The Oprah Winfrey Interview


Compiled by Tim Reardon

Did You Notice . . .

    ... Bart doesn't say goodbye to Oprah?
    ... When Marge yells at the kids for burping she's wearing an
        apron? She was probably was making dinner for Oprah?

Freeze Frame Fun

>> Things in the rumpus room

   - Cabinets
   - Dart board
   - A Happy Little Elf doll
   - A little tea party table
   - A chair tipped over
   - A Scratchy doll on the chair.
   - A tic-tac-toe rug

Animation and continuity goofs

Marge says she puts all that stuff in her hair, yet previously her hair 
was held together with just one bobby pin. Also, why would she have to 
check her hair monthly for spiders? Her hair is down when she takes a 
bath or shower, so she regally washes her hair.

Oprah was drawn much more flatteringly than she really looks. She was 
made to look much thinner than she really is. The same thing was done 
with Johnny Carson in "Krusty Gets Kancelled"- he looked much younger 
than in reality. Also, Oprah didn't look much like she really does 
otherwise. If the caricature of her was standing in a crowd in a regular 
episode, most people wouldn't even realize it was suppose to be Oprah 

Comments and other observations

Oprah's questions were not very good. "Lisa, what's it like being the 
middle child in this family?" It's evident she's never even seen one 
episode of the 

Quotes and Scene Summary

Oprah Winfrey and Matt Groening talk in his office.

   Oprah: So,  do you think there's any chance I could, um, meet them?
    Matt: The Simpsons?
   Oprah: The Simpsons.
    Matt: In person?
   Oprah: Yeah, I would like too.
   Matt:  Well, you'll have to go to Springfield.
   -- ``The Oprah Winfrey Interview''

The panoramic view of Springfield and "The Simpsons" harp music 
from the opening credits plays. Oprah is seen in a limo (still in live 

   Oprah: O.K., so I'm here in Springfield, USA, and I'm looking for 742
          Evergreen Terrace: the home of the Simpsons.
   -- ``The Oprah Winfrey Interview''

The window of the live-action limo pans by the Winfields (later the 
Powers) house and stops at the Simpsons house. A car door slams and an 
animated Oprah  walks up to the Simpsons front door. She rings doorbell. 
Homer answers the door in his underwear.

   Homer: Ahhhhh! I thought it was tomorrow! [He slams the door in her
   -- ``The Oprah Winfrey Interview''

Cut to a scene in the living room. A camera man and a microphone 
operator are there. The family sits on the couch from left to right: 
Homer, Marge, Lisa, and Bart. Oprah sits in the chair next to the couch. 
Maggie isn't anywhere to be seen. Marge has a cup of coffee.

   Homer: Heh heh heh heh, you'll edit that underwear thing out- won't 
          you Oprah?
   Oprah: [tiny chuckle] It's Oprah- and I think we'll leave it in.
   Homer: Please Okrah?
   Oprah: No.
   Homer: Oww
   Marge: [takes a sip of coffee] Oprah, I really enjoy your show-
          especially the program about couples who, mmm [she whispers
          something to Oprah]
   Oprah: Did you try it?
   Marge: Well, I wanted to, but Homer said it was against nature.
   Oprah: Lisa, what's it like being the middle child in this family?
    Lisa: To give you an honest answer would reveal the deep crack in our
          quote- unquote [she makes the finger motions] happy family.
    Bart: [grabbing the camera] Oprah, may I address your TV audience?
   Oprah: Of course
    Bart: In this difficult age we live in, crap crap crap crap crap crap
          crap crap crap crap...
   Homer: Why you little!... [chokes Bart]
   -- ``The Oprah Winfrey Interview''

Cut to a scene in the master bedroom. Marge and Oprah are sitting at 
Marge's dresser.

   Oprah: Marge, I'm sure women everywhere want to know, how you get your
          hair to look that way.
   Marge: Well, just a little hair spray, moose, copper wire, Armorall, 
          and this stuff that's always sold in boating supply stores.
   -- ``The Oprah Winfrey Interview''

Fade in to later on when Marge gives Oprah a beehive hairdo.

   Oprah: It's wonderful [hesitantly].
   Marge: And just remember to check it once a month for spiders.
   -- ``The Oprah Winfrey Interview''

Oprah's eye's light up. Cut to a scene of Homer, Bart,  Lisa, and 
Oprah in the living room watching TV. Oprah's hair is back to normal. 
Bart burps, then Homer, and then Lisa.

                   Marge: All right, who's belching in here?
   Bart, Lisa, and Homer: Oprah
                   Oprah: Hey!
   -- ``The Oprah Winfrey Interview''

Cut to a scene in Lisa's room. Lisa is holding a clipboard and Oprah 
is sitting on a kiddie chair.

   Lisa:  Oprah, can I have your autograph?
   Oprah: Sure Lisa. Wait a minuet, what is this?
   Lisa:  Oh, you're adopting me. It's all nice and legal I assure you.
   -- ``The Oprah Winfrey Interview''

Cut to a scene of Maggie in the rumpus room. She puts her hand in some 
finger paint and stamps them on the camera lens. Oprah is getting ready 
to leave.

   Oprah: Bye everybody. Thanks allot for letting me talk to you.
   Marge: Bye Oprah. [she and Maggie wave]
    Lisa: It was nice meeting you.
   Homer: Goodbye Opie.
   Oprah: Okay Homer, my name is Op-rah.
   Homer: Ohhh- prah
   Oprah: No, no- Oprah, Oprah!
   Homer: O-o- orah
   Oprah: Ope- rah!
   Homer: Ope- cha!
   Oprah: Like Oprah, but with a long O.
   Homer: Oproe.

Homer stands there with a stupid grin. Oprah has an exasperated, but 
pleasant look on her face as the segment ends.

[End of Act Segment.  Time: 2:00]

Original Airdate on ABC: 4-Nov-1992

This capsule is © 2000 by Tim Reardon. All quoted material remains property of The SimpsonsTM, copyright of Twentieth Century Fox, and "The Oprah Winfrey Show" by ABC.

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