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Answers to quiz questions.

  1. What is the name of the Ultimate Behemoth's satellite?
  2. Who is Homer Simpson's brother?
  3. What alias "last name" does Apu go under when he joins the Be-Sharpes?
  4. Who was kicked out of the Be-Sharpes and replaced by Barney?
  5. Who is Marge's art teacher?
  6. Fill in the blanks: SMILIN' _______ ______.
  7. Who is Dr. Vladimir Krabokov?
  8. Who is Radioactive Man's sidekick?
  9. AKA Rainer Wolfcastle.
  10. What is Bart's big brother's name?
  11. Who conned Springfield into buying a monorail?
  12. Who replaced Sideshow Bob?
  13. Who is Gabbo's puppeteer?
  14. Who is the music teacher at Springfield Elementary?
  15. What was the happiest day of Ralph's life?
  16. "Thanks for the fab picture Marge, I hung it on me wall." Who said it?
  17. Who was Marge's bowling teacher?
  18. "It's the soul mass transit system." Who said it?
  19. What insect stars on Channel Ocho?
  20. Who is Ned Flanders' wife?
  21. What is the name of Flanders' store?
  22. Sole proprietor of "I can't believe its a law firm".
  23. Who was the substitute teacher Lisa fell in love with?
  24. "Channel 5 ACTION news with your host ______ ______".
  25. Springfield's shrink.
  26. The founder of Springfield was?
  27. Who was Homer's secretary when he was promoted?
  28. What health centre did Marge vacation to?
  29. Bart's baby-sitter and first love. (Sarah Gilbert).
  30. Burns' beloved bear.
  31. Who co-owns a horse (with Krusty the Clown) named Kruddler?
  32. When Bart spray painted a picture of Skinner,what was his principal saying?
  33. Where did the Simpsons find Santa's Little Helper?
  34. Ralph's incompetent dad.
  35. The female version of Homer.
  36. Who was Milhouse's first girlfriend?
  37. What vacation did the Simpsons go on just before Marge went to Rancho Relaxo?
  38. She was the country singing sensation that Homer managed.
  39. Which Springfield resident was chosen to become an astronaut?
  40. He is the Plow King.
  41. Who was Lisa's jazz-playing mentor?
  42. What was Ned Flanders' job before he opened the Leftorium?
  43. What is Grandma Bouvier's first name?
  44. Who is the head of Itchy and Scratchy?
  45. Selma and Patty's favourite star.
  46. What restaurant chain attempts to steal and then buy Flaming Moes from Moe?
  47. Who played Happy Birthday for Mr. Burns?
  48. Who was the principal when Homer and Marge were in High School?
  49. Who is Krusty's secretary?
  50. Where does Barney become trapped in his Plow King truck?
  51. What were Bart's first words?
  52. Who are Itchy and Scratchy's European counterparts?
  53. What instrument does Lisa play in the whacking day episode? (not the saxophone).
  54. What is the Cat Burglar's real name?
  55. What is Martin's IQ?
  56. Who did Krusty steal the crank-call bit from?
  57. What "letter" is the Cat Burglar's "treasure" buried under?
  58. What is the bunny called in Friar Wiggum's Fantastical Beastarium?
  59. Who runs the country according to Smithers germs?
  60. In Halloween Special V, who is the unquestioned ruler and master of the world?
  61. Who is the one remaining (sane) ringer on the baseball team?
  62. What excuse does Homer use (on his insurance form) for buying Dimoxinil?
  63. What is the placebo cure for the Japanese flu?
  64. Where does Bart get the name "Woodrow" from?
  65. Who ran over Snowball I?
  66. What does Homer's note to himself say in Halloween Special IV?
  67. What does Bart write on his butt in "Bart VS. Australia"?
  68. Who does Springfield believe is trapped down a well?
  69. Who narrates "The Raven" in Halloween Special I?
  70. What is Lisa's future occupation according to the CANT test?
  71. What instrument does Homer replace Lisa's saxophone with after it is stolen?
  72. Who is in the car with the Japanese restaurant owner?
  73. Who narrated "The Good Book" on tape?
  74. What song does Mr. Burns make a parody of as he is showing off his animal skin clothes (Two dozen and One Greyhounds)?
  75. What singer does Mr. Burns force to perform for Marge?
  76. Where does Otto immediately move to upon losing his job?
  77. Why must Santa's Little Helper get an operation?
  78. What award does Homer receive in "Bother Can You Spare Two Dimes?"
  79. What is the code name of Adil, the foreign exchange student from Albania?
  80. What do Patty + Selma say you can't spell without I.O.U.?
  81. What is Burns' oldest dog's name?
  82. What holds up the volunteer fire department as they are trying to rescue Homer?
  83. Who does Bart have to sit beside on the filed trip to SNPP?
  84. What is Apu's last name?
  85. What is Barney's short film called (A Star is Burns)?
  86. How much did the Simpsons pay to get illegally hooked up to cable?
  87. What is Mr. Burns and Bart's blood type?
  88. What game can't Lisa play because she is too sad?
  89. How do the German owners of SNPP describe their country to Homer? (Burns Verkaft Das Kraftverk)
  90. He is the godfather of the Springfield mafia.
  91. What is the name of Lisa's pony?
  92. What year was Mr. Burns introduced to atom smashing?
  93. What book does Dr. Wolfe, the dentist, show Ralph?
  94. What song does Hugh Hefner play on Krusty's comeback special?
  95. According to Lenny and Homer, what is the bear driving around in the little car called?
  96. According to Mindy Simmons, what is Capitol City's nickname?
  97. What movie did Dr. Hibbert want to see during the Film Festival?
  98. How long does Aunt Selma have to live before she blows up?
  99. Who's on the other line when you call 1-600-DOCTORB?
  100. How did Dr. Nick get his operating gloves?
  101. What are the names of Lisa's and Bart's hockey teams?
  102. Who is the exchange student from Germany?
  103. What is the chant of the hiding nerds?
  104. He is the president of Laramie cigarettes.
  105. Who is Kodos?
  106. What are Springfield's two theatres called?
  107. Which movie did Skinner take Patty to see?
  108. Who was on the wooden raft in Bart's daydream about skipping school?
  109. What racing number is Santa's Little Helpers girlfriend?
  110. Who does Mr. Burns credit his long life to?
  111. Name three of the seven Duffs.
  112. What gas station does Homer go to about the strange thumping noise he hears?
  113. He swept the Princi Awards. Who is he and what school is he from?
  114. What is the "forbidden song"?
  115. Which three cities did Lyle Lanley sell monorails to before Springfield?
  116. What does Lisa steal from all the teachers at Springfield Elementary?
  117. Who is the motorcycle daredevil?
  118. Who is McBain's nemesis?
  119. Who is Marge's date for the prom?
  120. Who is the belly dancer Homer is caught with?
  121. Who is Capitol City's mascot?
  122. Who is the guest star at the Springfield auto show?
  123. Where does Milhouse's dad work?
  124. What public television show does Troy McClure urge people to sponsor?
  125. "Hi, I'm ___ (What the hell am I doing in Springfield) _____."
  126. What video game do Homer and Bart play?
  127. What drink is unique to the Kwik-E-Mart?
  128. Where does the head of the Kwik-E-Mart reside?
  129. Who takes a job at the Kwik-E-Mart to prepare for a movie role?
  130. Give 2 facts which help Bart prove Sideshow Bob framed Krusty.
  131. Name one of the bilboard ads Homer stops to read on the first of the month. (Homie the Clown)
  132. What is the Springfield equivalent to Barbie?
  133. What is the name of Lisa's "politically correct" doll?
  134. What danger does Homer see in going into space?
  135. Who opens up Springfield's casino?
  136. What does Homer call the monster which has enslaved Marge?
  137. What does Lisa's valentine to Ralph say?
  138. What was the name of the first cartoon Scratchy was in?
  139. Who poses as Krusty the Clown in the Kamp Krusty episode?
  140. What drink does Bart make for the mobsters?
  141. Who is the first person to make a wish on the monkey's paw?
  142. According to the Duff Brewery Tour guide, what had a batch of Duff beer been contaminated with? (Duffless)
  143. What alias "last name" do the Simpsons go under to avoid Sideshow Bob?
  144. What score does Sideshow Bob sing to Bart before he is going to kill him?
  145. What name is spray painted all over Springfield?
  146. Where does Homer meet "Michael Jackson"?
  147. Why is Homer declared insane?
  148. Lisa + Maggie's favourite cartoon characters.
  149. Who is Krusty's father?
  150. How old is Hans Moleman?
  151. "Oh no, Beta." Who said it?
  152. What does Herman sell?
  153. What are the names of the Flanders' children?
  154. Patty + Selma's pet.
  155. Who are the twins in Bart's class?
  156. Which soda is Bart asked to test in his fantasy? (Hint- "pleasing taste, some monsterism")
  157. What is the name of the three-eyed fish?
  158. Who does Bart play in the President's Day play?
  159. What festival did "Do What You Feel" day replace?
  160. "Troy, this circle is you." Who said it?
  161. What does Bart get tattooed on his arm?
  162. Who is Skinner's superior?
  163. Who replaced Skinner as principal?
  164. Who is the lunch lady at Springfield Elementary?
  165. What is Bart paid for giving blood?
  166. What is Mrs. Krabappel's first name?
  167. What are the call letters of Springfield's radio station?
  168. What does Bart name his elephant?
  169. Where does Homer put his first stop sign?
  170. What scent does Lisa's braces release every so often?
  171. Who has a leg for an arm and an arm for a leg?
  172. What factory does Bart's class visit in Bart Gets Famous?
  173. What T.V. show about a bad cop does Homer like to watch?
  174. Who is the director of "A Streetcar named Desire"?
  175. What actor filled in as a big brother on the Junior camper river-rafting trip?
  176. How many burgers does Homer order from the Krusty Burger on an off-shore oil rig?
  177. What is the real name of the baby-sitter bandit?
  178. What is the episode number of "Bart gets hit by a car"? (shown at the beginning of the episode).
  179. Who is the first dead man to help Bart and Lisa unravel Sideshow Bob's electoral fraud?
  180. In Bart's dream about the U.S. founding fathers, who is writing his name in the snow?
  181. What is the Dean's name in the show "School of Hard Knockers"?
  182. Which board game do Rod and Todd Flanders like to play?
  183. Which course did Homer fail in high school?
  184. Who is Bleedin' Gums Murphy's younger brother?
  185. How many feet around KJAZZ (Springfields jazz radio station) are occupied by its radio signals?
  186. What beloved object does Homer sell to get counselling for his family? (There's No Disgrace Like Home).
  187. Who introduces Bart to Herman?
  188. What do the Simpsons buy to keep up with the Flanders?
  189. From which country did the midget who played Lisa come form? (Burns' Heir).
  190. What does the "complaints" lady at Duff Gardens have to say?
  191. How does Mr. Burns describe his fortune?
  192. How many women have said "no" to Mr. Burns?
  193. What mineral did Jimmy think he could live without?
  194. What does Homer's shirt say under his Gulp N' Blow uniform?
  195. What brand of Bourbon is Marge caught stealing at the Kwik-E-Mart?
  196. What is the name of the home pregnancy test Marge uses to see if she is going to have a fourth child?
  197. Homer's college professor said: "Out with the old, ___ ____ ___ _______".
  198. According to the Goofball, who is a mascot's best friend?
  199. What esteemed position does Bart receive for bringing justice to the school?
  200. What street do the Simpsons live on?
  201. What movie features McBain as a comedian?
  202. In which state was Homer born?
  203. Who puts the "fun" back in fundamentalist dogma?
  204. What imitation drink did Bart discover he was having at lunchtime?
  205. Who is Stuart?
  206. Which SE student has been killed and brutally beaten?
  207. Fill in The Blanks: More _____ means more iron
  208. Which Magazine does Marge consult about parenting?
  209. What is Martin's Favourite video game?
  210. What type of drink does Skinner offer Bart in 1F18?
  211. Name two of the nuclear plant workers who had to watch the bee?
  212. According to Moe, where is Herman's counterfeit jean operation being held?
  213. What illness did Bart fake to avoid taking his History test?
  214. What was the first thing Ned thought would influence Tod's bad language?
  215. What is Birchibald T. Barlows book called?
  216. Who is Krusty's monkey?
  217. What prescription drug is Krusty addicted to?
  218. Who is the Frenchman's donkey?
  219. What was BGM's $1500 a day habit?
  220. What prompts Marge to talk about old romances?
  221. What was Mike Scosia diagnosed with?
  222. What was Ned's brush with the law?
  223. What was Moe selling at the flea market?
  224. What was one of Homers lifelong/boyhood dreams?
  225. Which music group played at the halftime show of the super bowl?
  226. What is Springfields equivalent to Hard Copy?
  227. What vegetable did Shelbyvile drink to celebrate their victory over Springfield?
  228. What stonecutter number is assigned to Homer?
  229. According to Homer, what is a feline?
  230. Fill in the blanks (Nelson) "Hey Bart, your ______ is showing." From 1F22.
  231. How many bathing suits was Martin wearing in 1F22?
  232. What present does Herb give Bart in 8F23?
  233. What statue does Mr. Burns give to the Simpson Family?
  234. What chemical agent does Bart use to write his name in the field?
  235. How many Academy Awards did the Itchy and Scratchy Movie win?
  236. What is Homer's little brothers name?
  237. What is the name of the Itchy and Scratchy episode Bart and Lisa Write?
  238. Who directed A Streetcar Named Desire?
  239. What does the crew of "Radioactive Man" do when they want horses?
  240. Who speaks in palindromes? (7G02)
  241. In 8F12 (Lisa The Greek), why does Lisa favour the L.A. Raiders?
  242. Which version of Bible Bombardment do Bart, Lisa and Maggie play with the Flanders in 3F01?
  243. What attribute did Ralph give to Jesus?
  244. Before he was a safety inspector, what was Homer's job at SNPP?
  245. Who wrote the hymn "In The Garden of Eden?
  246. According to Willy, who created colored chalk?
  247. What street does Milhouse's grandmother live on?
  248. What extra month did SE accidentally print on its calendars?
  249. What is the name of the car Homer designs for Powell Motors?
  250. What was the name of Johnny Calhoun's spoken word album that ruined his career?
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