The Simpsons Downunder Trading Cards From Tempo

Courtesy Alex Jones

This is a quick run-down of information regarding the Simpsons trading cards from Tempo.


1. Homer J. Simpson
2. Marge Simpson
3. Abraham Grampa Simpson
4. Lisa Simpson
5. Bart Simpson
6. Maggie Simpson
7. Milhouse Van Houten
8. Uter
9. Ralph Wiggum
10. Waylon Smithers
11. Mr. Burns
12. Apu Nahasapeemapetilon
13. Sherri and Terri
14. Mr. Largo
15. Bag Boy
16. Snowball II
17. Santa's Little Helper
18. Itchy and Scratchy
19. Principal Skinner
20. Mrs. Krabappel
21. Groundskeeper Willie
22. Chief Wiggum
23. Lou and Eddie
24. Lionel Hutz
25. Moe
26. Barney Gumble
27. Snake
28. Ruth Powers
29. Princess Kashmir
30. Cletus and Brandine
31. Krusty the Clown
32. Sideshow Bob
33. Professor Frink
34. Kent Brockman
35. Troy Maclure
36. Dr. Nick Riviera

Bart VS Australia:

(each card in this part of the collection forms the story of episode 2F13.)

37. Title Card
38. Squeezing Tubes
39. Lisa explaining to Bart
40. Bart Flushing Toilet
41. Homer in Shower
42. Marge to Bart
43. Lisa at Globe with Bart
44. Bart spinning the Globe
45. Pointing to Australia
46. Koala being zapped
47. Bart and Tobias on the phone
48. Milhouse at window
49. Bart looking back at phone
50. Homer with the phone bill
51. Bruno Dondridge with the bill
52. Bruno on the phone to Bart
53. Bruno talking to a member of parliament
54. Bruno and Gus shouting to the prime minister
55. Letters in Bart's bin
56. "No reason to block the TV"
57. Homer with the globe
58. On the couch with the guy
59. Arrival at Airport
60. Bart and his frog
61. Frog and Kangaroo
62. Homer and Marine, just as the punch lands
63. American guy at the toilet
64. Homer crying at toilet
65. Knifey Spoony
66. Giant beer
67. Bart apologising
68. The Aussie flag
69. Homer running to the boot
70. Boomerang throw
71. At the two kangaroos
72. Lisa with the Didgeridoo
73. Frogs in the shop
74. Running to the embassy
75. Bart with U.S. Flag behind him
76. Prime Minister at the gate
77. The boot through the gate
78. Don't tread on me
79. Cans being thrown at chopper
80. Frogs on the corn
81. Koala on the Helicopter leg


(These cards when placed together correctly create a jigsaw puzzle, on one side of the puzzle is the zombie community, and on the other is blackboard scene with the writing "I will not hang doughnuts on my person.�)

82. Groundskeeper Willie and others
83. Dr. Hibbert and others
84. Grampa and others
85. Ned Flanders and others
86. Professor Frink and others
87. Apu and others
88. Homer and others
89. Lisa and others
90. Principal Skinner and others


91. The Springfield Nuclear Power Plant
92. Jebediah Springfield Monument
93. Moe's Tavern
94. The Kwik-E-Mart
95. The Simpson Family Home
96. Springfield Elementary School


97. Tempo card
98. Checklist #1.
99. Checklist #2.
100. Checklist #3.


HA1. An Indigenous Australian
HA2. Captain James Cook
HA3. Burke and Wills
HA4. Ned Kelly
HA5. Dame Edna Everage
HA6. Crocodile Dundee
HA7. Mad Max


SF1. Apu Nahasapeemapetilon
SF2. Montgomery Burns
SF3. Krusty the Clown
SF4. Nelson Muntz


D1. Sleazy
D2. Tipsy
D3. Dizzy
D4. Edgy
D5. Surly
D6. Queasy
D7. Remorseful


SDR1.Redemption Card
SDP1.America's Most Nuclear Family
SDC1.Certification Card


B1. Batarang Exchange Card

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