List of Colors Used to Draw The Simpsons

Courtesy Don Del Grande

Simpsons Colors as taken from "How To Draw" AfterDark module and the Pantone->RGB definitions in CorelDraw.

To convert RGB (0-255) to CMYK (0-100): first, determine preliminary C,M,Y components by taking C = 100-(R/2.55), M=100-(B/2.55), Y=100-(G/2.55) and rounding off all three values; then, set K=the minimum of the preliminary C,M,Y values, and subtract this K from all three to get the final values (note at least one of C,M,Y,K will end up as zero).

                 SKIN: Pantone 116, RGB 255,217,15

        HOMER'S PANTS: Pantone 284, RGB 112,209,255

        HOMER'S SHOES: Pantone 445, RGB 41,79,51

      HOMER'S "BEARD": Pantone 465, RGB 209,178,112

        MARGE'S DRESS: Pantone 366, RGB 209,255,135

         MARGE'S HAIR: Pantone 285, RGB 23,145,255

BART'S SHORTS & SHOES: Pantone 299, RGB 33,209,255
(Note: this looks a little too light blue to be correct, 
but that's what it says to use)

         LISA'S DRESS: Pantone 179, RGB 255,54,15

          HAIR RIBBON: Pantone 297, RGB 125,255,255
Note that the only number listed for Bart's shirt is for his "merchandise" shirt (i.e. his "blue shirt"), which is the same color as Maggie's baggie.

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