[MG05] The Pacifier

The Pacifier                                           Written by Matt Groening
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> Didja notice...
    ... Maggie has a full set of teeth (when biting Bart)?

> Freeze Frame Fun
>> Maggie's room
   On the wall is a portrait of an unidentified Simpson.
   She has a tall hairdo, but the hair is yellow and spikey.
   On the floor are a rabbit doll and a duck pull-toy.
   Another rabbit doll is atop the dresser.
   In the corner of the room is a mouse hole.

>> The TV room
   Brown couch in the corner along the back wall.
   Mouse hole behind and to the left.
   A painting of a rabbit (guess who) in a field.

>> Other worthwhile freeze framing
   Bart pulls Maggie's pacifier out of her mouth for the third time.
   Maggie's face contorts as she sucks on the hot-sauce flavored pacifier.

> Assorted comments and observations
Maggie fall count:  Four.
                    Two of the falls were Bart-induced.
                    One of the falls was cut in syndication.

Bart and Lisa are especially evil in this short.

> Syndication report
Brian Howard {bh} gives the timing for this short as 1:45, whereas the
syndication package contains only 1:27 of animation.

His report:

The line of Bart's is the only difference in dialogue I come up
with between your summary and the original short.  That accounts for
about 5 seconds; there seem to be another 5 seconds missing in scenes 1
and 3, and a couple seconds each in 2 and 4.  The latter are probably
due to cutting out early or coming in late, thus missing a little
pacifier-sucking.  The other 5 seconds in scene 1 seem to be partly
from a brief shot which you don't describe, of Maggie in the hall on
the way to her room -- she passes a mouse hole, falls, picks herself
up, walks offscreen, and falls again as the scene shifts to her
entering her bedroom.  The 5 seconds in scene 3 I can't account for.

> Quotes and scene summary
% B = Bart, L = Lisa
% Text enclosed in {curly braces} was removed for syndication.
% The kids are out in the yard.  Maggie sits on the grass sucking on her
% pacifier; Bart and Lisa are to either side of her.  The elder kids have
% expressions of disgust and punctuate their disdain with corresponding
% arm motions.

{B: How long are you going to keep sucking on that stupid pacifier?}
L: What a little baby you are.
B: Don't you have any self-respect?
L: You don't see <us> going around sucking on pacifiers.
B: It's time to grow up, you little runt.

% With an evil grin, Bart pulls Maggie's pacifier out of her mouth.  (In
% the process, Maggie falls forward onto her face.)  Maggie picks herself
% up, blinks twice, and walks off.
% {Maggie walks down the hall, passes a mouse hole, falls, picked herself
% up, walks offscreen, and falls again as the scene shifts to her entering
% her bedroom.}
% Maggie enters her room and opens the middle drawer of her dresser.  It
% is filled with pacifiers.  Hundreds, easily.  She removes one, places
% it in her mouth, and sucks away.
% [End of Act One.  Time: 0:21]
% The same set-up as before, except this time they're in the TV room.
% Bart and Lisa speak with intense bitterness.

B: What?
L: Another pacifier?
B: You <are> a depraved little infant.
L: We're just trying to help you.
B: Yeah.  Help you.

% As before, Bart pulls Maggie's pacifier out of her mouth, and she falls
% on her face.  With evil grins on their faces, Bart and Lisa play catch
% with the pacifier.  Maggie crawls over to Bart and bites into his leg.
% (*crunch*)  Bart screams in pain (the animation here rather unusual),
% and the pacifier sails through the air.  Maggie catches it in her mouth.
% [End of Act Two. Time: 0:40]
% Maggie sucks happily away next to the couch.  Lisa steps into frame.

L: Hey Maggie.  Look!

% Lisa points offscreen behind Maggie, where we see that Bart is lying in
% wait.  Maggie turns her head, and Bart pulls the pacifier out of her
% mouth.  Bart and Lisa zip out of frame.
% Bart scoots into the kitchen, the pacifier in his hand.

B: Quick, the hot sauce.

% Lisa skates in and tosses Bart a bottle of hot sauce.  Bart stops the
% bottle with the pacifier and shakes it, then pops the pacifier back into
% Maggie's mouth (who has magically appeared in the kitchen).  Bart and
% Lisa watch with the evil grins of mad scientists eagerly anticipating
% the results of their handiwork.
% Maggie sucks three times, then steam pours out of her ears as her face
% contorts.  Maggie smiles, removes her pacifier, produces a bottle of hot
% sauce, shakes the bottle with the pacifier as the stopper, then sucks on
% it some more.
% [End of Act Three.  Time: 1:00]
% Bart, Lisa, and Maggie are on the couch watching TV, Maggie in the middle,
% sucking away.

B: You can have your dumb pacifier.
L: See if we care.
B: We don't need pacifiers.
L: We're big.
B: We watch TV.
L: We're mature.

% Maggie reaches into her baggie and produces two pacifiers, one in each hand.
% Bart and Lisa each take one and study them.

B: What? For us?
L: Are you kidding?
B: No way, man.

% Lisa stares at the pacifier a bit, then sucks on it.  Her eyes do a weird
% effect.

L: Not bad.

% Bart gives it a shot.

B: Not bad at all.

% The three kids suck away happily.
% [End of Act Four.  Time: 1:27]
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