Bart vs. The Space Mutants (NES)

Courtesy Ryan Pazdur

From: kestrel@ddsw1.MCS.COM (Ryan Pazdur)
Subject: Re: Nintendo joins the fray
Date: 20 Mar 91 22:53:38 GMT

Yes, its true. The game is called Bart vs. the Space Mutants... Its actually a pretty fun game....In case anyones interested I decided to add some info on the game....I've played it before, but most of what I'm saying is taken from the February, Game Players Guide to Nintendo Games....

Bart is the only person in Springfield who knows that aliens have landed and are possessing the bodies of the townspeople. Though the space mutants look like humans, Bart is able to see them with the help of a pair of X-ray glasses (Isn't their a movie "They Live" or something like that that is closely related to this idea?). Well, the space mutants or course, plan to invade the earth. They have this "miraculous machine" with which they plan to expand their invasion. To make it work, the machine needs different items to make it work. These items are of a specific color (i.e. Level one, purple objects, Level 3 Blue balloons). The object of the game is for you, Bart, to either spray these objects with your trusty can of red spray paint, or to collect them before the aliens can grab them. While you are collecting or destroying the objects, you have to be on the lookout for aliens disguised as townspeople. If you see an alien, you have to bop him on the head and the alien will fly away to space leaving behind a letter. You need to collect the letters to spell the names of the rest of the family...and if you succeed in spelling out the name of a member of the family, that member will help you defeat the "boss" enemy at the end of each level.

Other characters in the game are Moe, Sideshow Bob, Jebediah Smith, Itchy and Scratchy, Nelson, Adil (Albanian spy), Krusty the Clown, and various others.

Also, there is another Simpsons video game out that I've seen.... I saw it at an arcade, and I know its four player simultaneous, has awesome graphics, and a cool music score. Has anyone out there played it?

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