Post Cards

Courtesy Tom Wilson and Jym Dyer

From: (tom wilson)
Date: 16 Jul 91 05:19:44 GMT

A few excerpts from the cards:

I think this one has been settled (as far as the brand name):
Homer's favorite snack treat: Pork Rinds Lite

Marge's secret pride: Having the tallest hairdo in Springfield

Moe's secret shame: Watered-down beer. Has any customer every accused him of this?

Krusty's secret enemy: Sideshow Bob

Itchy & Scratchy's secret quiz: How many lives does Scratchy the Cat have? (answer at end)

Patty and Selma's secret undergarment: Rocket bra (obviously never worn)

Ms. Krabappel's secret fear: There may be more Simpsons where Bart came from

Principal Skinner's secret shame: A barely detectable toupee (wow! I can't tell from the cartoon. You would think it would be made obvious, or Bart would have grabbed it.)

There's lots more stuff on them, but I don't want to take away from the fun of actually reading them. There are 32 (2 sets of 16, one to send and one to save!).


P.S. quiz answer: Over 3 million and counting.

From: (Jym Dyer)
Date: 18 Jul 91 00:00:09 GMT
By the way, a sneaky little feature of the postcards that I like is the fact that they're numbered to make it appear that there are many more.

Postcard #808 (Collect the whole set!)

And even if there 808 of them, you come across one of these:

Postcard #29A (Collect 'em and hoard 'em!)


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