The "Yoink!" List

Originally by Jordan Eisenberg
Maintained by Ben Pritzker
9F14Homer, snatching a wad of money from Marge
9F15Anonymous voice, taking the diamond in Lenny's tooth
9F17Mr. Burns, pulling the plug on Homer
1F11Bart, taking Kent Brockman's danish
1F11Kent Brockman, after Bart takes his danish
2F01Itchy and Scratchy Land representative, while dashing out of sight
3F01Homer takes free spa tickets from a car salesman
4F04Homer picks a meatball off the floor
5F01Snake, stealing Homer's gun
5F04Homer, taking Apu's note from his lover
5F07Marge, taking the family's only washcloth
5F11Nelson, taking Milhouse's glasses
5F17Snake, swiping Chief Wiggum's purse
AABF01Homer, possessed by Snake, after ripping Moe's heart out with a corkscrew
AABF15Jasper Johns, stealing Marge's painting
AABF20Snake: "Yoink-dot-adios-backslash-losers!"
AABF20A sumo wrestler, taking Homer's pretzel
AABF22Mark McGuire, hiding MLB's data print-out under his hat
AABF23Mel Gibson, taking back his film spool
BABF02Ron Howard, stealing his money back from Dumbass
CABF07Andre Agassi, stealing Homer's tennis racket
CABF13Homer, grabbing his old lunch box from Santa's Little Helper
EABF22Mr Burns says "Yoink!", when he takes the 1000$ bill from Bart

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