Violence etc. on The Simpsons

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Welcome, TV violence protesters! Also see When Animals Attack.

    [7G01] Some Enchanted Evening

  • Bart and lisa knock out Miss Botz with a baseball bat.
  • [7G02] Bart the Genius

  • Homer chases Bart around the house in a fit of rage.
  • [7G04] There's No Disgrace Like Home

  • Bart and lisa are fighting over which one of them loved Homer more.
  • Homer and Barney have a fight in Moe's.
  • The family attack each other with Marvin Monroe's stress mallets.
  • Bart takes the padding off one of Marvin Monroe's stress mallets and hits Marvin Monroe in the leg.
  • The family electrocute each other.
  • [7G05] Bart the General

  • Bart is repeatedly beat up by Nelson.
  • Homer teaches Bart how to fight.
  • Bart and his army pelt Nelson and his lackeys with water balloons.
  • [7G07] The Telltale Head

  • An angry mob hunt down Bart.
  • [7G09] Call of the Simpsons

  • Homer is shot with a tranquilizer dart.
  • [7F03] Bart Gets an F

  • Bart slaps himself silly.
  • [7F09] Itchy and Scratchy and Marge

  • Maggie hits Homer over the head with a mallet.
  • [7F12] The Way We Was

  • Marge slaps Artie Ziff.
  • [7F21] Three Men and a Comic Book

  • Bart, Milhouse and Martin fight in the treehouse.
  • [8F02] Treehouse of Horror II

  • Burns beats the hell out of Homer with a shovel.
  • [8F19] Colonel Homer

  • "A wrote this song while mopping up your blood and teeth" -- Lurleen Lumpkin.
  • [8F22] Bart's Friend Falls in Love

  • Milhouse attacks Bart.
  • Bart brings a magic 8-ball down over Milhouse's head.
  • [9F03] Itchy & Scratchy: The Movie

  • Nelson wants to "get" Bart.
  • [9F04] Treehouse of Horror III

  • The Krusty doll tries to kill Homer.
  • Homer kills zombie Flanders.
  • [9F06] New Kid on the Block

  • Moe goes to the Simpsons home with a knife to confront his prank caller.
  • [9F12] Brother From the Same Planet

  • Bart's "big brother" and Homer fight.
  • Homer teaches Bart how to fight.
  • [9F17] So It's Come To This: A Simpsons Clipshow

  • Homer into a coma when the Simpsons home suffers a beer explosion.
  • [9F18] Whacking Day

  • Nelson fills Milhouse's shirt with leaves.
  • Nelson throws a rock at Bart.
  • Bart runs Groundskeeper Willie's tractor into Superintendant Chalmers' rear end.
  • Whacking Day involves beating snakes to death with clubs.
  • Bart gets violently thrown out of his new school, and chased with a paddle.

    [9F22] Cape Feare

  • Sideshow Bob attempts to kill Bart.
  • [1F01] Rosebud

  • Frink's mechanical teddy bear violently embraces Burns.
  • [1F05] Bart's Inner Child

  • Violence breaks out among the crowd of "I do what I feel like"s.
  • Bart is chased by an angry mob.
  • [1F08] $pringfield (Or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Legalized Gambling)

  • Otto knocks out Gerry Cooney.
  • [1F10] Homer and Apu

  • Apu attacks Homer.
  • [1F16] Burns' Heir

  • Burns strangles Smithers after nearly drowning.
  • [1F22] Bart of Darkness

  • A kid is being held underwater in the Simpsons' new pool.
  • [2F01] Itchy and Scratchy Land

  • Itchy And Scratchy Land: The "Violentest" Place On Earth.
  • The robots try to kill the Simpsons.
  • [2F03] Treehouse of Horror V

  • Homer goes crazy and attempts to kill the family.
  • [2F04] Bart's Girlfriend

  • Nelson punches Bart.
  • [2F05] Lisa On Ice

  • Nelson punches Bart.
  • Bart and Lisa fight.
  • The ice rink is trashed.
  • [2F07] Grampa Vs. Sexual Inadequecy

  • Abe strangles Homer.
  • [2F08] Fear of Flying

  • The window cleaner knocks Homer down.
  • [2F09] Homer the Great

  • The Stonecutters initiation involves various painful acts.
  • [2F12] Homie the Clown

  • Fat Tony and the mob try and shoot Homer.
  • [2F13] Bart Vs. Australia

  • Bart's punishment, for running up a large phone bill on an Australian man, is to be kicked in the rear end with a large boot.
  • [2F14] Homer Vs. Patty and Selma

  • Homer literally throws Patty and Selma out the house.
  • [2F16] Who Shot Mr. Burns? Part One

  • Mr Burns is shot.
  • [2F20] Who Shot Mr. Burns? Part Two

  • Homer strangles Mr. Burns.
  • [3F01] Home Sweet Homediddly-Dum-Doodily

  • Homer strangles Cletus.
  • [3F02] Bart Sells His Soul

  • Nelson and his soul trip up Bart.
  • Willy kills people.
  • [3F31] The Simpsons 138th Episode Spectacular

  • Clips are shown of different characters shooting Mr Burns.
  • [3F09] Two Bad Neighbours

  • Homer and George Bush fight.
  • [3F13] Lisa the Iconoclast

  • Violence between Jebediah Springfield and George Washington is revealed.
  • [3F14] Homer the Smithers

  • Homer and Smithers have a fist fight, and end up throwing Burns through his office window.
  • [3F17] Bart on the Road

  • Nelson slaps the father in the car.
  • [3F18] 22 Short Films About Springfield

  • Milhouse knocks Herman out with a mace.
  • [3F19] Raging Abe Simpson and His Grumbling Grandson In "The Curse of the Flying Hellfish"

  • Burns tries to drown Bart.
  • [3F21] Homerpalooza

  • Homer joins a freakshow, and his act involves taking a cannon ball in his gut.
  • [3F23] You Only Move Twice

  • There is a battle in Hank Scorpio's headquarters.
  • [4F03] The Homer They Fall

  • Jimbo, Dolph and Kearney's parents try to beat up Homer.
  • Homer becomes a professional boxer.
  • [4F05] Burns Baby Burns

  • Fake clips of Homer being killed are shown on the news.
  • [4F08] The Twisted World of Marge Simpson

  • The mafia vs. some martial arts experts.
  • [4F10] Mountain of Madness

  • Burns and Homer hallucinate, and their armies battle eachother.
  • [4F11] Homer's Phobia

  • The reindeer attack Homer badly.
  • [4F12] The Itchy & Scratchy & Poochie Show

  • Nelson punches Bart.
  • [4F13] My Sister, My Sitter

  • Bart beats himself up to get Lisa into trouble.
  • [4F15] Homer Vs. The Eighteenth Ammendment

  • Rex Banner punches through a window and grabs Barney.
  • Rex Banner grabs people in the street.
  • [4F22] The City of New York Vs. Homer Simpson

  • Someone shoots at Homer.
  • [5F03] Bart Star

  • Nelson hurls a football into Ned's stomach.
  • [5F06] Realty Bites

  • Snake and Homer fight on a moving car.
  • [5F23] The Joy of Sect

  • Cletus points a shotgun at the leader.
  • The Simpsons and Reverend Lovejoy try to knock Homer out with a baseball bat.
  • [5F24] All Singing, All Dancing

  • Snake, armed with a gun, comes into the Simpsons home and threatens them.
  • [5F11] Das Bus

  • Nelson pelts Milhouse with rocks.
  • [5F12] The Dumbbell Indemnity

  • Homer knocks out Hans Moleman with a book.
  • Homer torches Moes Bar.
  • [4F24] Lisa the Simpson

  • Homer and Bart charge into eachother with pans on their heads.
  • [5F13] This Little Wiggy

  • The bullies push Ralph into the mud.
  • The bullies punch Bart.
  • [5F14] The Trouble With Trillions

  • Homer KOs the IRS guys.
  • [5F15] Girly Edition

  • The crazy cat woman chases Lisa and throws cats at her.
  • Willie strangles Bart.
  • [5F01] The Cartridge Family

  • A riot takes place.
  • [5F20] Lard of the Dance

  • There is a grease fight.
  • Homer and Willie have a fight.
  • [5F19] When You Dish Upon a Star

  • Ron Howard is thrown off a moving vehicle.
  • [5F22] Bart the Mother

  • Bart shoots a mother bird.
  • [AABF01] Treehouse of Horror IX

  • Snake is electrocuted to death.
  • Snake's hair takes over Homer's body and goes on a violent rampage searching for the witnesses of crimes Snake committed.
  • On The Jerry Springer Show, as usual, there are fights.
  • [AABF04] Homer Simpson in: Kidney Trouble

  • A fake gunfight takes place.
  • Robots try to kill Homer, again.
  • [AABF05] Mayored to the Mob

  • There is a violent mob of sci-fi fans.
  • [AABF06] Viva Ned Flanders

  • Homer and Ned get involved in a violent chase.
  • [AABF08] Sunday, Cruddy Sunday

  • Homer uses the clothes rail to knock out the security guards.
  • [AABF11] I'm With Cupid

  • Homer and Fantastic Dan duke it out on the plane.
  • [AABF14] Simpsons Bible Stories

  • Bart and Nelson fight.
  • [AABF23] Beyond Blunderdome

  • Homer goes to his door to start a fight with Mel Gibson.
  • [BABF05] Take My Wife, Sleaze

  • Homer and the leader of "Hell's Satans" fight eachother, motorbikes as weapons.

  • Homer strangles Bart

    (MG25) Family Portrait

    Homer strangles Bart as the photo is taken.

    (MG30) Shut Up Simpsons

    Homer: And I forgive you, Bart.
     Bart: Apology accepted, Homer.
    Homer smiles.
     Bart: I'd forgive you too, if you'd use a breath mint.
    Homer: Why you little...
    Homer strangles Bart.

    (MG38) The Bart Simpson Show

    Bart quickly closes the curtain as Homer dives behind the TV set.
     Signs of a great struggle.  Maggie hops off the couch and opens
     the curtains, revealing Homer strangling Bart.  Maggie returns to
     the couch.  Bart strangles Homer back.  The girls applaud.

    (7G04) There's No Disgrace Like Home

    Burns:  Make yourselves at home.
    Bart:   Hear that Dad?  You can lie around in your underwear and scratch
    Homer:  [angrily, he goes to strangle Bart]  Now you listen to me!
    Burns:  Trouble, Simpson?
    Homer:  [one hand around Bart's neck]  No, heh heh heh.  Just congratulating
            the son on a fine joke about his old man.  [nervously pats Bart's

    (7F02) Simpson and Delilah

    Bart dreams of having a beard and splashes the Dimoxinil on his face. 
    Homer returns, and Bart spills the bottle.
    Homer: [strangles Bart] Boy... must... die!

    (7F14) Bart's Dog Gets An F

       Marge: Those are very elaborate sneakers.
       Bart:  They better be, for 125 big ones!
       Homer:     D'oh!
       Marge:        125 dollars?!?
       Homer:           Bart! [strangles Bart]

    (8F05) Like Father, Like Clown

       Homer: Boy, you don't have to follow in my footsteps.
       Bart:  Don't worry, I don't even like using the bathroom after you.
       Homer: Why you little! [strangles Bart]

    (9F08) Lisa's First Word

    Bart gets strangled after another Daddy vs. Homer argument.

    (9F17) So It's Come to This: A Simpsons Clip Show

    Bart: [in tears] Dad, it's all my fault.  I shook up that can of beer!
    They say that people in comas can still hear you talk, and this proves
     true in cartoon-land as well.  Homer gradually comes to life and
     strangles Bart.  Marge and the girls celebrate, as Homer, now fully
     recovered, strangles Bart with both hands.

    (1F20) Secrets of a Successful Marriage

    Homer: [hearty laughter] And how's my little major-leaguer?  Catch any
           junebugs today?
     Bart: Oh, me and Milhouse took some mail from the mail truck and threw
           it down the sewer.
    Homer: Son, I know you meant well, but that wasn't the right thing to
     Bart: What the hell are you talking about?  You're the one who double-
           dared us.
    Homer: Why you little -- [strangles Bart]

    (2F04) Bart's Girlfriend

    Homer: Son, if you can look me in the eye and say you didn't take the
           collection money, that's all I need.
     Bart: [looking at him] I didn't take it.
    Homer: Why you little -- [strangles him] How can you look me in the eye
           and lie like that?

    (2F32) 'Round Springfield

      Marge: How's my special little guy?
       Lisa: How're you feeling, big brother?
             [Maggie sucks on her pacifier]
      Homer: Aw, this is wonderful: you're alive!
       Bart: [resentful] No thanks to _you_, Homer.
      Homer: Why you little...!
             [strangles Bart for a while]

    (3F06) Mother Simpson

       Bart: Where have you been, Granny?  Did they freeze you or something?
    Grandma: Oh, my, such clever grandchildren.  So full of questions and
             bright, shiny eyes.
      Marge: I don't know what to say: I finally have a mother-in-law.
             [laughs nervously] No more living vicariously through my
             girlfriends.  [laughs more, then coughs]
       Bart: Hey, since you were a no-show at all the big moments of my
             life, you owe me years of back presents: Christmases,
             birthdays, Easters, Kwanzas, good report cards --
             [grabbing a calculator] Hmm, 75 bucks a pop plus interest and
    owe me $22,000
      Homer: I'll Kwanza you!  [strangles Bart]

    (4F11) Homer's Phobia

     John: Oh, I've got the exact same curtains, only in my bathroom.
           Didn't you just die when you found these?
    Marge: Not really.  They just had corn on them.  Kitchen...  Corn...
     John: Oh!
           [slaps Marge on the arm in an "Oh You!" manner]
           [Marge snickers and taps John back]
           [Bart tries and imitate them, more-or-less punching Homer]
    Homer: Oww!  Why you little...!
           [strangles Bart]
     Bart: Aaah!  Dad!  Dad!  Company!  Company!
    Homer: [stops] Oh.  I'll just be another minute, John.  Have a seat.
           [resumes strangling]

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