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[7G11] Jacques gives Marge some O.J. and champagne.
[7F18] Smithers mentions squeezing Mr. Burns’ O.J. in the morning. {je}
[9F13] The Simpsons have O.J. with breakfast.
[9F13] Skinner serves O.J. to the Presidents’ Day Pageant guests. {je}
[9F20] Homer orders a juice loosener for making O.J. {je}
[9F20] Lisa asks Marge for some O.J.
[1F08] Lisa enjoys O.J. {je}
[1F16] Lionel Hutz offers Principal Skinner some O.J.
[1F20] Marge puts two glasses of O.J. on the kitchen table. {je}
[2F14] Pitcher and glasses of O.J. on the kitchen table.
[2F20] Grampa pours O.J. in his oatmeal. {je}
[3F01] Marge pours O.J. into four glasses for breakfast.
[3F14] Smithers’ breakfast for Burns includes O.J. {je}
[4F06] O.J. among trash that fills the house. {je}
[4F13] Sideshow Bob will be happy just as long Cecil’s wine doesn’t taste like O.J. fermented under a radiator. {je}
[5F15] Homer’s disgusting monkey made the O.J. Marge is drinking. {je}
[AABF20] Simpson family is immersed in burning hot lava that is really O.J.
[BABF07] Skinner complains that his valencia oranges are for making O.J.
[CABF12] Skinner makes O.J. for the Party Posse assembly.
[CABF17] Homer Bufflekill asks for buffal-O.J.
[DABF01] The Flanderses make breakfast in bed for Ginger, which includes O.J.
[EABF02] Bart and Lisa have O.J. with their pancakes.
[EABF05] Marge pours O.J. for the family, including absent Bart.
[EABF17] O.J. is on the kitchen table.
[FABF10] Homer’s breakfast in bed for Marge includes O.J.
[GABF01] Bart and Homer have O.J. with their T.V. dinners.
[GABF06] Marge wants to get free O.J. at Delta’s Gold Medalion lounge.
[GABF17] Homer has O.J. with his waffles.
[GABF21] Homer’s Father’s Day breakfast-in-bed has O.J.
[JABF18] Julia recovers from her injuries with a box of O.J.
[KABF09] # Royce Lumpkin heroins up his O.J.
[KABF09] O.J. is on the kitchen table.
[LABF02] O.J. with breakfast.
[LABF03] The Simpsons have O.J. with the Flanderses.
[LABF04] The family gives O.J. to blind Marge.
[MABF04] Marge includes O.J. in Homer’s breakfast in bed.
[MABF14] Bart drinks O.J. from a box while watching the preview for Tic-Tac-Toe.
[MABF18] Ralph O.D.s on O.J. and isn’t able to play baseball.
[MABF20] Bart and Nelson celebrate their friendship by getting drunk on two 8-packs of J., including O.J.
[MABF22] Freshly-squeezed O.J. is on the menu of the family’s Christmas breakfast for Marge.
[NABF03] Water turns into O.J. at the breakfast table.
[NABF07] Rod and Todd have milk, but Ned has O.J.
[NABF10] Homer mixes vodka into his O.J.
[NABF10] Bart drinks a box of O.J. in the tree hollow.
[NABF14] Lisa drinks a box of O.J. on the school swingset.
[NABF16] Ned starts drinking O.J. with pulp.
[PABF06] Lisa and Nick share a box of O.J. while watching the running of the bullies.
[PABF10] Homer has mixed drinks containing O.J.
[RABF05] Free O.J. is included with the condo sales presentation.
[RABF19] Homer makes O.J. then drinks pancake syrup.
[SABF13] Bart serves O.J. to some of his dates.
[SABF13] In Jenda’s kitchen, her and Bart’s kids have a carton of O.J. on the table.
[SABF18] Bart and Lisa have O.J. with breakfast.
[SABF21] Dum squeezes fresh O.J.
[TABF21] Breakfast with O.J.
[VABF03] O.J. with breakfast
[VABF05] Marge tries using O.J. to save the elementary school marching band from a runaway police tank.
[VABF06] Pancakes and floor tiles with O.J.
[VABF13] Bart brings Marge apology O.J.
[WABF08] Lisa has a box of O.J. with her school lunch.
[WABF18] Bart has a glass of O.J. with his breakfast.
[XABF01] Even a year ago, O.J. is served with breakfast.
[XABF09] Marge has a whole pitcher of O.J.
[XABF16] A mysterious case of O.J. knocks out Milhouse, Bart, and Nelson.
[XABF21] Boxed O.J. is served in the Springfield Elementary School cafeteria.
[YABF06] Marge pours O.J. on Homer’s lap.
[YABF08] Only Bart needs breakfast O.J.
[ZABF08] Only Lisa needs breakfast O.J.
[ZABF09] Marge has O.J. in a glass and Lisa has O.J. in a box.
[ZABF09] The singing frog dances past O.J. when no one is looking.
[ZABF19] Only Bart needs breakfast O.J.
[QABF03] Marge includes a pitcher of O.J. as part of her brunch offerings.
[QABF03] Apu has O.J. at the diner.
[QABF19] Homer can’t have any O.J. until he gets Moe out of the treehouse. (Lisa can have some, though.)
[UABF07] Bart and Lisa don’t have time to finish their breakfast O.J. because Marge needs to wash the carpets.
[UABF12] Bart finishes his breakfast O.J.
[UABF14] A glass of O.J. is on the kitchen table at breakfast.


{je} Jordan Eisenberg

# Cut in syndication

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