[MC17] The Butterfinger Group


Compiled by Jordan Eisenberg

Did You Notice . . .

... Bart does not have his Krusty lunchbox? ... Milhouse's voice echoes into his lunchbag when he says he doesn't have the Butterfinger group?

Quotes and Scene Summaries

Bart and Milhouse are in the cafeteria, eating lunch. Bart has a butterfinger bar, while Milhouse has his lunch in a paper bag. They have apparently been arguing about the existence of the "Butterfinger Group." Milhouse: [weakly] There's no Butterfinger group! Bart: Au contraire, mon fraire. The Butterfinger group has the chocolatey, crispity, peanut-buttery taste essential for survival. Live shots of the Butterfinger bar interlude. Back in the cafeteria, Milhouse looks into his lunch bag in self-pity. Milhouse: I don't have the Butterfinger group. Bart: Looks like you could die of malnutrition, dude. [live Butterfinger bar is shown] Bart: Nobody better lay a finger on my butterfinger. [End of Commercial. Time: 00:15]

This capsule is ©1999 by Jordan Eisenberg. The Simpsons and Butterfinger remain the propeties of FOX and Butterfinger, respectively. Any meaningful contributions to society at large by my work here was stricty unintentional. Thanks to Brian Petersen for supplying tapes of the commercials, without which there could be no capsule.

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