Three Stooges References

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[9F01] Homer: "Moe is their leader."

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  • [7F06] Springfield Hospital has a Three Stooges Ward [Dr. Hibbert says] "I won't even subject you to the horrors of our Three Stooges ward."
  • [9F01] Homer watches a 3 stooges episode on TV "Hey Moe, we don't know nothin' about manipulatin' "
  • [9F14] Bart does Curley "eeeh, certainly...nyak nyak nyak"
  • [9F14] Bart does Moe "...a wise guy eh...."
  • [9F14] Bart does slaps his face and sounds like Curley
  • [9F15] Homer makes the Curley noise "whoop whoop whoop..." while he rolls around on the floor.
  • [1F04] Bart does impressions of Shemp and Curley.
  • [1F13] Homer runs sideways similar to the stooges
  • [2F11] Three stooges constellation is seen. "Look: there's the three wise men."
  • [2F16] [Bart wants to resurrect the stooges] "I doubt they'd want to hang around with you." "yeah, I guess they'd want to be with their families."
  • [3F01] [Marge says] "Don't do that!" with similar intonation to Joe Besser {ddg}
  • [3F16] the bill with the bomb says "whoop whoop whoop" like Curly
  • [3F21] [Troy McClure says] You may remember me from other such show business funerals as Shemp Howard: Today We Mourn a Stooge.
  • [4F03] Kearney's dad sounds like Curly {rl}
  • [4F21] [Grandpa says] "...takes me back to 1934. Admiral Byrd had just reached the pole, only hours ahead of the Three Stooges..."
  • [5F13] [Robby the automoton asks] "...which of the three stooges has the heaviest brain?"
  • [5F13] Nelson imagines himself performing the research "Larry, 9.2 kilograms. Fascinating. {slaps the brains in stooges fashion}"
    • on the chalkboard:
    • 3 = ([L/B] + [M/B] + [C/B]) x 0+3
    • (LMC/B) x 0+3
    • 0+3
    • 3 = 3
  • [CABF15] [Skinner] Skinner inhales some gas that causes hallucinations and says, "Oh, it was incredible! I saw Heaven! [crowd gasps] But it wasn't clouds and angels playing harps, like at the end of so many 'Three Stooges' shorts."


{ddg} Don Del Grande
{rl} Ricardo Lafaurie

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