The Simpsons Series II Card Set from SkyBox

Courtesy Don Del Grande

Each pack contains eight cards EXCEPT packs with Wiggle Cards have only seven (because the Wiggle Cards are thicker)

Series 2 cards have red wrappers and come in a box of 36 packs with Bart's head on a blue backbround (Series 1 had blue wrappers and a red background)

Simpsons (S#)
 1  Seymour Skinner                     21  Emily Winthrop
 2  Otto                                22  Mr. Teeny
 3  Lou & Eddie                         23  Martin Prince
 4  Human Fly                           24  Moe
 5  Ned Flanders                        25  Mayor Quimby
 6  Laura Powers                        26  Leon Kompowski
 7  Montgomery Burns                    27  Snake
 8  Waylon Smithers                     28  Mrs./Jacqueline Bouvier
 9  (Dr.) Marvin Monroe                 29  Herb Powell
10  Bleeding Gums Murphy                30  Benjamin, Doug & Gary
11  Dr. (Julius) Hibbert                31  Lionel Hutz
12  Sherri & Terri                      32  Kearney
13  Reverend/Rev. (Timothy) Lovejoy     33  Mindy Simmons
14  Tattoo Guy                          34  Pepi
15  Todd Flanders                       35  Lunchlady Doris
16  Santa's Little Helper               36  Ralph Wiggum
17  The Devil                           37  Llewellyn Sinclair
18  Baby Bart                           38  Kodos
19  Herman                              39  Jebediah Springfield
20  Hans Moleman                        40  (Checklist)


  • A slash indicates names that appear on the front/on the back of the card; for example, card S13 says "Reverend Lovejoy" on the front and "Rev. Timothy Lovejoy" on the back
  • Parentheses indicate names that appear on the back of the card but not the the front; for example, card S10 says "Marvin Monroe" on the front and "Dr. Marvin Monroe" on the back
  • Other "full names" listed on their cards, but not in card titles: Otto Mans, Charles Montgomery Burns, Diamond Joe Quimby, Chester Turley (Snake), Jerry Patton (Human Fly), Jebediah Obadiah Zachariah Mariah Springfield
  • Eddie is on the left of the "Lou & Eddie" card; Lou is on the right
  • Laura Powers has (correct) brown hair (in her inset on the Jimbo Jones card in Series 1, it was blonde)
  • No, it's not revealed which of Sherri & Terri is which; according to the card, they're not sure themselves any more (remember, these are the same notes that say Snowball II is an alien and Lenny had his own show once)
  • "Tattoo Guy" is Mervin Monroe, Marvin's younger brother
  • Mr. Teeny's real first name is Joseph
  • No mention is made on Herb Powell's car of his comeback with the Baby Translator
  • Benjamin, Doug & Gary are Homer's three student physics tutors
  • Lionel Hutz has white hair, and his card says he never won a case, but he successfully represented Homer in his lawsuit against the Frying Dutchman's "All-You-Can-Eat" policy (well, they settled) and defended Bart against a charge of murdering Principal Skinner (well, Bart was found guilty before Skinner showed up)
  • Ralph Wiggum's card says his future profession is "cafeteria cook", but his aptitude test (CANT) says he'll be a salmon gutter
  • The "Flip-O-Matic" in Series 2 is Bart jamming on a guitar

Itchy & Scratchy (I#)
 1  Mow, Mow, Mow Your Throat           11  The Cat Who Slew Too Much
 2  Pop Goes The Scratchy               12  (Read Itchy's Mind)
 3  This Spurting Life                  13  The Blast Picture Show
 4  (See Itchy Run From Scratchy)       14  A Tomb With A Mew
 5  Down The Hatchet                    15  O Solo Meow
 6  My Scratchy Dies Over The Ocean     16  (I&S In Scare-E-O)
 7  The Only Way To Fly                 17  That Was Then, This Is Pow!
 8  (Opti-Kill Illusuion)               18  Field Of Screams
 9  Aorta Be In Pictures                19  (Scratchy Spinner Card)
10  Take Me Out To The Maul Game        20  (Checklist/Slay-B-Cs)
Card I18 also has the squirrel with the blue beehive hairdo

Radioactive Man (R#)
 1  Brain-O                              6  Bleeding Heart
 2  Bug Boy                              7  Hypno Head
 3  Plasmo                               8  Captain Squid
 4  Larceny Lass                         9  Weasel Woman
 5  Black Partridge                     10  The Comtainment Dome
Note these are not comic book covers, like the Series 1 R# cards

Bartman (B#)
 1  Houseboy                             6  Camp Krusty's Krazy Daze
 2  Lisa the Conjuror                    7  The Penalizer
 3  Maggeena                             8  Untold Tales of the Bart-Signal
 4  The Origin Of Bart Dog               9  Half-Nelson
 5  The Angry Scotsman                  10  Checklist
Cards B2, B4, B6, and B8 are comic book covers; B3, B5, B9 are "tales of
the Pseudoverse

Smell-O-Rama (Scratch & Sniff) cards (average of 12 per box)
 1  Marge's Guide to Glamour (her hair)
 2  Springfield's Top Tourist Attractions (the tire fire)
 3  Homer Simpson's Rules To Live By (the donuts in his dream)
 4  Snowball II's Bottom 13 (a hairball)
 5  Maggie Simpson's Bottom 14 (her (light blue) diaper)
 6  Moe's 10 Most Hated Prank Phone Calls (the pickled egg jar)
 7  Patty & Selma's Surefire Way To Trapping Yourself A Man (their feet)
 8  Apu's Bottom 10 (his mystery flavor Squishee)
 9  Barney's Brain Twizzlers (his burp cloud)
10  Lunchlady Doris's Daily Specials (the cooking pot)
I'm not about to scratch my cards to see what they smell like

Wiggle ("3-D" pose changing) cards (W#) (average of 6 per box...yes, one
box will NOT have all nine Wiggle cards this time)
 1  Homer eating a donut                 6  (Chainsaw Scratchy)
 2  Bartman makes a (tiny) muscle        7  Princess Kashmir belly dances
 3  Scratchy avoids Itchy's knife        8  (Itchy & Scratchy Strike)
 4  Krusty "Ehhh" / "Hey, Kids!"         9  (Hypno Head)
 5  Radioactive Man kisses Larva
The back of the cards show a poster for "The Itchy & Scratchy Movie II"
I don't have cards W6, W8, or W9; the descriptions come from the checklist

Disappearing Ink cards (D#) (average of 1 per box) - rub the black spot to
reveal something beneath it
 1  (Principal Skinner)
 2  (Itchy & Scratchy)
 3  Bartman (reveal what's underneath the monster shadow on the wall)
 4  (Bart Simpson)
No points for guessing which card I have...and I'm not about to rub my
card to see what's underneath it, especially as I don't know if the black
part (which has to be rubbed) will reappear

Arty Art Cards (A#) (average of 1 per 5 how did my box have 2?!)
A1  (Fleener)
A2  Sam Kieth (Bart)
A3  (Panter)
A4  Jim Valentino (Shadowbart and Homer Hawk)
Note these cards are slightly thinner than the others

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