The Simpsons Geek Code

Version 1.3

Created by David Kendall
Maintained by Jouni Paakkinen

Okay, so you call yourself a Simpsons fan? Well, tell the world! Use the following code in your .sig, in your .plan file, in your cereal for that scrum-diddly-umtious taste to tell how much of a fan you are, who your favorite characters are, etc.

This code is a notable part of the Simpsons' fandom history on the Internet, and it was initially created in 1996 by David Kendall for members of the newsgroup, the first active discussion area for Simpsons fans from all over the world. Using your own, personalized geek code is especially encouraged in your postings to this group, Simpsons-L, or any other fan forum you like to occupy.

This is a document that will never be completed, so I would very much appreciate comments, suggestions to add or subtract, requests for more apples in the vending machines, to my address, and who knows--the next version might be out faster than you can say D'oh!


1.0 to 1.1 Some of the more discussed characters on a.t.s are added to the character list (STU and CBG), the look like/sound like/impression modifier is made easier, web sites are added to the I code.

1.1 to 1.2 Again, more characters added (CWG, RWG, and SNA)

1.2 to 1.3 Characters added. David Kendall passes the torch to the current maintainer.

The Code

Start the code by identifying it with an S1.3 . The S is for bargain - no sorry, the S is for Simpsons, and the 1.3 is the version number.

The Characters

Use these modifiers with the character codes following:

---  Cannot tolerate this character at all.  Starting a petition
to get this character removed from the show.
--  Don't like the character.
-  Wish this character wasn't on the show as much.
0 or plain code:  No real feelings either way about this character
+  Like this character.
++  Big fan of the character.  
+++  Cheer for this character.  My "raison d' etre".  Pay
attention to every word this character utters.

In addition to the above, add one of these where it applies:

>  Want to be more like this character.  ("Be like the boy!")
@  Look like this character (yellow skin optional)
% Sound like this character
&  I don't look like this character, but I do a good visual
impression of this character
# I don't sound like this character normally, but I do a good 
vocal impression of this character.
*  Behave like this character in real life.
!  Attracted to this character

Homer J. Simpson:  HOM
Marge Simpson:  MRG
Bart Simpson:  BAR
Lisa Simpson:  LIS
Maggie Simpson:  MAG
Santa's Little Helper:  SLH
{Alternatively, to make your Simpsons Code shorter, you could group the whole Simpsons clan into the code OFF, with the appropriate symbol following the OFF}.
Grampa Simpson:  ABE
Patty & Selma:  P&S
Charles Montgomery Burns:  BUR
Smithers:  SMI
Skinner:  SKI
Otto:  OTT
Milhouse:  MIL
Martin:  MTN
Barney:  BNY
Ned Flanders:  NED
Maude Flanders:  MAU
{Or alternatively, to save space, you can indicate all the Flanderseseses with the code FLA with the appropriate symbols following}
Hans Moleman:  MOL
Apu Nahasapeemapetilon:  APU
Krusty:  KRU
Moe Szyslak: MOE
Chief Wiggum: CWG
Ralph Wiggum:  RWG
Nelson Muntz: NEL
Snake:  SNA
Sideshow Bob:  BOB
Sideshow Mel:  MEL
Itchy & Scratchy:  I&S
Troy McClure:  TRO
Lionel Hutz: HTZ
John Frink:  FRI
Pimple-faced teen:  TEE
Comic Book Guy:  CBG
Disco Stu:  STU
Gil: GIL

So your Simpsons Code does not get out of control, you should limit the characters in your Code to the necessary few that you want to tell the world your feelings about.

If you want to include a character that isn't on this list, just type the name: ie.

Mrs. Krabappel+

Other activites that are nonetheless important:

For the following categories, you can use these modifiers in conjunction with the code:

/ My opinion ranges between these two.
> I want to work towards achieving this. 


f---  Simpsons fans are pathetic!  They need to grow up and quit
watching cartoons!
f--  The show is disgusting
f-  The show is beyond me
f  No feelings about the show
f+ I watch it when I can
f++  I watch every episode
f+++  I have every episode on tape.  I know all the little bits of
information about every episode.  I live, breathe, and eat
Simpsons.  I wish they put me in the show.

Internet activities activity

n---  The Simpsons fans on the 'Net are the worse kinds!  They're
a bunch of no-brained geeks.
n--  I post on a.t.s every day - to flame
n-  I don't subscribe to the group, nor would I ever want to
n  No feelings about the newsgroup
n+  I read a.t.s messages as often as I can
n++ I post on a.t.s every day.
n+++ I contribute to every thread on the group, everybody on a.t.s
knows who I am.

Informational documents (FTP, screen grabs, etc.)

Begin this with an I and combine the following (eg. Iflo)

f  I have a Simpsons FTP site
l  I post Simpsons lists (eg "The Marge File", "Episode List", etc.)
b  I have a Simpsons-related BBS/web board
p  I have Simpsons pictures (fan art, screen grabs)
s  I have Simpsons .wav files
w I have a Simpsons web site.
o other


Money spent on Simpsons merchandise (which is a good way to spend it) during your life

$   $0-20
$+  $20-50
$++  $50-100
$+++  $100-300
$++++ $300-1000 (I hope your cel is better than Bart's Itchy and Scratchy cel)
$+++++ over $1000 (now there's a dedicated fan!)

Favorite episode

Enter the production number (ie 7G15). If more than one (as most of us fans can't be nailed down to one episode), enter the numbers separated by a comma (ie 7G15, 2F08).

Production codes are listed in the episode quicklist and the episode guide.


Enter your gender and age, M for male, F for female (ie M17). If you want to give the year of your birth, saving you updating it every year, you can, such as F1969.

By now, your code should look something like this (yes, this is mine):

S1.3 HOM+++ I&S++ CBG++ FRI@ CLE-- GIL- Mrs. Krabappel* 
f+++ n+/++ Ilpswo $++++ 8F02,9F01,9F15,9F22 M1971

Wasn't that easy?

© 1996-99 David Kendall, 2000 Jouni Paakkinen. This is a parody of "The Geek Code" and all the other parodies of that, and therefore legal. Nyah! If you plan on publishing this, creating a derivitive work, swimming from Seattle to Los Angeles backwards, or anything else of the ilk, let me know or I'll send the Flanders family over to sing to you their favorite songs.

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