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Below is a list of the numerous swipes The Simpsons have taken at the most swipeable network on this planet, and more: the Fox network. If you know of any jabs, knocks or pans I've failed to list, please drop me a line in an e-mail!

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Unsuitable For Viewers Under 75

8F24 Bart: I just want the whole world to know that this was a really crappy camp. Can I say crappy on TV?
Kent Brockman: Yes, on this network, you can.

9F07 Homer advertising Mr. Plow says "It may be on a lousy channel, but The Simpsons are on TV!"

9F07 Barney's entrapment in an avalanche is caught on tape by a Fox film crew shooting a fixed special, "In Search of Bigfoot." Bigfoot wears a digital watch and speaks fluent English.

9F19 Krusty the Klown points out that Luke Perry is his worthless half-brother, scoffing that his show is on the Fox network.

9F20 When the Osaka Flu hits the Flanders family, Ned flashes back to what he could have possibly done to deserve such punishment: watching Married... with Children, and of all things, laughing at it! Flashing forward to the present, Ned cries, "Oh, the network slogan is true! Watch Fox and be damned for all eternity!"

9F22 While watching the awful "Up Late With McBain," Lisa utters that the Fox network has sunk to a new low.

1F12 Lisa forbids watching Fox because the network owns chemical weapons plants in Syria.

1F13 A Fox satellite slams into infant Homer, encased in an amniotic sac as he drifts through space.

1F13 NASA employee points out the most popular personalities on television using Married... With Children's Peg complaining to Al about sex and Al flushing the toilet

1F15 Mr. Blackheart's former professions include whale hunter, seal clubber and president of the Fox network.

1F18 When the on-screen Fox "bug" appears during the couch scene, Homer yanks it off the screen and the family viciously stamps it into the carpet.

1F22 Homer ponders what's on Fox: "something ribald, no doubt."

2F02 Larry King insists that, though the mayoral debates are being broadcast on Fox, there's no need for obnoxious hooting and hollering. The audience hoots and hollers.

2F04 Reverend Lovejoy throws Bart out of his home following a description of what he had seen on Fox the previous night.

2F06 The family watches "Fox Night at the Movies," complete with on-screen bug. Tonight's feature: "Homer S.: Portrait of an Ass-Grabber."

2F15 Marge: You know, FOX turned into a hard core sex channel so gradually, I didn't even notice.

2F31 One of the airplanes has "Fox" graffitied onto the fuselage.

3F08 While Sideshow Bob lambastes the television program before him, Rupert Murdoch steps up and lashes at him, warning that he "owns 60% of that network."

Television's bottomless chum bucket claims a now-corrupt Vanessa Redgrave, who is "hauling ass to Lollapalooza" in her Fox network debut.

Later, Grampa Simpson too hauls ass to Lollapalooza, followed by the 20th Century Fox Television fanfare.

3F14 Fox is one of the drag racer sponsors, along with Amalgamated Pornography, Duff Beer, Kingpin Malt Liquor, Laramie Cigarettes and Cop Stopper Exploding Bullets.

3F15 20th Century Fox bets that Troy McClure's pet movie project, The Contrabulous Fabtraption of Professor Horatio Hufnagel, will pay off.

Later, we see a Fox Theatre marquee with CLOSED.

3F31 Troy McClure introduces himself as the one you might remember from such Fox network specials as Alien Nose Job and Five Fabulous Weeks of The Chevy Chase Show.

3G01 Bart and Homer agree that, if they can't acquire actual footage of the alien, they will fake it, and sell it to the Fox network.

4F20 The Fox network's schedule appears on-screen, which, with the exception of The Simpsons, The X-Files and Melrose Place, is entirely consumed by question-marks.

Tim Conway surprises the family with his continued presence, insisting that Fox wouldn't spring for a decent hotel room. Marge downplays his words, thanking Fox and the good people at Budget Lodge.

4F24 Homer and Bart watch When Buildings Collapse on Non-Stop-Fox.

5F02 This THOH episode opens with the Fox censor, saying "As the Fox censor it's my job to protect (you) from reality. And thanks to my prudent editing, tonight's Simpsons Halloween special has been rated TV-G! This means there will be no raunchy NBC-style sex, or senseless CBS-style violence. The Fox censor is then [appropriately] stabbed repeatedly.

5F23 The family is relieved that they are able to think for themselves again. Suddenly, the Fox logo appears on their television with an announcer stating, "you are watching Fox." The family repeats, "We are watching Fox."

AABF01 Snake is executed on Fox's World's Deadliest Executions show.

AABF09 The family sits through Fox's 200 second countdown to the network's mid-season premiers, including World's Funniest Tornados and All in the Family 1999.

As a reference to Fox's dispute with The Simpsons' voice actors, Homer remarks that networks like animation because they don't have to pay the actors squat. Ned Flanders then appears through the window and in a falsetto voice adds, "plus, they can replace them, and no one can tell the diddily-ifference."

AABF10 The family extravagantly promotes NBC's programming during the show until the end credits when an anonymous Fox gunman suddenly forces Homer to retract the complements under his own free will.

AABF17 As Mr. Burns prepares for his radio interview with Howard Stern spin-off Jerry Rude, the host excuses Knick-Knack & Paddy Wack--a pair of Siamese midgets, wishing them luck and encouraging listeners to catch their new show on Fox.

AABF19 At the conclusion of a particularly cheesy version of Zorro that included The Three Musketeers and ninja fighters we hear the 20th Century Fox fanfare.

AABF20 At an internet cafe, Homer randomly invests in several companies' stock, including Newscorp's. But after Lisa informs him that Fox is owned by Newscorp, Homer panics and frantically slams the undo key.

Later, we hear Homer screaming "Undo" repeatedly over the closing credits' 20th logo.

BABF11 During Fox telethon spokesperson comments "Sure, Fox makes a fortune from advertising but it's still not enough." and "So, if you don't want to see crude, low-brow programming disappear from the airwaves please call now."

BABF11 During Fox telethon Bart calls in and pledges $10,000: Murdoch: Hello! Murdoch here. Bart: $10,000! Murdoch: You saved my network! Bart: Wouldn't be the first time.

BABF19 This episode "Behind the Laughter" parodies the history of our favorite family and repeatedly parodies Fox. Of course at times it's difficult to say which they're parodying...
- The Simpsons favorite shows are Hollywood Hogwash, The Dreck Squad, The Malarkeys, Dumbin' it Down, Sheriff Lowbrow, Home Improvement
- When The Simpsons breakdown Fox puts the show on hiatus and replaced it with hidden camera footage from the dressing room at Ann Taylor.
- Marge's hairdresser was also the Fox network's president.
- Mr. Murdoch needs a little coaching to sign his first name on a contract

BABF22 Homer is checking his stocks on a phone, using an automated system that responds to the name of the corporation with the stock results. We hear the following inspired dialogue;
Homer: Animotion
[Voice]: Animotion - up 1 1/2
Homer: Yahoooo!!!!!!
[Voice]: Yahoo - up 6 1/4
Homer: Huh, what is this crap?
[Voice]: Fox Corporation - down 10

DABF11 After President Clinton insults his audience and demands his $200,000 for the speaking engagement Homer summarizes his visit saying: Bill Clinton everybody! He's Jimmy Carter with a Fox attitude!

DABF16 This entire episode concludes with Homer realizing he was the target of Frame-Up!, Fox's new reality show. "I think you should be ashamed. Toying with a human's life for TV ratings."

Following Frame-Up! in the Fox lineup is No Pants Island and Fart Date.

DABF17 Moe complains that with the power out they'll miss Fox Celebrity Boxing! (it was on after this Simpson episode!) Barney comments "I heard tonight they have Ed Bradley vs. Mr. Ed".

EABF06 Monkey Olympics appears on Fox.

EABF08 For the annual return of the stinging red jellyfish OFF comments; Lisa: It happens every year, like the swallows returning to Capistrano. Bart: ..or the Fox network getting a new president!

EABF09 When another one of those highly annoying Fox moving promos appears on the screen for Joe Millionaire we discover that it's really part of The Simpsons; Homer suddenly grabs the words off the screen and eats them; Homer: (eats promo words) Eww! Fox! (spits them out)

With Krusty running for congress we see another unbiased Fox News presentation;
Fox: Welcome to Fox News. Your Voice for Evil. Tonight we'll be interviewing the top two candidates for Springfield's 24th congressional district. For the Republicans? Beloved children's entertainer, Krusty the Clown. ..and for the Democrats, this guy. (Candidate appears with on-screen devil's horns, communist flag in background)
Candidate: I have a name!
Fox: Yes, I'm sure you do, comrade. I appreciate your being here, you're (switches to split shot of both candidates, and Krusty has an on-screen halo) usually so mired in sleaze (they both react) it must be an effort to come down to the studio.
Krusty: May I say something?
Fox: Certainly congressman. (switches to split shot of both candidates, and other guy is now upside down)
Candidate: He hasn't won yet!!
Fox: You make a very adulterous point! We will now conclude this debate with a Krusty campaign commercial..

During the above dialogue, a Fox type news crawl appears across the bottom of the screen;
Pointless News Crawls Up 37 Percent...
Do Democrats Cause Cancer? Find Out at
Rupert Murdoch: Terrific Dancer...
Dow Down 5000 Points...
Study: 92 Percent of Democrats Are Gay...
JFK Posthumously joins Republican Party...
Oil Slicks Found to Keep Seals Young, Supple...
Dan Quayle: Awesome...

EABF11 We see the Fox satellite;
Lisa: Forget it Bart. It's so bright in the sky you can't see anything but the Fox satellite. (We see the satellite, upheld by balloons, parts falling off.)

FABF01 We see Fox World headquarters;
Sign: "World Headquarters - Fox Network" in front of a motor home in the middle of nowhere, tumbleweeds blowing by

FABF10 Cosmic War opening has Fox Logo with "A Division of Orange Julius"

FABF10 Bart: Well, we've learned that if you don't like something just go to the office and complain. What's our next stop?
Lisa: Fox Broadcasting, 10201 West Pico, Building 203

FABF15 Responding to the reality show craze, we see the following on OFF's television;
Welcome back to Promiscuous Idiots Island on Fox, the home of promiscuous idiots

FABF15 Bart: What do those women expect? When you sign a contract with Fox you know you're going to be betrayed and humiliated.

FABF16 Ned Flanders: (About coffee from a Thermos) Careful. It's hotter than a Fox News weather skank.

FABF18 Burns: Well, I guess it's impossible to control all the media. Unless of course you're Rupert Murdoch. He's one beautiful man.
Smithers: I couldn't agree more.

FABF22 Fox News "Fair and Balanced" truck has huge "Bush Chaney 2004" sign

GABF02 Homer, in connection with his Homer Simpson Showboating Academy: I'm the worse thing to happen to sports since Fox!

GABF04 Bart: Is this one of those reality deals where a guy gets a million bucks for marrying Aunt Patty but they have to honeymoon in a box full of snakes?
Homer: Son, that's the stupidest idea I've ever heard. And I know exactly who would pay top dollar for it! (Speeds dials) You've reached Fox! If you're pitching a show where gold-digging skanks get what's coming to them, press one! If you're pitching a rip-off of another network's reality show, press two! Please stay on the line. Your half-baked ideas are all we've got.

GABF11 Bart, after learning the lesson of avoiding commercial junk food: I've learned that even made up corporate shills can lie to you.
Homer: (holding up a Fox logo fox) Did you hear that foxy, the Fox network fox?

GABF19 On "The OC on FOX" they advertise "Coming Up Next: Crappy Local News"

GABF22 Wonder if this was on Fox?
Announcer on ESPN Classic: Fox Sports West II Classic Fox Sports Fox

HABF08 Sign outside Fox Studios: Number Two With Prisoners 18 - 49

HABF08 Sign at Fox Studios: This is where we make the best damn sports show, period. And this is where we make the worst damn comedy, period. (passes billboard of Jody's World with David Spade)

HABF08 Tour Guide at Fox Studios: Here's where we develop our many reality shows (we see signs for..) Dwarf or Midget? America Decides - Million Dollar Fart-Off - Mother Flippers

HABF08 Sign at Fox Studios: American Idol Holding Pen

HABF09 Television announcer: Next, on Fox, Carmen Electra stars in Boobs

JABF09 Bart: ...and then I had this dream that my whole family were just cartoon characters and that our success had led to some crazy propaganda network called Fox News!

JABF15 Homer: I'm sorry Marge, but I won't live under the same roof as a member of the liberal media.
Marge: You'll have to excuse him. He's been watching a lot of Fox news.
Homer: Did you know that every day, Mexican gays sneak into this county and unplug our brain dead ladies?

JABF15 Commercial: Can fifteen strippers run their own airline? Find out tonight on Fox's newest reality hit, Landing Strip!

JABF15 This is Fox News with the latest liberal outrage! It seems liberals want to give NASA the right to abort space missions whenever they feel like it! (later) Liberals hate families.

JABF15 Lisa: How can Fox News be so conservative when the Fox network keeps airing raunchy shows?
Kent Brockman: Fox deliberately runs shows that will earn them huge fines which are then funneled through the FCC straight to the Republican Party!

JABF15 Homer tries to relate secrets about the evil Fox network but it's censored.

JABF15 Homer: Want to hear something really bad Kent told me about the Fox network?
Lisa: Of course. Gosh, Dad, your hands are shaking.
Homer: I know. Cause this one's really, really bad.
Homer: For years now, Fox has been (voiceover) programming shows that the whole family can enjoy.
Lisa: Oh my God! You don't suppose they're going to start (voiceover) entertaining America with shows like House, American Idol and American Idol Results Show.
Homer: I'm afraid they might. But I will not be silenced. The truth is (Cutoff and they show the 20th Century Fox logo)
Homer: (Sneaks back in on blank screen) OK. What I was going to say was (Cutoff and they go to Gracie Films logo)

MOVIE1 Crawl line during The Simpsons Movie:
Watch "Are You Smarter Than a Celebrity?" - Wednesdays on FOX. That's right, we even advertise shows during movies now.

JABF16 Flanders: I just wanna to say that for watching this network you're all going to hell! And that includes FX, Fox Sports and our newest devils portal, the Wall Street Journal.

KABF09 The Dixie Chicks sing a song for about restricting Freedom that includes these lyrics:
We said some things that came out wrong, but now we've got a brand new song
'cause free speech needs curtailing now and then...
We pledge allegiance to Fox News, cause take away our right to choose...

KABF13 Parody of Fox show "Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?"
Are You Fatter Than a Fat Guy? Wednesdays at 8

LABF20 Billboard during opening: The Fox Network / Still Sucking After 20 Years

LABF21 Dialogue in conclusion of Simpsons on Ice:
Homer: That wasn't even in 3-D.
Marge: And where were the ice skaters?
Lisa: Again, TV, you have misled us.
Bart: Stupid lying Fox.

MABF14 In opening Fox satellite flys by, left to right, parts breaking off, wires frayed

MABF15 Billboard at Fox Studios "Animation Domination" switches to "Live Action Surrender".

MABF15 Moe is punished for his behavior on American Idol:
Moe: There is one bright side. I'm also forbidden from ever watching Fox.
Marge: You can't even show it in the bar?
Moe: That's right. And business has never been better.
Moe: Oh, hey, how it's going there Mr. Murdoch?
Rupert Murdoch: Never mind me. Put on the Jay Leno show.
Leno: Ha-ha-have you seen that... the President says Iran has gotten a hold of the most dangerous weapon known to man. The B.P. oil rig. That's right, ladies and gentlemen. I know how to make that leak disappear. Put it on NBC!

MABF18 In the couch opening by graffiti artist BANKSY, they illustrate Simpsons merchandise made by Asians slave workers under deplorable conditions, pulling away to show a parody of the 20th Century Fox logo above a prison camp.

The next three episodes, presented here in order of broadcast, resulted in sufficient controversy to generate news stories, starting with the first and most controversial opening. Example: Washington Post: For consecutive weekends, of course, Fox's The Simpsons lobbed mischievous grenades at corporate cousin Fox News with satirical signage..."

NABF01 Episodes opens with aerial view of New York City as a Fox helicopter swings into view with the following slogan: Not Racist, But #1 With Racists
Shortly thereafter the helicopter becomes unbalanced as a Fox executive disembarks mid-air, and the pilot falls out yelling "We're unbalanced! It's not fair!" mimicking the Fox news slogan "Fair and balanced".

NABF02 In the opening "fly by" the Fox News helecopter passes by with the following slogan:
Unsuitable for Viewers Under 75

MABF19 In the opening "fly by" the Fox News helecopter passes by with the following slogan:
Merry Christmas From Fox News... But No Other Holidays

PABF07 OFF is in the Badlands watching an unseen object when Homer says I'm sick of watching FOX. I've got the ATV's right out back! When they pull back we see them staring at a live fox.

PABF11 Opening billboard:
Fox 25 Years of Televised Stuff

PABF15 Opening fly by:
Channel 6 News helicopter pulling banner that says
"We Don't Hate You, Fox News. We Just Love MSNBC, CNN, CBS, NBC, ABC, BBC, ESPN And Al Jazeera More."

PABF16 Homer: Look at Sunday night. There's like eight amazing shows! None of them on Fox.

RABF18 News Zipper on Fox Building:

RABF18 Fox News alters
  Congressman Alabama (R): At the time, I didn't know it was illegal to sex up a cow on the Capitol steps to...
  Congressman California (D) with an Arab.


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