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7.1 - Acknowledgements

We want to take this time to thank the previous FAQ maintainers for making this document possible with their past hard work on making the L.I.S.A. as informative as it is. Those people are: Matthew Kurth, Gavan McCormack, Chris Baird, Raymond Chen, Brendan Kehoe, Andre Lombard, Tammy Hocking & Matt Rose. Also, thanks to Fox Legal for not bothering us about maintaining this file.


7.2 - Contributors

These people have contributed in some fashion to this document, both with and without their knowledge, and we'd like to thank as many as we can think of at this point.

Chris Baird Geek Boy Gary S. Nabors
Bob Beecher Gary Goldberg Jouni Paakkinen
Joey Berner Don Del Grande Werner Peeters
Frederic Briere Dave Hall Brian Petersen
Chris Cammack Tim Harrod Matt Rose
Paul Canniff Tony Hill Sarah Rosenbaum
Cristiana Cebba Tammy J. Hocking John Schulien
Vince Chan David Kendall Paul Shandi
Raymond Chen Torsten Kracke Tony Shepps
James A. Cherry Matthew Kurth Juha Terho
Terri Clendenin Chad Lehman Elson Trinidad
Ben Collins Andre Lombard Aaron Varhola
Chris Courtois Bren Lynne Julien Villeret
Christopher Dent Lee Maguire Ohbuchi Yutaka
Rick Diamant Gavan McCormack

Acknowledgement is also given to all the Simpsons-related publications which have also provided key background information for this document.

Special acknowledgement also goes out to Matt Groening for his Bongo Comics columns and David Silverman, who has provided invaluable information through various means, most particularly lectures which served to tie up certain nagging details. Thanks also to those of the production staff that occasionally come down from the mountain to enlighten those of us outside of the loop. Thanks guys!


7.3 - Disclaimer & Copyright

This document is Copyright ©2011 Bruce Gomes and may not be modified and/or distributed, or used for profit without consent of the current maintainers. This includes, but is not limited to: CD-ROMs, magazines, books, newspapers, or television broadcasts. Free distribution is encouraged provided the document is unabridged, unmodified, and unaltered.

This Copyright does not extend to, and is not intended to infringe upon, the characters, names, places, images, voices, and related indica of "The Simpsons" which remains Copyrighted by, and a Trade Mark of, Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation.

The information in this document has been checked where appropriate, and is considered as accurate as possible. However, Pobody's Nerfect. As such, the maintainers take no responsibility for incorrect or inaccurate information beyond correcting the error in the next official L.I.S.A. release. In that regard, we welcome your comments, corrections and yes, criticisms.

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