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The probably-not-complete rules posting for The Simpsons (Data East)

Object: Get the ever increasing jackpot. How original.

The playfield is a wide open playfield which is warped, unfortunately, to enter the side drains. It has 3 ball locks, two of which push the ball into a catwalk leading to the flippers. It has one ramp on the left side which goes up and enters the machine just under the backglass and leads into the right flipper rollover. There are three bumpers which are shapred like nuclear cooling towers. There are two sets of drop targets- 3 in the middle of the playfield, and a set of five on the right side on the playfield. The left drain has a ick save. There are three targets on the left side just under a ball lock. Done. Good.

Now the rules.

"Plunge the ball, man."

Bonus Multiplier
The rollovers are angled like this: \r\r\r\. I don't really know why. Each time you get a clear rollover, a light above the rollover lights. Each time you get all three rollovers, you get a bonus +X. "Lemme have some tickets."

Nuclear Towers
Homer: "Bart!" "Why you little-!" "Aaaaahhhhg!"
Bart: "Aye Carumba!" "Whooooa Mama!"

Each time you hit a tower, it adds to that tower's Nuclear Power Value

Nuclear Power Value
Homer: "Nuclear Power Value!"

When a tower is flashing, its NPV is ready to be collected. Shooting the ball into the left center or right ball lock will collect that specific NPV. The left and right inside lanes will add 2000 to the NPV, and sometime make a tower ready to collect the NPV.

Laser Kick (Left drain)
Apu: "Come Again!"

While laser kick is lit, the ball will be kicked back into play. It will begin flashing during which the ball could land there again and be kicked back into play. This happens a billion times, mainly because the drain opening is about 3 inches wide.

Ice Cream Targets
Homer: "Chocolate" "Double Chocolate!" "Triple Chocolate!!!"

Hitting all three of these targets while the laser kick is OFF will relite the laser kick.

Faces Drop Targets
Mrs Krabappel: "Owwww!"
Mr. Burns:"Owwwww!"
Sherri and Terri "Oww!" The same one as Nelson
Principal Skinner: Does not go "Ow." He goes boing. Don't know why.

Each target is worth 25K. The first time you hit all five targets in one ball, the bonus hold is lit. The second time : extra ball. The third time: Special. Each time after that: 25K doubling each time.

BIG Value
Krusty: "Hehehehe!"
Grandpa Simpson: Don't you know how to use flippers?

When the ball goes down either left or right drains, a random value of 25K 50K 75K, or 100K is awarded. Unfortunately, this loses the ball.

Bonus hold
No quote

Located in the bottom left (Considered center) ball lock, an orange light will be lit when it is available. Landing it in here will take your bonus at the end of the ball and add it to your next ball.

Extra Ball
Bart:"Go for the extra ball, man" "Shoot again, man!"

Located in the right ball lock, a red light will be lit when available. If you've earned a chance at another extra ball wilout getting one during the same ball, the extra ball markers in the left and right drains will be lit. Get any of these to get the extra ball.

Bart: "Go for the Special!" if extra game awarded:"Don't have a cow, man!" if extra ball" "Shoot again, man!"

Located in the left ball lock, a red light will be lit to show the chance for a special. Landing it here will give you an extra ball, or a free game, what ever the setting of the game is.

Mystery Bonus Ramp
Bart:"Shoot again, man!"- free ball "Awesome, man!" 5X donuts
Homer: "Mystery Score" 500,000, Bonus hold + 100,000

On each new ball in play, the ability to get a mystery bonus is awarded. It is the red light above the ramp. The first time you hit the ramp Bart says "Go for the ramp, man!" Now you have about 7-10 seconds to hit the ramp again. If you miss, there is a variety of quotes:
Bart: Don't have a cow, man!, or You blew it, man!
Mr. Burns: "Smithers, fire that man!"

If you hit it, a mystery bonus is randomly selected from above.

Other quotes:
Krusty: "Don't blame me, I didn't do it!!" "Who do you love?!?!?"- upon going up the ramp. "HEHEHEHE!!" Upon falling back down the ramp.

Bart: "Go for the ramp, man!"
Homer:"Please,please,please,please!!!" "One Million Smackers!!!"
Lisa: "Hurry up!!"

Just below the backglass is a rainbow with the letters MILLIONS. Each time a bonus multiplier is achieved, or every time the ball goes through the ramp, a millions letter is spotted. Whenn all letters are lit, the music starts playing, and you've got a chance to make a very high score. Each time you hit the ramp, one million points are awarded. You get 15 seconds to hit it as many times as you can, and when you hit it and Homer says his quote, NO TIME IS TAKEN OFF!

Bowling Drop Targets
Bart: Strike! Hurry up! Lock the ball, man!" "Strike!"
Homer:"Nice Strike!"

Hitting all three targets in one ball will light the green "Ball Lock" lites in front of some or all of the ball locks. This is where multiball can be achieved.

2-Ball Multiball
Bart: Plunge the ball, man!

Hitting the ball into a lit ball lock will start 2-ball mball. Then you want to lock both balls. After locking the first ball, you are given a given a 14 second time limit to lock the other ball into any unoccupied ball lock. The 3-ball mball starts.

3-ball Multiball
Bart: "Plunge the ball, man!" "Cowabunga!", "Don't have a cow, man!"
Homer: "JACKPOT!! Jackpot jackpot....."

Now the real fun starts. When all three ball are in play, go for the bowling targets in the center. Bart will then say "Go for the JACKPOT!!!" On the screen, the word JACKPOT and a number is showing. On the backglass, homer is standing next to a nuclear controller. The numbners 1,2,3, or 4 will be lit according to the value of the jackpot. The jackpot itself grows bigger and bigger very quickly (from 1 mil to 4 mil) as long as a flipper is not held. When the flipper is held, the value goes down. Hit the ramp when the vale too high to pass up. At least try to. Then, lights go off, whizzers whiz, and the Christmas Tree on the White house lawn lights up.

Extra Quotes:
Lisa: Go, go go!!: When the left lock is hit with no lock lit, and no special.
Lisa: "Shoot it!" Every time the ball goes through the inside right rollover.
Homer: "It's Princess Cashmere!" Right lock hit, no Ex.Ball, no ball lock, no NPV.
Bart: "El Barto was here!" Center lock hit, no Bonus hold, no ball lock, no NPV.
Bart: Yooouuu tilted!!!
Bart: "Hey, man, we're both underachievers!" "Whoooa mama!" "Awesome, man!" "Way to go, man!" When bonus is given.
Bart: "Don't have a cow, man!"- free game during game
Bart: "Whoa-Whoa mama!" - free game after Homer's Luck Scratch N Match
Bart: "You blew it, man!" "Awesome, man!" "Way to go, man!" losing Homer's Lucky Scratch N Match
Burns: "Smithers, fire that man!"- losing Homer's Lucky Scratch N Match

Joe Reeves

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