[MG12] House of Cards

House of Cards                                         Written by Matt Groening
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> Didja notice...
    Voice credits:
        YEARDLEY SMITH as Lisa & Maggie
        NANCY CARTWRIGHT as Bart

    Animators were Wes Archer, Bill Kopp, and David Silverman.


    ... in Act One, Lisa appears to be wearing stockings?

> Assorted comments and observations
Brian Howard {bh} gives the timing for this short as 1:18, which means
nothing got cut for syndication.  (Yay!)

> Quotes and scene summary
% B = Bart, L = Lisa, A = Maggie
% Bart stands alone in a room in front of a table, on which stands an
% impressive house of cards.  Bart speaks quietly, so as not to disturb
% the cards.

B: One of <the> most difficult of all human endeavors:
   the house of cards.

% He carefully places a card atop the house, completing a roof.  (The
% obligatory tongue sticking out of the corner of the mouth.)

B: Whew!

% The door springs open.  It's Lisa and Maggie.

L: Whatcha doin'?

% The house of cards falls down as Bart reacts accordingly.

L: Really neat, Bart.  A pile o' cards.

% [End of Act One.  Time: 0:18]
% A view from the door.  Lisa and Maggie are on the other side of the
% table watching Bart struggle to place the two of diamonds.  On the
% wall is a picture of Homer and Marge.  There are two mouse holes
% in the wainscotting.  Lisa's advice is spoken in a teasing, practically
% taunting tone.

L: Take it easy...
   Whatever you do, don't get the jitters...

% Bart's hand starts shaking.  He glares angrily at Maggie.  Close-up of
% Maggie's mouth, sucking rhythmically.

L: One false move, and you're a goner...

% The shaking spreads to Bart's head.

L: You're too tense.
   Reeeeeeeeeeeeeee..... LAX!

% Lisa's sudden yelling jolts Bart into dropping the card, and the entire
% house of cards collapses.  Bart puts his head down and pounds the table
% in frustration.

L: You've got to learn to listen to our advice.

% Maggie removes her pacifier and speaks.

A: Dooey shooey gavem mush.

% (Anybody good at decoding baby talk?)
% [End of Act Two.  Time: 0:42]
% Lisa and Maggie stand outside a closed door.  The door opens.
% It's Bart, who speaks in a whisper.

B: Okay, it's ready.
   You can come in now, but don't make any noise.
   Not a sound.

% The girls follow him in.  Bart tip-toes.  On the table is an impressive
% house of cards.

B: It's very precarious.

% Pause.
% Maggie sucks once.
% The house of cards collapses.  Bart faints.
% [End of Act Three.  Time: 0:58]
% Lisa and Maggie standing in the doorway.  A colossal house of cards
% on the table.  Bart climbs a stack of boxes and stepstools so high
% that his head goes off screen.

B: This is one small step for a kid, one giant leap for kidkind.

% During Bart's speech, the camera angle shifts to a ceiling-mounted
% view.  Bart is very high up.  He places the last card (the ace of
% spades), but in the process loses his balance (*hulp*) and falls.
% He lies on the floor unconscious.  The house of cards remains standing.
% Lisa is amazed.  The two girls crouch over Bart's head.  Lisa speaks
% in that adorable Lisa-voice we all know and love.

L: Bart!  Wake up!  Wake up!  You did it!

% Bart regains consciousness.

B: [still somewhat confused]  What?

% The house of cards starts shaking, and soon collapses.

L: [annoyed]  Oh, forget it.

% Bart puts his head back down and closes his eyes.
% [End of Act Four.  Time: 1:18]
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