[MC14] Bart's Homework


Compiled by Jordan Eisenberg

Did You Notice . . .

... Bart's textbook is "Math for Underachievers?" ... Maggie sucks her pacifier six times? ... Maggie cowers with Lisa? (Also notice how this combines with his phrase "One less sister.") ... at the end, Maggie manages to get her finger on one of Bart's Butterfinger BBs?

Episode References

- [7F03] Bart referred to as an underachiever - [7F08] Lisa tries to teach Bart about math - [1F11] Bart at the kitchen table with a stack of books


Yours Truly: It's not very often we get a commercial with good dialogue like this. (A)

Quotes and Scene Summaries

Bart is feverishly studying his math homework among stacks of textbooks on the kitchen table, when Lisa and Maggie join him. Lisa attempts to help Bart along by pouring a pile of Butterfinger BB's out on the table. Lisa: Math is easy. Let's say you have fifteen Butterfinger BB's ... [Bart nods his head] ... and I take five of them. What do you have left? Bart: One less sister! Bart raises his fist at Lisa, who had taken five of his BB's for herself, and now cowers under him. After a short announcer interlude, Bart and Maggie are alone at the table. Bart: Nobody better lay a finger on my Butterfinger. [End of Commercial. Time: 00:15]

This capsule is ©1999 by Jordan Eisenberg. The Simpsons and Butterfinger remain the propeties of FOX and Butterfinger, respectively. Any meaningful contributions to society at large by my work here was stricty unintentional. Thanks to Brian Petersen for supplying tapes of the commercials, without which there could be no capsule.

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