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  • [AABF07] Milhouse watches the foursome on TV. Dipsy's (green) antenna is straight up. Here it looks like an arrow pointing upward. Laa Laa's (yellow) antenna is a curly-q. Here it looks like a three- pronged fork. Po's (red) antenna is mostly a circle. Here, it has a slash through the bottom, looking like the female symbol. Tinky Winky's (purple) antenna is an upside-down triangle. Here, it looks as it normally does with another line at the top, looking like a martini glass with a toothpick in it. The windmill and voice trumpets can be seen in the background. Laa-Laa is bouncing her ball.
  • [AABF07] Milhouse also has Teletubbies underpants. It appears that Po has Tinky Winky's antenna, and Dipsy has a capital "T" for an antenna.
  • [BABF02] Homer dresses like Tinky Winky to amuse Maggie. His costume consists of the TV held around his neck with a chain, an upside down coat hanger taped to his forehead, and oven mitts. -- "Hi, Maggie! I'm Homey-Womey, the Teletubby -- and I'm all man, in case you heard otherwise. Let's see what's on tummy-vision!" [turns on TV and is immediately shocked. Maggie cowers from the sight] Homer's statement of being "all man" is a reference to the suspicion that Tinky Winky is gay.
  • [BABF11] Homer runs for his life from an angry PBS mob including the Teletubbies. Po and Dipsy both have flaming antennas, with indeterminate shapes, which begin shooting at Homer. Laa Laa now has a female symbol antenna, and Tinky Winky looks as he did before. They can be seen again for a second after Big Bird confronts Homer.
  • [BABF14] Bart, Lisa, and Maggie watch Teletubbies at home. The Teletubbies, sans Dipsy, laugh happily. Gaa Gaa (Tinky Winky) pleasantly says, "Hurt everyone." Lisa asks, "Did Gaa Gaa just say, 'hurt everyone'?" Bart responds laughing, "Gaa Gaa- cute name." Tinky Winky (Gaa Gaa) looks as he has in past appearances. Laa Laa looks as she did in BABF11, and now Po has the three- pronged fork antenna Laa Laa originally had in AABF07.
  • [CABF01] In the opening couch gag, the family rushes to the couch dressed as the Teletubbies, giggling gleefully. Each family member is dressed as the Teletubby his or her height corresponds to. Homer is Tinky Winky; Marge is Dipsy; Bart is Laa Laa; and Lisa is Po. Homer, rather than have the upside down triangle as an antenna, has the two hairs on his head as an antenna. Marge's hair is already in the shape of Dipsy's antenna. Bart has the three- pronged fork antenna for Laa Laa and Lisa has the female symbol antenna for Po. Despite the scene, Maggie is left unchanged and does not represent the baby sun.
  • [DABF10] In Brazil, Bart becomes preoccupied with a risqu� educational television show for children called "Teleboobies".
  • [DABF18] While Bart and Milhouse watch a sanitized version of the Krusty the Clown show, Milhouse comments, "Teletubbies get away with more than this."
  • [EABF06] During Rev. Lovejoy's sermon at the bowling alley, Dr. Hibbert becomes distracted with the claw-grip machine containing a plush Dipsy (with a three- pronged fork antenna).
  • [EABF09] As planes travel over the Simpson home causing tremors, the contents on Maggie's shelves fall off including a plush Po (with a three-pronged fork antenna).
  • [FABF03] Teletubbies are at the Ruffi concert.
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