[MG43] Maggie In Peril --- The Thrilling Conclusion

Maggie in Peril --- The Thrilling Conclusion           Written by Matt Groening
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> Didja notice...
    Voice credits:
        NANCY CARTWRIGHT as Bart

    Animation producer was Margot Pipkin.
    Animators were Wesley Archer and David Silverman.

> Freeze Frame Fun

> Assorted comments and observations
Brian Howard {bh} gives the timing for this short as 0:56, whereas the
syndication package contains 1:10 of animation.  Huh?

The recap at the beginning of this short shows Maggie grabbing the branch,
immediately followed by the branch breaking, suggesting that the branch
broke as a result of her grabbing it.  But actually, it is a splice of
two scenes, first the scene where Maggie grabs the branch, then the scene
where the branch actually breaks.  If you freeze-frame it, you can see the

> Quotes and scene summary
% B = Bart, H = Homer
% Scene:  The Simpsons backyard.  Bart and Lisa, heads buried in comics,
% in chairs in the backyard.  Maggie in her playpen bouncing a ball.
% Marge in the car (which is in the driveway), Homer by the car door.

B: [VO] As you may recall from our last `thrilling' episode, me and Lisa
   were minding our own beeswax in the backyard.
   The old man yelled at us...
H: Bart, Lisa.  Keep an eye on Maggie.

% Bart and Lisa wave good-bye, not even looking up.

B: And he and Mom went off shopping for weed killer.

% The car zooms off.
% Maggie bounces the ball out of the playpen, and Bart kicks it away.
% Maggie hops out of her playpen...

B: The sun was shining...

% Maggie lands on Bart's skateboard and rolls away...

B: The birds were tweeting.  Real relaxin', nuthin' goin' on.

% Maggie rolls down the sidewalk in pursuit of the ball.

B: Totally mellow, man.

% Maggie follows the ball into a drainage pipe, emerging in a
% river, still in pursuit of the ball.

B: Just sitting there reading comic books.

% Quick shot of Bart, head still buried in a comic book.

B: The best of all possible worlds.

% Maggie, atop the skateboard, approaches a waterfall.

B: Everything was groovy and peaceful, man.

% Maggie goes off the falls, grabs an overhanging branch, which breaks.

B: And now, on with our story.

% Maggie falling, ball in her left hand, skateboard in her right hand,
% sucking furiously while falling.
% Maggie lands in the mist at the bottom of the falls, and miraculously
% emerges, balanced on the skateboard, and still clutching the ball.
% Even more miraculously, she is still dry.  She floats down the river,
% and hits a sloped rock, which acts as a ramp, propelling her through
% the air, landing on a grassy cliff, which leads to a fairground.
% (Signs read, ``Ball toss'' and ``Jumping frogs''.)
% Passing through a crowd of people, Maggie gets hold of a bunch of balloons,
% which slowly but surely lifts her off the ground.  The ball is in her
% right hand, the skateboard between her legs.
% Scene:  Homer and Marge in the car, Homer driving.  Both look rather
% tired.  They see Maggie floating by.  They look at each other.

H:  Naah...

% Floating along, Maggie intentionally lets the balloons go, one by one, so
% that she gently lands on the roof.  She skates off the roof, at which point
% the skateboard sails away.  With her pacifier, Maggie hooks a tree branch,
% which bends gently, depositing her in her playpen, the ball still in her
% hand.  The skateboard lands with a clunk at Bart and Lisa's feet.  The two
% peek to the side of their comic books to watch the skateboard land, as Homer
% and Marge skid into the driveway.
% All peer into the playpen with concerned expressions, to find Maggie
% bouncing her ball in an innocent childlike way and sucking away on
% her pacifier.  The other family members smile in relief.  Maggie
% stops her bouncing, looks at the camera, and says, ``Phew!'', pacifier
% still in her mouth.  She then resumes her bouncing.
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