truck pull.
    - Try to get Swifty Lazar's X-ray glasses now that he doesn't need them.
    - Make all the nominees go up onstage so we can see the losers. And then the losers would have to make a speech saying what big, fat losers they are.
    - Bring back that streaker guy.

    Who's Winning the Virtue Wars? (Joe Queenan)
    George Magazine, Apr/May 1996, pp102-109, 141
    In this article they interviewed various people on virtue and invited readers to call a 900 number to vote for the most virtuous person in public life. The article closes with Matt Groening's answer as follows: "George magazine: Who best exemplifies virtue? MG: Well, it's got to be William J. Bennett, doesn't it? Bennett wrote the book on virtue, lives a life of virtue, hobnobs only with the virtuous and, when confronted with the wicked, gets a pained scowl on his face that just reeks of virtue. Judging by those who talk about it all the time, virtue seems to consists of three elements: (1) walking around like you have a broom up your ass, (2) feeling smug about the broom up your ass and (3) thinking the world would be a perfect place if only we could get rid of people who use phrases like 'broom up your ass'". William Bennett wrote an anthology of moral texts published in 1993 titled The Book of Virtues.

    The Writers (Michael Rubiner)
    n219 US, Apr 1996, p93-94, 96, 98-101, 115
    About the writers behind the famous shows. Parts referencing Simpsons are as follows; Quote: "...on a show like The Simpsons, whose joke-per-minute rate is probably the highest in TV, collaboration is especially vital. 'There's a room where everybody munches on the most disgusting junk food imaginable and, out of stress and anxiety, works and reworks the stuff.' says creator MG." Included is a photo of nine writers sitting around a room with the caption "Comedy Central: The Simpsons writers hold notoriously long story meetings. 'We make our oddest jokes when we're punch-drunk,' says MG."

    Homer Simpson meets Frankenstein (Stephanie Sarver)
    v24n2, Literature/Film Quarterly, Apr 1996, p217-222
    I don't have this article yet and I don't understand the writeup I do have. Another Homer Simpson as rumoured??? The writeup; "In the novel The Day of the Locust, Nathanael West invokes images suggestive of James Whale's 1931 film Frankenstein to comment on the indistinct boundary between cinematic illusion and Hollywood life. The most obvious use of the Frankenstein motif is in the development of Homer Simpson."

    Street drug culture has own language
    v12n4, Addiction Letter, Apr 1996, p6
    Notes that the term Bart Simpson is being used for LSD.
    This is one fan that agrees that the entire Simpson family certainly results in a mind-altering high that is highly addicting.

    How Much Stuff Is Enough?
    E: The Environmental Magazine, Apr 1996, cover, ?
    Full cover off OFF inundated with their... stuff with caption "How Much Stuff Is Enough? Americans are the worlds shopping champs, but our consumer culture is placing a heavy burden on the environment."
    We suspect this is just a cover used to draw your attention to a non-Simpsons story.

    The Simpsons rock 'n' roll (Lisa Robinson)
    New York Post, NY, Apr 2, 1996, p38
    Discussion of the season finale May 19, 1996 Homerpalooza episode 3F21. The Pumpkins perform "Zero", Cypress Hill does "Insane in the Brain" and "Throw Your Set in the Air", Peter Frampton sings "Do You Feel Like I Do?" and Sonic Youth plays the closing credits. "We just thought it would be fun", says Cypress Hill's rapper B-Real, "so why not do it? We did it so we could joke about it later, to look back five years from now and think how cool and weird it was."

    Fox orchestrating 'Homerpalooza' (Marla Matzer)
    v37n17 Brandweek, Apr 22 1996, p41
    Fox's promotion for Homerpalooza episode 3F21.

    The Politicians Invade Springfield (Jason Davis, Artist Chris Wahl)
    n343 Australian MAD, May 1996, Cover, p2-3, 12-13
    First let's note that sometime after 1994 Australian MAD removed the dates from each issue making it very difficult to document. Given that they publish eight times a year we think we've calculated the date correctly.
    Great cover featuring our Favorite family and Grandpa watching television with Alfred E. Neuman sitting on the chair between them. It's not attributed to anyone; it's so well done I suspect they simply modified a Matt Groening picture to replace Lisa with Alfred E. Neuman and added Lisa back standing on the left...
    Opens with Letters section written by Principal Skinner, Krusty, Homer, Bart and Montgomery Burns.
    p14-15 has trading cards for "The Politicians Invade Springfield", alternating between denizens of Spingfield (Krusty, Grampa Simpson, Thelma & Selma, Edna Krabappel, Barney Gumble, Martin Prince, Ned Flanders, and "Bitchy and Snitchy") and Australian politicians (Bob Carr, Jeff Kennett, Bronwyn Bishop, Bob Hawke, Carmen Lawrence, Laurie Oaks, Kim Beazley, Fred Nile and Tim Fischer)

    Hank Azaria (Dennis Hensley)
    n220 US, May 1996, p99
    About Hank Azaria, prompted by his role in The Birdcage. Opening Paragraph: "Most people have heard more of actor Hank Azaria than they've seen of him. Sure, he's appeared in films like Quiz Show and sitcoms like Mad About You...but his characterizations of Moe, the bartender, and Apu, the convenience-store owner, on The Simpsons have undoubtedly tickled more funny bones and touched more hearts than his other work."

    O'Brien, Conan
    v57n5 Current Biography, May 1996, p36-39
    Excellent and detailed biography of Conan O'Brien that profiles his writing for Saturday Night Live and The Simpsons before he became host of Late Night. This can be found reprinted in many libraries in the 1996 Current Biography Yearbook.

    David Silverman Interview by John Murphy (John Murphy)
    v2n2 Tyro, Summer 1996, Cover, p24-26, rear cover
    Front cover features Star Trek and an inset of our favorite family with caption "Interviews with...David Silverman, Simpsons Supervising Animation Director"
    Good article, so we've transcribed it right here!

    Art with Bart (no author)
    n221 US, Jun 1996, p40
    Review of new CD-ROM based software The Simpsons Cartoon Studio. "Move over, Matt Groening. It's our turn to draw. THE SIMPSONS CARTOON STUDIO on CD-ROM provides more that 5,000 animation cels and the tools to create custom sequences featuring Bart, Homer, Marge, Lisa and the rest of the gang. Start with a background and characters, choose from hundreds of movement and dialogue options (sound bites both from the show and recorded for this CD by Simpsons actors), then lay down music and other effects. Instructions are bare-bones, but even Homer could figure out this program. When your cartoon's complete, save it to a floppy and send it to your agent. (Fox Interactive, about $40)." Includes screen shot of software.

    Mind Bells (Andrian Sportelli)
    v3n1 7 Magazine, Jun 1996, p17-18
    This fan magazine of "The Artist Formerly Known as Prince" provides a list of Prince references on The Simpsons followed by a section wherein they indicate that Matt Groening is a big Prince fan.

    Once we had politics on TV :(Now we have the Simpsons) (John Diamond)
    v9n406 New Statesman & Society, Jun 7 1996, p35
    The Simpsons, on Sky 1, are a vast improvement, obviously, over politics.

    TV Plus Flash-Fax Poll: The Greatest TV Dads of All Time
    v195n188 New York Post, Jun 11 1996, p89
    Fax-in vote choosing amongst 22 TV Dads includes Homer Simpson

    Tough May for talkers (Steve McClellan)
    v126n27 Broadcasting & Cable, Jun 24 1996, p10
    Talking about talkers, television talk shows and their 'dismal' ratings thus far in 1996, vs. the strongest performing sitcoms, being Seinfeld, Home Improvement and The Simpsons.

    Western Pacific Airlines : (Michael Wilke)
    v67n26 Advertising Age, Jun 24 1996, pS18
    This was the one Simpson item the kids kept on teasing me I could never buy (not that I can afford cels and so forth!) - the Western Pacific Airlines Simpson jet. Article discusses how these planes, painted with Simpson logos and likenesses, have brought revenue and attention to the airline.

    And on the Seventh Day Matt Created Bart (Tim Southwell)
    n28 Loaded, Aug 1996, Cover! and p72-76, 79-80, 82-83, 85-86
    British magazine featuring a huge cover story about The Simpsons, including an interview of Matt Groening, transcribed for your reading pleasure right here!

    Adobe Premiere advertisement
    v5n8 PC Graphics & Video, Aug 1996, p11
    Just an advertisement that we assume appears in many other locations for Adobe Premiere 4.2, which tells you to "...join other industry leaders..." and has logos for Showtime, HBO, Warren Miller, MTV and The Simpsons. The question here is do the writers/producers/artists use Adobe Premiere 4.2 as implied by the advertisement.

    The Simpsons Cartoon Studio (software review) (Marc Shapiro)
    The Simpsons: Virtual Springfield (software review) (Marc Shapiro)
    Wizard #60, Aug 1996, p240-241
    p10 Advertisement for Simpsons #22 (comic)
    p20 "Wizard Awards Nominees Announced", for Favorite Animated TV Series, nominations include The Simpsons
    p24 Company Updates: Bongo Comics - discusses Simpsons #23 (comic)
    p94 Fab Five: Wizard pinpoints the major comic book events of the past five years (Scott Beatty) includes following entries:
    p104 Nov 1993: Simpson Comics #1 emerges from Bongo
    p108 Jan 1995: Steve and Cindy Vance leave as editors-in-chief of Bongo Comics
    p232 CBIQ: Comic Book Intelligence Quotient, with the question:
    (Question 17) What is the name of Springfield's minor league baseball team, which Homer Simpson was a mascot for? D) The Isotopes
    p233 Wizard's first Crossword Puzzle has:
    36 Across, "Simpson neighbor ___ Flanders" (NED)
    p240-241 The Simpsons Cartoon Studio favorable review
    p240 The Simpsons: Virtual Springfield favorable review

    Premiere roundup
    v126n36 Broadcasting & Cable, Aug 26 1996, p32
    Providing upcoming premiere dates for various shows, including a mini-marathon of Halloween specials of The Simpsons on Oct 27, 1996, i.e., 4F02 "Treehouse of Horror VII".

    Simpsons #26 (comic review/reference)
    v6n9 Previews, Sep 1996, p188-189
    p188 Standard entry for review of Simpsons comic #26.
    p189 full page advertisement by Bongo for Simpsons #26, "Drive Hard" picturing a terrified Bart, Lisa and Milhouse on the bus with a calm Otto

    Price Guide
    n47 Lee's Action Figure News & Toy Review, Sep 1996, p53
    Recorded here since we have the issue and since it's a good way to see the price trend for these items, specifically, the 1990 Mattel 5" figures. Prices are Loose and MIP (mint in package).
    Bart, $6, $20
    Bartman, $6, $18
    Homer, $6, $20
    Lisa, $10, $27
    Maggie $10, $27
    Marge $6, $22
    Melson $6, $20
    Sofa Set $5, $20

    Your Own Simpsons Cartoon, Dude! (John W. Verity)
    n3491 Business Week (Industrial/Technology Edition), Sep 2 1996, p74A
    Review of Fox Interactive Simpsons Cartoon Studio.

    Nick coin jingles to different toons (Ray Richmond)
    v364n6 Variety, Sep 9 1996, p32
    Always trying to steal the credit. After Albie Hecht, an SVP at Nickelodeon, claims that the dedication to animation was a result of the success of their shows, Variety corrects him stating "...some might also credit The Simpsons for having a hand in the rebirth of animation. In fact, the subversive Fox comedy was largely responsible for ushering a demographic concept perhaps unused since ABC's The Flintstones: that grown-ups watch cartoons, too."

    Family Fortunes (Laura Lee Davies)
    Time Out Magazine, Sep 25 1996
    This British publication interviews Bill Oakley, one of the show's current executive producers, and David Silverman, one of the founding animators and now the show's Supervising Animation Producer, as The Simpsons premier in England. We could quote at length, but it's been transcribed for us right here!

    Do your own Simpsons (Chris Jones)
    v6n10 Sight & Sound, Oct 1996, p33
    A general discussion of how computer-based video editing let's anyone with a decent computer system and the right software do video editing, previously limited to specialized or extremely high-end systems.

    The Financial Impact of Television Animation (Morrie Gelman)
    v10n9 Animation Magazine, Oct 1996, p17-18, 20, 28
    Considering the financial impact of The Simpsons one might assume incorrectly that they would be a prominent topic of this article, but it focuses primarily on children's cartoons. One paragraph though has the following;
    "...Programming successes such as The Simpsons and Beavis & Butt-Head demonstrate that animation also appeals to adults in prime-time and late-night hours."

    HBO Looking to Animate its future with risque business (Ray Richmond)
    The New York Daily News, Oct 2 1996, p72
    Talking about how HBO hopes to "capitalize on the success of animated programs aimed at the adult market, such as The Simpsons..", forming a new division specifically for the purpose of producing adult animation.

    Toons tune to adult auds (Ray Richmond)
    v364n10 Variety, Oct 7 1996, p37, 40
    That's 'auds' as in audience. Correctly credits The Simpsons with the animation boomlet that is taking grown-up cartoons into primetime.

    The last Christian TV family in America (Ray Richmond)
    The Alberta Report, Oct 21 1996
    Great article about Simpsons and religion argues that The Simpsons are the most religious show on television. We could continue, but instead we recommend reading it right here!

    TIME IN: Surf city, A selective guide to what's on
    n57 Time Out New York, Oct 24-31 1996, p122
    Recommends and previews the Oct 27, 1996 "Treehouse of Horror VII" episode 4F02.

    Bedtime for Bozo (Bruce Feiler)
    The New York Times Magazine, Oct 27 1996, p80
    Lover of clowns complaining that "..increasingly clowns are seen as weirdos, like Krusty from The Simpsons and Homey from In Living Color, or deviants like John Wayne Gracy or Stephen King's Pennywise, both serial killers who dressed as clowns."
    Hey, Krusty was the first clown I like.

    Yankees Series clincher an 'EZ' victory (David Bianculli)
    The New York Daily News, Oct 28 1996, p69
    Pointing out that the completion of the World Series (the Yankees won) has cleared the way for Fox to show their Sunday lineup. "Even though there was no seventh game, Fox had other strong prime-time offerings in its place: the annual Halloween episode of The Simpsons, and the first Sunday night episode of The X-Files." Includes picture of Homer in a baseball uniform.

    TIME IN: Surf city, A selective guide to what's on
    n58 Time Out New York, Oct 31-Nov 7 1996, p133
    Recommends and previews the Nov 3 'premiere episode' (not counting Treehouse of Horror VII) 3F23 You Only Move Twice.

    Homer Simpson (unknown)
    Sky Magazine, Nov 1996, cover and ?
    Cover of this UK magazine says "Homer Simpson".
    Full page illustration of Homer and an interview of him. When we acquire a copy we'll supply more details!

    Bart Work (Simmy Richman)
    v2n98 The Face, Nov 1996, p158-159
    Impressive double page shot in this UK oversized magazine of the "Simpsons Cartoon Studio" has the following sidebar; "Imagine all those fantasy Simpsons scenes you'd create if you were Matt Groening. Homer becomes hugely successful and universally popular; Bart becomes hugely successful and universally popular; Otto the school bus driver takes his headphones off for a moment (OK, some things will never happen). Well now - with the series on the Beeb and its popularity showing no sign of waning - you can create that perfect Simpsons moment, even if it is on your home computer screen. Fox interactive's 'Simpsons Cartoon Studio' CD-ROM is a 'create your own movie' package that's more fun than making hedgehogs jump could ever be. The CD features all of your fave characters - with the opportunity to use pre-programmed clips or create your own from scratch (or is that Itchy and Scratchy?). Make them dance, make them sing, make them say "Doh!" The possibilities are endless, the choice is yours...Simmy Richman

    TIME IN: Surf city, A selective guide to what's on
    n60 Time Out New York, Nov 14-Nov 21 1996, p134
    Recommends and previews the Nov 17 Rodney Dangerfield episode 4F05 "Burns, Baby Burns" with a picture of Rodney Dangerfield, Homer and Montgomery Burns.

    The Simpsons as TV's Holy Family (Douglas Todd)
    The Vancouver Sun, Dec 1996
    Another Simpsons and religion article, which has been been transcribed onto the archive right here!

    Simpsons sans sound (Jeff Young)
    v3n12 Computer Life, Dec 1996, p193-195
    Review of Fox Interactive Simpsons Cartoon Studio.

    Company Updates: Bongo Comics
    Wizard #64, Dec 1996, p26
    p9 Advertisement for Simpsons #26 (comic)
    p26 Company Updates: Bongo Comics - discusses Simpsons #27 (comic)
    p203 Wizard's Crossword Puzzle has:
    22 across, "Homer says this" (DOH, or more accurately, D'oh!)

    Wish I weren't here (James Delingpole)
    v277n8787 Spectator, Dec 14-21 1996, p91-92
    A review of four shows including The Simpsons on BBC 1.

    The Simpsons (Michael Bonner)
    v73n51 Melody Maker, Dec 21/28 1996, p65
    Reviews the show itself. When we get a copy we'll provide additional details!

    Space, the TV Frontier Now (Anthony DePalma)
    v146n50657 The New York Times, NY, Dec 30 1996, Cover, pD1
    Cover - miniature Maggie Simpson illustrating satellite television article
    pD1 Story on gray market satellite dishes in Canada accessing U.S. television illustrated on cover and page D1 with miniature Maggie Simpson. "...Canada and Mexico (have) developed large and thriving gray markets..(by having)..installed satellite dishes.. and subscribed to pirated services that bring in Seinfeld, The Simpsons and other shows from the United States.

    breakthroughs '96: Hank Azaria
    v46n26 People Weekly #64, Dec 30 1996-Jan 6 1997, p131
    Section "breakthroughs '96" begins on p131, Hank Azaria article begins on p135. Includes three black and white photographs.
    p135 "He didn't prepare his parents for his role as an outrageous cross-dresser in The Birdcage, so when his dad, Albert, saw a Polaroid of the actor as a Guatemalan houseboy in a bra, bikini underwear and red wig, 'he was in absolute denial,' Azaria recalls. 'It was, 'I can't live in a world where this is you.'' Luckily for Azaria, that would open doors. 'It wasn't just a one-note joke', says costar Nathan Lane. 'He made the character part of the family.' Now Azaria, who provides the voices of Apu the Kwik-E-Mart owner and some 30 other characters on The Simpsons, has been tapped to play Gwyneth Paltrow's beau in next year's Great Expectations and a big-time pot farmer in the forthcoming Homegrown. Best of all, the 32-year-old Azaria, who shares an L.A. home with girlfriend and Mad About You star Helen Hunt, doesn't have to worry about typecasting. 'There's a lot of gay Guatemalan roles around.' "
    Following page 96 is also an insert from the National Fluid Milk Processor Promotion Board for milk featuring a foldout calendar with one star per month - and Bart and Lisa are September, replete with mandatory milk mustaches. Best of all was the printed pun; "Have a cow, man." - Bart Simpson.

    Magazine and Newspaper Articles - 1997

    RHINO Direct - Simpsons on cover
    Rhino Direct, 1997 Catalog #34, cover and p2-3
    Well, not exactly a magazine reference, even if it has the look and feel of one. Once again we have our favorite family used on a cover, albeit a catalog cover. Rhino, of course, sells The Simpsons CD's, and this catalog on pages 2 and 3 includes the CD, the shirt for the CD, the Christmas Special video, the Best of Simpsons Three-Video Box Set (the second set (other sets?) hadn't been released yet), a Simpsons Cel, The Virtual Springfield software and the book "The Simpsons: A Complete Guide to Our Favorite Family".
    For a list of all The Simpsons Audio and Video releases, see our list on the archive right here!
    For a complete list of Simpson books see our list on the archive right here!

    Screw Magazine, 1997, cover
    Appearing on the cover of Screw Magazine, the New York based Al Goldstein porn publication, was The Simpsons with Al Goldstein. Suffice to say that we did not endeavor to acquire any additional details, and have forgotten the date of the issue.

    Instant Guide to The Simpsons Everything you'll ever need (David Bassom)
    n16 Cult Times, Jan 1997, cover, p26
    Cover of this British publication says "Mmm... Simpsons Instant Guide-diddily-dum-doodily inside!"
    Page 26 features the Instant Guide to The Simpsons. Note their best and worst episode list; once again, except for the clip shows, some people's best episodes fall into other people's worst episode lists.

    The Premise: An everyday story of an everyday dysfunctional American family.

    Background: The brainchild of cartoonist Matt Groening, The Simpsons began life as 30- and 60-second fillers for The Tracey Ullman Show, in 1987. Within two years, Groening's frequently deplorable but strangely credible cartoon clan had proven to be more popular than Ullman, and the Simpsons were given their own sitcom, beginning on 17th Decembeer, 1989. Thanks to its hilarious scripts, loveable characters and deeply subversive worldview, The Simpsons went on to become the most successful prime-time animated series since The Flintstones. Annd the show's numerous catchphrases - including Don't Have a Cow!", "Ay caramba!" and "Do'h!" - have earned a place in the lexicon of contemporary popular culture.

    Number of Episodes: 153 half-hour instalments produced by the end of The Simpsons' seventh year. Season Eight recently premiered in the USA.

    Meet the family: Homer, the Simpsons' well-meaning but dumber-than-dumb patriarch; Marge. his loving, selfless and highly-respected wife, who stands 8'6" tall with her bright blue hair; Bart, their eldest child, a wise cracking brat with a passion for practical jokes and skateboarding; Lisa, their melancholy, saxophone-playing daughter whose intelligence makes her a misfit; and Maggie, the dummy-addicted baby of the family. The Simpsons own a dog, Santa's Little Helper, and a cat, Snowball II, and are frequently visited by Homer's senile father, Abraham 'Grandpa' Simpson, and Marge's chain-smoking sisters, Selma and Patty Bouvier.

    Meet the locals: Charles Montgomery Burns, Smithers, Moe, Barney Gumble, Chief Wiggum, Snake, Tory McClure, Apu, Dr. Hibbert, Groundskeeper Willy, Reverend Lovejoy, Kent Brockman, Krusty the Clown, Ottoman, Mayor Joe Quimby, Principal Skinner, Mrs. Krabappel, the Flanders family, Milhouse, Nelson, Jimbo Jones, Dolph, Kearney, Ralph Wiggum, Lionel Hutz, Bleeding Gums Murphy, Dr. Marvin Munroe and many, many more...

    And isn't that... Celebrities are queuing up to be parodied in The Simpsons. Glenn Close voiced Homer's long-lost mother in "Mother Simpson", while Danny DeVito played Homer's half-brother, Herbert, in "Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?" and "Brother, Can You Spare Two Dimes." Elizabeth Taylor contributed Maggie Simpson's first word - 'Daddy' - in "I Married Marge,", an uncredited Michael Jackson voiced a deranged lunatic who thought he was Michael Jackson in "Stark Raving Dad"(!), and Kelsey Grammer has taken several stabs at killing Bart as Sideshow Bob. Other famous guest stars include David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson, the cast of Cheers, Michelle Pfeiffer, Brooke Shields, Winona Ryder, Mickey Rooney, Susan Sarandon, Sting, Star Trek's Patrick Steward, Leonard Nimoy and George Takei, Adam West, Luke Perry, Tom Jones, Kathleen Turner and Aerosmith, to name but a few...

    Best of the Bunch: "One Fish, Two Fish, Blowfish, Blue Fish" (Homer is given 24 hours to live), "Cape Feare" (the finest Sideshow Bob episode, complete with new opening sequence!), "Bart The Daredevil" (Bart vows to jump Springfield Gorge) "Homer the Great" (Homer is proclaimed as 'the Chosen One'), "Two Bad Neighbours" (Bart and Homer take on former US President George Bush!) and all of the Halloween Specials.

    Bottom of the Barrel: "Moaning Lisa" and "Round Springfield" (dreary, depressing and pontless Bleeding Gums Murphy vehicles), "Life in The Fast Lane" (more gloom and doom as Marge considers leaving Homer), the inevitable, money-saving clip shows and "Rosebud" (a sorely lacking Monty Burns outing).

    Overdone Cliches: The Simpsons is cliche-ridden and proud of it, man. Homer et al have knowlingly faced virtually every sitcom premise known to humanity, and emerged smelling of roses (or should that be Duff Beer?).

    Fashion statements: Regardless of the time of year or location, the Simpsons clan can almost always be seen wearing the same outfits - although birthday suits are displayed with alarming regularity in Springfield!

    Mmmm, digilicious (Erika Milvy)
    v5n1 Wired, Jan 1997, p167
    Review of Fox Interactive Simpsons Cartoon Studio.

    American teens from The Waltons to The Simpsons (book review) (Claire Sunderland and R. Sunderland)
    v349n9045 Lancet, Jan 11 1997, p142-143
    Just a review of The scapegoat generation, by Mike A. Males.

    Canada calling (Simon Hoggart)
    v278n8790 Spectator, Jan 18 1997, p44
    A review of three shows including The Simpsons on BBC 1.

    Ms. Smith goes to Springfield (Nancy E. Dalin)
    The Daily Targum, Jan 23 1997
    Rutgers University paper interviews Yeardley Smith, and is sufficiently web-centric to have a copy online right here!

    Aye Caramba! You Call This Work? (Mike Duffy)
    Winnipeg Free Press, Feb 1997
    Casual interiews of the cast members and how they enjoy their work.
    Article submitted by Wayne Carrier; date and page to be obtained.
    A copy of this can be found right on the archive here!

    X-Files on The Simpsons (Craig Miller and John Thorne)
    v1n27 Wrapped in Plastic No. 27, Feb 1997
    Discussing the appearance of X-Files on The Simpsons in episode 3G01: "The Springfield Files".

    The Most Creative People in Animation, Part I
    v11n1 Animation Magazine, Feb 1997, p32-33, 35-36
    p5 First we note the Film Roman advertisement that has nine fake newspapers with headlines celebrating Film Roman productions. For our favorite family we have the headline "Springfield Home to Yellow People: The Simpsons say, 'Simpsons have always been yellow!'" and "Montgomery Burns thinks 'Yellow People' are ready rule the world".
    p32 Article profiling leaders in the animation world includes separate write-ups honouring Gabor Csupo, Arlene Klasky, Bill Kopp and David Silverman. Two entries referencing our favorite family;
    Gabor Csupo: Owner, Klasky Csupo, Inc.
    Teamed with Arlene Klasky, Csupo has changed and brightened the animation palette of characters today. It was he who thought that The Simpsons should be yellow....
    David Silverman: Director, Dreamworks
    Responsible for the animation of The Simpsons for the past eight seasons, helping mold it since its start as interstitials on The Tracey Ullman Show. Designing many of the sequences himself, garnering numerous Annie and Emmy awards. He spreads the credit among the crew and has trained generations of new animators...

    Behind The Simpsons (Mike Duffy)
    Starweek TV Magazine, (television insert, our copy from The Toronto Star), Feb 15 1997, Cover and pp42-43
    Full Simpson cover of our favorite family, cover says "We're talking Simpsons: The voices behind TV's most popular family love their jobs" and has voice balloons for Homer and Marge, Homer: "Hey! Someone's been putting words in my mouth" to which Marge replies "Oh, don't have a cow, Dan".
    Nice article that appeared in other Canadian publications, a copy of which can be found on the archive right here!

    Cowabunga! It's a 'Simpsons' set (Jim Bessman)
    v109n7 Billboard, Feb 15 1997, p12, 18
    The title of this article echoes our sentiments at the release of the album " Songs in the Key of Springfield" which was officially released Mar 18, 1997.
    For a list of all The Simpsons Audio and Video releases, see our list on the archive right here!

    20th has a cow over 'Simpsons' success (Jenny Hontz)
    v366n3 Variety, Feb 17-23 1997, p37, 40
    In syndication The Simpsons does well, placing third behind Home Improvement and Seinfeld. The title assumes the simple definition of 'having a cow' as excitement but it's usage on The Simpsons would imply that same reaction with a negative connotation, not the positive view taken here.

    Homer's sexual panic (Alan Frutkin)
    Television's 23 Gay Characters (Alan Frutkin)
    n727 Advocate: The National Gay & Lesbian Newsmagazine, Feb 18, 1997, p30-31, p53
    p30-31 story on televisions' gay characters has under The Simpsons; "Waylon Smithers: The assistant to Sprinfield's patriarch, Montgomery Burns, Smithers (the voice of Harry Shearer) was a suspect in the 1995 shooting if his boss, with whom - it is rumoured - he was in love. Although cleared of the crime, Smithers remains defiantly in the closet - despite the rub-on ankle tattoo of Liza Minnelli noted in his criminal record.
    p53 A review of episode 4F11 "Homer's Phobia". "Joining the ranks of such sitcoms as Frasier and Roseanne, Fox TV's much-loved animated series The Simpsons is airing what may be television's next classic 'gay episode'. At press time no copy of the show was available for review, but based on a script sent to The Advocate this much we know. Aptly titled 'Homer's Phobia.' the program features the voice of trash auteur John Waters as a hip gay collectibles dealer (likewise named John) who befriends Springfield's most famous clan - that is, until the family's matriarch, Marge ... tells Homer ... that John is gay. Panic ensues. Why? Because the antique dealer is a sneak, says Homer. 'He should at least have the good taste too mince around and let everyone know he is that way. Homer's anxiety reaches epic proportions when young Bart... begins to show signs of effeminacy. But the episode's greatest scene is one in which Marge and John gossip over tea, giving John the chance to talk dirty. Be on the lookout for butch woman midgets and Water's notorious pencil-line mustache as well as his conclusive definition of 'camp' not to mention an ill-fated tete-a-tete between the antiques dealer and the series closeted regular, Waylon Smithers. Credit must go to series creator Matt Groening whose unflagging brilliance during the past eight seasons has made this the longest-running prime-time animated series in TV history. It's no surprise that the 'Homer's Phobia' script is such a gem - that's just vintage Simpsons.

    The Simpsons' Secret Weapon (Doug Adams)
    v2n2 Film Score Monthly, Mar/Apr 1997, Cover!
    Cover of this issue features our favorite family dancing on stage. with caption "Alf Clausen Interview: The Simpsons Sound".
    Wonderful article about Alf Clausen, composer of much of the music we hear on The Simpsons. It includes a copy of the first page from the handwritten musical score for the Simpsons theme for Halloween V and for the Stonecutters musical number. A copy of the article has been transcribed right here!

    Milk (advertisement)
    Teen, Mar 1997, p25
    Full page advertisement for "Milk Where's your mustache" featuring Bart and Lisa. Thought we had documented this elsewhere, but heck, it bears repeating;
    Bart: Lisa, I like that mustache even better than the one you usually have.
    Lisa: Listen, bonehead, experts say calcium helps prevent osteoporosis. So have a cow, man.

    Keeping up with The Simpsons (Bill Brioux)
    TV Guide (Canada), Mar 29 1997, Cover and p16-19
    Cover features Bart Simpsons standing at the blackboard writing "TV GUIDE IS NOT THE GREAT CANADIAN NOVEL". with heading "Hit 'toons: After eight years The Simpsons still rule, and King of the Hill is climbing fast".

    Broadcasting: By one key monetary measure, Fox could push past both CBS and ABC this fall (Bill Carter)
    The New York Times, Mar 31 1997, pD7
    Discussing how Fox has leveraged The Simpsons into giving them a prime-time advertising sales advantage over CBS in 1996, and how they're poised to pass the other networks in 1997. "He (Peter Chernin, chief operating officer of the News Corporation) cited bold moves with high risks that Fox tried. None was bigger than the decision in 1990 to move the network's first true hit, The Simpsons, then less than a year old, against the then top-rated show in television, NBC's Cosby. The latter show left the air two years later; The Simpsons is still a hit. In fact, as Mr. Littlefield (president of entertainment at NBC) said, The Simpsons supplies a more subtle reason for Fox's success. Unlike any other long-running network comedies, which seem inevitably to lead to huge salary demands by stars, the stars of The Simpsons, - Bart, Homer, et. al. - have never demanded $1 million an episode. 'They never hold out,' Mr. Littlefield said, 'and they don't age.'"

    Homer Simpson Springfield's fattest nuclear tehnician on Playgirl, Elvis and Gillian Anderson (Anthony Noguera)
    n87 FHM, Apr 1997, cover, p3, p126-127
    Title of this British (soft-core) men's magazine spelled out is "For Him Magazine". Cover says 'Homer Simpson'.
    Interview with Homer Simpson:
    You Americans have re-elected President Clinton despite all the rumours concerning his sexual escapades. Is this a good thing?
    Well, I don't know, but it sure us a lot more interesting than all that stupid, boring political stuff thos big, fat windbags usually talk about. Besides, we kind of like our presidents to be on the frisky least our democratic ones.
    I take it you're referring to JFK?
    Uh, the airport?
    No, the president that was assassinated.
    Oh, yeah. That guy. I remember that.
    It must have touched you very deeply, Is that why you remember it?
    No, I remember we got a day off from school. I got two lunches that day! Woo-hoo!
    I see. Well. do you remember where you were when you heard that Elvis had died?
    Yeah. I was in the parking lot at Krusty Burger. I started sobbing.
    So, you were a big Elvis fan?
    Not really. I was eating one of Krusty's "eat 'em and weep" Onion logs.
    While we're on the subject of music...
    I thought we were talking about food?
    Have you heard of the Spice Girls?
    Oooooh, yeah. I like that song Do you Want A Bee? It makes me want to aerobicise.
    So which of the Spices make you go gaga?
    To tell you the truth, I haven't known the individual names of any band members since the Grand Funk Railroad broke up.
    But you're cool with The Spice Girls' whole "girl power" attitude?
    Doh! It is one of those feminist things? I always get into trouble with Marge when I say anything about ladies' rights. I'm gonna have to take the fifth on this one.
    By "taking the fifth" you're referring to your US Consitution's Fifth Amendment against self-incrimination...
    I am? I can do that? Are you gonna eat those chips?
    Help yourself. So, which way do you think it will go in the British general election?
    Well, that Queen seems to be very popular. Is she gonna run again?
    Actually, Homer, the Queen is a member of our Royal Family, she doesn't run for office. Her position as a monarch comes as her birthright.
    Oh, I get it, like Emilio Estevez and Charlie Sheen.
    Sort of. Do you have a favourite book?
    Sure I do! The most popular book in our country!
    Uh, you mean the Bible?
    No! TV Guide!
    Howard Stern recently told Movieline magazine that he'd like to "do" Demi Moore. Which celebrity would you like to sleep with?
    Ooooooh, Wilma Flintstone!
    And who is you favourite Friends star?
    Well, I really liked that monkey they had on in the first season, but I heard they had to write out his character in order to "dumb down" the show. I guess that's why that horse-faced guy has a bigger role now.
    You mean David Schwimmer?
    Yeah, him. What a loser! Are you gonna finish that burger?
    No, go ahead. You've managed to keep a fire burning in Marge since you were married, so what advice can you give us about the ladies?
    Well, I'll tell you - they seem to go for sensitive-type guys, so you've always got to act like you're listening to whatever it is their yapping about, and pretend you give a rat's butt about stupid stuff like flowers and recycling. Oh yeah, be sure to wear plenty of aftershave!
    Top advice. Would you pose nude for Playgirl?
    Well maybe - but not full frontal nudeyness...and they'd have to pay me a lot of money.
    How much money?
    At least $50. And. of course, I'd want to oversee the retouching on all the photography.
    Is Gillian Anderson really the sexiest woman in the world?
    Oh, I should say NOT! She's too spooky, always crawling around in sewers with slimy insects and cutting open dead corpses and stuf...eeeeeyw!
    How old were you when you lost your cherry?
    The first time, or the first time with a woman?
    With a woman, Homer.
    Well, that would be when Marge and I were just outta high school. It was the very first time for both of us, and wouldn't you know it... she got pregnant! Boy! That sure taught me a lesson I'll never forget.
    And what was that?
    Uhhhh, wait. I'm trying to remember... Mmmm, are those candied yams?
    Bearing in mind the problems you're having with Bart do you think there's enough discipline in the home for kids?
    Well, you know what they say - discipline is a double-edged sword.
    Is it? Exactly what do you mean by that?
    I have no idea. I'm hungry. Well, if Beavis and Butt-head were your boys, how would you whup them into shape?
    I generally like to start with an insult and some name-calling. Of course, that's gonna be difficult with a kid named Butt-head.
    We have a feature in this issue about dealing with drunk girlfriends. What's your advice on handling a woman who's crazed on booze?
    Well, the first thing you want to do is get her as far away from you as possible. If she has her own car, send her home. Otherwise you give her your car and ride home with a friend.
    Homer, I've noticed you've been stuffing your face throughout this entire interview. You seem to be a very food-oriented guy.
    Ooooh, oriented - that's like Chinese food! Mmmmm, moo-u pork...
    Homer! Do you balance your eating habits with regular exercise?
    Uh... I lift weights - furniture mostly. It all depends what my doughnut has rolled under.
    So, as you're such a food expert, what's the best burger in America?
    That could ne the original all-meat-by-products Krusty Burger. And by that I mean the deluxe Krusty Burger - that's when they add cheese, a bun and a napkin.
    Don't you worry about catching bovine spongiform encephalitis - mad cow disease?
    It's my firm belief that you cannot catch any disease that you can't pronounce. This is what's known as the power of positive non-thinking. I think, Besides, I didn't know cows got mad... I thought they were all contented,
    No, they don't get mad, they go mad. In Britain "mad" means insane.
    Well, I don't know why you guys can't learn to speak English.
    Do you speak any foreign languages?
    None that I know of.
    Well, I might speak a language that I'm not aware of because I've never heard it before.
    You're not much of a world-traveller, are you?
    Oh, I've done my fair share. Let's see, I've been to Bud's Stop 'n' Gawk Reptile Farm out near Devil's Hell Hole, that was when Marge and me was out on our way to Las Vegas for our wedding... I've been to Potato Rock National Park, that's where they've got this gigantic rock formation that's shaped just like a huge potato...
    Sounds fascinating.
    It does?
    No, actually. Okay, final question. If you were stranded on a desert island with Princess Di and Fergie and you had to eat one of them to survive, which would it be?
    Doh! This is one of those trick questions, isn't it? I mean Fergie is plumper and juicier, but if I eat her, it means I'd be stuck sharing her with Princess Di, and she'd criticise my eating habits. Say, couldn't I just be stranded with Princess Anne and her horse?

    Lastly, page 127 has an official full nude picture of Homer.

    20th runs up new deal for 'Simpsons' (Jenny Hontz)
    v366n11 Variety Apr 14-20 1997, p33-34
    Fox's plan for syndicates to trade a minute of barter ad time in exchange for the right to "additional telecasts".

    'Toon Up Bret (Hitman) Hart hopes Simpsons role will help him raise his profile (Anika Van Wyk)
    Galgary Sun, Apr 17 1997
    Article about the wrestler Bret Hart and his appearance on The Simpsons in episode 4F17 "The Old Man and the Lisa". We could quote at length, but the entire article is on the archive right here!

    The Bart Foundation (Mark Kingwell)
    v16n5 World Wide Wrestling Federation Magazine, May 1997, Cover and p24-27
    Cover - Bart Simpson and Bret Hart
    p24 "Bret and Homer - Tag Team of the 90's?" features a full page Homer Simpson, discussing how Bret Hart became the voice for himself on The Simpsons. "Everybody in the family is a huge Simpsons fan". The most significant line though; "I've had many accomplishments here in the World Wide Wrestling Foundation, but I truly feel that appearing on The Simpsons is what is going to make Bret 'Hit Man' Hart immortal." Compared to wrestling, truer words were never spoken. Bret "Hit Man" Hart appeared in a cameo as himself in 4F17 "The Old Man and the Lisa".

    Hollywood Declares War on Simpsons, X-Files and Star Trek Sites (unknown)
    v1n5 The Web Magazine, May 1997, cover and pp?
    When we acquire a copy we'll tell more!

    Belly laughs (Mark Kingwell)
    v112n4 Saturday Night, May 1997, p97-98
    Making an observation that there is something very reassuring about a funny fat guy in TV, as is the case with Drew Carey and Homer Simpson.

    The Simpsons: Songs in the Key of Springfield: Music From the TV Series (album review) (John Vettese)
    v3n5 Rockpile, May 1997, p30
    Positive review of another great Simpsons album.
    "Judging from the title, one might get the impression this CD would be as lame as the poorly concieved Songs in the Key of X: Music From And Inspired By The X-Files; a compilation by popular bands performing songs that supposely have something to do with the TV series. So it was pleasant:

    The Hollywood Reporter Salute to the 200th Episode of 'The Simpsons'
    v347n23 The Hollywood Reporter, May 13 1997, Cover, pS-1 to S-52
    Cover has twelve pictures of the stars that have made Fox the network they are today, including Bart Simpson. Covers says "Still changing the face of television: FOX 10 years of imagination. inspiration and innovation."
    Bart Simpson pictured on page S1 introducing the insert.
    In "Fox on the Run", a list of dates in Fox history has the following: "January 14 1990: The Simpsons premieres as a regular series with a 12.7 rating/17 share. In a few short months, the show becomes the first Fox program to beat all of its network competition on ABC, CBS and NBC." and "February 9 1997: The Simpsons dethrones The Flintstones as the longest running primetime series in TV history."

    House of toon style (Michael Goldman)
    v367n3 Variety, May 19 1997, p33, 45
    Article on Klasky Csupo, Inc., mentions their success with shows such as Rugrats, The Simpsons, and Aaahh!!! Real Monsters.

    Bart Simpson Naked! (unknown)
    Sky Magazine, Jun 1997, cover and ?
    Cover of this 10th birthday blowout of Sky Magazine from the UK says "Bart Simpson".
    Full page illustration of Bart and an interview of him. When we acquire a copy we'll supply more details!

    The realest show on TV (Peggy Noonan)
    v224n6 Good Housekeeping, Jun 1997, p216
    Can't get more mainstream than Good Housekeeping, and here's a ringing endorsement of The Simpsons, "a functioning family held together by good things".

    CD Reviews
    v23n13 Issue 441 Goldmine: The Collectors Record and Compact Disc Marketplace, Jun 20 1997
    When we acquire a copy we'll write this up!

    Fox's biggest promo linked to 'Simpsons'. (Jeff Jensen and Chuck Ross)
    v68n25 Advertising Age Jun 23 1997, p3, 29
    The Subway, Pepsi and Kodak advertising campaign.

    Behind the Scenes: Brush Strokes (Mike Duffy)
    Sunday Telegraph TV Guide, Jul 20 1997, cover, p4
    Cover says "Behind the scenes with the Simpsons".
    Somewhat condensed but essentially the same article that appeared in Canadian publications earlier this year, a copy of which has been transcribed right here!

    A to Z: The Simpsons Ah, Springfield. The sights, the sounds, the heavily salted snack treats. So who's who? And what's what? And where? Confused? You won't be with Andy Lowe's A-Z... (Andy Lowe)
    v1n1 Cult TV, Aug 1997, Cover, p5, p56-60
    Cover says "The Simpsons: The ultimate A to Z of The Simpsons Plus an exclusive Springfield map...
    p5 Table of contents decorated with picture of Bart
    p56 Great article on our favorite family, to be transcribed. Includes a map of Springfield based on an early work-in-progress map courtesy of Fox Interactive.

    No Place Like Homer's (Photos by Jim McHugh/Outline)
    v48n7 People Weekly, Aug 18 1997, p118-119
    Article about the Pepsi-Cola contest to give away a replica of The Simpson's house built for $150,000 with photos of the outside, the kitchen and the living room. The winner was announced on the Sep. 21, 1997 premiere Simpson's episode. The article indicates that the 12-room house would be repainted after the giveaway. Not if I won it! Not only that, but all the wonderful stuff that was placed inside the house was NOT part of the giveaway.

    To The Rescue (Stanley Young)
    v48n8 People Weekly, Aug 25 1997, p44
    Article about data recovery discusses how Bill Oakley, executive producer of The Simpsons, lost a dozen scripts on his Mac and had to have it recovered by a data recovery firm.

    Songs in the key of Springfield An interview with Simpsons's Composer Alf Clausen (Gillian G. Gaar)
    v23n18 Goldmine, Aug 29 1997, Cover, p82, 84, 86
    Cover along top right says "The Simpsons' Alf Clausen".
    An interview of Alf Clausen to be transcribed.

    Skeptical Simpsons Episode Spoofs Aliens, Pseudoscience It's rare that a popular, prime-time network television show turns out to be a "slam dunk" for skeptics. But it happened this spring on Fox, the network of The X-Files (Mike Brown)
    Skeptical Inquirer, Sep/Oct 1997
    Great article for a great show. SI (that's Skeptical Inquirer this time, not Simpsons Illustrated!) has it on their web site right here!

    Springfield's Finest (Peter Griffiths)
    TV Zone Issue 94, Sep 1997, cover, p46-48
    This British magazine's first article about The Simpsons, and one that merits transcribing.

    My dream bedroom (Bartholomew J. Simpson)
    v22n6 Owl, Sep 1997, p8-9
    Bart Simpson's dream bedroom as envisioned by Bart Simpson, of course. It includes a midnight observatory tower with a mega-powered intergalactic telescope and a trapdoor to a tiger cage below.

    Sunday Highlights: The Simpsons (review) (none supplied)
    Tribune TV, Oct 26 1997, Cover and p5
    Television newspaper insert from the Phoenix, Arizona area features a full cover of The Simpsons in the Adam's Family take-off with Marge sitting in a large chair with arms folded as Morticia, Homer as Gomez, Barney as Uncle Fester, and Bart, Lisa and Maggie
    No article within, but a recommendation for episode BABF01, "Treehouse of Horror X".

    Life is Swell Presents: The Yellow Pages The Art of Bart Simpson (Natalie Southworth)
    v6n3 Watch Magazine #69, Nov 1997, Cover, p14
    This established free magazine distributed at Music World in Canada includes Bart Simpson on the lower left hand corner of the cover with the caption "Bart Gets Dissected".
    Nice one page illustrated article on The Simpsons, taking it from Life in Hell, to The Tracey Ullman Show, to the art of the first season, to the current drawings.

    Virtual Springfield (Peter Olafson)
    v4n9 PC Games, Nov 1997, p178
    A review of this fan's favorite software.
    For more information about all the Simpson games check out our Simpsons Games list right here!

    The Simpsons Virtual Springfield (Doug Reece)
    v109n46 Billboard, Nov 15 1997, p69
    A review of this fan's favorite software.
    For more information about all the Simpson games check out our Simpsons Games list right here!

    The shelf (book review) (Adrienne Miller)
    v128n6 Esquire, Dec 1997, p32
    Review of The Simpsons: A Complete Guide to Our Favorite Family by Matt Groening and Ray Richmond.

    The World Spins:Twin Peaks Reference on The Simpsons (Craig Miller and John Thorne)
    v1n32 Wrapped in Plastic No. 32, Dec 1997, p20
    This television "review and commentary" publication discusses the appearance of Twin Peaks on The Simpsons. Of course, you do realize this entry is a Simpsons index of a Twin Peaks fan magazine referencing The Simpsons. Now it's their turn (Craig and John, are you listening?) to reference the fact that the archive indexes them.

    "The October 19 episode of The Simpsons entitled "Lisa's Sax" (3G02 - Ed.) contained a brief but hilarious Twin Peaks reference. In the episode, Homer told (in a meandering and round-about way) the story of how Lisa got her first saxophone back in 1990, 'when Tracey Ullman was entertaining America with songs, sketches, and crudely-drawn filler material.' (The Simpsons, of course, premiered on Ullman's show.) At one point in Homer's story, he is watching television late one evening. We cannot initially see what he's watching, but we can hear some music that sounds very much like The Dance of the Dream Man from the Peaks soundtrack. One of the characters says, 'That's damn fine coffee you got here in Twin Peaks, and damn good cherry pie.' We then see the television screen, which shows the Giant dancing with a white horse underneath a traffic light hanging from a tree. Homer comments, 'Brilliant! Heh heh heh. I have absolutely no idea what's going on.' At that point the scene changes. The Twin Peaks segment lasts over 20 seconds."

    "This is the second prominent Peaks allusion on The Simpsons. On the 1995 season premier (2F20: "Who Shot Mr. Burns?" - Ed.) Police Chief Wiggum is not making much headway in the investigation into who shot Mr. Burns until he has a dream (with himself and Lisa in the Red Room) that provides important clues. That segment lasted about a minute."

    The Simpsons : Virtual Springfield (Michael E. Ryan)
    v16n22 PC Magazine, Dec 16 1997, p368
    A review of this fan's favorite software.
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