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October 2013
Created by Bruce Gomes

This page describes the Panini albums and stickers released in 1991, prior to the five sets of full sized Panini Simpsons stickers and albums released in many countries starting in 1999.

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Panini 1991 Simpsons Album - Germany

Panini 1991 - Germany


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   Germany, Austria & Switzerland


This sticker set and the corresponding album were released after the first season and after the initial Diamond Sticker Activity set and the Topps 1990 set released during the first season. Unlike those sets this set was able to take advantage of scenes from the first season itself. Note that since this set was never released in the United States, UK or Australia no English version of the album was published. The album describes the scenes instead of attempting to quote them, a wise choice when quotes might need to leverage the translations from the show (which aren't always accurate anyway) or attempt to retranslate dialogue (which would then not match the show as broadcast locally) (which may be voice dialogue or subtitles).



The set contains two hundred and four 2 1/8" by 2 11/16" (5.4 cm x 6.9 cm) stickers consisting of 24 character stickers showing Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa, Maggie, Santa's Little Helper and Snowball II, and 180 stickers showing Simpsons scenes taken from four episodes from the first season. In addition there was a single large 13.5 x 13.5 cm hologram of our favorite family to be placed over the same image on the front cover. The back of each of the 204 stickers shows the sticker number as illustrated on the right and indicates one can "Collect these stickers in the album available from your local shop" in English, German, French, Italian, Dutch and Spanish. Note that the albums themselves (described below) were not available in English, but were available in German, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese.

Of the 180 stickers depicting scenes 166 of the stickers show 166 different scenes from The Simpsons, as illustrated on the upper right with this scene shown on Sticker #14 from [7G01] Some Enchanted Evening.

The Simpsons Panini 1991 Sticker #14
The Simpsons Panini Sticker #29 reverse

The Simpsons Panini 1991 Stickers #124-125

Ten of the stickers are used as a pair to show five different scenes from The Simpsons, as illustrated on the left with this scene shown on Stickers #124-125 from [7G04]  There's No Disgrace Like Home.   The Simpsons family arrive carrying gelatinous deserts as Mr. Burns greets The Simpsons to the company picnic; "Ho ho, look at little... uh... [consults the card] Lisa! Why, she's growing like a weed. And this must be... uh, Brat!"

As one can see from the scene this was an episode where they erroneously mis-colored Mr. Smithers!

Four of the stickers are used together to show a single scene, specifically Stickers #2 - #5 shown on the right illustrating a scene from [7G01] Some Enchanted Evening showing Homer consuming the last donut that Bart and Lisa had just been fighting over.

The stickers were identical across all countries and the little English that appears on the stickers themselves from scenes from the show remains untranslated, just as in the show itself.

On the bottom left border of each scene it has TM & © 1991 TCFFC (i.e., Twentieth Century Fox Film Corp) and on the bottom right border or each scene it has a Matt Groening signature.

The Simpsons Panini 1991 Stickers #2-5

Index to Stickers By Episode and Album Pages

   No. Of No. Of Album  
Stickers Stickers Scenes Pages Episode or Character pages
  None   --   --01 - 01Characters:  "The Simpsons" Family Tree
001 - 051   51   4702 - 09Episode:  [7G01] Some Enchanted Evening
052 - 063   12   1210 - 11Characters: "...And The Others"
064 - 104   41   3912 - 17Episode:  [7G02] Bart the Genius
105 - 145   41   3918 - 23Episode:  [7G04] There's No Disgrace Like Home
146 - 157   12   1224 - 25Characters: "The Others... ...And"
158 - 204   47   4626 - 32Episode:  [7G09] The Call of the Simpsons

Inside Front Cover: Introduction to The Simpsons
Inside Back Cover: Instructions for trading or purchasing stickers

Index to Stickers

We begin below with the episode titles, leading off with a heading that contains the official English episode titles although these do not appear in these albums since they did not publish albums for any English market; the albums are in German, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese. After that we supply the episode titles from the Album in each language and the Official title in each language. Album episode titles that don't match the official title are in red. The Spanish official titles are for Spain; the official Latin American titles (Título en Latinoamérica) are different and not shown below.

Sticker Entries For Scenes from the episodes have:
- Sticker numbers
- Time (MM:SS) scene appeared (taken from DVD)
- Our description of the scene behind the sticker(s)
If the scene is out of place/sequence then the lines are in red.
Additional comments about this are in blue.

Sticker Entries For Characters have:
- Sticker number
- Character(s) appearing and any relevant description
- Any text on the sticker in quotes (Other than Matt Groening, which we only note if it doesn't appear)
Scenes From
[7G01] Some Enchanted Evening

Germany: Album: Die Babysitterin Ist Los
  Official: Der Babysitter Ist Los
Spain: Album: Una Velada Memorable
  Official: Una Noche Encantadora
Italy: Album: Sogni D'Horror
  Official: Sola, senza amore
Portugal: Album: Um Dia Memorável
  Official: Numa Noite Encantada

 Act One

One Enchanted Evening Panini 1991 Sticker #36
  Sticker #36  Homer & Marge
   Enjoying a Romantic Dinner
 001 - 001  01:49  Bart and Lisa fight over the last donut
 002 - 005  01:59  Donut falls on Homer's plate and he promptly consumes it.
 006 - 006  02:09  As Marge attempts to get the kids to take their lunches
                    Homer yells in fright when he realizes he's late for work
 007 - 007  02:20  Marge and Maggie are now alone, the the morning detritus surrounding them.
 008 - 008  03:00  Marge calls KBBL's "therapist on the air" Dr. Marvin Monroe.
 009 - 009  05:13  Homer at Moe's relates he's afraid to go home.
 010 - 010  05:58  Moe tells Homer to take Marge out for a night on the town.

 Act Two
 011 - 011  07:26  Marge fumes waiting for Homer to return home.
 012 - 012  07:36  Close-up of Marge fuming.
 013 - 013  08:04  Marge opens the door just as Homer goes to unlock it.
 014 - 014  08:13  Homer's sad appearance, the sadder looking rose and the heart shaped box of chocolates
                    melts Marge's anger.
 015 - 015  08:19  Marge and Homer embrace and kiss in the doorway.
 016 - 016  09:02  Marge and Homer on the couch as she calls to get a babysitter.
 017 - 017  09:11  Lady at Rubber Baby Bumper Babysitting Service checks wall that forbids providing
                    Simpsons with sitters
 018 - 018  09:45  Marge's hair in curlers as she prepares for a night out.
 019 - 019  10:52  Bart, Lisa and Maggie open front door to let in the babysitter.
 020 - 020  10:54  Towering over them fearfully is Ms. Botz.
 021 - 021  10:58  Homer and Marge, now dressed for dining, welcome the babysitter in.
                     Homer and Marge leave, Botz puts Maggie to bed, and sits Bart and Lisa down to watch
                     the crappy little elves.
 022 - 022  12:54  Bart in the Living room imploring Lisa to skip watching elves.
 023 - 023  14:49  Bart switches to America's Most Armed and Dangerous, and they show the babysitter bandit,
                     Lucille Botzcowski.
 024 - 024  14:53  Bart and Lisa scream, just as the babysitter returns....
 025 - 025  14:54  ...with rope to tie them up.

 Act Three
 026 - 026  15:09  Bart and Lisa run for it.
 027 - 027  15:40  Ms. Botz heads down the basement after Bart....
 028 - 028  15:40  ...and finds Bart hiding.
 029 - 029  16:33  Ms. Botz then captures Lisa after catching Bart.
 030 - 030  17:05  Bart and Lisa are tied up on the couch as Ms. Botz begins checking out the house.
 031 - 031  17:41  Maggie swings herself out of the crib.
 032 - 032  18:00  Ms. Botz checks out a camera unaware that Maggie is sneaking past her.
 033 - 033  18:33  Maggie is now untying Lisa and Bart.
 034 - 034  19:11  Maggie then tricks Ms. Botz into following her into a darkened room where Bart knocks her
                                 out with a bat.
 035 - 035  19:56  Lisa, Bart and Maggie in a telephone booth calling America's Most Armed and Dangerous to                                  turn in Ms. Botz.
 In the original episode they jump back and forth between Bart, Lisa & Maggie and Homer & Marge.
 Since this would be far too confusing for the album they grouped the scenes above and below together.
 ALSO:  We need to note that the *precise* scene in the next sticker doesn't appear on the DVD
 [Note Homer holding his lobster up].  Will check against original airings.

 036 - 036  13:34  Meanwhile Homer and Marge are enjoying their dinner. (See above)
 037 - 037  14:07  Homer and Marge dancing the mambo.
 038 - 038  16:43  Homer carries Marge into the hotel room.
 039 - 039  18:41  Marge slinks out of the bathroom in her negligee to a waiting Homer.
 040 - 040  19:15  Marge and Homer blissfully relaxing in bed after romance.
 041 - 041  19:39  Marge calls home and tells Homer there's no answer so they have to hurry home.
 042 - 042  20:12  Homer finds and unties the babysitter bandit.
 043 - 043  20:19  Homer and Marge apologize profusely and carry her bags to the car.
 044 - 044  20:30  Homer pays her triple her pay so there' no hard feelings and she speeds off...
 045 - 045  20:46  ...right before the authorities and the news cameras arrive.
 046 - 046  20:48  Bart directs the police to the house....
 047 - 047  20:51 Homer grabs him and reveals he untied the babysitter..
 048 - 048  21:22  Catching on to what happened the new crews interviews Homer.
 049 - 049  21:36  Later in bed Homer regrets the incident telling Marge he's just not that bright....
 050 - 051  21:55  ... but Marge forgives and the kiss each other goodnight..

Character Pages
...and the Others

German: ...und die anderen.
Spanish: ...y los demas
Italian:     ...e gli altri

Twelve Character Stickers
The Simpsons Panini 1991 Stickers #58 Homer Simpson Cooking Academy
 052 - 052  "Bart Simpson" Bart, arms outstretched
 053 - 053  "The Simpsons" Homer embracing Marge
 054 - 054  "Maggie Simpson" Maggie making a face.
 055 - 055  "Marge Simpson" Marge, smiling demurely
 056 - 056  "The Simpsons Atomic Dad" Homer
 057 - 057  "Lisa Simpson" Lisa making a face
 058 - 058  "The Homer Simpson Cooking Academy" Homer in chef's hat, hot dog on a fork  (See above)
 059 - 059  "The Simpsons Cookin' With Marge" Marge, holding a gelatinous desert on a platter
 060 - 060  "The Simpsons" Lisa playing her saxophone, with toys being ejected
 061 - 061  "The Simpsons" Lisa holding Snowball II
 062 - 062  "The Simpsons" Maggie hanging upside-down from a tree
 063 - 063  "The Simpsons" Bart naked save for a towel

Scenes From
[7G02]  Bart the Genius

Germany: Album: Bart, Das Genie
  Official: Bart Wird Ein Genie
Spain: Album: Bart, el genio
  Official: Bart, el genio
Italy: Album: Bart Il Genio
  Official: Bart Il Genio
Portugal: Album: Bart, o Génio
  Official: Bart, o Gênio
The Simpsons Panini 1991 Stickers #72 Bart the Genius

Act One
 064 - 065  02:57  Bart flees after spelling KWYJIBO in Scrabble
Next two scenes reversed.
 066 - 066  03:20  Bart completes spraying I Am A Weiner on the school wall in red paint
 067 - 067  03:15  Martin squeals to Principal Skinner of vandalism in progress.
 068 - 068  03:30  Principal Skinner confronts the boys in the schoolyard
 069 - 069  03:51  ..and catches Bart red-handed.
 070 - 070  04:26  Back in the classroom, Bart glares at Martin reminding the teacher to isolate Bart for the test
 071 - 071  04:41  Time to take a test, and all students are hard at work on it.
 072 - 072  04:52  Bart begins agonizing over a math verbal question.  (See above)
 073 - 073  05:28  Bart begins imagining the mathematical nightmare on the train...
 074 - 074  05:33  ...and the conductor drags him to the locomotive for not having a ticket.
 075 - 075  05:51  The nightmare continues until Bart screams...
 076 - 076  05:54  ...and awakens on the floor of the classroom.
 077 - 077  06:14  Still taking the test, outside the windows Bart can see Martin taunting him.
 078 - 078  06:22  Taking advantage of a distracted Mrs. Krabappel, he switches test papers with Martin
 079 - 079  06:33  He can then breeze through the answers for Martin, since the score no longer matters.
 080 - 080  07:21  The next day Homer and Marge are called up to the school to pay for Bart's vandalism...
 081 - 081  07:54  ...when school psychologist Dr. Pryor interrupts the meeting declaring Bart a genius.
 082 - 082  08:32  He declares Bart's acting out results from his being bored...
 083 - 083  08:45  ...and recommends he be sent to Genius school (and Principal Skinner is happy to concur.)

 Act Two
 084 - 084  09:39  Next morning at breakfast Lisa expresses skepticism at Bart's new-found genius.
 085 - 085  10:47  Homer kisses Bart goodbye as he drops him off at genius school.
 086 - 086  11:21  In genius school the teacher welcomes Bart to the class.
 087 - 087  11:45  Introducing him to fellow students, beginning the process where the other students...
 088 - 088  13:06 that Bart may not be so bright after all.
 089 - 089  13:49  A willingness to partake in a dubious trades couched in confusing scientific measures...
 090 - 090  13:52  ...and a few well chosen questions confirms their suspicions.

 Act Three
 091 - 091  15:02  That night Marge chooses a night of culture for her newly discovered genius
 092 - 093  16:18  ..but Homer and Bart spend the evening making fun of the opera...
 094 - 094  16:21  ...proving it is over when the fat lady sings.
 095 - 095  17:16  Bart misses his old friends, but they now reject the brainiac.
We were unable to find the precise next scene on the DVD. Will check original broadcast.
 096 - 096  18:22  Chemistry lab at genius school finds Bart far beyond his element.
 097 - 097  18:23  He assures his teacher that he knows what he's doing
 098 - 098  18:41  ....right before he blows up the Chemistry lab covering everything in green goo.
 099 - 099  19:05  Later he appears in Dr. Pryor's office asking to return to Springfield Elementary
 100 - 100  19:47  Then decides to write a written confession.
 101 - 101  20:43  Still completely green Bart returns home and admits to an accident at school.
 102 - 102  20:53  While Homer is washing him off he confesses to cheating on the test
Next two scenes reversed.
 103 - 103  22:06  After fleeing for his life and locking himself in his room, Homer pounds on the door
 104 - 104  22:01  A still green Bart relaxes on his bed, secure in his locked room.

Scenes From [7G04]
There's No Disgrace Like Home

Germany: Album: Eine Ganz Normale Familie
  Official: Eine Ganz Normale Familie
Spain: Album: No Hay Desgracia Como El Hogar
  Official: Hogar, agridulce hogar
Italy: Album: Casa, Atroce Casa
  Official: Amara Casa Mia
Portugal: Album: Unknown
  Official: Problemas em Casa
There's No Disgrace Like Home Panini 1991 Sticker #124-125

Act One
 105 - 105  02:36  Our favorite family arrives at the company picnic, each one with gelatinus desert in hand
 106 - 107  03:07  Mr. Burns welcomes them to the picnic, prompted by outdated note cards
 108 - 108  03:22  Homer goes to warn Bart to stay out of trouble
Next scene appears to be modified to show Homer chasing
Bart chasing a swan which cross multiple frames in the original
 109 - 109  04:22  ..which needless to say Bart immediately disobeys
 110  - 110  04:29  Marge and another Mom drop the babies into the nursery.
 111  - 111  05:33  Marge samples the punch and begins getting tipsy
Next scene is modified, with a statue appearing behind Burns which doesn't appear in the episode!
 112 - 112  05:41  Meanwhile Mr. Burns joins in a potato sack race
 113 - 113  05:49  ...which all the fellow employees allows him to win
 114 - 114  06:10  ...except Bart who Homer tackles to ensures Burns wins.
 115 - 115  06:21  Marge is now drunk from punch...
The next scene does not appear on the DVD.
 116 - 116  06:XX Homer drags her off.
 117 - 117  06:46  Everyone is having a good time at the picnic as Burns prepares to speak
 118 - 118  07:00  Homer tries to stifle a drunk Marge
 119 - 119  07:20  The Simpsons see a normal family exiting in front of them
 120 - 120  07:51  ...and follow the normal family out to their car.
 121 - 121  08:25  Homer sees the normal family as angels in the car
 122 - 122  08:34  ...and he sees his family as devils in the car

 Act Two
 123 - 123  09:18  At home Homer lectures the family to be normal
 124 - 125  09:44  He sits everyone down at the dining room table for dinner
 126 - 126  10:33  They sneak over to another house to see how normals live
 127 - 127  10:39  They observe normals eating dinner, table filled with food and dad carving the turkey
 128 - 128  11:40  Later Homer is at the bar bemoaning his fate when..
 129 - 129  12:55 advertisement for Dr. Marvin Monroe's Family Therapy Center appears on television
 130 - 130  13:44  Homer immediately calls to make an appointment

 Act Three
 131 - 131  14:45  Then at home scrounges for the money to pay for the appointment
 132 - 132  15:04  Failing to do so they family takes the family television to the pawn shop.
 133 - 133  16:05  In the therapy center they observe a happy family exiting their session.
 134 - 134  16:25  Now in therapy, OFF is asked to draw the roots of their unhappiness
 135 - 135  16:47  Marge, like everyone except Homer, draws a picture of Homer...
 136 - 136  17:01  ...while Homer draws a bomber jet.
 137 - 137  17:40  They then try agression therapy mallets
 138 - 138  17:54  ...which gets out of hand when Bart removes the foam padding
 139 - 139  18:29  Next they try aversion therapy, sitting in chairs which allows them to shock each other...
 140 - 140  19:06  ...but that too rapidly gets our of control.
Next two scenes reversed.
 141 - 141  19:52  Dr. Monroe gets upset that they're damaging the equipment
 142 - 142  19:48  The receptionist tells Dr. Monroe that the other patients have fled the building
 143 - 143  20:23  Homer demands and gets double his money back as advertised.
Next two scenes reversed.
 144 - 144  21:07  With money in hand they go to buy a better television
 145 - 145  21:02  Marge kisses Homer for making a wise decision to go to therapy.

Character Pages
The Others and...

German: Die anderen.... ...und
Spanish: ...¡Los demas y... ...
Italian:    Gli altri e...

Twelve Character Stickers
The Simpsons Panini 1991 Stickers #157 Bart on Skateboard
 146 - 146  "Ultra Mom" Marge Simpson with sash "Grand Prize"
 147 - 147  "All-American Dad - The Simpsons" An Angry Homer
 148 - 148  "MAGGIE - The Simpsons" Maggie with name in blocks
 149 - 149  "The Simpsons" Lisa jumping rope
 150 - 150  "The Simpsons" Maggie "Suck Suck Suck"
 151 - 151  "Homer Simpsons" Homer on the phone
 152 - 152  "The Simpsons" Bart with bat & soccer ball "Numero uno, man!"
 153 - 153  "The Simpsons" Bart aiming slingshot
 154 - 154  "The Simpsons" Bart as an angel
 155 - 155  "The Simpsons" Bart's water gun backfires
 156 - 156  "Mom of the Year" - The Simpsons" Marge & kids
 157 - 157  "The Simpsons" Bart skateboarding past a fence (see above)

Scenes From
[7G09] The Call of the Simpsons

Germany: Album: Vorsicht, Wilder Homer
  Official: Vorsicht, Wilder Homer
Spain: Album: La llamada del los Simpsons
  Official: El abominable hombre del bosque
Italy: Album: L'Abominevole Uomo Dei Simpson
  Official: Il Richiamo dei Simpson
Portugal: Album: Unknown
  Official: Chamando os Simpsons
The Call of the Simpsons Panini 1991 Sticker #195

Act One
Next two scenes reversed.
 158 - 158  02:12  Homer and Bart admire Flanders' RV
 159 - 159  02:06  Flanders in his towering RV.
 160 - 160  03:01  So Homer checks out the Ultimate Behemoth at Bobs RV
 161 - 161  05:08  But its a wee bit our of The Simpsons price range
Next scenes hows a wider angle than the same scene on the DVD. Will check original broadcast.
 162 - 162  05:18  So he shows them an RV more in their price range
 163 - 163  06:23  Homer proudly shows off HIS RV to Flanders.
 164 - 164  07:05  Homer driving through the forest
 165 - 165  07:06  Takes a shortcut and wanders into unknown territory
 166 - 166  07:40  They race deeper into the forest
 167 - 168  07:45  And come to a screeching halt...
 169 - 169  08:01  ..teeter-tottering on the precipice of a gorge
 170 - 170  08:25  They gingerly step out of the RV and then watch it fall.
 171 - 171  08:33  ..and then stare down at its destruction.

 Act Two
 172 - 172  09:37  Homer builds a makeshift shelter in the woods
 173 - 173  10:01  ...and goes off with Bart in search of food.
 174 - 174  10:07  Lisa asks if Maggie, following Homer & Bart, should be going with them.
 175 - 175  10:42  Homer and Bart hear a sound and then run terrified through the forest
 176 - 176  11:06  ...and accidentally fall off a cliff and down into a river at the bottom of the cliff..
 177 - 177  11:11  ...and then go down over a waterfall, tearing off their clothes
 178 - 178  12:07  Homer worries that Bart may not have survived the waterfall.
 179 - 179  12:20  ...and Bart calls out from the distance "Don't Have a Cow, Dad".
Next two scenes are grouped together with those below them but occur before those above.
 180 - 180  11:30  Meanwhile Maggie has wandered off on her on and encounters a bear
 181 - 181  11:36  and tames him with a gift of a pacifier.
 182 - 182  12:42  So the bears bring Maggie back to their cave.
 183 - 183  13:34  Homer and Bart meanwhile setup a trap
 184 - 184  13:35  That manages to trap and fling a rabbit far into the distance.
 185 - 185  13:57  Homer then attempts to scare animals out of the bushes but is attacked by small animals.
 186 - 186  14:09  The bears raid a camp and sneak off with provisions and toys for Maggie
 187 - 187  14:51  including a lamp to light the cave.
 188 - 188  15:59  Homer spots a hive with honey
 189 - 189  16:06  and ignores the bees buzzing around until they attack
 190 - 190  16:23  He runs off and jumps into a mud puddle,
 191 - 191  16:32  and emerges covered in mud and is misidentified as Bigfoot.
 192 - 192  16:46  The press gets a hold of the story
 193 - 193  17:33  ..and before long souvenir stands spring up and crowds form.
 194 - 194  17:49  Marge wanders into the Bigfoot camp and wonders what the commotion is all about
 195 - 195  17:50  until she sees the Bigfoot photograph in the newspaper and realizes its Homer (See above)
 196 - 196  18:02  The press then interviews this bride of Bigfoot.

 Act Three
Next two scenes reversed.
 197 - 197  19:24  Homer finds and holds Maggie
 198 - 198  19:14  The bears threaten Homer and Bart until Maggie calls them off
 199 - 199  19:36  Maggie and the bears exchange sad farewells.
 200 - 200  20:02  Homer "Bigfoot" is spied by rangers hunting him down
 201 - 201  20:18  ...and is shot with a tranquilizer gun.
Next scene was framed by a television screen unlike the scene on the sticker.
 202 - 202  20:35  Back in the lab they analyze Homer
 203 - 203  20:59  ...and Dr. Monroe declares the species unknown.
 204 - 204  21:25  Later back at home Homer fears what fellow SNPP employees will say.
...but Marge is just happy to be back home with her brilliant beast.


The stickers were about half the size of a normal trading card, measuring 7.0 cm wide by 5.4 cm high (2 3/4" x 2 1/8").   They were sold in packets of 6 stickers each under UPC 080557 40060 with a classic view of Our Favorite family shown on the front, with Bart front and center aiming his slingshot at the viewer. Just as the instructions on the back of each sticker were printed in six languages the sticker packets themselves were printed in six languages on the front and reverse, with all languages distributed evenly in boxes and distributed everywhere wherever stickers were sold. As shown on the right and below, the packets were printed in English, French, German, Spanish, Italian and Dutch. Note that this does not match the known sticker albums, which were printed in German, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese. Since the stickers represent scenes from the show the few with words in the scene remain untranslated.

Panini S.r.l.
TM & © 1991
Twentieth Century Fox Film Corp.
10.0 cm x 8.1 cm (3 15/16" x 3 5/32")
UPC 080557 40060
English - Album Stickers
French - Images Autocollantes
German - Sammelbilder
Spanish - Cromos Adhesivos
Italian - Figurine Autoadesive
Dutch - Zelfklevende Plaatjes
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Panini 1991 Stickers Case Panini 1991 Stickers Case The stickers were sold in display boxes that held 100 packs of stickers, which unfortunately we neither own nor have a good scan of. A case consisted of twelve boxes of one hundred stickers, with representative cases shown to the left.

The Albums


All albums were very close in design and were available in countries that did not sell the competing product, the Diamond Simpsons Sticker Activity Album and stickers. The back of most albums had the classic Homer strangling Bart view shown on the right and all albums had identifying country tags along the bottom (as all Panini albums do) which we show below each album on the right. Panini, of course, would go on to sell a series of five albums in dozens of countries.

Germany, Austria and Switzerland

The German album was printed in Austria by Oberndorfer Druckerei and distributed in three countries as follows;

Germany (Deutschland)
Alleinvertrieb für Deutschland
Axel Springer Verlag AG
Postfach 304630 - 2000 Hamburg 36

Austria (Österreich)
Alleinvertrieb für Österreich
Axel Springer Verlag AG
c/o OressegroBvertrieb Salzburg
Niederalm 300, 5081 SALZBURG-ANIF

Switzerland (Schweiz - Suisse)
Alleinvertrieb für Die Schweiz / Diffuseur pour la Suisse
Grünenfelder S.A.
6574 Vira / Magadino (TI)


Spain's album was printed in Italy by Panini S.r.l., Modena and distributed in Spain as follows;

Spain (España)
Distribucion para España
Panini España S.A.
Passeig de Catalunya, 31
17257 Torroella de Montgrí (Gerona)
Teléfono (972) 757411 - Telex 57260 - Fax (972) 757711


Italy's album was printed in Italy by Panini S.r.l., Modena and provided the following information;

Le Grandi Raccolte per la Gioventù
Semestrale N. 10 - 2 Semestre 1991
Sped. in abb. postale - Gruppo IV/70 - Dir. P. T. Modena
Direttore responsible: Giuseppe Panini - Registrazione Tribunale di Modena N. 433 del 27-11-1965
Direzone e Amministrazione: Panini S.r.l. - Viale Emilio Po, 380 - 41100 Modena - Tel. 382111 (10 linee)

The price printed on this album was 1000 Lira but it was overprinted with OMAGGIO, i.e., free.


Portugal's album was printed in Italy by Panini S.r.l., Modena and provided the following information;

Distribuidor em Portugal
Panini Portuguesa, LDA.
(?) (?) Lisbon Portugal

Unlike other albums that used the inside back cover to say where to send for stickers, Portugal did not offer that option and instead printed advertising on the inside back cover (Socól beverages) and the back cover (Cenoura childrens clothing).

Panini 1991 Simpsons Album - Germany spacer Panini 1991 Simpsons Album Reverse- Germany spacer Panini 1991 Simpsons Album - Panini Germany spacer Panini 1991 Simpsons Album - Panini Austria spacer Panini 1991 Simpsons Album - Panini Switzerland spacer Panini 1991 Simpsons Album - Spain spacer Panini 1991 Simpsons Album - Panini Spain spacer Panini 1991 Simpsons Album - Italy spacer Panini 1991 Simpsons Album - Panini Italy spacer Panini 1991 Simpsons Album - Italy

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