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    • So shipments.
  • Springfield.
    • Flings pride.
  • Treehouse of Horror.
    • Or heretofore hours.
  • Don't have a cow man!
    • Teach Madonna vow!
  • Eat My Shorts.
    • Messy throat.
    • Tasty homers.
    • Mother's stay.
    • Stormy haste.
    • My hotter ass.
    • Shyster moat.
    • Shorty mates.
    • The mossy rat.
    • Trashy tomes.
    • Mattress hoy.
    • Thy maestros.
    • Hamster toys.
    • Shot mastery.
    • Thames story.
    • Torah system.
  • Apu Nahasapeemapetilon.
    • I am a pope sauna elephant.
    • Palaiseau tap phenomena.
    • Ahem! applause neat piano.
    • Ahem! Up national appease.
    • Applause opine anathema.
    • Heap up a same Neapolitan.
    • Apple pan teahouse mania.
    • NATO apple-pie ham nausea.
  • Springfield Nuclear Power Plant.
    • Preplanned slip incur afterglow.
  • The Itchy and Scratchy Show!
    • Shhh! Nice rowdy chatty cats!
  • The Happy Little Elves.
    • Split-level type heath.
  • Herman's Head.
    • Renamed hash.
  • The Critic.
    • Chic trite.
  • Simpson Shorts.
    • Thompsons Sirs.
    • Smith sponsors
  • Rubber Baby Buggy Bumper Babysitting Service. [7G01]
    • Abbreviate emptying subscribe grubby grubby.
  • Underachiever and proud of it. [7G02]
    • Unproductive forehead drain.
    • Radioactive Freud, PhD neuron.
    • Fountainhead produced river.
    • Horrific 'n' up-dated endeavour.
    • Herefordian vapour inducted.
    • Furtherance void unparodied.
    • Horrific up-dated uneven road.
    • Deprived fanatic rude honour.
    • Favoured ironhanded picture.
    • On additive-free ardour punch.
    • Unheard favoured prediction.
    • Avoided card-phone furniture.
    • Dodecahedra if input overrun.
  • Lionel Hutz, Attorney at Law. [7F10]
    • Now the natural lazy toilet.
    • The tiny well zoo tarantula.
  • I Can't Believe It's A Law Firm! [7F10]
    • Blast! interview Mafia lice.
    • Realistic ambivalent wife. Certifiable talisman view.
    • Writable native facsimile.
    • Nicer liveable Mafia twits.
  • Eye on Springfield. [8F08]
    • If needing leprosy.
  • Burns Verkaufen der Kraftwerk. [8F09]
    • Kuvert waffenbruders kranker.
  • Krusty Brand Seal of Approval. [8F24]
    • So vary all-purpose bank-draft.
  • Laramie Cigarettes. [9F02]
    • Greater calamities.
  • Elephant Song. [9F15]
    • Tangle phones.
  • Snake Whacking Day. [9F18]
    • Shaky weak dancing.
  • Inanimate Carbon Rod. [1F13]
    • Inert Canadian broom.
    • Canadian moron tribe.
    • Manitoban coriander.
    • Manitoba acorn diner.
    • Drab American notion.
    • Drab nomination race.
    • Bite Draconian Roman.
    • Canberra admonition.
    • Cinnabar moderation.
    • Romeo and Britannica.
  • Alec Guinness. [1F17]
    • Genuine class.
    • Sees unlacing.
    • Nuisance gels.
    • Angus license.
    • Gaul niceness.
    • Sensing a clue.
    • Use cleansing.
    • Use nice slang.
    • Nice gun sales.
    • Silences a gun.
    • Ugliness acne.
    • Single uncase.
  • Jeremy Irons. [1F17]
    • Jeer Mr noisy.
    • Minor jersey.
    • Rim enjoyers.
  • My cat's breath smells like catfood. [1F17]
    • Systematic football-mad hecklers.
  • Purple Monkey Dishwasher. [2F19]
    • Pushy Workmen Leadership.
  • Lisa the Vegetarian. [3F03]
    • Earth-sea vigilante.
  • Selma Bouvier Terwilliger Hutz McClure. [3F20]
    • Howitzer curriculum vegetables miller.
  • Little Pwagmattasquarmesettport. [3F22]
    • Total quartiles gawp term attempts.
  • El Viaje Misterioso de Nuestro Homer. [3F24]
    • Ole! to injuries sometimes overheard.
  • Simpsoncalifragilisticexpiala-D'oh-cious. [3G03]
    • Anti-climax ideological chips fissiparous.
  • Simpsoncalifragilistickexpiala-D'oh-cious. [3G03]
    • Packaged collisions pacifist hilarious mix.
  • Fritz Schnackenpfefferhausen. [3G03]
    • Tuff panzerschraenke schiffen.
  • Happiest Man in Springfield. [4F07]
    • Pipe malignant friendships.
  • Homer's Phobia. [4F11]
    • Boo! Hampshire.
  • The Itchy and Scratchy and Poochie Show! [4F12]
    • Ahoy! Shhh! Why do accident prone tactics?
    • Isn't volts, amps.
  • List of Inquiries and Substantive Answers.
    • Is questionable darwinist versus infants.
  • FFF
    • Re NZ earmuff fee.
    • Freezer fan fume.
  • DYN
    • Oiy! Deduction!
    • Unite icy dodo.
    • Do idiocy tune.
    • Iodide County.
  • Worst episode ever.
    • Poster does review.
  • Best episode ever.
    • Speed soviet beer.
  • OFF (us)
    • Move fairy UFO trail.
    • A fortiori fly mauve.
    • Urea foam frivolity.
    • Fat virile UFO mayor.
    • Your TV or Mafia life.
    • Alive if a tory forum.
    • Favourite army LIFO.
  • OFF (uk)
    • I am a virtue fury fool.
    • Au-revoir may lift UFO.
    • IOU favorite army flu.
    • UFO LIFO a virtue army.
    • If you air TV formulae.
  • Latest syndicate hatchet job.
    • Enjoy the battle-tactics dash.
  • The Simpsons Archive.
    • Peevish monarchists.
  • CompuGlobalHyperMegaNet. [5F11]
    • Culpable geography moment.
    • Employ mortgageable punch.
    • Bump genteel pharmacology.
    • Pluggable company theorem.
    • Hang-up embargo completely.
    • Plumb amperage technology.
  • Bolivian Tree Lizard. [5F22]
    • Billionaire TV razed.
    • Volatile zanier bird.
    • Boiled virile Tarzan.
    • Liberal in vitro daze.
    • Revitalize old brain.
    • Valid irritable zone.
    • O! divine trailblazer.
    • To deliver Brazilian.
    • Evil baritone lizard.

Other contributors


  • Baddie rite.
  • A dire bidet.
  • Bad tie dire.
  • Raided bite.
  • Tired abide.
  • Bidet aired.
  • Tirade bide.
  • Aided tribe.
  • Tidied bear.
  • A rib edited.
  • Betide raid.
  • A tired bide.
  • Aired debit.
  • I tied beard.
  • Arid betide.
  • Dire baited.
  • Deride bait.
  • Bidet aider.
  • Bead tidier.
  • Ride baited.
  • Aired debit.
  • Aided biter.
  • Tie braided.
  • Irate bided.
  • Beard teiid.
  • Tidied bare.
  • Did ebriate.
  • Aided ibert.
  • Air debited.
  • Diatribe Ed.
  • Bidet redia.
  • Tidier bade.
  • Date birdie.
  • Bird ideate.
  • Bread teiid.
  • Debit aider.
  • IRA debited.
  • Debate irid.
  • Tidier abed.
  • Tire abided.
  • Tidied brae.
  • Bit readied.
  • Bided retia.
  • Bided terai.
  • Debater idi.
  • Rite abided.
  • Bared teiid.
  • Rebated idi.
  • It'd beadier.
  • Bei addiert
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Anagrams of Simpsons Cast

Abe Simpson: Imposes ban.
Abe "Grampa" J. Simpson: Mans major bagpipes.
Abraham J. Simpson: Major ban mishaps.
Adil Hoxha: Hilda hoax.
Agent Goodman: Dogma tonnage.
Agnes Skinner: Ensnares king.
Allison Taylor: Royal stallion.
Amber Dempsey: Member spayed.
Antoine Tex Ohara: Hear one taxation.
Apu Nahasapeemapetilon: I am a pope sauna elephant.
Aristotle Amodopoulos: Optoisolates malodour.
Arnie "Pie in the Sky": Keep insanity heir.
Arthur Crandall: Hallard currant.
Artie Ziff: Fitz afire.
Ashley Grant: Trashy angel.
Barney Gumble: Grubby enamel.
Bart Simpson: Armpit snobs.
Bartholemew J. Simpson: Major bowel shipments.
Bergstrom: Borg terms.
Birge Barlow: Log barbwire.
Bleeding Gums Murphy: Unplugged by shimmer.
Blinky the Fish: Shh! lit by knife.
Bob Arnold: Bold baron.
Bobby Peterson: Boys bent probe.
Bobo: Boob.
Bret Gunsilman: Last numbering.
Buddy Hodges: Shoddy debug.
Bumblebee Man: Blame numb bee.
Capital City Goofball: Aptly biological fact.
Captain Lance Murdoch: An mechanical product.
Captain McAllister: Central capitalism.
Cesar and Ugolin: Clone guardians.
Cesar, Ugolin: Surgical one.
Charles Montgomery Burns: Granny chorus-members lot.
Chespirito: Erotic ship.
Chester Lampwick: Shipwreck camlet.
Chester J. Lampwick: Thick jewel cramps.
Chief Clancy Wiggum: Calcify chewing-gum.
Cletus the Slack-Jawed Yokel: Well sketched joke casualty.
Colonel Hapablap: Ban apple alcohol.
Comic Book Guy: By giuoco mock.
Corey Masterson: Moons secretary.
Corporal Punishment: Merchant propulsion.
Cousin Frank: Fusion crank.
Crazy Old Man: Randomly zac.
Dana Scully: Lunacy lads.
Database: Ada beast.
Dave Rosenfield: Aired sevenfold.
Dean Bitterman: Trained batmen.
Dewey Largo: Royal wedge.
Diamond Joe Quimby: Dominique body jam.
Dirk Richter: Dirt herrick.
Don Brodka: Dodo brank.
Don Vittorio DiMaggio: Good rigid motivation.
Dreaderick Tatum: Muddier attacker.
Dr. Foster: Red frsot.
Dr. Marvin Monroe: Damn river moron.
Dr. Nick Riviera: Acrid ink river.
Eddie and Lou: Unloaded die.
Edna Krabappel: Appeared blank.
Elizabeth Hoover: Halve their booze.
Emily Winthrop: Minority whelp.
Eugene Fisk: Infuse geek.
Fallout Boy: Bully afoot.
Fat Tony: No fatty.
Femail-Man: Main flame.
Fluffy Bunny: Fly by fun-fun.
Fox Mulder: Ode Mr. Flux.
Frank Grimes: Finger marks.
Fuzzy Bunny: Funny buzzy.
Gary, Doug, Benjamin: My born-again judge.
Generic pimple-faced teenagers: Engaged replacement specifier.
Gina Ballerina: Enabling a liar.
Gladys Bouvier: Bugle advisory.
Godfrey Jones: Enjoyed frogs.
Grampa Bouvier: Umbrage pavior.
Grampa Simpson: Paganism romps.
Grandma Flanders: Farmland gardens.
Grandma Jackie Bouvier: Give marijuana bedrock.
Groundskeeper Willy: Up grisly needlework.
Groundskeeper Willie: Weedkiller genius pro.
Guillermo: Ill morgue.
Guy Incognito: Counting yogi.
Handsome Pete: Hastened poem.
Hans, Fritz, Horst: This short Franz.
Hans Moleman: NHS melanoma.
Happiest Man in Springfield: Pipe malignant friendships.
Harlan Dondelinger: Leningrad leonhard.
Helen Lovejoy: Hello even joy.
Herbert Powell: Bellwether pro.
Herschel Krustofsky: Shh! turkey corks self.
Hollis Hurlbut: Hill blush tour.
Homer Glumplich: Mill much gopher.
Homer Simpson: Hmm! poisoners.
Homer J. Simpson: Persimmon josh.
Horatio McAllister: Rattier alcoholism.
Hugh Parkfield: High flu parked.
Hugh St. John Alastair Parkfield: Journalist had this graph flake.
Hugo Simpson: Gnomish Soup.
Inanimate Carbon Rod: Inert Canadian broom.
Itchy and Scratchy: Hard chatty cynics.
Itchy, Scratchy and Poochie: Shady chaotic pyrotechnic.
Itchy, Scratchy, Poochie: Heroic psychotic yacht.
Jack Larson: Nor jackals.
Janey Hagstrom: Or hang majesty.
Jebediah Springfield: Fed jailbird sheep gin.
Jessica Lovejoy: Joy as close jive.
Jimbo "Corky" Jones: Join mockery jobs.
Jimbo, Kearney, Dolph: Polyhedron bike jam.
Joey, Crusher, Lowbrow: Ouch! borrows jewelry.
Judge Multon: Lou judgment.
Judge Snyder: Deny judgers.
Julius Hibbert: Juliet rubbish.
Kang and Kodos: Kodak 'n' gonads.
Kent Brockelstein: Bottle-neck sinker.
Kent Brockman: Track knob men.
Kirk Van Houten: Overt akin hunk.
Krusty the Klown: Sulk thy network.
Kyle Darren: Ankle dryer.
Lance Murdoch: Conclude harm.
Langdon Alger: Grand galleon.
Laura Powers: Walrus opera.
Lionel Hutz: I'll zone hut.
Lisa Marie Simpson: SOS! an imperialism.
Lisa Simpson: Slim passion.
Lois Pennycandy: Yields nanny cop.
Luanne Van Houten: Not an uneven haul.
Luann Van Houten: Hunt annual oven.
Lucille Botzocowski: Utilize blows o'clock.
Lunchlady Doris: Hi! laundry's cold.
Lurleen Lumpkin: Pull menu linker.
Lyle Lanley: An yell yell.
MacArthur Parker: Rather mark-up car.
MacGarnicle: Calming care.
Maggie Simpson: Imposing games.
Marge Simpson: Miss Pergamon.
Margaret Simpson: Tamper organisms.
Margorie Simpson: Emission program.
Mary Bailey: Amiably rye.
Maude Flanders: Refusal damned.
Martin Prince: Manic printer.
Marvin Monroe: Maroon vermin.
Math-E-Magician: Ahem! Anti-magic.
Menthol Moose: Lonesome moth.
Milhouse Van Houten: Voluminous heathen.
Mindy Simmons: Mommy sins din.
Miss Albright: I'm brass light.
Miss Emily Winthrop: My ownership limits.
Miquel Sanchez: Camels quiz hen.
Moe Szyslak: Lazy smokes.
Mona Simpson: Mansion mops.
Monsignor Kenneth Daly: Adherently non-smoking.
Monty Burns: Storm bunny.
Montgomery Burns: Numb tory mongers.
Mrs. Glick: Glc smirk.
Mrs. Norton: Torn norms.
Mrs. Pummelhorse: Homeless Mr rump.
Ms. No-Means-No: O man, men, sons.
Ned Flanders: Fend slander.
Nelson Muntz: Lemon NZ nuts.
Nerdlinger: Ring lender.
Nick Riviera: Vice air rink.
Number One: Menu boner.
Otto Mann: A TNT moon.
Ozbado: Bozo ad.
Ozmodiar:: Arid zoom.
Patty and Selma Bouvier: Separably unmotivated.
Patty Bouvier: Poetry via tub.
Pops Freshemeyer: Refreshes pompey.
Princess Kashmir: Scrimshank spire.
Princess Opal: Applies scorn.
Principal Skinner: Rank sin principle.
Professor Lombardo: Floorboards eproms.
Professor Frink: Person for frisk.
Rabbi Hyman Krustofsky: Faint smoky rhubarb sky.
Radioactive Man: Advice animator.
Rainier Wolfcastle: Firewall reactions.
Rainier Wolfecastle: Low-relief Cartesian.
Ralph Wiggum: Glum rag whip.
Rev. Timothy Lovejoy: Hotly move ivory jet.
Robert Terwilliger: Terrible lower grit.
Rodney and Roderick: A kiddy non-recorder.
Rod Flanders: Darn! folders.
Roger Meyers: Emerge sorry.
Ruth Powers: Throw purse.
Samantha Stanky: As Manhattan sky.
Santa's Little Helper: This alternate spell.
Santos L. Halper: Personal halts.
Sebastian Cobb: Batons cabbies.
Selma Bouvier: Rabies volume.
Senator Mendoza: Ozone tradesman.
Senor Spielbergo: Responsible ogre.
Serak the Preparer: Rephrase tree park.
Seymour Skinner: Monkey insurers.
Shari Boppins: Hippos brains.
Sherry and Terry: Starry NY herder.
She's The Fastest: Shh! tse-tse feast.
Sideshow Bob: Swedish boob.
Sideshow Cecil: Slice cowhides.
Sideshow Luke Perry: Sulky weirdo sphere.
Sideshow Mel: Missed whole.
Sideshow Rahem: Washed heroism.
Sideshow Ralph Wiggum: Drew hogwash pugilism.
Sir Oinksalot: Stork liaison.
Smiling Joe Fission: Joining of missiles.
Snowball: Now's ball.
Snowball II: Was billion.
Super Friends: Find pressure.
Superintendent Chalmers: Entrenchments epidurals.
Sylvia Winfield: Wifely invalids.
Tattoo Guy: Toyota gut.
Tibor: Orbit.
Timothy Lovejoy: Hotly motive joy.
Todd Flanders: Stranded fold.
Troy McClure: Merry occult.
Truck-O-Saurus: Raucous turks.
Uncle Arthur: Current haul.
Waylon J. Smithers: In joyless warmth.
Wendell Borton: Blown redolent.
Worker and Parasite: Drawn a perestroika.

[simpsons] [cast] [staff]

Actors, Directors, Writers, Producers

Adam Lapidus: Up amid salad.
Adam I. Lapidus: A paid dualism.
Al Jean: Jan ale.
Alan Smart: Ant alarms.
Bill Canterbury: Beryl lubricant.
Bill Oakley: Liable yolk.
Bob Anderson: Non-absorbed.
Bob Kushell: Bloke blush.
Brad Bird: Bad Dr. rib.
Brent Forrester: Bereft 'n' terrors.
Brian Roberts: Train robbers.
Brian K. Roberts: Rabbits korner.
Brian Scully: Rub can silly.
Carlos Baeza: Close bazaar.
Chuck Sheetz: Suck the chez.
Conan O'Brien: No nice baron.
Dan Castellaneta: Cleansed Atlanta.
Dan Greaney: Deny Reagan.
Dan McGrath: Grand match.
David Cohen: Dined havoc.
David Isaacs: I did cassava.
David Mirkin: Via dim drink.
David Richardson: Did horrid canvas.
David Sacks: Adds ski vac.
David S. Cohen: Candid shove.
David Silverman: Vandalism drive.
David Stern: Did servant.
David M. Stern: Starved mind.
Dominic Polcino: Doom lion picnic.
Donick Cary: Inky accord.
Doris Grau: Radio rugs.
Edgar Allen Poe: Poll a renegade.
Frank Mula: Funk alarm.
Gary Apple: Player gap.
George Meyer: Mere egg yore.
Greg Daniels: Large design.
Gregg Vanzo: Rev gang zog.
Hank Azaria: Aha! Nazi ark.
Harry Shearer: Ha! rare sherry.
Howard Gewirtz: Grow the wizard.
Ian Maxtone-Graham: Agamemnon hair tax.
Jace Richdale: Cheer jail cad.
Jack Barth: Bat hack Jr.
James L. Brooks: Majors blokes.
Jane C. O'Brien: Earn nice job.
Jay Kogen: Jog Kenya.
Jeff Martin: Firm jet fan.
Jeff Ventimilia: Jail five fit men.
Jeffrey Lynch: Yer lynch Jeff.
Jennifer Crittenden: Reject fine inn trend.
Jim Reardon: Major diner.
Jo Ann Harris: Ran rash join.
Joe Mantegna: Manage on jet.
John Collier: No jell choir.
Jonathan Collier: Oh no! central jail.
Jon Lovitz: No viz jolt.
John Swartzwelder: Shrewd lorentz jaw.
Jon Vitti: TV join it.
Josh Sternin: Jenin shorts.
Josh Weinstein: Jewish tension.
Julie Kavner: Unalive jerk.
Kelsey Grammar: Gamely remarks.
Ken Keeler: Keener elk.
Ken Levine: Eleven kin.
Kent Butterworth: Know truth better.
Klay Hall: Laky hall.
Larry Doyle: Royally red.
Lona Williams: A lion sawmill.
Maggie Roswell: Gallows regime.
Marcia Wallace: Malacca wailer.
Mark Ervin: Vermin ark.
Mark Kirkland: Landmark kirk.
Matt Groening: Rotten gaming.
Matt Nastuk: Mutant task.
Matt Selman: Mental mast.
Max Pross: Xmas pros.
Michael Carrington: Chlorinating cream.
Mike Anderson: One-armed sink.
Mike B. Anderson: Demon bearskin.
Mike Reiss: Remise ski.
Mike Scully: Lucky smile.
Milton Gray: Tiny glamor.
Mimi Pond: Minim pod.
Nancy Cartwright: Try warning catch.
Ned Goldreyer: Oddly greener.
Neil Affleck: Feline flack.
Nell Scovell: Levels 'n' coll.
Pamela Hayden: Peahen malady.
Patric Verrone: Private corner.
Penny Wise: Weepy inns.
Pete Michels: Them eclipse.
Phil Hartman: Halt pin harm.
Pound Foolish: O! hid spoonful.
Rachel Pulido: Peculiar hold.
Reid Harrison: Rhino raiders.
Rich Moore: Or Homeric.
Richard Appel: Pre-paid larch.
Robert Cohen: Throb encore.
Ron Hauge: A roughen.
Russi Taylor: Rusty sailor.
Sam Simon: Miss moan.
Spike Feresten: Finest keepers.
Steve Pepoon: Oppose event.
Steven Dean Moore: Overdone meanest.
Steve O'Donnell: On stoned level.
Steve Tompkins: Invokes tempts.
Steve Young: Guest envoy.
Susie Dietter: Erudite sites.
Swinton Scott: Twins cottons.
Swinton O. Scott: To consist town.
Swinton O. Scott III: Twist isotonic ion.
Thomas Chastin: Macintosh hats.
Tom Gammill: M&M toga mill.
Tress MacNeille: All-time screens.
Wal Wolodarsky: Allow workdays.
Wesley Archer: Cheer lawyers.
Wes M. Archer: Warm cheers.
Yeardley Smith: Hailed mystery.

Rupert Murdoch: Thrum producer.
Film Roman: Minor flam.
Gracie Films: Magic rifles.
Fox Televison: Violent foxes.
Klasky-Csupo: Soaky plucks.
Tracey Ullman: Llama century.


Homer Simpson: Neomorphisms

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Senor Ding-Dong: "donned gringos"
Kill Off Lisa: "filial folks"
Season One: "sane noose"
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Season Five: "envies oafs"
Season Six: "ax session"
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Season Nine: "o inaneness"
Season Ten: "asset none"
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