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Groening to make Simpsons first Toon Family
People Weekly (12/18/89)
The Making of The Simpsons
Entertainment Weekly (05/18/90)
Ken Tucker Reviews The Simpsons
Entertainment Weekly (05/18/90)
From Bright Buttons to Bart Bubble Gum
Entertainment Weekly (05/18/90)
At Home with the Simpsons
Rolling Stone (06/28/90)
Its The Simpsons, Man
Calgary TV Times (10/26/90)


Name That Toon
Entertainment Weekly (04/29/94)
Ten Reasons Simpsons are Ideal Family
Time Magazine (05/02/94)
The Simpsons in Cyberspace
The Philadelphia Inquirer (12/07/94)
Groening Has a Cow Over 'Critic'
Los Angeles Times (03/03/95)
Marge Vindicated!
Reuters (August 1995)
TV and the Net
Toronto Star (10/26/95)
Simpsons Fan Goes Too Far
The Computer Paper (January 1996)
Move Over Simpsons!
Time Magazine (August 1996)
The Last Christian TV Family in America
Alberta Report (10/21/96)
The Simpsons as TV's Holy Family
Vancouver Sun (December 1996)


A Brief History of the Simpsons
Fox 61 (1998)
Crazy for the Simpsons
TV Guide (January 1998)
A Dozen Doozies
TV Guide (January 1998)
Behind the Lines on 'The Simpsons'
TV Guide (January 1998)
Home Sweet Homer
TV Guide (January 1998)
Springfield Confidential
TV Guide (January 1998)
Animating in the Spotlight
Animation World Magazine (March 1998)
Cómo Se Dice "Doh!"?
Salon (03/16/98)
Ay Caramba!
Variety (04/23/98)
Back on Track
Variety (04/23/98)
Merchandising Madness to Milk Major Mass Appeal
Variety (04/23/98)
World Gets a Kick Out of Twisted U.S. Family
Variety (04/23/98)
Question Reality
Variety (04/23/98)
The Cartoon Character Bart Simpson
Time Magazine (06/08/98)
Simpsons' Archivists Go Overboard Detailing Every Episode
The Daily Herald (09/18/98)
My Favorite Show
The New York Times Magazine (09/20/98)
Yellow Fever (1)
The College Tribune (11/07/98)
The Yellow Album Turns Me Green (December 1998)


Matt Groening's Baby Turns 10
Animation Magazine (January 2000)
Yellow Fever (2)
Collectors' Showcase (January-February 2000)
Simpsons Headed This Way
Honolulu Advetiser (01/06/00)
Bart Simpson, Overachiever
The Cincinnati Enquirer (01/09/00)
D'oh! Can It Be Simpsons' 10th?
Associated Press (01/11/00)
Hurray for Simpsons' Family Values!
Scripps Howard News Service (01/13/00)
Springfield of Dreams
Entertainment Weekly (01/14/00)
The 'Toon America Ate Up
Washington Post (01/14/00)
Why We Still Love 'The Simpsons'
Christian Science Monitor (01/14/00)
'Simpsons' Celebrate Decade of Laughs
E! Online (01/14/00)
It's 10th Anniversary of Funky Simpsons
Denver Post (01/14/00)
Homer's Odyssey (1)
Jam! (01/15/00)
For Love of The Simpsons
Jam! (01/16/00)
Worst Episode Ever (01/24/00)
Simpsons Kills Off Cast Member
Mr. Showbiz (01/31/00)
Simpsons Character to Die Off
Associated Press (02/01/00)
'Simpsons' Character Headed for the Morgue
E! Online (02/01/00)
Goodbye to Peanuts from The Simpsons
Business Wire (02/04/00)
Simpsons Actor Disputes Fox
Los Angeles Times (02/04/00)
Some Say 'The Simpsons' Speedway Episode Goes Too Far (02/09/00)
Ned Flanders, My Hero
Beliefnet (02/10/00)
The Selected Theological Wisdom of Ned Flanders
Beliefnet (02/10/00)
Flanders' Fillies
Beliefnet (02/11/00)
Simpsons Live on Stage
Denver Post (02/11/00)
'Simpsons' Live
Chicago Sun-Times (02/15/00)
D'oh, 'Simpsons' Flick
New York Post (02/17/00)
The Death of The Simpsons
Matinee Magazine (02/21/00)
The Simpsons Define Generation X
Rocky Mountain Collegian (02/28/00)
Simpsons Revealed as Models of Family Values
National Post (03/25/00)
America's First Family
The Times Magazine (04/15/00)
The Simpsons Has Fallen
Baltimore City Paper (04/19/00)
Doh! Kid Rock Hangs Out with Homer
Detroit Free Press (04/30/00)
Homer Never Nods
National Review (05/01/00)
This is College?
San Francisco Chronicle (05/16/00)
Homer's Odyssey (2)
US Weekly (05/22/00)
Ten Things You Didn't Know About Bart
FBX Magazine (June 2000)
Professor Hits a Homer for 'Simpsons'
Chicago Tribune (06/16/00)
The World's Biggest Family Business
Radio Times (06/17/00)
Doh! Bart's Unbeatable
The Daily Telegraph (06/20/00)
Ecce Homer
The Independent (06/21/00)
The Springfield Connection
The Guardian (06/24/00)
It's Home, Sweet Homer
TV Guide NZ (07/14/00)
Homer's Odyssey (3)
The Observer (08/06/00)
Blue Hair Days
The Guardian (08/10/00)
Everything I Needed to Know About Life I Learned from Homer Simpson
TV Guide (08/12/00)
'The Simpsons' Take British Stages by Storm
Reuters (08/16/00)
Hi Honey, I'm Homer
The Guardian (08/16/00)
D'oh! The Simpsons Come Alive in All Their Awful Glory
Daily Express (08/17/00)
Big-Screen Homer
E! Online (08/19/00)
Play On, MacHomer
The Boston Globe (08/21/00)
A Decade of D'oh!
Sky (September 2000)
Simpsons' Creator Reveals Bosses' Orders
Ananova (09/01/00)
Simpsons Fans' Websites Face Official Clampdown
Ananova (09/04/00)
'The Simpsons' Has Lost Its Cool
MSNBC (10/02/00)
Simpsons Selling Out
Tacoma News Tribune (10/13/00)
Flash! 24 Simpsons Stars Reveal Themselves
TV Guide (10/21/00)
The Simpsons Alive and Well Entering Season No. 12
Lincoln Journal Star (10/30/00)
The Sad, Cruel World of The Simpsons
The Globe and Mail (10/31/00)
The Simpsons Head for 12th Season
Reuters (10/31/00)
Simpsons Fanfest Attracts International Set
Los Angeles Times (10/31/00)
The World's Favorite Dysfunctional Family Enters 12th Season
Fox News (11/01/00)
Entertainment Weekly (11/03/00)
Oakily dokily! 'Simpsons' Hit 250
USA Today (11/03/00)
Cowabunga! Faith Matters on 'Simpsons' here
Scripps Howard News Service (11/18/00)
The Gospel According to The Simpsons
Beliefnet (12/01/00)


Mmmm... Simpsons
Tucson Citizen (01/17/02)
Bart, Homer Assist Search for Wisdom
The Mirror (02/05/02)
Why Homer's the World's Best Dad
The Mirror (02/05/02)
Author Hails Spiritual Quality of 'Simpsons'
Baltimore Jewish Times (02/08/02)
'The Simpsons' Finds Religion
The Press-Enterprise (03/03/02)
'Simpsons' Analysts Show How Math Figures into Episodes
Los Angeles Times (03/19/02)
'Simpsons' Toys Make FOX Say 'Whoo Hoo!'
Zap2it (04/17/02)
Staying Animated
The Financial Times (04/29/02)
Round Springfield
Warwick Boar (04/30/02)
Homer Simpson is Canadian, Creator Says
Canadian Press (07/18/02)
Homer's Odyssey (4)
Scripps Howard News Service (07/21/02)
Simpsons Will Go to Sunday School
St. Louis Post-Dispatch (08/03/02)
How Ned Flanders Became a Role Model
BBC Online (08/06/02)
God Dwells in 'The Simpsons', Authors Say
Associated Press (08/07/02)
The Simpsons Generation (Excerpt)
Shift (September 2002)
Christians Look to Saint Simpsons
Fox News (09/13/02)
Watching the Parade
Toronto Star (09/24/02)
'The Simpsons,' a Little Less Great
Media Life (11/01/02)
Homer, Conservative Hero
Scripps Howard News Service (11/08/02)
Homer Steps into Classics
Herald Sun (12/01/02)
Simpsons Tweak Disney on Trip to Central Florida
Orlando Sentinel (12/28/02)


'The Simpsons' Producer Changes Animation Firms
Los Angeles Times (01/21/92)
Where Art Bart?
Entertainment Weekly (02/21/92)
America's Most Animated Family
The Washington Post (09/24/92)
Ullman to Fox: Eat My Shorts!
Entertainment Weekly (10/23/92)
'Toon Terrific
Entertainment Weekly (03/12/93)
Homer on the Range
Entertainment Weekly (05/07/93)
Simpsons Just Right: Off-Key
Tribune News Services (09/29/93)
Simpsons Spoken Here
Globe and Mail (11/23/93)


The Steeple & The Gargoyle
PRISM (1997)
Ay Caramba! You Call This Work?
Winnipeg Free Press (February 1997)
`The Simpsons' cast makes merry on the set
The Seattle Times (02/04/97)
Keeping Up with The Simpsons
TV Guide Canada (03/29/97)
Bring It On, Homer
Entertainment Weekly (04/04/97)
'Toon Up
Galgary Sun (04/17/97)
Skeptical Simpsons Episode Spoofs Aliens, Pseudoscience
Skeptical Inquirer (September 1997)
The Greatest TV Show Ever
The American Enterprise (Sep-Oct 1997)
Winner of The Simpsons House Announced at Last
Las Vegas Sun (12/10/97)


DOH!n't Miss These Super Simpsons Sites
NetGuide (1999)
The Simpsons
Shift (1999)
Send in the Clown
Entertaiment Weekly (04/15/99)
No Sacred Cows for Groening
Associated Press (04/24/99)
Fox Does Have Standards
Los Angeles Times (06/02/99)
More Than Sight Gags and Subversive Satire
The New York Times (06/20/99)
Life in (Legal) Hell
The Door (July 1999)
The Gospel According to Homer (1)
Esquire (07/01/99)
The Gospel According to Homer (2)
Orlando Sentinel (08/15/99)
The Gospel of Homer
Ventura Country Star (09/04/99)
Bart Simpson's Bringing His Smart Mouth to Sunday Comics
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (09/10/99)
Ten Great Years of 'The Simpsons'
Badger Herald (09/23/99)
Simpsons Still Going Strong
PioneerPlanet (09/25/99)
Simpsons, In Theory
Montreal Mirror (09/29/99)
Simpsons and Console Culture
GamesFirst (October 1999)
100 Greatest Entertainers: The Simpsons
Entertaiment Weekly (11/05/99)
2 British Men Come to Land of Bart and Homer
The State Journal-Register (12/09/99)
Go Simpsonic with The Simpsons (12/09/99)
Redrawing the Map
Newsday (12/12/99)
Macbeth with a Twist
CBC Infoculture (12/24/99)
The Best TV Show Ever
Time (12/31/99)


Burger Role Models Roasted
The Australian (01/09/01)
They've Got Religion
Atlanta Journal-Constitution (01/13/01)
Maybe They're Not All Just Bible-Thumping Killjoys
Chicago Sun-Times (01/28/01)
Saint Flanders
Christianity Today (02/05/01)
From Davey & Goliath to Homer and Ned
Christianity Today (02/05/01)
How Big Is The Simpsons?
Christianity Today (02/05/01)
The Simpsoffs
Slate (02/07/01)
Heck, There's Nothing Better on
National Post (02/16/01)
Simpsons Quotes to Become Official Language of Ireland
The Evil Gerald (02/16/01)
Simpsons Has Its Spiritual Side
The Ledger (02/17/01)
Liberated Lisa
Toledo Blade (03/11/01)
Reggie Awards 2001 (03/13/01)
Krusty the Clown, 'yeshiva bucher'
New Jersey Jewish News (03/15/01)
Simpsons-mania Returns as Collectors Flourish
The New York Times (03/28/01)
A Tale Told by an Idiot
Los Angeles Times (03/31/01)
Simpsons Offends Some Believers, Enchants Others
The Lutheran (April 2001)
What Is Up with 'The Simpsons'?
Matinee Magazine (04/04/01)
Ay caramba!
The Knoxville News-Sentinel (04/08/01)
Worst Column Ever
The Daily Targum (04/30/01)
'The Simpsons' Give Philosopher Food for Thought
Times Leader (05/21/01)
'Simpsons' as Classical Music?
San Francisco Chronicle (06/01/01)
Fan Site Applies NCAA Bracket to 'Simpsons'
Zap2It (06/06/01)
Merchandisers push 'Albuquerque Isotopes' Name for New Team (06/09/01)
Fox sets 'Simpsons' for DVD boxed set
Variety (06/14/01)
Confessions of a Simpsons Junkie
Star Week (06/30/01)
R.E.M. Talk about Simpsons Session
Worldpop (07/24/01)
Keep an Open Mind
The Daily Universe (07/26/01)
And the D'Oh-ra Goes to...
Toronto Star (07/31/01)
A Big Screen Simpsons at Last?
IGN FilmForce (08/03/01)
'The Simpsons' Goes Global
Associated Press (08/05/01)
MacHomer a Pop-Cult Porridge
Jam! (08/08/01)
Sitcom Spirituals
The New York Times (08/12/01)
New Book Finds Faith in Simpsons (08/22/01)
'The Simpsons' Coming to Branson
Springfield News-Leader (08/29/01)
Doh! and the Deity
Associated Press (08/30/01)
Homer's Odyssey of Faith
Church Times (08/31/01)
Praise Be to the God-Fearing Simpson Family
The Daily Telegraph (08/31/01)
Don't Have a Sacred Cow, Man!
Sojourners Magazine (September-October 2001)
Sitcom Spirituality (09/01/01)
D'oh God! 'The Simpsons' and Spirituality
Los Angeles Times (09/01/01)
Is Homer Simpson Really Holy?
Irish Examiner (09/01/01)
The Simpsons Keep the Faith
Orlando Sentinel (09/02/01)
You're a Saint, Homer
New York Post (09/08/01)
It's Bart Imitating Life
The Boston Globe (09/08/01)
Doubts Became Search for Show's Message
Columbus Ledger-Enquirer (09/08/01)
Faith in the Mirror?
Toledo Blade (09/08/01)
Deconstructing 'The Simpsons'
The New York Times (09/09/01)
Mmmmm.... The Simpsons
National Post (09/29/01)
Simpson Sermon
Daily Bruin (10/02/01)
Simpsons into Theological Textbooks
Guardian Unlimited (10/03/01)
Guide to The Simpsons
Guardian Unlimited (10/03/01)
Religious Stalwarts of Our Times?
The Jewish Exponent (10/04/01)
D'oh! unto Others
The War Cry (10/20/01)
Bart to the Future
Entertainment Weekly (10/30/01)
Simpsons on the Horizon
Jam! (11/01/01)
Faith Treated with Respect amid Simpsons' Satire (11/01/01)
Underneath Its Irreverent Tone, 'The Simpsons' Is Quite Spiritual
The Oregonian (11/02/01)
Devoutly Sarcastic
The Salt Lake Tribune (11/03/01)
How 'The Simpsons' Survives
The New York Times (11/04/01)
The Simpsons Still Reigns in TV-Land
The San Antonio Express-News (11/13/01)
Oh, Save Me, Jebus!
Toronto Star (12/01/01)
D'oh! University Offers 'Simpsons' Studies
Associated Press (12/15/01)
The Simpson Ministry
Long Beach Press-Telegram (12/15/01)


The Hilarious Study of Religion
Town Crier (01/24/03)
Eternal Youth Keeps 'The Simpsons' Fresh
Reuters (01/29/03)
The Family Dynamic
Entertainment Weekly (01/31/03)
The Law of The Simpsons
Bench & Bar of Minnesota (February 2003)
Homer's Odyssey (5)
The Globe and Mail (02/01/03)
My Favourite Episode
The Globe and Mail (02/01/03)
Funny and Irreverent
The Knoxville News-Sentinel (02/01/03)
300 reasons to love 'The Simpsons'
USA Today (02/06/03)
'Simpsons' Nears 'Ozzie and Harriet' Longevity
Rocky Mountain News (02/08/03)
'Simpsons' Reach 300th Episode
The Tufts Daily (02/14/03)
They're Yellow, But Not Mellow
Associated Press (02/11/03)
Like, Cool, Dude! Bart & Family Hit 300
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (02/12/03)
Who Turned America's Best TV Show into a Cartoon?
Slate (02/12/03)
Students Get Chance to Learn from 'Simpsons' Creator
Daily Nebraskan (02/13/03)
A Milestone for 'The Simpsons'
CNN (02/13/03)
Animated Comedy Giant Celebrates 300
The Daily Tar Heel (02/13/03)
Fans Grow Up With Homer And Company
The Daily Tar Heel (02/13/03)
Simpsons Have Changed in Shape, Comedy in 14 Seasons
The Daily Tar Heel (02/14/03)
Sitcom Heavyweight
San Francisco Chronicle (02/14/03)
300 Episodes Later, 'The Simpsons' Rule
Seattle Post-Intellingencer (02/14/03)
'Simpsons' 300th Not Up to Usual Standards
Chicago Tribune (02/14/03)
'The Simpsons' Marks 300th Episode
Scripps Howard News Service (02/14/03)
'Simpsons' Hit 300
E! Online (02/14/03)
'Simpsons' Are Survivors
Gannett News Service (02/14/03)
A Wonderfully Wacky Milestone
San Bernardino County Sun (02/14/03)
Long May They Reign
Lowell Sun (02/14/03)
Homer's Odyssey (6)
The Hartford Courant (02/15/03)
Don't Have a Cow Man Over 'Simpsons' Collection
The Daily Journal (02/15/03)
Look Who's Still Talking
Star Tribune (02/15/03)
'Simpsons' Has Proved It's the Best
Contra Costa Times (02/15/03)
The Plain Dealer (02/15/03)
Star-Telegram (02/15/03)
Is This a Donut I See Before Me?
Vail Daily (02/15/03)
10 Reasons Why We Still Love 'The Simpsons'
Mercury News (02/15/03)
The Real First Family
Los Angeles Times (02/16/03)
Actors Stay Loyal to Show
The News Tribune (02/16/03)
Mmmm... 300 Episodes
The Star-Ledger (02/16/03)
'The Simpsons' Always Score
Orlando Sentinel (02/16/03)
Simpsons Brushes Off Controversy
Halifax Daily News (02/16/03)
Simpsons' Sports Spoofs Simply 'excellent'
Toronto Star (02/16/03)
Simpsons Still a Riot at 300, er 302?
Toronto Star (02/16/03)
'The Simpsons' Hits a Homer Run
Calgary Sun (02/16/03)
Tooned In and Turned On
The Oregonian (02/16/03)
St. Petersburg Times (02/16/03)
No End In Sight
The Cincinnati Enquirer (02/16/03)
Springfield's Follies Make 'Simpsons' So Endearing
Binghamton Press & Sun-Bulletin (02/19/03)
Simpsons-Style Families
United Press International (02/19/03)
A Great Run Honored
The East Carolinian (02/20/03)
Man Enjoys Plenty of D’oh
The News Sun (02/24/03)
Ready, Set, D'oh!
The Sydney Morning Herald (02/27/03)
Look Who's Celebrating 300 Episodes
Manitou Messenger (02/28/03)
Tiring of the Crazy Adventures
The Australian (03/12/03)
Homer's Odyssey (7)
San Francisco Chronicle (03/16/03)
A Homeric Odyssey
Newsday (04/27/03)
God and the Simpsons
Naples Daily News (07/05/03)
New Class at SCSU to Analyze ‘Simpsons’
New Haven Register (08/03/03)
Chaplain's Bible Study a Big Hit
Air Force Link (08/07/03)
Fans Flush with D'oh
Toronto Star (10/19/03)
Eat My Lab Coat
Guardian Unlimited (10/30/03)
Chem Professor Nets 'Simpsons' Cameo
The Harvard Crimson (11/03/03)
'The Simpsons,' Back from the Pit
MSNBC (11/07/03)
'Simpsons' Evolves as Industry
MSNBC (11/07/03)

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