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The first four Bongo Comics released were each issued in three versions;
  The first version of each comic included a special feature (poster, silver cover, glow cover)
  The second version had a standard bar code, and...
  ...the third version, shown below, had a Bart code - a section of Bart's head.

Simpsons Comics #1 Bartman #1 Itchy & Scratchy Comics #1 Radioactive Man #1

These four "Bart" codes, as follows...

Simpsons Comics #1 Bart code Bartman #1 Bart code Itchy & Scratchy Comics #1 Bart code Radioactive Man #1 Bart code

....can be assembled to form Bart!

Assembled Bart Code

Assembled Bart Code!

Bartman #3 with Bart code Bartman #3  - Version #2   (Aug 1994)


Here we have another cover with a Bart code, on the cover of Bartman #3. Rumours of still another comic with a Bart code has circulated (perhaps unfounded!) but we would love to hear from anyone who can provide additional information!
Bartman #3 Bart code
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