[MC15] No Teasing


Compiled by Jordan Eisenberg

Did You Notice . . .

... Maggie sucks her pacifier more than 30 times? (For a 30-second commercial, that's a lot!)


Yours Truly: M'eh. (C+)

Quotes and Scene Summaries

Lisa and Maggie are playing in the living room, when Bart intrudes, holding a Butterfinger bar. Bart: [taunting] Behold! The last Butterfinger in the whole house, and _I_ have it. Lisa: [cheerful] Dad says no teasing. Bart ignores her and waves it in her face, yelling "Nananana-na-na." He then dangles it above her face and yanks it away as she grabs for it. Bart: Check out the smooth, chocolatey outside and crispety-crunchety, peanutbuttery inside. Lisa: Dad says if you make us scream, you're dead meat. Bart: You wouldn't scream. Lisa doesn't hesitate to take a deep breath and yell "Daaad!" Bart panics and hands half of the Butterfinger bar to each of his two sisters. Homer barges in the door. Homer: [angry] _Now_ what? Lisa: [sweetly / her mouth full] Never mind. [live-action shot of a Butterfinger] Bart: Nobody better lay a finger on my Butterfinger. [End of Commercial. Time: 00:30]

This capsule is ©1999 by Jordan Eisenberg. The Simpsons and Butterfinger remain the propeties of FOX and Butterfinger, respectively. Any meaningful contributions to society at large by my work here was stricty unintentional. Thanks to Brian Petersen for supplying tapes of the commercials, without which there could be no capsule.

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