Simpsons Beaver References

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[8F01] State seal has beaver on it.
[8F14] Beaver is conductor of Wall E. Weasel band. {cl}
[9F05] Beavers making dam out of message canisters.
[9F05] Homer says he works like a Japanese beaver.
[9F22] State seal has beaver on it.*
[2F12] Chief Wiggum recalls setting beavers loose in furniture store.
[3F01] State seal has beaver on it.
[3F03] Beaver in food chain.
[3F06] Beavers attack Homer doll.
[3F13] Beaver on model recreation of Springfield.
[4F20] Simpsons play beaver family in comedy sketch.
[5F02]# Marge the Witch turns Chief Wiggum into a beaver. {ps}
[5F02] Ralph Wiggum dressed up as a beaver for Halloween.
[BABF10] Beavers by racetrack building dam out of discarded car tires.
[CABF01] Beaver trying to pull its tail trapped underneath Rich Texan's car wheel.
[EABF13] Homer and Bart declare war on a dam full of beavers.
[FABF18] Seen on cartoon in Dr. Hibbert's office.
[GABF02] Football player dresses up like beaver and gnaws down goal post.

Bongo #44: Principal Skinner uses a beaver to attack a Canadian RCMP officer.
Bongo #80: Homer got fired due to a "beaver related incident".

*Oregon is "The Beaver State" and the State flag is a blue field with a beaver in the middle further evidence for the location of Springfield. {nr}

Also, the Oregon state seal has a beaver on it. {jj}

#- cut in Canadian CBC syndication

{cl} Chad Lehman
{jj} jujube
{nr} namron
{ps} Peter Swulius

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