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Created by Dave Hall

Contributions: Andrew Levine, Benjamin Robinson, Bill McNeal, Curtis Gibby, DarthArada, Grosse, Haynes Lee, Nicolas Bray, Reo, and TabbyKat85.

  • holds gun in one of the many arms of Vishnu and shoots foot
  • missing the searing kiss of hot lead, shoots own foot
  • Ashley Grant:
  • is shot in the foot, blames Homer
  • Barney Gumble:
  • Pink elephant shoots him in the foot, he burps
  • Bart Simpson:
  • rigs the gun to shoot his foot
  • shoots self in foot, then is forced to write "A GUN IS NOT A TOY" on the blackboard
  • Bumblebee Man:
  • accidentally shoots himself in the foot, says, "Ay ay ay! No me gusta!"
  • Captain McAllister:
  • aims for squid but shoots his own foot, "Arrr, I don't even know what I'm doin'"
  • is shot in foot by Homer when he didn't get "all he could eat"
  • Chief Wiggum:
  • aims for Snake but shoots himself in the foot
  • Cletus:
  • shoots himself in the foot, loses a toe
  • Comic Book Guy:
  • can't see his feet to shoot them, sells his quote unquote gun to Bart for four bucks
  • Diamond Joe Quimby:
  • asks bodyguards to shoot themselves in their feet
  • Dr. Hibbert:
  • shoots self in foot, and chuckles as he tends to the wound
  • Dr. Nick Riviera:
  • covers eyes so he wouldn't see the blood
  • Edna Krabappel:
  • shoots self in foot, and tries to make a pass at the ER trauma unit doc
  • Freddie Quimby:
  • shoots french waiter in the foot for 'mispronouncing' "chower"
  • Evan Conover:
  • shoots himself in the foot for not going with only candied apples
  • Groundskeeper Willy:
  • Space Invaders made it too hard
  • Hans Moleman:
  • shoots foot, then everybody in town shoots him in the foot
  • Herman:
  • shoots self in foot, and later sells gun as military antique
  • Homer Simpson:
  • shoots left then the right, shouts `D'oh!' each time
  • Itchy and Scratchy:
  • Itchy aims for the foot but ends up shooting Scratchy several dozen times
  • Jasper:
  • that gun's for people shootin', not for foot shootin'
  • shoots himself in the foot then says "I shot who in the what now?"
  • Jebediah Springfield:
  • shoots George Washington in the foot
  • Kent Brockman:
  • shoots foot then does live report on it
  • Krusty the Klown:
  • shoots Sideshow Mel in the foot
  • Laura Powers:
  • shoots Bart in the foot, then breaks his heart
  • Lionel Hutz:
  • shots foot then chases ambulance when it shows up
  • shoots himself in the foot while wearing one of his clients' shoes, trying to tighten the sole
  • Lisa Simpson:
  • shoots herself in the foot, then agonizes about the morality of her decision
  • Lunchlady Doris:
  • shoots herself in the foot while aiming for one of the cafeteria mice
  • Marge Simpson:
  • shoots self in foot, then mops up blood before it leaves a stubborn stain
  • Martin Prince:
  • determines the precise angle and direction, remembering to account for wind resistence, to make sure the bullet hits his foot after deflecting off four nearby buildings
  • McBain:
  • shoots foot with a submachine gun
  • Milhouse Van Houten:
  • gets shot in the foot by Bart, says, "Ow, Bart! My foot!"
  • Mr. Burns:
  • Maggie shoots him in the foot
  • Mrs. Bumblebee Man:
  • shoots Bumblebee Man in the foot, then files for divorce
  • Ned Flanders:
  • shoots foot, which heals immediately
  • shoot's Maude's plant in the root, Bart and Lisa accuse him of shooting Maude in the foot
  • shoots his beaknik parents in the feet
  • Nelson Muntz:
  • shoots himself in the foot, then laughs at himself
  • Otto:
  • shoots himself in the foot, says, "Whoa! Did something just bite me?"

    Left Shoe: Don't worry. We won't hurt you.
    Right Shoe: We only want to have some fun.
  • Patty and Selma Bouvier:
  • buy each other Foot Shooters for their birthday, shoot each others' feet
  • Principal Skinner:
  • is shot in foot by Jimbo; gives him two days detention
  • Professor John Frink:
  • invents Shootilator 5000 to shoot foot
  • Ralph Wiggum:
  • sticks bullets up nose, drops gun on foot
  • Ruth Powers:
  • shoots her ex-husband in the foot for skipping allomony
  • Sideshow Bob:
  • is shot in foot by Cecil because of disagreement about who would get the top bed
  • tries to shoot himself in the foot, but Bart foils him
  • Troy McClure:
  • Tries to shoot self in foot, but Hollywood guns contain only blanks
  • Introduces himself with "Hi, I'm Troy McClure! You may remember me from such foot-shootings as 'Jimmy Swaggert's Night on the Town' and 'Bombs Away! With Ronald Reagan.'" Then he shoots himself in the foot.
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