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Starting with episode LABF01, "Take My Life, Please," the show's "long" version of its opening credits introduced some new elements that changed from one episode to the next:

  • Something flying across the screen under/across the title;
  • A "quote" from Ralph when the Jebediah Springfield head falls on him;
  • A billboard, which shows one or more characters' heads along with words;
  • A "quote" from Barney when Bart lands on him with his skateboard;
  • Occasionally, the instrument Lisa plays in the band is not a saxophone;
  • The TV set at the end is now an HDTV set attached to the wall; in some episodes, it falls off of the wall, exposing some wires behind it
When an episode is not listed, that partictular segment of the opening did not appear (or, there was no "flyby" over the opening credits)

LABF01, RABF16 Krusty -- Now Doing Funerals   Krusty, wearing a black yarmulke
LABF02 Lost Child / No Reward   Milhouse
LABF03 Moe's Tavern / Now With Electricity!   Moe, holding an electric cord
LABF11 Pay For Septuplets / Get Octuplets Free!   Dr. Nick, holding eight newborn babies
LABF05 Support Your Local Bullies   Kearney, Jimbo, and Dolph
LABF07 Luigi's / Home Of The Breadstick   Luigi, holding a breadstick
LABF08 Principal Skinner / I Paint Houses   Principal Skinner, holding a paint roller
LABF12 Spider-Pig The Musical / Music by U2 and Alf Clausen   Spider-Pig (aka Harry Plopper), wearing tinted glasses
LABF13 If I Kill You, You Won't Pay / Dr. Nick Riviera   Dr. Nick, holding a bone
LABF15 Kwik-E-Mart / Porno Now On Lower Shelf   Apu
LABF16 The Leftorium / Next Right   Ned Flanders
LABF17 Don't Face This Christmas Sober   Duffman, in Christmas garb
LABF18 Dr. Otto's "Wellness Clinic"   Otto, in a white lab coat, holding a bong
LABF19 Springfield Retirement Castle / Get Me Out Of Here!   Grampa
LABF20 The Fox Network / Still Sucking After 20 Years   Maggie
MABF07 Dr. Nick's / Home of the One-Hour Sex Change   Dr. Nick
MABF08 Duff 200 / Nothin' But Booze   Duffman
MABF09 Death and Taxes / Two Things I Avoid   Mr. Burns
MABF14 Text me your lunch money /   Jimbo
MABF13 Please Abduct This Child / - Call Homer   Bart
MABF11 Springfield Retirement Castle / New Vacancies Every Flu Season   Grampa, Jasper, and "Crazy Old Man"
MABF15 Krusty's One-Year Sobriety Special - Cancelled   Krusty, holding a martini
MABF21 Prof. Frink's Sex/Kill-Bot / Make sure switch is in correct position   Professor Frink and a robot
MABF17 Springfield DMV / Wait Time: 38 Hours (changing to 39)   Patty and Selma
MABF18 Repeat of LABF01, but faded and with a "BANKSY" graffiti tag
NABF02 Springfield Kwik-E-Mart / Thoughtless Gifts for People You Don't Like   Apu, wearing a Santa hat
MABF19 Luxury Cars Missing One Window / No Cops   Snake, holding a crowbar
NABF03 Spuckler Daycare Center / Just toss 'em in the pile   Cletus, Brandine, and a pile of kids
NABF05 Springfield Seafood / 50% More Fish Eyes   Blinky
NABF06 Springfield Dinner Theater / Dr. Hibbert and Mrs. Skinner butcher Driving Miss Daisy   Dr. Hibbert and Agnes Skinner
NABF08 Springfield Mall For Rent / Free Retail Space With Every Purchase   Springfield Mall
NABF09 Springfield Wax Museum / We Fixed Our Air Conditioner   Three wax figures with melted faces
NABF10 Do Not Accept Candy From This Bunny   Moe, in a pink rabbit costume, carrying an Easter basket
NABF13 Mother's Day Special / I'm Half Off   Nelson's mother
NABF14 Gain Weight Now / Ask Me How   Homer, eating a giant sandwich
NABF17 Learn to Speak Parrot   Captain MacAllister, with a parrot
NABF21 30 Lost Cats / Call Me   Cat Lady
PABF02 Duffman is Mark Twain / Springfield Playhouse   Duffman
NABF18 Bah Humbug & Happy Hanukkah / Christmas Ignorers United   Mr. Burns and a rabbi
PABF03 Reelect Quimby / The Devil You Know for 18 Years   Mayor Quimby
PABF04 Winter at Squidport / Dead Seals Wash Up Daily   The "Springfield Squidport" arch
PABF05 Bumblebee Man, Brockman and Booberella / Your New Channel 6 News Team   Bumblebee Man, Kent Brockman, and Booberella
PABF06 McBain's Valentine's Day Kick-Assacre / Opens February 14th - Closes February 16   McBain, with gun and heart-shaped candy box
PABF07 The Kwik-E-Mart / Yesterday's Food at Tomorrow's Prices   Apu
PABF11 Fox - 25 years of televised stuff   No One
PABF15 Sleazy Sam's / Remember that name   Sleazy Sam
PABF21 McBain Capital / Consider this a hostile takeover   McBain
PABF19 Springfield / Unsolved Murder Capital of the World   Fat Tony
PABF22 This Is Not Santa / Do Not Let Him In   Snake
RABF02 Hair Bone Removal Clinic / Live the Bone-Free Life!   Sideshow Mel
RABF03 Krusty: Live from Rehab! / 8 PM   Krusty
RABF07 Springfield Isotopes Spring Training Tickets Available / Watch Me Get Ready!   A Springfield Isotopes player
RABF05 Dr. Nick's Valentine Hearts / Human, Cow, or Mystery   Dr. Nick
RABF09 Cletus' Road Kill Diner / It's Fender-Pickin' Good!   Cletus
RABF10 Herman's Antiques (and Guns)   Herman
RABF12 If You Haven't Sent Your Mother Flowers / It's Too Damn Late!   Principal Skinner and his mother
RABF20 Why Are You Moving Yourself? / Bully & Son Moving   Kearney and his son
RABF18 One More Hour Till Milk Expires - / Thank You Daylight Savings!   Apu
RABF22 Santa's Lap - The Line Is Already Forming! / Springfield Mall - Never Leave!   A mall Santa and a line of kids
RABF19 Monday Night Football at Moe's / The Screen Is Now Clean!   Moe
SABF04 Moe's Tavern / We Accept Most Fake IDs   Moe, holding a fake ID of Nelson
SABF01 Krusty's Kristmas Karol / with Sideshow Bob Hatchet   Krusty and Mr. Teeny
SABF03 Lard Lad Donuts / Discreetly Super-Christian   Lard Lad, holding a doughnut with a crucifix in the hole
SABF08 St. Patrick's Day at Moe's / Leprechauns Drink Free   Moe and a leprechaun
SABF09 This Easter Give Up Jesus for Lent / Temple Beth Springfield   Rabbi Krustovsky
SABF12 Repeat of LABF01, but in Minecraft    
SABF14 Total Recall / All Items Tainted   Apu
SABF20 Send Me Your Lunch Money Online! /Accepting Bitcoin   Jimbo
TABF05 You tried the rest-- / Now settle for Luigi's Pizza   Luigi
TABF12 Montgomery Burns in The Jinx 2   Mr. Burns and a pile of bodies
VABF07 Tired of flowers? / This year, send her fish!   Captain McAllister, with a "bouquet" of fish
VABF10 Easter Peeps / They never go bad because they were never that good   Apu, with a box of Peeps
VABF11 Punch me in the stomach for $5 / Cash Only   Kirk van Houten
VABF12 Assistants Wanted / Must be pretty and soft slapper / No Dudes   Mayor Quimby
VABF14 Burly Paper Towels (changed to "Pooper" by Nelson)   The Burly Paper Towel Man
VABF15 Wilted Mother's Day Roses 1% Off   Apu
VABF20 Why are they hitting themselves? / How to bully proof your kid   Nelson
VABF18 Dr. Nick Riviera / Tell me what, and I'll cut   Dr. Nick, holding a saw
VABF21 Beware rigged voting machines (changes to) All voting machines fine   (no one)
VABF19 Cletus' Thanksgiving Turkey Eggs / Get to love it before you eat it   Cletus
WABF01 Costington's Open Thanksgiving / Celebrate your holiday by ruining others'   (no one)
WABF07 Kwik-E-Mart - Your 2 Days To Valentine's Headquarters   Apu
WABF09 This St. Patrick's Day Kiss the Barney Stoned   Barney
WABF15 Tire Fire Barbecue / Try Our Car-Broiled Steak   The tire fire, next to a steak with a tread mark
WABF16 See Zombies and Ghouls / Visit Your Grandparents at Springfield Retirement Castle   Grampa, Jasper, Hans Moleman, and The Crazy Old Man
WABF19 Distracted Driving is Dangerous Driving (flashing)    
WABF20 Moe's Tavern / Designated Drivers Drink Free   Moe
XABF04 Moe's Tavern / Now With Ladies Room   Moe
XABF08 Mayor Quimby's Easter Egg Hunt / Bunnies Supplied by President Trump   Mayor Quimby and two Playboy Bunnies
XABF07 Housecleaning by Snake / Let Us Case Your Joint   Snake
XABF11 Mr. Burns was shot in 1995 / And still no arrests? / How come, Chief Wiggum? / Paid for by the Committee to Lock Up the Baby   None, but the four messages appear separately
YABF01 Krusty's Christmas Special / Hey-Hey in the Manger!   Krusty, in a Nativity scene
YABF03 Krusty's Christmas Slime / Now on Sale   Krusty
YABF07 Moe's Tavern / Where Valentine's Day Never Happened   Moe
YABF08 Learn to Amaze Your Friends At Springfield Hypnosis   None, but the Channel 6 News helicopter crashes into the billboard
YABF12 Springfield Isotopes Opening Day / Already out of the playoffs   Two Isotopes players
YABF14 Moe's / Cinco de Mayo/Mother's Day Special   Four women in sombreros
ZABF02 The Krusty the Clown Show / The only thing not on Disney+   Krusty
ZABF05 2020 Eyeglasses / We don't help your vision, it's just the year   None
ZABF11 Drink Till You're Green! / St. Patrick's Day at Moe's   Moe and a leprechaun
YABF13 Springfield Isotopes / If there were baseball, the Isotopes would be out of it by now   Moe and a leprechaun
ZABF12 Let a billionaire fix things   Mr. Burns
ZABF13 Tonight on the Knowledge Channel / Dr. Pimple Popper Presents: An All Blackhead Marathon   None, but a giant finger is about to squeeze a pimple
QABF01 Stay Away from Santa / for Multiple Reasons   Santa, wearing a mask, with a line of "socially distanced" kids
UABF15 Lard Lad Baby Donut Holes (it then switches to Lard Lad Donuts)   Lard Lad, first as a baby
Note this happens at the end of the episode, and runs backwards
OABF13 Missing Persons   A number of characters who have "disappeared," including Dr. Marvin Monroe, Lucille Botzkowci, Ozzie Smith, and Poochie

Opening Flyby Ralph Barney TV Fall?
LABF01 Crow, Left to Right Aaaaaaahhh! (Burp) Yes
LABF02 Crow, Right to Left It's dark Hey! No
LABF03 Crow, Left to Right I see stars Bart! Yes
LABF04 Crow, Right to Left None None No
LABF11 Crow, Left to Right None (Burp) Yes
LABF05 Crow, Right to Left Aaaaaaahhh! (Burp) No
LABF06 Crow, Left to Right None None Yes
LABF07 Crow, Right to Left Aaaaaaahhh! Hey! No
LABF08 Crow, Left to Right It's dark (Burp) Yes
LABF10 Crow, Right to Left None None No
LABF09 Crow, Left to Right None None Yes
LABF12 Crow, Right to Left It's dark Hey! No
LABF13 Crow, Left to Right Aaaaaaahhh! (Burp) Yes
LABF15 Shari Bobbins, Left to Right Aaaaaaahhh! (Burp) No
LABF16 Stork carrying Maggie, Right to Left Aaaaaaahhh! (Burp) Yes
LABF17 Homer in a balloon chair, Right to Left Aaaaaaahhh! (Burp) No
LABF18 Shari Bobbins, Left to Right Aaaaaaahhh! (Burp) No
LABF19 Stork carrying Maggie, Right to Left Aaaaaaahhh! (Burp) No
MABF01 Homer in a balloon chair, Right to Left None None No
MABF02 Agnes Skinner riding a bike, Right to Left None None No
LABF20 Ralph, being dragged by a kite, Right to Left Aaaaaaahhh! (Burp) No
MABF03, RABF02, QABF14 Spider-pig swinging on webs, Left to Right None None No
MABF05, RABF19* The Simpsons in the Chitty Chitty Bang Bang car None None No
MABF06 Agnes Skinner riding a bike, Right to Left None None No
MABF04 Crow, Left to Right None None No
MABF07, RABF18 Radioactive Man and Fallout Boy, Right to Left Aaaaaaahhh! (Burp) No
MABF10 Ralph, being dragged by a kite, Right to Left None None No
MABF08, RABF05 Lance Murdoch riding a motorcycle, Right to Left Aaaaaaahhh! (Burp) No
MABF09 Kang and Kodos, Left to Right Aaaaaaahhh! (Burp) No
MABF14 An aging Fox satellite, Left to Right Nighttime Hello No
MABF13, TABF04* Bumblebee Man, Right to Left Hello, darkness Morning! No
MABF11 Krusty flying from a trapeze to Sideshow Mel, Right to Left Aaaaaaahhh! Hello No

*Starting with MABF15, except where noted, all episodes that included Ralph and Barney in the openings had them say "Aaaaaaahhh!" and burp, respectively, and the TV no longer fell

Episode Opening Flyby
MABF15, SABF20 Ned Flanders as an angel, Bottom to Top
MABF21 Otto driving the school bus, Left to Right
MABF17 Mr. Burns piloting a dirigible, Left to Right
MABF18 Crow carrying some sort of rodent in its mouth, Left to Right
MABF20, RABF11, TABF11, VABF01, QABF07, UABF15 (ending) Crow, left to right
The UABF15 opening appears at the end of the episode, and runs backwards (the crow "flies backwards" from right to left)
NABF01 Crow carrying a three-eyed fish by its claws, Right to Left
NABF02 Fox News helicopter, right to left
The TV did fall
MABF19 Fox News helicopter ("Merry Christmas from Fox News...but no other holidays"), right to left
NABF03, SABF13 Crow, right to left, with Martin wedgied atop a flagpole
NABF04, TABF15 Mr. Burns flying a Wright Brothers-era airplane, with Smithers hanging onto the tail, right to left
NABF05, SABF14 Moe, ski jumping, right to left
NABF06, TABF05 Pieman and The Cupcake Kid, right to left
NABF07, PABF08 Santa's Little Helper jumping up to catch a Frisbee, right to left (the Frisbee comes in from the left)
NABF08, RABF07 Santa's Little Helper flying Snoopy's doghouse, left to right
NABF09, RABF13 Professor Frink on a jetpack, right to left
NABF10 The Planet Express ship (from Futurama), left to right
NABF12, PABF10 Maggie on a paper airplane, right to left
NABF13, TABF10 Homer riding a flying carpet, right to left
NABF14 Hank Scorpio flying a jet, right to left
NABF15, TABF08, XABF01 Princess Penelope on a unicorn (suspended by ropes), right to left
NABF16, RABF15, RABF17 Otto sliding down a rainbow, left to right
NABF17, PABF21 Arnie Pye (who falls out of his helicopter), left to right
NABF21, PABF13, TABF11 Groundskeeper Willy with a leaf blower, left to right
PABF01 Krusty (left to right) and Sideshow Mel (right to left) on trapezes
PABF02 Bumblebee Man being chased by bees, right to left
NABF18, VABF02 One of Kang/Kodos in Santa's sleigh, left to right
PABF03, SABF03, VABF04, XABF03, YABF03, ZABF05, ZABF12 Maggie in a diaper and a "2012" sash, falling with a parachute; Grampa in a diaper and a "2011" sash, being pulled up by a rope
In SABF03, Maggie's sash says "2014" and Grampa's "2013";
in VABF04, Maggie's sash says "2016" and Grampa's "2015";
in XABF03, Maggie's sash says "2018" and Grampa's "2017";
in YABF03, Maggie's sash says "2019" and Grampa's "2018"
in ZABF05, Maggie's sash says "2020" and Grampa's "2019"
ZABF12 is the same as ZABF05, but Maggie is going up and Grampa is going down; Grampa says, "They want me back?"
PABF04, SABF07 Ned Flanders, being carried by a gargoyle, right to left
PABF05 A Space Shuttle (sputtering, and marked "For Sale $1"), right to left
PABF06, TABF06 Ralph, as Cupid (shooting an arrow through the "O" in "Simpsons," which turns into a red heart), left to right
PABF07 None, but the title includes the words "500th Episode" and "The most meaningless milestone of all!"
PABF09, PABF14 Bart descending a beanstalk with a harp and goose
PABF11 None, but the title includes "Now Entering Oregon" beneath it
PABF15 The Channel 6 News helicopter, right to left
PABF19, SABF11 Homer wearing a muumuu, right to left
PABF22 Sideshow Bob, in a Wright Brothers Flyer that catches fire, in from the left and then straight
RABF01 Homer, in Santa's sleigh, pulled by Snowball II and Santa's Little Helper and pushed by Stampy, left to right
PABF18 Itchy, in a plane, with Scratchy tied to the propeller, right to left
RABF03 Radioactive Man and his bride, right to left
RABF04 Angel Flanders, left to right
RABF09 Crow (grabbed by King Homer atop the Empire State Building), left to right
RABF10, SABF09 The Easter Bunny and a leprechaun, from the bottom
RABF12, SABF08 Spider-Pig (shot at by a laser in mid-air), left to right
RABF20 Superintendent Chalmers on a lawn chair with a giant balloon, right to left
RABF16 Crow, struck by lightning, left to right
Ralph licks ice cream with his decapitated head, and Kroenen from Hellboy is on the sidewalk
RABF22 The logo appears in cross-hairs and then crumbles as if shot by a gun
SABF04 Kang and Kodos (saying "Ho, Ho, Ho!"), left to right
SABF01 Santa's Little Helper, with red nose, leads Santa's sleigh, driven by Barney, left to right
Ralph, with tongue stuck to a pole, has the star from the top of a Christmas tree get stuck in his head; Bart lands on a snow-covered Grampa, holding a sign saying, "Still warmer than nursing home"
SABF06 The Duff Blimp ("Drink & Bet Responsibly"), left to right
SABF12 Crow, left to right (in Minecraft style)
SABF15 Mario (of Mario Brothers), left to right
SABF18 None, but a "Congratulations Graduates" banner and tossed graduation caps appear from the bottom
SABF19 Fruit Bat Man, bottom to top
TABF01 Kang and Kodos (in costume), left to right
TABF03 Rich Texan in a white car being "pulled" by seven steers, left to right
TABF11 "King Homer" with Marge, bottom to top
TABF12 Professor Frink, in a suit with jet boots, left to right
TABF14 Everybody ziplining, right to left
TABF19 The Great Pumpkin, right to left
TABF20 The Simpsons from The Tracey Ullman Show, left to right
VABF05 Shari Bobbins, right to left
VABF07 An airplane skywriting a pink heart around the title
VABF06 Mr. Sparkle, left to right
VABF10, XABF14 A basketball player coming from the bottom and dunking a ball through the O in Simpsons
VABF11 Homer driving a flying version of "The Homer", left to right
VABF12 Ralph, dressed as Charlie Brown, flying a kite, left to right
Barney says, "Morning!"
VABF14 Milhouse in a bouncy castle
VABF15 A cherub with a "Season Finale" banner, followed by a dragon who burns him, right to left
VABF20 Kodos in a flying saucer, with a "Vote Kodos - Make the universe great again" banner, right to left
VABF18 Marge, Patty, and Selma, as witches on broomsticks, left to right
VABF21 Stretch Dude and Clobber Girl, left to right
VABF19 Crow sucked into a black hole (along with the clouds), left to right
WABF01 A Homer parade balloon, with four people holding onto it, right to left
Barney says "Oof!," then "Hey!" as he breaks Bart's skateboard in two
WABF03 Chazz Busby walking a tightrope, left to right
WABF02 Lisa, Barney, and Mr. Burns, as three of the ghosts from A Christmas Carol, bottom to top
WABF06 A biplane with a banner behind it: "GOODBYE AND GOOD RIDDANCE 2016", right to left
WABF07 Two pole vaulters, coming in from each side (and kissing each other as "HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY!" appears at the bottom)
WABF08 President Lincoln, in a "Vote Lincoln" hot air balloon, from the left, crashes into President Washington, in a "Vote Washington" balloon, from the right
WABF09 Air Force One, followed by a man on a pegasus, right to left
WABF10 An "Air Dingus" airplane, right to left; Nelson says "Haa, haa!"
WABF12 God's hand, from the top, turns over the title logo, which starts out upside-down
WABF13 None, but "30 Years Ago" appears at the bottom of the screen, followed by the third act of the short "Good Night"
WABF15 A stork, carrying Ralph ("I'm a return!"), right to left
WABF17 A three-eyed flying dragon (over the title "The Serfsons"), left to right
WABF16, XABF20 The title comes in backwards (and the theme is played backwards); a hand of God turns it around
WABF19 Transparent The Tracey Ullman Show-era Homer choking Bart, left to right
WABF20 A biplane with a sign saying "THIS YEAR A TURKEY WILL PARDON THE PRESIDENT" behind it, left to right
WABF21 Blinky, underwater, left to right
XABF02, YABF02, QABF01, UABF03, ZABF01 Santa Claus, in a "self-flying sled," left to right
XABF04, OABF20 A pterodactyl (who looks like Agnes Skinner), right to left
XABF08 Homer, in a gliding suit, flies through the "O" in the title
XABF07 A three-eyed crow, killed by a laser shot from a drone with a "Peace on Earth" banner
XABF11 The title reads The Flintstones, then The Simpstones, then The Simpsons
XABF13 Sideshow Mel, riding a giant unicycle, right to left
XABF19 The title changes to "The Simp30ns" with "Years" underneath the 30, after which the number decreases while a scene from an episode in each previous season appears
XABF17 None, although the theme music is played on a ukulele
XABF18 Chief Wiggum, in his Sky Police jet pack, from the bottom
YABF01 The Grumple, with his sled pulled by Santa's Little Helper, left to right
YABF06 Maggie and Gerald, firing cupid arrows at each other, bottom to top
YABF08 Homer, in the Mr. Plow snowplow, right to left
YABF11, ZABF11 Two leprechauns (one in green, the other in orange) fighting each other
YABF12 Jimbo, Dolph, and Kearney, as a three-headed dragon, left to right
YABF14 Kids dancing around a maypole
YABF15 Mr. Burns, being carried by a falcon clutched to his arm, right to left
YABF16, OABF10 Chief Wiggum on a zipline (which stops), left to right
ZABF02 Santa Claus, in his sleigh, left to right
ZABF04 The show's title is "The Flanderseseseses"; below it, "Now Owned by Disney"
YABF13 A bald eagle, carrying a suitcase with "Canada or Bust" on it
ZABF13 Professor Frink, in a hand-powered flying machine, carrying a sign saying, "I Hope You Watched Part One," left to right
Barney makes an unintelligible sound
QABF02 A turkey, flying up from the bottom; Chief Wiggum, in a balloon and wearing a pilgrim costume, shoots at it with a musket
QABF05 An eagle, with a "IS IT SAFE YET?" sign in its beak, headed toward the screen
UABF02 Shari Bobbins (sucked into the O in Simpsons), right to left
UABF15 Maggie and Gerald, as cherubs holding banners saying, "Happy Mother's Day - This Counts As a Gift", bottom to top
OABF02 Santa Claus, with his sled pulled by seven drones (the lead one with a blinking red light), left to right
OABF04 The title is "Moe Szyslak" (with Moe singing it); the blue skies turn gray
OABF15 The Fat in the Hat (from RABF16), left to right
OABF19 A turkey dressed like a Pilgrim and struggling to fly, left to right
35ABF03 Ned as an angel, bottom to top; Homer as the devil, top to bottom

Episodes where Lisa plays a different instrument:
Note that, in some episodes, there is no music room scene, but Lisa is shown with a different instrument on her bike (for example, in YABF01, a harp); these are not included here

MABF15 Trumpet
NABF09 Trumpet
NABF14 Violin
NABF17 Tuba
PABF07 Tuba
PABF21 Tuba
PABF19 Violin
RABF07 Violin
RABF05 Tuba
RABF10 Violin
RABF20 Harp
SABF03 Harp
SABF09 Violin
SABF20 Harp
TABF12 Harp
VABF07 Harp
VABF10 Tuba
VABF15 Theremin
VABF20 Harp
WABF19 Harp
WABF20 Tuba
YABF14 Harp
ZABF13 Harp

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