[MG18] Bart's Haircut

Bart's Haircut                                         Written by Matt Groening
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> Didja notice...
    Voice credits:
        YEARDLEY SMITH as Lisa
        NANCY CARTWRIGHT as Bart

    The barber went uncredited.

    Animators were Wes Archer, Bill Kopp, and David Silverman.

    BONITA PIETILA's name is still listed as BONNIE PIETILA.

    ... the obligatory mouse holes?  One in the hallway.  Another in its
        usual spot behind the couch.
    ... the barber is the same one that cuts Bart's hair in 8F11?

> Freeze Frame Fun
>> The barber shop
   The window reads:  Snipper
   except backwards, of course, since we're looking at it from the other side.

> Assorted comments and observations
Brian Howard {bh} gives the timing for this short as 1:25, whereas the
syndication package contains only 1:23 of animation.  (Probably clipped
from the beginnings/ends of acts.)

> Quotes and scene summary
% B = Bart, M = Marge, H = Homer, L = Lisa, R = Barber
% The Simpsons family room.  On the floor are Lisa (playing with a rabbit
% doll) and Maggie (playing with a rattle).  On the couch are Marge
% (knitting a scarf) and Homer (reading the newspaper).  Bart enters
% wearing a sombrero and looks around nervously.  He gradually becomes
% the center of attention as Homer raises his head from the paper.

H: [suspiciously] How come you're always wearing that hat?
B: Fashion statement, Dad.
H: [annoyed] Take off the hat, boy.

% Bart reluctantly does so.  His hair is long.

L: [teasing] Look, he's a beatnik!
M: [gasp!]  You go get a haircut!
H: Right now.

% Bart pushes the hair out of his face.

B: I was afraid this moment would come...

% [End of Act One.  Time: 0:19]
% Bart's sitting in a barber's chair, the barber standing behind him
% jacking up the chair with his foot.

R: Well, what'll it be, sonny?
B: [not brightly] Just a little off the top, sir.
R: Ah, sure thing.

% Close-up on Bart's face as we hear the scissors (*snip snip*) and
% see hair falling.  Bart watches the hair fall.

R: There ya go.

% The barber spins Bart's chair around so he (and we) can see him in
% the mirror.  Bart is bald.

R: Well, whaddya think?
B: [shocked] What the hell did you do to my head?
R: [as if this happened every day] Well, that'll be five dollars, please.

% The barber shoves a lollipop in Bart's face.

R: Here's a sucker!

% Bart can only stare.
% [End of Act Two.  Time: 0:38]
% A window.  Bart appears outside, opens the window (*ungh*) and climbs
% in, clutching a paper bag in his left hand.  Bart walks to a table,
% on which is conveniently placed a jar of glue and a piece of cardboard.
% He pours glue on the cardboard, then empties the bag of hair onto it.
% (The hair magically assumes its pre-cut shape.)  Bart then pours glue
% on his head and places the hairy cardboard on his head.  He walks to
% the mirror and smiles at his achievement.  But the smile vanishes from
% his face when the hair falls off the cardboard, leaving Bart with a
% blank piece of cardboard glued to his head.
% [End of Act Three.  Time: 0:58]
% Back to the Simpsons family room.

H: Isn't that boy back from the barber yet?
L: [snitching] I heard him sneaking around in his bedroom.
H: [calling] Bart!  Front and center!

% Bart comes into the room, hanging his head, which is covered by a
% paper bag.

B: I'll take it off, but you all gotta promise you won't laugh, okay?
H+M+L: We promise.

% Bart removes the bag.
% All gasp.
% Then snicker.  (Marge and the girls cover their mouths; Homer hides
% behind the newspaper.)
% Then burst out laughing.  (Including Maggie.)
% [End of Act Four.  Time: 1:23]
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