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Courtesy Don Del Grande and Mark Lindsey

Set 1 - 2000

There are five cards per pack and 24 packs per box.

There are 45 regular cards and 12 chase cards (which look like regular cards except that the card's frame is foil) in the set. (A typical box contains two complete sets, some extras, and three of the foils.)

"Cards" may not be the right word for it; they are, in fact, clear plastic images inside (more accurately, behind) a card border. I suggest viewing them against a white background, as the "white" parts of each image are clear.

Because the cards are clear, there is nothing on the back except for the 20th Century Fox, Matt Groening, and Artbox logos.

You can order a "card viewer" (they work with their Sailor Moon cards as well) from the company for $4.95 plus three wrappers (and the receipt from when you bought them), although I don't see what the viewer does that's so special. Maybe someone who has one (1 pack in 480 has a coupon good for a free one) can tell me what good they are?

Note that the foils are probably not randomly placed in the boxes; in the boxes I got, they were always at the bottom of one of the two stacks of cards.

Also, the cards are usually grouped into specific sets of five, and adjacent packs in the box tend to be the same group, so be careful when buying multiple packs as you run a very large risk of getting duplicates.

The letters next to each card number do not appear on the cards; they indicate which cards appear together in packs. (Packs with foil cards have four other cards from different sets.)

The "categories" (for example, "HOMER") indicate the logo that appears on the bottom right of each card.


  • 1A. "Hair No. 3" - Homer loses a hair
  • 2B. "Downhill Donuts" - Homer with donuts on a skateboard
  • 3C. "Working Drone" - Homer in a radiation suit behind a "Nuclear Power Is Your Friend" sign
  • 4D. "Game Day" - Homer with a giant "#1" foam finger saying "That call really sucked! And that sucky ref is the suckiest suck that ever sucked!"
  • 5E. "Fast Lane" - Homer bowling
  • 6F. "Top of the World" - Homer atop a "Donut World" sign with a golf club; "Play 'em where they lie"
  • 7G. "Grrrr..." - Homer wearing only a ten-gallon hat (but not on his head, if you know what I mean)


  • 8H. "Krusty" - Krusty in a welcoming pose
  • 9I. "Itchy & Scratchy" - I & S from their opening, in front of a mushroom cloud
  • 10E. "Sideshow Bob" - Bob leaning on an axe
  • 11F. "Sideshow Mel" - Mel playing a slide whistle
  • 12D. "Zero Gravity" - Bart upside-down on a skateboard: "Gravity is my co-pilot"


  • 13C. "Toxic Bart" - Skeleton Bart on a skeleton skateboard jumping over cans of toxic waste
  • 14G. "Dare Devil Bart" - Bart on a skateboard, jumping over Santa's Little Helper; "No Stranger to danger"
  • 15I. "Bart" - Bart doing some sort of aerial move
  • 16A. "No Skateboarding" - Bart, Nelson, Jimbo, Dolph, and Kearny blown away by a blast from the power plant; "Toxtc" (it should be "Toxic", but that's not what it says)
  • 17B. "Thugs" - Bart, Nelson, Jimbo, Dolph, and Kearny with shifty eyes
  • 18H. "Mouth Guard" - Bart wipes out and heads face first for a fire hydrant


  • 19B. "Lisa's World" - Lisa visualizes various things
  • 20H. "Jazz is Cool" - Lisa wearing shades and playing her sax
  • 21C. "Love Now" - Lisa holding up a fist, standing on a heart
  • 22D. "Smart Words" - Lisa carrying a stack of school books
  • 23E. "Girl Power" - Lisa with clenched fist, on top of the world


  • 24F. "Groundskeeper Willie" - Willie with a shovel
  • 25C. "Milhouse" - with a dropped Squishee; "I am not a klutz!"
  • 26D. "Apu" - dispensing a Squishee
  • 27B. "Otto" - in the middle of an air guitar riff
  • 28F. "Mr. Burns" - with a three-eyed fish in a fishbowl
  • 29E. "Ned Flanders" - trimming his hedges
  • 30H. "Dr. Hibbert" - holding out a lollipop
  • 31E. "Chief Wiggum" - with donut and coffee


  • 32F. "Barney" - with a mug of what I assume is Duff
  • 33D. "Carl & Lenny" - just standing around
  • 34C. "Bart & Moe" - on the phone: "Is Ms. Huggenkiss there? First name, Amanda"
  • 35B. "Body by Duff" - Homer, Barney, Lenny, and Carl at the bar, with Moe behind it - "It's Moe Better at Moe's"
  • 36H. "Cold Fish" - Comic Book Guy scores low on the Love Tester


  • 37G. "Homer & Maggie" - Homer carrying Maggie piggyback
  • 38A. "Lisa & Maggie" - Dr. Maggie attends to Snowball II with the "Dr. Nick's Jr. M.D." set
  • 39I. "Are we there yet?" - While Homer drives the car, Lisa and Bart drive Homer and Marge crazy
  • 40A. "Pi vs. Pie" - Lisa describes pi; Homer has other ideas
  • 41G. "Tumble Dry" - Maggie goes for a spin - spin cycle, that is
  • 42I. "Kiss the Chef" - and Marge obliges as Homer barbecues
  • 43A. "8 Hours" - Homer on a TV; "I have a family and a full time job but still have time to get in 8 hours of TV a day"
  • 44G. "Nuclear Family Pets" - Santa's Little Helper scratches himself; Snowball II coughs up a hairball
  • 45I. "I Can Dress Myself" - Grandpa in a confused, but dressed, pose

FOIL CARDS - they seem to have a beach theme

  • S-1. "Extreme Conditions" - Bart in front of a sign describing good and bad fins in the water
  • S-2. "Moon Doggie" - Homer in a surfer dude pose with Marge hanging onto him
  • S-3. "Mmm... Donut" - A takeoff on the Jaws poster, with Homer in an inner tube
  • S-4. "Surf Maggie" - Bart surfing while holding Maggie above his head
  • S-5. "Surf & Destroy" - Kearney, Martin, Bart, Nelson, and Jimbo posing in front of 5 surfboards
  • S-6. "Forbidden Fruit" - Portrait of Marge with various fruits in her hair a la Carmen Miranda
  • S-7. "Krusty's Surf Camp" - Krusty's board has seen better days
  • S-8. "Rip Tide" - Bart goes for a spin
  • S-9. "Island Splash" - Lisa rides a dolphin
  • S-10. "Everything's Swell" - The Simpsons in beachwear (Maggie is a mermaid)

Set 2 - 2003

Instead of the foil cards, there are nine chase cards which are like the other film cards, except they are drawn to look like playing cards. Six of them are "rare", and three are "ultra-rare"; each box of 24 packs usually has three rare and one extra-rare cards.

Like the first set, the cards tend to be put into groups, although not every pack of cards that does not include a chase card consists of a particular group of five cards.

The letters next to each card number do not appear on the cards; they indicate which cards usually appear together in packs. (Packs with chase cards have four other cards from different sets.)

The "categories" (for example, "HOMER") indicate the logo that appears on the bottom right of each card.


  • 1A. "Hmmm... What's an 'eltdown?" - Homer at his station; jelly from a half-eaten donut covers the "M"
  • 2B. "Mmmmmm, Television" - Homer in an easy chair, remote in hand
  • 3C. "Practice Swing" - Homer takes yet another swing at his golf ball
  • 4D. "Mr. Plow To the Rescue" - Homer in his Mr. Plow jacket and underwear; the kids are playing in the snow outside
  • 5E. "Average-naut Homer Simpson" - Homer in space; "Yeah, maybe I do have the right...what's that stuff?"
  • 6F. "Stupid Itchy Church Pants! - Homer, with Marge and Lisa, outside of church
  • 7G. "Mmmmm, Donuts! - Homer asleep at his station
  • 8H. "Bart Gets an Allowance" - Homer leans over for some floor pie; Bart picks his pocket
  • 9I. "Laundry Day" - Homer in his underwear, as Bart cringes - "I'm not a bath man, myself - more of a cologne man"


  • 10A. "Krusty Clowns It Up At Krustylu Studios" - Krusty in front of his studio's main gate
  • 11D. "Handsome Pete" - Handsome Pete, "squeezebox" at the ready
  • 12B. "Sideshow Bob" - Sideshow Bob holding a rake
  • 13E. "Itchy and Scratchy" - a cloud of dust with arms, legs, heads, and weapons everywhere
  • 14C. "Poochie" - Poocie on a skateboard, surfboard under his arm
  • 15F. "Bleeding Gums Murphy" - BGM with his saxophone hanging from his neck
  • 16I. "Kent Brockman On the Scene" - in front of Springfield Town Hall - "I've said it before, and I'll say it again; Democracy simply doesn't work."
  • 17G. "Bumblebee Man" - Homer hugs the TV set with Bumblebee Man on the screen
  • 18D. "Radioactive Man To the Rescue" - Radioactive Man flying over Springfield


  • 19A. "C. Montgomery Burns" - holding a candy cane with a tag reading "X-MAS BONUS"
  • 20E. "Reverend Lovejoy" - at the pulpit - "Please, Christians, don't push."
  • 21B. "Captain McCallister" - arm around an octopus, who returns the favor with five of its own
  • 22H. "Mayor Quimby" - wearing a "MAYOR" sash, in front of town hall
  • 23C. "Snake" - behind the Kwik-E-Mart
  • 24I. "Hans Moleman" - cane in the air, outside Springfield Retirement Castle
  • 25F. "Springfield Thugs" - Kearney, Nelson, and Jimbo outside the Kwik-E-Mart being threatened by Sanjay with a broom
  • 26H. "Groundskeeper Willie" - ripping off his shirt, outside Springfield Elementary School
  • 27B. "Principal Skinner" - inside his office


  • 28F. "Marge's Secret Spices" - Marge passes Bart and Homer with a tray of hot cookies
  • 29D. "Oooooo! Flamey!" - Homer showing the effects of too much gasoline in a nuclear waste barrel-turned-barbecue
  • 30A. "Mmmmmm, Links!" - Homer driving a golf cart, thinking of sausage links
  • 31G. "Kiss the Chef" - Marge obliges, as Homer grills a steak
  • 32C. "Grill Master" - Homer empties lighter fluid into a propane grill
  • 33E. "Meat On a Stick" - Homer with a half-eaten steak on a barbecue fork
  • 34H. "The Bishop of Barbeque" - Ned Flanders and his sons at the grill
  • 35I. "Open Wide" - Homer takes on a giant burger as Marge looks on
  • 36G. "Daydreaming of Delectable Meats" - Homer lying back on an outdoor chair


  • 37A. "The Simpson Family" - the family, plus pets, in a familiar pose
  • 38F. "Patty and Selma" - on a bed
  • 39C. "Marge and Maggie" - at a restaurant counter, with a Marge-hair-shaped plate of blue gelatin
  • 40B. "A Man's Pool is His Castle" - Homer in a kiddie pool as a dry Maggie looks on
  • 41E. "We're Simple People with Simple Values" - Lisa at her desk
  • 42D. "Abraham Simpson" - outside the Springfield Retirement Castle - "Hey, why don't you get something useful, like storm windows, or a nice pipe organ?"
  • 43I. "Quality Time" - Homer asleep on the couch, with Maggie sitting on his stomach, TV remote in hand
  • 44G. "And They Say Radiation Makes You Sterile" - Homer, with three kids holding him tight
  • 45H. "Why You Little...!" - Homer choking Bart

CHASE CARDS (R - rare (about 1 in every 12 packs); UR - ultra-rare (about 1 in every 36 packs))

  • R1. "Mr. King to You!"
  • R2. "Queen of Lickspittle"
  • R3. "Faithful Friend and Knave" - Lenny, eating a donut (jack of spades)
  • R4. "King of Kwik-E-Mart" - Apu, with hands up (king of hearts)
  • R5. "Queen of Apu's Heart" - Manjula, holding a baby bottle (queen of hearts)
  • R6. "Jack of Heartless" - Snake, pointing a gun (jack of hearts)
  • UR1. "What's a Control Rod?"
  • UR2. "Queen Mother" - Marge, holding a rolling pin (queen of diamonds)
  • UR3. "Mischief Maker" - Bart, holding a spray paint can (jack of diamonds)

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