[MG04] Babysitting Maggie

Babysitting Maggie                                     Written by Matt Groening
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> Didja notice...
    ... Maggie's baggie is white?

Maggie fall count:  Three on the roof, one of which is off-camera.

Wesley Archer and David Silverman were assisted by Bill Kopp in animating
this short.

> Quotes and scene summary
% B = Bart, L = Lisa, M = Marge
% (Act one cut in syndication.  Bart and Lisa are charged with babysitting
% Maggie, who entertains herself by finding out what happens when you stick
% a fork in an electrical outlet.)
% Bart and Lisa are on the couch watching TV.  Unlike the half-hour show,
% the couch is in the middle of the room, so that we can see behind them
% through the archway to the staircase.  Beneath the electrical outlet
% behind the couch lies a fork, left over from Act One.  By the couch
% next to Bart is a cup with a bent straw.  In front of the couch is an
% empty bowl with a spoon in it.  In the background, we see Maggie
% crawling up the stairs.  Bart and Lisa talk without looking at each other.

L: Where's Maggie?
B: Who cares.
L: Oh, shut up.
B: <You> shut up.

% Close-up on the staircase.  Maggie crawls upward out of frame.  (There isn't
% even the slightest hint of Maggie's feet.  She looks like a polliwog.)
% Maggie tumbles down the stairs (bounce bounce) landing on her head at
% each bounce.
% Cut back to Bart and Lisa on the couch, as we watch Maggie descend the
% stairs in the background.

L: Do you hear something?
B: Forget it!

% Close-up on the foot of the stairs as Maggie reaches the bottom.  Pain
% lines stream out of her head, then she removes her pacifier (pop) and
% squeals with glee, a huge smile on her face.
% [End of Act Two.]
% Maggie watches a butterfly flit out the window.  She climbs out the
% dormer onto the roof in chase.  (Run run run run *thud*.  Run run run
% run *thud*.  Run run run run *thud*.  Maggie runs at a pretty healthy
% clip.)  Just as she reaches the edge of the roof, she grabs the butterfly
% and falls.
% Back to Bart and Lisa on the couch as a *thud* is heard outside.

L: I thought I heard a thud.
B: You'll hear another one if you don't shut your trap.

% Maggie emerges from a bush sans pacifier, the butterfly still in her
% hand.  She squeals with glee.
% [End of Act Three.]
% Marge has arrived home, groceries in her arms.  The kids don't even
% acknowledge her presence.

M: Did you two keep an eye on Maggie?
B: [bored] Yeah, Mom.
L: [bored] Yeah, Mom.
M: Well, where is she?

% Maggie walks into frame, still carrying her butterfly.  (Her pacifier
% is back in her mouth.)  Close-up on her as she admires her prize.
% The butterfly flits away, and Maggie starts bawling.
% Back to Marge and the kids, all eyes on Maggie.  Maggie's pacifier is
% a few feet in front of her, and she's still bawling.

B: Man, she is such a baby.

% [End of Act Four.]
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