[MC08] The Dog Biscuit


Compiled by Jordan Eisenberg

Did You Notice . . .

... the 'bouncy' animation of the Simpsons' eyes? ... Homer knows what a dog biscuit tastes like? ... Lisa rolls her eyes when Bart recites his catchphrase?

Episode References

- [9F15], [3F06] Power outages in the Simpson house - [4F23] Bart tricks Homer into eating dog food


Yours Truly: One of the more memorable commercials. Homer's expression as he wipes the taste off of his tongue is priceless. (A)

Quotes and Scene Summaries

Homer, Lisa, Bart and Santa's Little Helper are watching TV when thunder rolls and the room turns black, save the characters' white eyes. Homer: [gasps] What happened to the lights? Lisa: It's just a power outage, Dad. [we hear a crunching sound] Homer: [gasps] What was that? Lisa: [impatient] It's just Bart eating a Butterfinger! Homer: [devious] Hmmm...and it sounds like he's right over... here! Homer (as indicated by his big, white eyes) leaps into the air at Bart, but Bart quickly runs over the back of the couch to where Homer was sitting. Bart chuckles to himself. Homer: [sad] Aw, how 'bout a bite, little buddy? Bart: Oh, okay, Homer. Just one. Santa's Little Helper's eyes struggle to stay put for a second, indicating that Bart has taken something out of the dog's mouth. Homer bites into whatever it is Bart gave him. Homer: Hey, this tastes just like a ... [yelling] dog biscuit! The lights turn back on as Homer yells the words "dog biscuit." Santa's Little Helper gives a surprised look at Homer, who holds a dog biscuit with a bite taken out of it. [announcer/live action interlude] Bart sits next to Lisa on the couch. He takes a bite out of his Butterfinger, and recites his slogan for the camera (as Lisa gives him a condescending look). Meanwhile, Santa's Little Helper is confused by what happened to his dog biscuit, and Homer is desperately wiping off his tongue with his hands. [End of Commercial. Time: 0:30]

This capsule is ©1999 by Jordan Eisenberg. The Simpsons and Butterfinger remain the propeties of FOX and Butterfinger, respectively. Any meaningful contributions to society at large by my work here was stricty unintentional. Thanks to Brian Petersen for supplying tapes of the commercials, without which there could be no capsule.

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