[MG10] Maggie's Brain

Maggie's Brain                                         Written by Matt Groening
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> Didja notice...
    Voice credits:
        NANCY CARTWRIGHT as Bart
        YEARDLEY SMITH as Lisa

    Animators were Wes Archer, Bill Kopp, and David Silverman.

> Assorted comments and observations
Brian Howard {bh} gives the timing for this short as 1:27, whereas the
syndication package contains only 1:13 of animation.  All of Act Two was

> Quotes and scene summary
% B = Bart, L = Lisa, A = Maggie
% Bart and Lisa stand over Maggie's bassinet, the baby's arms and legs
% poking out over the top.

L: What a little bundle of joy!

% Peer inside the bassinet to see the aforementioned bundle of joy
% lying on her back, pacifier in mouth, arms and legs waving in the
% way that babies wave their arms and legs.

B: You can tell what it's thinking by its body language.
L: I think its body language is saying, ``I want to play.''

% Bart grabs Maggie's left foot and starts pulling its toes playfully.
% As he moves from toe to toe, he pulls them with more vigor.

B: This little piggy went to market.
   This little piggy stayed home.
   This little piggy had roast beef.
   And <this> little piggy had none.

% By this time, he seems to be trying to pull Maggie's toes off entirely.

B: And <this> little piggy cried wee, wee, wee...

% Maggie kicks him in the face.

L: I think its body language is saying, ``Game's over.''

% [End of Act One.  Time: 0:29]
% {Lisa: ``Let's try to communicate with it in its own language.''  Bart
% leans over and babbles; Maggie shoves a bottle in his mouth.
% [End of Act Two.]}

B: Look at it.  Just lying there.
L: I wonder how we look to it.

% The two peer into the bassinet.  Maggie's-eye view of the proceedings.
% Lisa and Bart are demons, Lisa with Medusa-like hair and claws, Bart
% with long sinewy hair and pointy ears.

B: Ooba-gooba-gabba!
L: You're our little sister!
B: Gooba-gabba, gooba-gabba!
L: One of us!  One of us!

% Back to reality.

B: Just think, Maggie.  Someday, if you're lucky, you'll grow up to be
   just like us.

% Close-up of Maggie, as she grows worried and sucks furiously on her
% pacifier.
% [End of Act Three.  Time: 0:50]

B: Do you think a little baby could possibly imagine what its future
   is going to be like?
L: I wonder if it has any hopes or dreams or fantasies.

% A giant Maggie stands in the room, on the wall a picture of a pacifier.
% She tickles the feet of tiny diapered Bart and Lisa lying on their
% backs in the bassinet, their arms and feet up in the air.

B: [giggling] No, man.  Please, we beg you!
L: [giggling] Leave our toes alone!
B: Don't tickle me!  Don't tickle me!
L: Help!  Help!  Help!
B: Come on!  Come on, man!

% Back to reality.

L: Maybe it's thinking how much it loves us.
B: I guess we'll never know.

% Push in on Maggie, lying helplessly in her crib.
% [End of Act Four.  Time: 1:13]
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