Quentin Tarantino References

Created by Hari Michael Wierny
Contributions from John Cole
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There have been numerous references to the movies of Quentin Tarantino over the years on The Simpsons. Being a big Tarantino fan myself, I decided to list the references. The result became larger than I imagined it would have. I'm open to suggestion, and additions are warmly recieved.

Reservoir Dogs

  • [1F21] Mr. Burns and Bart standing off with guns much like a scene in the movie.
  • [2F18] Camera angle when Mr. Burns threatens them with a gun.
  • [3F07] Lawrence Tierney, star of Reservoir Dogs, guest stars in this episode.
  • [3G03] The Itchy and Scratchy episode was "Reservoir Cats" directed by Quentin Tarantino references.
  • [3G03] The warehouse setting was a clone of that in the movie.
  • [3G03] Mr. Blonde (Itchy) tortures Marvin Nash (scratchy) with "Stuck in the Middle With You" playing.
  • [3G03] Scratchy tied up on chair with duct tape over mouth.
  • [3G03] Itchy pours gasoline on Scratchy, and as the camera pans left, cuts his ear off (identical to Reservoir Dogs).
  • [HABF18] Lisa walks down the street with rescued animals to the song "Little Green Bag" by The George Baker Selection. (Similar to the beginning introduction in Reservoir Dogs)
  • Natural Born Killers

    Tarantino wrote this movie.

  • [4F05] Rodney Dangerfield, star of this movie, guest stars.
  • [4F21] Bart says, "my killing teacher says I'm a natural."
  • [5F18] The title, "Natural Born Kissers" spoofs the movie title.
  • Pulp Fiction

  • [2F04] The music that plays as Bart and Jessica loiter.
  • [3F15] "Go Medieval" is a phrase popularized by this movie.
  • [3F18] The whole Herman kidnapping Chief Wiggum and Snake thing.
  • [3F18] The red balls in Wiggum and Snake's mouth.
  • [3F18] Snake runs down Chief Wiggum like Butch does to Marselles Wallace.
  • [3F18] The convertable crashes like Butch's car, running down a fire hydrant and a mailbox.
  • [3F18] Snake and Wiggum -- Butch and Marselles Wallace fight.
  • [3F18] Eddie, Lou and Chief Wiggum's conversation about the names of burgers, milkshakes etc. (Vincent and Jules discuss the different names of food in Europe and the US)
  • [3G03] Itchy and Scratchy are dressed like Jules and Vincent.
  • [3G03] They dance like Vincent and Mia Wallace do (in the "Jackrabbit Slim's" restuarant) at the end of the cartoon.
  • [3G03] The song playing in the opening theme, "Miserlou," Pulp Fiction's opening theme.
  • [4F18] Karen Maruyama, star of Pulp Fiction, guest stars.
  • [BABF05] The restuarant Marge and Homer go to (very camp, with cars to eat in, and the like) same as "Jackrabbit Slim's" in Pulp Fiction.
  • [BABF05] Homer and Marge dancing to win something in a wacky restuarant.
  • Kill Bill

  • [JABF01] The title, "Kill Gil, Vol 1 & 2" spoofs the movie title.

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